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  1. Lilly stopped and turned around at Sara's calling after her, though she was only a few steps away She walked backwards slowly (so she didn't trip over anything) as she spoke, "None of you seemed to care before." Lilly called back, uncharacteristically countering Sara's comment about leaving alone. It was a harsh thing for her to say, something that nobody who knew her would have ever expected her to say, in fact, which only made her 'irritation', if one could even still call it that, even more obvious. "And besides, YOU guys I hallucinating. I ain't seen shit." she added with a shrug. "I'm good. Have fun." Lilly waved with her left hand and had started to turn back around to continue down the path and away from the others when she heard Sara again. She took a step or two as Sara's words sank in and then stopped in place, lifting her right hand, still holding the secured gun wrapped in her sweater, and cradled it in her left hand, looking down at the knitted ball. She had recognized back in the clearing where she found it as the new sidearm that the Air Force has just begin to issue. That gave her pause. "Wait..." she said as she began walking back with intent. "What?" she called back confused and drawing closer with each step. "What 'air force guy with a gun'?" she asked.
  2. Lilly broke her hug with Jase and turned to Mari. "Wow. Marissa. Impatient much? Or is it more like 'Blind much'? Or maybe 'Jealous much'? Hmm..." Lilly said doing a exaggerated thinking expression. "You have no idea who I hugged outside and I already hugged Sara in here before Jase. Just because you were not first in the queue doesn't meant you weren't in queue, not like you would actually accept a hug from me anyways, but I still would have offered because I can do something that you can't seem to do; admit when I was wrong and apologize, because I was wrong to leave you guys and I am sorry." Lilly said as they exited the trailer and moved outside. Lilly listend the others, rolling her eyes when Devin spoke about her. Finally Jase spoke and ended with his statement about leaving if one were to try and inject reason into the discussion, He even used the same mocking, childlike voice that Mari had just used in the trailer. In just the minutes she was away from the others chasing after the gunshot in the darkness, certainly less than an hour, Mari had managed to sink her claws, fangs or whatever into Jase and began to influence him, and not in a positive way. Lilly shook her head and sighed before taking a step forward and speaking, "Zombie, tentecle monsters, sabertooth tigers, dimensional portals... That's D&D... A GAME." she said emphatically. "A bear and cougar-proof weather or research station in rural Montana and a couple of pranks, or even a prank and a big-ass cougar? That's reality. So if you don't want, you know, reason here to ruin your fantasy, then whatever. have fun playing, but I don't think Sean brought his dice and DM screen." Lilly said as turned to walk away, but paused for half a second and turned back. "Oh, and Jase?" she said, making sure she had is attention, "Mari's fingerprints are all over you. And from one friend to another, it's not a good look." she said, looking him in the eyes with about as serious look has he had ever seen from her. Lilly hoped it would be enough for Jase to take a step back and look at himself, but with Mari and her manipulations, who knew. Lilly then turned and began stalking off into the dark woods alone once again, and back to the party, not even trying to mask her irritation, to put it mildly.
  3. Lilly led the others up to the others through the woods toward the trailer, letting Devin, Tawny and Lona walk ahead, though keeping lights of their phones easily in sight. She had walked the path just minutes before and knew where she was going, at least more so than any of the others, which made it a little easier to follow the trail. "I know, right?" Lilly said with a grin. "Like I was saying.. meth cookers protecting their spot makes a heck of a lot more sense now, eh?" Lilly moved past Clara and Lona for the moment. She was not going interrupt a moment like this between them when they just seemed to be starting to get along ago. Lilly was glad to see them at least talking again and had a sense for the likely fragility of their mending relationship. There would be time later. Lilly walked into the trailer and saw Sara who she immediately walked up to and, with a faint smile of relief, gave her a tight hug. Surprised, Sara stood there for a moment, her arms stiff at her sides. "Uhh.. hey Pryor." Sara said, somewhat confused and uncomfortable at the unexpected hug. "I'm glad you're okay. I shouldn't have run off." Lilly said with relief, which seemed to finally prompt Sara into returning the brief hug, and she had to admit that it did feel good to feel honest caring from somebody expressed in such a way. "Uh yeah. We're.. we're good. Don't worry about it. Glad, uh, that you're okay too." Sara offered. Lilly finally broke then hug and smiled before looking around the trailer and spotting Jase, who she moved over to, leaving a slightly confused Sara standing there, looking to Cass for some sort of explanation, who just mouthed the words 'feels bad' to Sara with a shrug. Lilly walked over to Jase as he was comparing photos to the map-covered walls, taking a step back from them for a moment to get a wider view. She hugged him tightly, resting her chin on his shoulder and let out a small sigh of relief. "I'm sorry for running off. It was stupid on so many levels. I never should have abandoned you guys and ran off alone. I just head the shot and was there before I knew it. I hope I did make you worry." she said with her eyes closed, hugging him tightly with sincere caring and relief.
