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  1. Lilly stood in silence at the sounds of her father's voice, her eyes wide in surprise, tears welling up in them as the receiver shook in her trembling hand. Several times she tried to speak, but nothing came out until finally she managed a lone. "D-dad?" as tears cascaded down her cheeks. Then in a well of emotion everything just came flooding out, almost babbling as she spoke fast, almost as if she was anticipating her father being taken from her at any moment. "Dad? Where are you? There's... there's no school. We were in pods.. or something. Some 'Matrix' thing... Everything's destroyed. It's a wasteland. What's going on? Where are you? Where am I? What happened?" she babbled in rapid fire questions, finally feeling like she might get some answers as she clung on to a small piece of home in her father's voice.
  2. Lilly crouched by the horse droppings, inspecting them for a moment before lifting her gaze to look around for a few moments as she thought her dad, or at least who she remembered as her dad, and the hunting trips they would take where he thought her how to hunt, track, navigate and generally survive. She could also remember serving as a Park Ranger in Glacier National Park and other places, and even being an Army Ranger. Time and again she learned these skills and always enjoyed her time outdoors. She cut her reverie short though and sighed, focusing on the hear and now. She motioned to the others to get close around her as she rose up, glancing around casually. "These horse droppings are really fresh, probably more like under half an hour old." she said just loud enough for the others to hear. "There are also at least three sets of horse tracks I can pick out. They cross the train tracks and head into the ruins, away from the tracks. Now they are unshod too, but I am pretty damned sure that they are not wild horses though." she pointed out, continuing to speak low and soft. "Why do you think that?" Kia whispered curiously. "Look around. There's no big foliage, or high cover here. Just broken cement slabs, tiny bits of crumbling walls and skeletons of cars, no where near enough to conceal a person without crouching, so there's sure as hell not enough to conceal a standing horse, much less three. So that means they are laying down." she pointed out, noting the terrain as she softly spoke. "Yeah, there a few reasons why they might lay down, but given the situation, terrain and relative time of day, none of them fit. So if we are not seeing them it means they are being made to lay down. And that means they are trained and have riders, stealthy ones at that." Lilly explained. "Also, have any of you had the feeling we're being watched for a bit now? I sure have." she mentioned, glancing around casually. "Now, with our strength and athleticism we can pull off a cheerleader pyramid to get a higher vantage point to look around. It'll mean we'll be the tallest thing around here and easily spotted, but we might spot them horses and riders, even laying down." she said with a shrug. "Or we can follow the horse tracks and hope it does not lead into an ambush, which I think it probably better than 50% chance. Either way, if there are people and horses, that means they have food and water, and maybe some answers." she suggested as she looked from one friend to the other. "Or we ignore them, keep our guard up, and keep going as we were. No matter what we do, keep weapons ready and stay alert." she cautioned. "So what do you want to do?" she asked.
  3. "What? I can't hear you." Lilly called out from the 'doorway of the 'control' room where she had been standing the entire time waiting for any sort of conformation from the others about her suggested plan of action, when Sean decided to march outside and then began talking as she walked dozens of yards from the door, making her difficult, if not impossible to hear, virtually ensuring that Lilly and anybody else inside, could not hear her. "Well, I guess we are just ignoring each other now. That'll certainly increase our chances of success." Lilly said sarcastically about Sean who had exited without any sort of acknowledgement, positive or negative, to Lilly's suggestions. She checked her pack's straps and stepped out the door for the first time, looking around at the bleak landscape more fully now, instead of just what she could see from the doorway. Sean was already dozens of yards away near some tracks that seemed to be in line with the tracks in the tunnel, and looked like she was preparing to follow them towards the city, with our without anybody else. Lilly sighed and shook her head. Teamwork would be essential in a situation like that, and yet most of the others seemed dead set on doing their own thing, without any regard for the others while Lilly tried to keep them together and seek some sort of consensus. It almost seemed like herding cats at times. "Looks like Sean found some tracks. I guess we're following them now." she called back toward the Kia and the others before turning towards Sean. Lilly sighed and jogged to catch up to Sean.
