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  1. Lilly shook her head and backed up, outstretching an arm to keep him at bay as she backed up several steps. She could feel all the emotions she had been burying deep down beginning to well up again, especially now that they were, more or less, alone. She clenched her fists and pulled her elbows to the side as she nearly keeled over, shut her eyes tightly and let out a scream that was a mix of emotions. Anger, frustration, and anguish dominated the scream which was over as quickly as it had begin. She opened her eyes and looked at him once more, her eyes ever so slightly squinting and brow furrowed with hurt. "What the fuck dude?! Why'd you do that to us?" she asked, with the same hurt evident in her voice as she closed her eyes tightly again. "To me...?" she added, opening her eyes again to look right in Devin's, her black pupils reflecting the image of the Earth blow like a mirror... which began to sparkle and become distorted as tears began to well up in them. "I DID keep my faith in you... you.. you... ass! I kept saying that you couldn't have gone bad. That it had to be Pandora's mental control, or an impostor or anything except you going bad, because I KNEW that you couldn't have gone bad like that... I fucking KNEW IT!" she nearly yelled at him, the hurt slowly melding with her anger once again as she walked back up to him. "Do you have ANY fucking idea what that was like?! To watch you murdering my father, you asshole?" she said as she balled her fists and began to hammer fist Devin's chest with both fists, yet despite the prodigious strength she was known for, she hit him now harder that she would have if were 'dormed', showing the control and care she demonstrated with her powers, even when in such a state. The pummeling on his chest was more an act of frustration pent up for months than anything else, letting her vent it, at least to some degree, on him. "Even then I was STILL saying that it couldn't be you or you were mind controlled or... fucking... whatever!" she snarled in frustration and anguish, finding it hard to find her words at the end as she stared into his eyes, doing her best to blink back her tears.
  2. "We did not know that your sister knew, so it was not right to try and out you, even to a family member. It's not how we do things. We are supposed to have more respect and consideration than that." one Lilly said to Cade while the other looked to Jeane. "So I am sorry for that, even if it did luckily happened to work out."
  3. << Dude! WHAT THE SHIT?!?! >> the dual Lilly thought right to Jeane in stereo with a force of shock and anger the younger Key had never even remotely felt from her before, though they both maintained their composure. One Lilly chuckled and shook her head while the other spoke to the brother and sister. "I think Jeane here took me recounting the early days of our key-hood.. key-ness.. post-unlocking... whatever you want to call it... as some sort of pitch or something. And even on the astronomically remote chance that one of you somehow happened to be a Key, none of us would be so rude as to 'out' you to the other or anybody else." she explained with an amused smile. << You do NOT go outing KEYs like that, even to their family, if it can AT ALL be avoided. We didn't even out you, if you remember. We left it up to you to live your life or tell your parents or whatever. That is a matter of consideration, respect and decency. >> one thought to Jeane. <<Why don't you go find Abel or something. Seriously. Both of me got this well in hand. >> the other then thought to Jeane, her.. well 'irritation' was not exactly a strong enough word, plainly evident. << So Jeane is here outing Cade to his sister. I think we cleaned it up, but just thought you should know. >> she though to Lilly Prime, who sighed when she received the message. << Dude. You seem to be tight with Jeane. Can you get her out of my hair. She's trying to out the guy to his sister, and that is soo not cool. >> she thougbt to Abel.
  4. Four of the Lillys stepped through the portal right behind the Allisters, leaving two behind just in case. All four of them sigh and gave Jaunt some side eye at his impatience and comments. It was an unusual experience to catch looks like from Lilly... in stereo surround sound, no less, and it was still a bit odd to see more than one of her at a time, all of which acted, spoke thought and reacted identically. Dual Vanguards "Let's get you the grand tour. I am sure you'll get to see some of the crew." two of the Lilly's said to the Allisters, motioning to the door which slid open automatically, 'Star Trek' sound effect and all. The pair of Lillys guided the Allisters through the station, pausing at various viewports and such for the Allisters to take in the view as much as they liked before moving to the next par. "This station was left for us by the T'Tauri long before they had revealed themselves to the world and began diplomatic relations, so they have been helping us almost from the beginning and we, and now the Earth, is lucky to have them as allies." one of the Lillys explained. "It was a bit odd for us in the beginning. I mean, you see super powered heroes or whatever, on the TV or clips online, but in the beginning, we were just teens with these strange abilities. We were a bit unsure who would believe us about an alien invasion, or who to trust. It took us a while to figure things out, and we stumbled here and there, and certainly will in the future too. That's just part of life." the other Lilly said, looking at Cade. "Still though, it is a kind of scary time when you first Unlock. Yeah, the abilities can be cool, but in the beginning they are just so new. You feel so different and you are unsure who to tell or if just to hide your abilities and try to live a normal life. Nobody would begrudge a new Key for trying to stay hidden and live a normal life. I know that all of us Irregulars have wished at times we could, or did." the first Lilly explained. "While other decide that if they have these abilities, then they ave a responsibility to use them, ideally for good. Both are valid, and either way we want Keys to know that there are people here to talk to if they need some help coping with their new situation. We do not look to 'out' about or anything like that either. We just know what it's like and hope to help others." the other Lilly added with a smile. Lilly Prime "Dude. Don't be a douche. We were ALL really worried about you. People are glad to see you and see that you're okay. Don't ruin that." she said to Devin, adding, "And let's go somewhere to talk. This me, not one of the duplicates. I can call forth another Vanguard to prove it, but really I hope you trust me more than that."