  4. "I know you were, or are, scared. I get it. I'm not discounting your fear, you know?" Lilly said to case, resting a hand on her shoulder. "And I am not calling you a liar. I can tell that you truly believe that you saw what you say you saw. I get that too. But a dumb prank can make somebody think they saw something and fill a person with real fear. And right now, that's what it really sounds like. Like, the gun was used to spike some fear or start it rising in you two, but the rest? Really? Truly think about your story for second. What is more likely? That what you think you saw really happened, or that you were pranked? 'Cause one is, well, impossible." she asked sincerely. "And whoever did this prank had better hope and pray that I never find them, 'cause this was NOT funny." she said as she looked around, hoping to spot a couple of teens with an octopus costume snickering at them from behind some bushes. "For the record, I was afraid too. Truly afraid. I was afraid that meth cookers or something came out from that trailer and started protecting their spot.. that somebody had been shot, or killed, and that others would soon follow. So I started running toward the gunshot, thinking I could help, I guess, on some level. Was it colossal stupid? Hell yes it was, but I was afraid too, not for myself, but for others, and not thinking. it just kinda... happened. Before I knew it I had found a way through the trees that we had all missed before and I was hauling ass toward the gunshot." "Shit!" Lilly cursed, her eyes closed tight for a moment. "And I left the others outside the 'rape/murder trailer-cabin' thing in the process." she explained, realizing more fully what she had done. Lilly closed her eyes and shook her head as she thought about what she had done and the guilt from abandoned her friends welled up inside her. "Really fucking brilliant, Lilly." she sighed to herself. "Look. If there is something dangerous out there, then numbers are our friend. Just say close. I'm not gonna let anything happen to anybody." she said reassuringly. "...or at the very least I'll be a speedbump for danger, buying you guys time to run." she said, trying her best to muster a joke to lighten the mood.
  5. "Yeah. I'm the dumbass." Lilly retorted sarcastically, accompanied by a roll of her eyes. She shook her head, dismissing Devin and looked to Cass and Lona. "I'll bet they are still at that trailer/cabin thing we found. Come on. I know the way." she said to them, motioning toward the path.