  4. Lilly stared out at the bleak landscape in since, taking it all in. She looked around, but she just could not believe it right now. The visual was the straw that broke the camel's back. "No. Just... no. This is bullshit." she said as she shook her head. "This is some simulation or test or something. I mean, who keeps cases full of shrink-wrapped survival gear in a closet of what it essentially a server room? With guns and ammo and these jumpsuit that just so happen to fit our wetsuit thingies perfectly? Not the military. And if they did, there would be gear enough for everybody. There were dozens of pods back there, but there is just enough gear for us? It's all too convenient." "So if this is some sort of test, then fine. We'll play their game. And if not, then so be it. Either way, the decisions we have to make are the same." Lilly then turned to Abel after his suggestion of going to the university. "Sorry dude, but there is pretty much no way that a facility like this, built under the lake and housing a human brain-run supercomputer with ultra advanced tech and stuff was not built with it's own power source and would instead has to rely on a reactor at a university. If it is something that's been runing for 150 years, then it is well protected and likely in this facility someplace, just like it has its own phone network." Lilly countered. "Okay. So Jeane is on the right track, I think. The big door.... The hydraulics on the big door are shot, so no help from them, and I really doubt we can fix them. And even if we could, we would need a way of operating them..." Lilly turned to Sean and asked, "Any way of figuring out what all these controls do?" she asked, pointing to the controls in the room. "If we cannot, at the very least, 'unlock' the door from these controls, then we need to consider ways of going under, over or around that big door. We could try banging on it, and see if we can get the attention of anybody possibly inside. Hmm.. Abel. See if you can use the phone network. Maybe extensions or some phone phreak shit or something you might know. Hell, dial O for operator if need be." She then went back to thinking for a moment. "Okay, water, food, shelter. We need to get a condenser working and start filling the canteens. We can see about boiling the water before storing it, if need be. I'm not sure how 'clean' the water it makes is. Sean? Do you know?" she said and ended with a question to Sean for clarification. "We can prop the door back up and retreat back out to the platform and close that door too to keep the cold out for the time being. That should keep us warm enough." "We need better light sources. So we need to check the immediate area outside the door for any wood or anything flammable that does not make a friggn' bio-hazard cloud when ignited like our current torches. We will keep them as backup, or maybe useful to keep animals away. "Okay, so if your two," she said, looking to Sean and Abel, "can get on those things, then Jeane, Kia and I will see about gathering some firewood or something. We'll check in every 10 minutes or so. Sound good?"
  5. "Uh guys. The phone actually has 'on hold' music playing." Lilly said before hanging it back up. She walked into the room and looked around, shifting the pack on her back slightly. "So the phone is still connected to some sort of operational system." she added as she collected the M-16 from the rack and inspected it, checking to see if it was serviceable and/or loaded. At Kia's comment she walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "Uhh.. don't get your hopes up. It is cold in here and colder by that door. So it is gonna cold out there, maybe freezing. So everybody make sure you keep your head warm too. Hopefully we won't have to deal with snow."
  6. Lilly looked at the door closely. The lack of handle or knob hinted that is was like opened from elsewhere, such as a control room or somesuch. "Well, the rooms we were in had power, so the phone might work. If it does work, and there is somebody on the other end, then we announce we are here. Time to give a wake-up call.." Lilly said as she reached for the phone and lifted it from its cradle. She held the phone close enough to her ear to hear, but not actually against her ear, and listened for a tone or a ringing or voice for several seconds, otherwise she says, "Hello?"
  7. "Well.." Lilly said as she shouldered a case, now converted into a pack with the frame found inside, "..it looks like we've been down here a long time without any maintenance or supervision, for reasons as yet to be determined, so the program was probably just left running. Either stuff breaking woke us up, which is unlikely because none of the other pods opened, or the other possibility is that your and Abel's satellite network thing broke the simulation. You 'peeked behind the curtain' and the sim couldn't handle it, so it crashed with the blue screen o' death or whatever and we woke up. Otherwise, we would have probably ended up like the others when our pods eventually failed too." Lilly suggested. "Or at least that would seem to be most likely, given what we know." she said with a shrug. She checked the Colt 1911 and pocketed it and then unsheathed the K-Bar knife, giving it a once over before re-sheathing it. "It also looks like to me, from what you describe of the tech in this room, it sounds kinda like humanity got a hold of some alien tech, from the Roswell crash or early portal tech experiments whatever, and then reversed engineered it as best they could, and integrated it with their 60's or 70's tech. That or we have been used as part of the supercomputer to figure stuff out and they reap the ideas we come up with, like the water condenser or that circuit you mentioned. That would not explain how they got the tech in the first place though,, so it probably a combination of both. Like, this 'supercomputer' might be their attempt and recreating some tech as best they could." she proposed. "And you said you think we've been in the pods for 156 years and the date on that calendar is 1973 and the style and such of the tech looks to fit that time period well enough, so that means the year would be.. what? 2129 or so? Give or take a up to a couple of decades, depending on how long we had been in the pods already. If that is the case, then this place was REALLY forgotten about, or abandoned and sealed up for a hella good reason, most likely. Or maybe a earthquake buried us or something. I dunno." Lilly said with another shrug. "Regardless, we're still the Irregulars. We've always been the Irregulars, in one form or another, through all of those lifetimes. We always came together and had each other's backs. We are a team, and more than that, we family, and we are going to figure this out." she said confidently as she looked from one friend to the next. "When you are done in here, we'll head out and follow that cable as best we can and look for this other terminal." she said to Sean. "I'll take point." she added, drawing and readying the Colt.