  5. Lilly looked over at Jeane in a bit of surprise and then smiled, looking back to the Alistairs. << Dude. What the hell? They're my guests and you go offering to take one or more of them off someplace? NOT cool, dude. >> the thought to Jeane as she addressed Cade and his sister. "It's okay, we can 'beam up' so to speak as a group, even if the surprise is a bit ruined now. Bound to happen with so many moving parts." she said with a chuckle and shrug.
  6. << Two things... One. You can can be polite and ask for or suggest things, dude. We are not your employees, so "I want..." does not come off great or get very far. You are my friend, not my boss. >> Lilly thought back to him in an instant. << And Two. Who is "him" anyways? The bomber we nabbed? Police chief? Emperor? That dude over there? "Him" is really, really vague. >> she added. "Tell me about it. I don't think I will ever get used to the cameras." she said with a sigh, though she hid it with a smile. "Even my small town is not really going to be a 'small town' for much longer, I think." she added with a nod. "Okay then. Have either of you used a transportal yet? Because this will be kinda like that. Then Jaunt appeared beside her in a purple flash. Lilly was indeed immovable and un-phased physically by Jaunt's leaning against here. She may as well have been a lamppost, tree, or freeway overpass support column for all she moved. She did miss Devin, his jokes and demeanor (at least most of the time) and a part of her just wanted to walk off with him right now, but duty called. Lilly looked at Devin and sighed, "Please not now dude." at his comments about who should handle the investigation and his apparent opinion that Keys were no longer human and ignoring his comment about Cade's possible crush on her. "And for the record, we are not in everyone's business. Every throws their business on us. I was just on a holiday with my parents, not even here in an official capacity and..." she makes a sweeping gesture to the calming chaos around them, "..THIS happens. I just wanted to see temples and castles and samurai armor and Kabuki theater and stuff. Maybe visit some manage stores. THIS mess was not on my itinerary, but I am not going to stand by and let people be murdered. You couldn't either." she said giving Devin a small, friendly backhanded hit to his upper arm that was no harder than if would have been before she was Unlocked, displaying her remarkable control of her immense strength. "And freely and willingly offering help is not 'being taken advantage of', dude. If so, then I took advantage of you because you showed up to help, all on your own." she added with a smile. "As far as Kia... Well, Kia is... taking some personal time." she answered as best she could. "I think we are heading back though. You coming?" she asked before continuing, "You know, 'cause if not, I can stay here while them and the rest of me go, 'cause I think we need to talk."
  7. Despite the face that there were several dozen Vanguards in the crowd, any normal human would have hard pressed to realize that there were even half that number among the chaos and when things began to calm down, roughly half of them surreptitiously made their way back to Lilly to integrate with her, or simply slipped away with a great leap or the like so as to hide the true number of Vanguard that had been present. It might have been overly cautious on Lilly's part, and the Vanguard were a welcome sight during the panic, but she did not want to frighten people with her abilities, especially this one, when they began to count. One of the Vanguard that remained walked over to the 'civilian' that had subdued a bomber, and the younger girl that clung to his side. "Are you okay? she asked as she approached, to which he just shook his head. "I'm good. Just a bit.." he replied, wrapping an arm around the girl and holding her closer to comfort her. "I'm Lilly, Lilly Pryor." she said, introducing herself with her name, since using her codename always felt more than a little pretentious, "..and these are the Irregulars. You probably already knew that, but I was always taught to introduce yourself." she said with a smile, bowing and offering a handshake. "Cade Allister." he replied and nodded to the girl at his side. "And this is my sister, Haruka." Lilly caught a glimpse of the autograph book clutched in the girl's hand. Her eyes widened and she made a small gasp. "Is.. Did you bring that for my autograph?" she asked, to which the girl, still a bit rattled, nodded. "I;m.. I'm your biggest fan. I made Cade bring me, hoping to see you." the girl explained. "Well, I tell you what, I am a big fan of your brother. What he did was a very brave. And it just goes to show that it does not take powers to be a hero." she told the girl as she took the offered autograph book. "You know, I am soooo flattered that people want to see me and get my autograph. I mean, I guess I know how people toss around terms like "hero" and so on, but I like to think that I did nothing that other good people in the same circumstances wouldn't have themselves." she said as took the book and signed it, before handing it back with a smile. "Do you want selfie or anything?" she offered, which Haruka to strongly. Lilly smiled and put her arms around the pair as another Lilly took the phones one by one and snapped pictures. Lilly even flexed a bicep and let Haruka sit seemingly weightlessly on her arm for a photo before they finished and the phones were handed back. "Hey, I would like to thank you for your help and invite you, even your whole family, to come visit our headquarters in Montana. It doesn't have to be today, of course, but it could be if you had permission and everything. What you did was very brave and a big help to us. I can arrange a flight and stuff, or when or if you decide to take me up on the offer, I am sure we can arrange much faster transport if you like." she said as she motioned over her shoulder with a thumb at the other Irregulars while her node sent out another 'ping', letting Cade know that she new what he was, but was clearly not going to 'out' him. Haruka's eyes lit up at the offer.