  6. "Crime scene? WHAT crime scene? The murder of zombie-man by fictional, disappearing, tentacle cloud monster? Really? You want to go to the police with that one? Really? Or are you going to send a damned owl to the Bureau of Magical.. whatever... from Harry Potter? " Lilly asked as she stepped toward Devin. "So yeah, go to the police with that and see where that lands you, if you are not laughed right out of the station. Or I suppose you could leave out the fucking disappearing, tentacle cloud monster and report a missing person you came across during your illegal, alcohol and drug fueled party while trespassing on the Res? Who is even missing, mm? "Zombie-man"? And even the prints ID'ed this zombie man, who was the last people to see him alive, or undead, or whatever, then? You two." she says pointing at Cass and Devin. "So who will prime suspects be, if they even take you seriously? You two." she says, once again pointing at Cass and Devin. "Is that your play then?" Lilly paced back and forth a few times and pulled the hair matted to the skin of her face off of her face and tossed over her shoulder, partially annoyed that she did not have a free hand to tie her back. "Right now, putting your whole totally and utter trippin' balls story aside, all that's happened is that there was a gunshot that," Lilly looked around at the rest of the party still in full swing, "...either nobody else heard, or at least does not care and probably will not remember it tomorrow anyways, you know, after the weed and booze, and we found a gun on the ground. That's all. There's no crime there. A prank maybe, but no crime. When you guys come down you will realize that." she explained, speaking quickly in her irritation. "And yeah, I picked up the gun and secured it rather than leaving it laying out in the open. I thought people were in danger, that some meth heads or something were out there protecting their spot, so I was not going to leave it there where it could be found and used against anybody and chased after to.. fuck! I don't know... help if I could. Shit. I dunno! But I'd do it again and every damned time too!" she nearly barked at Devin, her own nerves, fear, anger and adrenaline having their way with her emotions. The others there had already heard her cuss more in the last minute than any of them had heard her cuss in the last three years, combined and she seemed to be aware of it now, or at least that she was getting angry and emotional, so Lilly closed her eyes while she took in a deep breath and slowly let it out in a sigh, trying to calm herself down. "So yeah, let's go find the others."
  7. Lilly stood there, catching her breath as she listened to Cass and Devin, her 'WTF?' look growing and shifting back and forth between them as each of the spoke, making their hectic explanation more and more bizarre with each sentence. Certain parts of it she could not dispute, like the gun, but the rest? "What.... the FUCK... are you two talking about, because you guys sound like you are trippin' balls right now. I mean.. Zombies? Tentacle monsters? Magic clouds? It sounds like some adult Japanese animation or something. We found a tralier that looked like it was used for cooking meth or something, then we heard the shot and though they came out to protect their spot." Lilly asked, almost with a chuckle. "We're not high! It was not meth head!" Cass blurted out, irritated. "The guy was kinds skinny? Dead, sunken eyes and stuff?" Lilly asked. "Yeah!" Cass replied. "Yeah. That's a meth-head." Lilly countered simply. "Damnit! We're NOT fucking high! That tentacle.. thing.. ate him! Sucked him into the cloud and he was gone. Gone!" Cass retorted. "Yeeeah. Then who the heck was chasing you? Did you lose them? Because I sure as hell didn't see anybody." Lilly asked. "Nobody. We told you. That thing ate him and they vanished and we booked it outta there." Devin explained as he fiddled with an app on his phone. "Then you come out of nowhere, running us down like the fucking terminator or something. What the hell, Lilly?!" Cass said, still a little peeved. "Okay. Okay." Lilly said, waiting her hands, one of which was wrapped in her sweater making it a large ball. "I believe you about the gun. I found it too." she said, slightly raising and shaking her sweater-wrapped hand. "What the fuck, Pryor? You took it?" Devin asked, shocked and dumbfounded. "Oh chill out. I'm not just gonna leave it lay there, loaded, where Mr. Bad Guy can come get again and get it, or some high party-goer can find it! I know gun safety and how to shoot. And besides, I grabbed it with my sweater." Lilly countered, a bit irritated and Devin's irritation. "Look." Lilly said a bit exasperated, "Jase, Sara, Mari, Clare and Et-whatever-his name is, we found a trailer. That's probably where they are now. There is a path to it. We can all group up and figure out what really happened." Lilly offered, pointing toward the trail.