  8. Lilly found it a little odd that Jeane even assumed there ever actually were KEYs, and that it was not just part of the simulation. But who knows? Maybe there were or something. Or maybe Jeane just needed something to cling to, some fire in her belly, to keep her motivated and moving forward. Either way, it was pointless to say anything. Lilly walked over to Jeane and Kia hugging and rubbed Jeane's back. "We'll figure this all out and then it will be boots to asses.' she encouraged. Noting Jeane's shift in mood, Lilly turned her attention to the cases of supplies looking over the contents of the thoughtfully. "Okay.I'll take a pack. Any volunteers for the other one?" she asked, looking at the other before continuing on. "We keep the supplies spread out among the packs and people, so the loss of one pack, should it happen, is not critical. Also, we take everything we do not use right now, even the boots and jumpsuits. Having a spare set of boots, or maybe something to trade, could be very valuable. If it is too heavy for whoever takes the other pack, then throw all the spare boots or jumpsuits or whatever in my pack." "Sean, and Abel take the .38 revolvers. I'll take the Colt. Jeane definitely gets a K-bar knife, Kia too. Sean and I will take the other two knives. Those shovels are also pretty effective in a fight too, if needed as a last resort. They are more valuable as shovels though." "I will take a compass. I was taught by my Da-" Lilly paused, and blinked and then shook the cobwebs from her head before changing her words, "I've been taught land navigation, and also know how to hunt to track." "Get suited and booted and we will go look for the other terminal." Lilly turned to Sean and asks, "Any ideas on how to find this other terminal? Like a cable to follow or something?"
  9. Lilly sighed. With the quantum enhancement gone, it appeared that the gap in intelligence was virtually non-existent, or Sean was just not thinking straight. Either way, she was surprised at some of Sean's words. "What I said is still true. You might only get info about this facility, but it could still be very important info, like about radialogical or biological contamination or something or just what the hell this place is. There is SOME reason why it was abandoned, or everybody was killed by... something. Nobody is going invest the kind of money for this kind of tech in the 60's or 70's and go through all of this trouble to just abandon it all. Answers might be on those cards or in this computer, and if anybody can get them, it's you." she explained. Lilly then turned and pointed in the direction of the dead guy she found. "And that dude. He died in her. Why? Was he trapped because the facility was sealed? Why the hell would it be sealed to that degree that he was trapped and would rather kill himself than wait? Or did some bug or something get him? We don't know, but maybe you can find out." Lilly walked over to Sean and resting her hands on her shoulders, looking into Sean's eyes and managing a faint smile. "And nobody is hovering. You do your thing. No pressure. Just do your best. We are just conserving energy, standing guard and hopefully giving time for this disorientation to pass. Don't worry. We have faith in you. You got this. And if it does not pan out, then so be it, but at least we tried."
  10. "It's cool once Sean is done. Sure." Lilly replied to Jeane "This may be our only chance to get some info. We arm ourselves with information, as well as the stabby and smashy bits you made, and then we go exploring. "Right now, we are healthy and we were well nourished and hydrated. We seem to be safe and appear to be forgotten. Every door we open can change that, so we do not do it until we have to. We give Sean time and then we go, as a group. Sean might get some life-saving info here. There could be fallout or a Disraeli or who the hell knows what. Exploring could get the attention of people or things that mean us harm, so we do not do risk that yet. We give her a chance and THEN we go together we are stronger in pretty much every conceivable way." "And when it comes to survival, even though our stomachs are empty, water is more important. It goes by the rule of 3's. Three minutes without air, three hours of exposure, three days without water, three weeks without food. Those are what will kill you. We can give up a few hours for Sean to work." "Look Jeane. I know every part of you is saying to run right now. You hate standing still, but this is about all of us. We need whatever information we can get about our situation. Give Sean a chance and then we go together. We got each other's backs. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. Whatever is out there, we will tackle together." Lilly explained, her voice consoling and empathetic. "I'll even help you make some torches to prepare. Cool?" she asked, holding out a fist for a fist bump.