  8. Lilly ran as fast as she reasonably could, and maybe even a little bit faster, weaving, jumping and tumbling when needed as she took as direct a path as she could toward the vicinity of the gunshot. Thankfully she had not heard another, or at least could not recall one as right now she was hardly even thinking and instead replying on her years of practice and muscle memory. Fast though as she was, Lilly was not exactly silent, favoring speed over stealth at the moment, though she did slow to about half her pace as she drew near where she figured the shot came from, and began scanning more carefully, eventually slowly to a somewhat more stealthy pace. Then she knew she had found the right place, she could smell the scent of a recent discharged firearm. She stopped and crouched down, trying to calm the pounding of her heart in her head as she listened for any sounds and fearfully looked for bodies. She could see the disturbed leaves and other flora detritus in the small clearing as she prowled around it, looking for a body, but hoping not to find one. Then, with a step, she felt something different underfoot. She closed her eyes, silently cursing as fear spiked with panic welled up inside her, dreading the possibility that she stepped on some sort of booby trap. She opened her eyes and looked down, pulling out her phone and turning it on, using just the light from the wallpaper of her lock screen to illuminate around her foot. Lilly lets out a slow, deep sigh of relief at the sight of the pistol under her shoe. Granted, it was still a pistol, but at least it was not some improved mine of something. She shook out her arms, letting the sleeves of her open knit sweater slide down her arms to crudely cover her hands, and lifted her foot, stepping back. Carefully she picked up the pistol and sniffed the barrel, confirming her suspicions. This was the gun had just been fired. Lilly then held it out a bit from it and looked it over. The pistol was actually one Lilly was somewhat familiar with, the same model her father carried as his newly issued service pistol, the M18 SIG Sauer. Damnit. This was probably not a good thing to be finding one of these pistols out here. She would ave to figure out what, if anything, to ask or tell her dad later. Lilly clicked on the safety, kept her finger off of the trigger, and pulled her sweater off the rest of her body, keeping her grip on the pistol and wrapping the sweater around it into a bundle that did not immediately scream 'GUN!' There was no sign of the shooter, nor any injured parties, but it was possible somebody could have been shot and ran. There was a pretty clear swath of disturbed leaves and brush where somebody(s) had moved away rather fast and, much like Lilly had before, was not making an effort at stealth in favor of speed. Had there been a scuffle where the gun was fired, then dropped and then the teens took off with crazed meth cooker in hot pursuit, not bothering to grab the gun? It was a little unlikely, but certainly possible, and about the only explanation that fit what evidence Lilly had on hand. Lilly rose up and took off after whoever had fled, running as fast as she felt she could safely could, unsure of how far she was would have to, or was willing, to go to help.
  9. At the Creepy Trailer Cabin Jase, Lilly, Marissa, Sara, Clara and Etienne Lilly's head snapped to the direction of the gunshot and without hesitation she took off running toward the sound. Jase went a bit wide eyed at her instant departure and moved to run, or at least jog, after her when Mari latching onto Jase's arm with a claw-like grip. "Nuh uh buddy. You are NOT running off! I've seen this movie!" Mari said to Jase, yanking him back toward her and the others, determined to keep as many meat shields around her as she could. If there was no game in the area, then it couldn't be hunters, and with the discovery of the trailer and the fact that somebody tried to hide the trail, the likelihood that it was some meth cookers or something protecting their territory became much more likely. Lilly was not sure what she could do against one or more assailants, armed with guns, but she had to at least try, and did not even stop to consider how possibly suicidal her current course of action might be. She could not just sit there while other possibly got gunned down for no reason that having some fun at a party. Even in the dim moonlight, Lilly was quite a sight to behold as she took off running. Most, if not all, of them had seen Lilly play various sports and knew she was a talented athlete and a fast runner, but this was different. This was clearly no game to her. For the few seconds that they could see her she was a bit breathtaking in her athletic prowess, agility and even power as she put her several years of free running and physical gifts to their full use. Somehow Lilly managed to find the one breach through the veritable wall of trees that the others had missed, where a tree had fallen and taken down several others in the process making a barely passable route through the thick growth and just happened to be toward the general direction of the gunshot. She moved through the brush and down the length felled tress, jumping and tumbling only to rise right back to her feet without even slowing, moving faster than any of her friends would dare in the dimly lit woods as she disappeared into the night. Etienne, for his part, instinctively moved between Clara and the trailer, with the probability of real danger now at an all-time high, shielding her with his own body.
  10. Lilly walked up to Charlie as he sat on a log and leaned down to give him a closer look, her loose knit sweater hanging loosely from her torso as her long hair, which she rarely wore down, framed her face. Her gaze shifted from one of his eyes to the other with a hint of concern on her face. "You okay dude?" she asked, resting her hand in her knees as she stood there, leaning down to look at him. "Never been better." Charlie said with a faint smile. "Pryor?" came a familiar voice from behind her, causing Lilly to straighten up and turn around. It was Will Beckett, the center of the football team. He was unmistakable as probably the biggest, or at least broadest, student at Shell High. He was not what one would call 'fat', though there was certainly some on him, but rather just big, corn-fed country boy. When he set his mind to it, there was little that could move him against his will, physically or mentally, making him a standout on the wrestling team and a valued member of the football team, anchoring the offensive line as center. Will was pretty easy going though, quick to smile or laugh and slow to anger, though on the rare occasions that he was enraged, it was a sight to behold. Along with Will was Todd Barnes and Darrin Miller, the left tackle and right guard of the offensive line and friends of Will's. Combined, they were 3 of the biggest kids in school and Lilly knew them all pretty well, as they protected her, as quarterback, each offensive play. "Hey Beckett! Barnes. Miller. What's up?" she said as she extended her hand and gave each of them the classic 'bro' handshake, stepping in to pull their clasped hands close to the chest as she patted them on the back, happy to seem some friendly faces. "What's up? You tell us. Never expected to see you at a party like this." Will chuckled. "Yeah, I know, but summer's almost over and I'm a VIP. It's not what you know, but who you know, you know?" she said with a grin. "Besides, there's plenty of other stuff to drink. "Cool. Cool." Will said a little at a loss for words, his brain fumbling, searching for something to say. Lilly was the last person he thought he'd see tonight, much less like this, looking hot with her hair down and not in football pads or athletic attire. She had always come off kind of as 'one of the guys', not letting Chet or other intimidate her and being comfortable on a team with guys. Seeing her like this though was kind of eye opening. "Sooo.. what? You friends with Marissa now or something?" Todd asked, looking a little confused as he took a sip from his red Solo cup. "Me and her? Friends? Oh heeeeel no." Lilly laughed in response and shook her head. "She thinks I gave Devin seizures or something, which I am not sure is insulting or flattering." Lilly joked, prompting a laugh from the three boys. "Naw. I know Bannon. He and Hutchins pretty much did this. Mari just told people. I mean, you think she is gonna break a nail setting this up? Come on." she explained with a smile still on her lips. "Bannon? Jason Bannon?" Will asked. He knew that Bannon and Lilly at least knew each other, but he did not think they were in *this* tight. "Yeah." she replied. Noting their looks she added, "What?" quizzically. "Nothing. I just didn't think you two.." Will's voice trailed off a bit. Lilly laughed again, a sweet melody of mirth and joy, truly amused at Will's words. "No dude. We play D&D together. With Cade Allister, Chrlie here..." she said, stepping aside to reveal Charlie sitting on the long behind her. "Charlie? This is Will, Darrin and Todd. Guys? This is Charlie. Say hi Charlie." she said, making introductions. "Hi Charlie." he said to the guys with a smile, nodding to them and he looked over his joint again. "What's up." the guys said, more simply acknowledging Charlie than actually expecting and answer. "And others." she chuckled. "Ohhhh. Cool. Cool." Will said, nodding in what might be seen as a bit of relief. As they spoke Lilly had noted first Jase and Sara lock up the coolers in her wrecker and then go slipping away into the woods, followed by Mari on her own, which confused and concerned her a bit. What in the hell would they be doing? She looked around, and saw Lona talking with Cora and Sean seemed good 'acting' as DJ, but Clara was nowhere to be found either. Had something happened to her? "Hey guys?" she addressed them while looking past them to the woods beyond where she caught a glimpse of light, "Would you mind keeping an eye on Charlie for a minute? I'll get you hooked up when I get back." she asked, not really waiting for an answer as she slipped past them, giving Will a pat on the shoulder. "Uhh.. sure?" Lilly followed after her friends into the woods as best she could, though they were not all that hard to find. All one had to do was focus in on Mari's bitchiness. She listened as well as she was able from close by for a moment and then came forward, having approached much more stealthily than any of them had expected. "What's wrong? Animal scare somebody taking a leak?" she asked in a whisper as she crouched like the practiced hunter she was and looked around, her eyes doing their best to perceive what they could in a dark woods.