  11. Lilly rummaged through the desk, a look of disgust on her face on what she found from time to time. There were a few bright spots though, such as finding the liquor and bullets, which she examined closely, tapping them on the desktop and rubbing off some of the corrosion with her thumb. "Well, looks like we might have a few reloads for the pistol." Lilly said as she dumped the bullets out on the desk. "We don't seem to have pockets, but you can probably tuck them under the edge of your sleeves." she suggested. As the lights clicked on she looked around i wonder and confusion, her head a miss-mash of complimentary and contradictory memories, none of which involved this place. "Okay. What do we know... The place looks like an old military installation, judging by the furniture, the Colt 1911 Jeane found, armed personnel and so on. The tech is old, like 60's or 70's. From the looks of things, this place was forgotten about, quarantined or whatever, judging by the dead guy who had the gun. The military, or anybody invested in whatever this is, would not have let it get like this. Looks like there's been no maintenance here in years at least, so I bet we are well past 1973. We seem to be the only survivors too." she said, going over things aloud as she tried to think things through, despite the cobwebs in her head. "So I am just throwing this out there, but it may have been some sorts of fallout shelter thing, with us in 'stasis' or something to 'help rebuild humanity' or something." she suggested and then looked for Able and Sean. "Sean. Able. There's still some power. Can you guys access those computers at all, maybe get us some more info?" Lilly then looked at the doors and frowned. "The doors might be buried, at at the very least prolly corroded to all hell. Since we don't have any WD-40 handy, banging on the hinges and moving parts might break some of the corrosion free and allow them to move. We might want to wait on that though to see oif they can get any info from the computers. At the moment, it seems like there's nobody watching us or anything, so we seem to be safe for now. That might change if we open the door into a wasteland or something crazy. I know nobody likes to feel trapped, but just hold off for a few and given Sean and Abel a chance." she said to the others as she opened the bottle of supposed whiskey and took a small whiff.
  12. Lilly looked at the calendar and then around the room, assessing the situation. They all seems a bit weak and nauseous. Lilly's own legs felt a bit like rubber, but she could see that, at least physically, she was doing a little better than the others thanks to all the time she spent powered down. Her un-enhanced body was still very familiar to her, whereas most of the others rarely, if ever, powered down. "Je- Jeane?" she said in a hushed tone, recalling her name with a bit of uncertainty. Her mind, her memories were hazy, overlapping and uncertain. "Hold up and chill for a sec. Out best bet is staying together." she explained softly as she looked for some sort improvised weapon, and failing that, recalled the depth of unarmed combat she had learned. Or at least thought she had learned. "Together we are greater than the sum of our parts." she reminded.. "Check the other tanks, there may be others like us. See if you recognize any of them, though they might look a little different than you remember." she said to the others, but could not help glancing at Sean. "If there are others, they may need our help. Our powers are not what made us a team. We're still The Irregulars." she added. Lilly then looked at the grimy, laminated card in her hand, trying to think through the fog in her head as she rand her hand along her smooth scalp, wiping away some of the liquid, almost in disbelief. "And guys, I think it is probably later than 1973, like, maybe much later. This thing is grimy, and it takes some time to get that way. And yeah, this tech is old AF, but somebody went through a lot of effort to build it and keep us alive. It looks like this stuff is finally breaking down, some they might not expect us to be awake." she reasoned through the cobwebs in her head as she began to search the desk drawers.
  13. Lilly "Vanguard" Pryor


    "No, no, no. You said something about a bunch of DNA strands or something, and were apparently blowing up my phone and came in here to find me and tell me." Lilly said and then folded her toned arms beneath her breasts. "So what's up, doc?'
  14. Lilly "Vanguard" Pryor


    "I would love that Kia. I'd love a road trip. I mean, maybe I am being naive or something, but I think we all need to try to have as much normalcy as possible. But dude, I don't know if that would even be an option now with Kyle." "and yes, our powers grow, but we've always had control over them. This is something new, like my sub-conscious or something. I don't know. There's always something." she sighed. Lilly looks back to Rosa, suddenly remember a bit of what she was saying before. "So what were you saying about Kyle anyways?"
  15. "Seriously, dude. Did you honestly expect this to go different?" Lilly asked Abel with almost a chuckle. "It is going to take a lot more than one meeting to resolve this. And for the record, I have not heard from Hooli is quite some time." Lilly leaned forward, resting her elbows and palms flat on the table. "Look this is what I suggest. First, we can do some 'passive' things for the moment to at least slow things a bit and not raise a bunch of alarms which will give us some more time to talk it out and think it though. For example, you can slow the introduction of your quantum tech dramatically, I am sure. There's prolly something else we could do. I don't know." "Second, we need to ask Sara, or at least figure out, where she is getting this information from. She's an Irregular, and a Founding member at that, so of course I will give her the benefit of the doubt for the time being, but some more info on something this major would be good." "Third, we, crunch the data to see if what Sara said is panning out. Are more and more unlocking at some exponential rate or something?" "Fourth, maybe we do talk to Rashoud?" "Fifth, maybe we talk to Apollo?" "Any other ideas?"