  11. The assembled teens broke into two groups; Clara and the girls heading to her car, and Lilly and the boys heading to her truck with Lona staying behind to wait for Luis. It seemed to just be the way of things that the boys usually rode with her, not that she minded it or anything. She'd been on teams with boys and was quite used to them, and girls were generally less inclined to ride in the bed of the truck anyways. Sean and Charlie hopped into the bed as Lilly unlocked the driver side door and tossed her back into the bed with the others. She then slipped behind the wheel and and leaned over, stretching to unlock the passenger door, allowing Jase to slip in and slump into his usual 'shotgun' seat. With a twist of the key the Chevy, which was older than Lilly and any three of her friends combined came to life with minimal argument. The sound system, or what passed for it in the old truck, was silent for a moment (since Lilly had a tendency to wait for a song to end before killing the engine). She sat there, waiting for the next song on the cassette to start and then smiled with a satisfied nod when it did, throwing the truck into reverse, backing out of her parking space and then exiting the parking lot. "We need to swing by my place too." Jase said as the truck pulled out onto the road. "For what?" Lilly asked as she cranked her window down to 'share' the music with Sean and Charlie in the back, because she was considerate like that. "Just a few coolers. For the party." Jase answered, his vagueness intentional. "Ahh. Sure." Lilly said with a shrug of her shoulders. The truck cruised down the road, Lilly's long, dark hair dancing on the wind as she nodded along the beat and sang along to the track, occasionally a bit louder just for Jase who had so harshly criticized her 'singing' a few days ago. She sang with a smile on her face though, making her teasing, or possibly torture, of Jase clear, who just slumped a little more in his seat and looked out the window mostly, but the faintest curl at the corners of his mouth could be spotted by the observant. Shortly they arrived at the Bannon Farm with it's usual semi-neglected charm, though it was actually is good repair for the most part. Jase directed her over to a shed next to one of the barns where Lilly pulled up and cranked the wheel, turning sharply and backing close to the shed to make loading easier. The pair hopped out and Lilly walked to the rear of the truck to drop the tailgate while Jase saw to the door. "We gotta load some coolers too, guys." she told Sean and Charlie, letting them know why they were at the Bannon farm instead of the party and what they were doing there. "Sure. Need any help?" they offered. "Nah. I think we got'em. Just stow them where you can. There might be a bungee or two back there to help." she replied and then stepped into the shed where Jase was already sliding their soon-to-be cargo closer to the door. "Four coolers... two of them padlocked, which I can guess at why... and a whole *case* of Jack and Captain Morgans? Damned dude!" she said, as the same time impressed with the effort Jase had put into acquiring libations for the party as well as concerned for the sheer amount obtained. "I mean, I know what I helped haul in there already. You're not screwing around." she commented with almost a chuckle. Jase just silently smiled and grabbed a cooler, hefting it up and stepping outside as Lilly followed suit. It only took a couple of minutes before the last of it, the cases of liquor, were stowed in the back. "Hey, uh, how about you cover that up with one of the blankets." she said to Sean and Charlie indicating the old blankets she kept in the bed for passengers. "Okay. Well. With that in back, we are definitely doing the speed limit." she made clear, though in truth Lilly is one of the last people Sheriff Allister would think would be hauling liquor and other... substances. The engine came to life again with a twist of the key and soon the next song on the decades old mix tape was playing through the speakers as they were once again cruising down the road toward the party...
  12. Well, we all have to agree.
  13. After listening to all five posted I would have to say "Glory" or "Live Like Giants" with a slight preference for "Live Like Giants", but either of them I can get behind.
  14. Lilly stood there and watched as Chet and Todd Asper ran off at break-neck speed like they had seen an actual ghost, followed behind by Cody Sikes who seemed to have literally wet himself. What the hell had happened? She looked back down the alley toward Jase, Cora and the others, looking for any hint of what had happened. When Devin arrived and Lona stepped up to him, Lilly was going to step in, but she could see Lona was emotional, fed up, and/or angry and needed to give Devin a piece of her mind, so she just watched, ready to act as id need be. Lilly just crossed her arms beneath her breasts and crossed her left ankle over her right, resting the toe of her shoe on the ground as she leaned against the fence and listened more or less behind Devin and near the corner as he faced and ranted at the others. Occasionally she would turn her head to look around the corner, making sure that nobody approached. It was an... unusual.. exchange between Devin and her friends. Some of what Devin said caused Lilly to roll her eyes, all but saying "whatever" out loud. Still though, some things needed to be said, though some of what was said Lilly was not entirely expecting. She did wonder how somebody could be so completely and utterly full of themselves though, like Devin seemed to be. For a moment she was silently thankful that there were no doors so that there was enough room for her, her friends, Tawny, Devin and Devin's ego.She hook her head as Devin departed, simply thankful to be rid of him. For now though, Cora did not seem to want to talk much about what had happened and was working pretty hard to change the subject, so Lilly let it be. If she wanted to talk later, she would, and Lilly was sure she'd hear from the others what had happened and Jase would likely fill her in if asked. So as the talked shifted to the party and rides and such, Lilly shrugged. "I pretty much always have space as long as you don't mind riding in the bed. I do need to top off the tank and fill my Jerrycan though, because I know some idiot is going to forget to fill up and run out of gas way the hell out on there."
  15. Lilly listened to the first few songs as she relaxed on the hay bale. They were fine, but not particularly her taste, though she could still appreciate Lona's vocal talent. Then she got the third song, "Sister", and Lilly smiled broadly. This was a song she knew and would listen to in her running mix. It was a great beat and an enjoyable song and Lilly was clearly grooving to it in her seat, swaying and mouthing the words herself. Granted, she did not have any siblings, but for Lilly her friends were her surrogate siblings. The idea that the song had some special meaning meant for Clara, like some sort of peace overture, did occur to Lilly. She hoped Clara was there to hear it, however unlikely it might be. She did not want friends fighting, most of them already had enough pain in their lives. 'Shared joy is a double joy. Shared sorrow is half sorrow.' was a Swedish proverb her mother had cited several times in her life and one that always stuck with Lilly, making her appreciate friends and family all the more. Like the first two songs, Lona performed "Bad Guy" well, but the way the lyrics would start and stop was a bit off putting to Lilly, not to mention the song in general. "What If I Never Get Over You" was new to Lilly, but she liked it almost right away and in no time she was swaying in her seat again, clapping along to it and singing along, at least with the chorus, pretty quickly with a big smile which continued through "Hey Brother". Lilly enjoyed both songs and certainly seemed to live the 'Dance like nobody is watching' saying as she swayed, clapped and sang along with the songs, utterly uncaring what anybody else might think. She was there to support and friend and Lona was a great performer which made it even better. With luck, Lona would see her and find some support in her friend's enjoyment of her performance. The rest of the songs were fine and not nearly as 'grooveable', but Lilly did appreciate Lona's retention of "Hurt". Johnny Cash had taken that song and lifted it to a whole new level with simplicity and emotion, which Lona was easily on par with, causing Lilly to close her eyes for most of the song, singing along softly. Lona and Clara were having a moment that was best left to themselves. Cade was with his family and Lilly had sworn that she saw Jase with Clara when she got there, but could not find him now. "Oh yeah! I'll walk with you. I wanna see Lori and Lacy's pig, Applesauce, too. They are pretty proud of him. Or her? Whatever. "It" I guess." she said to Sean. It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep an eye on her friend just in case Courtney and/or Chet got any bright ideas. Lilly then looked to Charlie. "You coming? Or are you gonna go tell Devin to leave Tawny alone now?" she said joking with a smile
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