  8. It was chaotic with a group of people so big in such a panic. As Jaunt teleported around, Lilly seemed to be everywhere he went, trying to calm or herd people. shielding other with her own body, taking down the terrorists, leaping away with the bombs and so forth, doing everything she could to protect life. It did not take long for Jaunt to realize that the size of the Vanguard had grown considerably, now numbering in the dozens. Unlike the other Irregulars (when they finally arrived) all of the Lillys where wear the same, mundane, semi-formal dress which, in some cases, was a little worse for wear, revealing the PAM suit underneath, it's current design clearly inspired by the suits worn by Captain American and Captain marvel in the movies, though her was sleeveless at the moment and only extended down her legs to above the knee, keeping it mostly concealed beneath the dress. Lilly did not wear her PAM suit all the time like most, if not all, of the other Irregulars. preferring to wear regular clothing as much as possible and generally only donning the PAM suit when preparing for battle. It was just another thing she did to remain 'human'. More recently though Abel had managed to convince her to keep it close, since they never knew when she would need it, so as a compromise, Lilly had relented and told Abel that she would, at the very least. change the PAM suit into just a single part of her outfit while wear mostly mundane clothing, thereby keeping it on-hand if needed while still keeping the experience of mundane clothing, a compromise she was thankful for at the moment. When things had calmed the Irregulars had mostly come together, though Jaunt's striking of Abel and his little tirade caught Lilly off guard. In a flash a Lilly was helping up Abel and make sure he was okay while Lilly herself moved between Abel and Jaunt and gave the latter a 'brainduster' slap to the back of the head. "The Emperor of Japan, dumbass." Lilly said. "Like the Queen of England, Japan still has a figurehead monarch." she reminded him with arms crossed beneath her breasts. Lilly then dropped her arms and lunged forward, causing Jaunt to tense for just a split second, preparing to teleport away as she wrapped her arms around him, giving Devin a tight hug. "I'm so glad you are okay." she said, hugging him tighter and resting her head on his shoulder. "We were so worried..." she nearly whispered, her voice trailing off, pushing away her fears of Devin's possible fate now that he was here, seemingly alive and well, back to his old, joking self, even if a little ticked off at Abel at the moment, which, to be honest, was also pretty normal for him.
  9. THE NIPPON TRANSPORTAL NETWORK GRAND OPENING TOKYO, JAPAN THE CENTRAL TRANSPORTAL HUB Lilly had packed for the trip a bit sullenly. She looked forward to it, but was bummed that Kia, her BFF would not be going. It was Tokyo! Kia would have loved it. Despite that, when Lilly got there with her parents, she could not help but be almost overcome with the city. She had been in cities before, of course, but having lived in Shelly for the last several year had gotten her more used to small town life. Tokyo, on the other hand, was a true city, in every sense of the word. People on top of people along towering skyscrapers, a never ended flow of cars and more lights that Las Vegas. The city also had its balance of new and old though, which Lilly found captivating. Ancient temples, shrines and gardens nestled among the urban landscape, bring moments of calm and serene beauty to a place that was so busy and full of concrete, neon and glass. And then there was the people. Lilly had never seen so many people in her life. With it being a national holiday and a huge celebration for the opening of the network taking place (and the rumors of one of the Irregulars being in attendance), the populous had turned out in force. Lilly was not there in any sort of official or formal capacity. Just like her mother, she had really just accompanied her father who was the formal guest. Lilly was one of the two most well known faces of the Irregulars though, and far more approachable to the average person than Sean, since, though she was certainly beautiful and amazon-esque, she did not have the unearth beauty of Sean, nor the matching intellect that could make some of the most intelligent people on the plant feel like bumbling undergrad students. So even though she was not there in an official capacity, she had come to accept she was pretty always in a de facto official capacity. For her part, Lilly was all smiles and remarkably polite and well mannered, even by Japanese standards. Social situations like this seemed to come more naturally to her now, she would intuitively know just what to say or do, and on the rare occasion she did commit a faux pas, it was quickly and easily overlooked. She would bow, shake hands, pose for selfies with people and generally served as an ambassador for Keys to the general population, trying to humanize them, trying to stop ant possible rift from form between them and regular people. Despite her all her power, and the fact that she and her friends had literally saved the planet several times now, and was even an athletic prodigy before her Unlocking, she was still supremely humble, down to earth and approachable, never quite being fully comfortable with the terms like "hero" or the attention and even praise and idolization that she received, which only proved to bring in turn because of her humbleness. Some of the Japanese fans could be a little... overzealous... if Lilly were being honest, some showing up in what were basically cosplays of her, with their hair back in her all but trademarked ponytail and wearing some of the exact same clothing and athletic apparel (or extremely close versions of them) that she would wear, some even with fake, prop weights or I-beams tied into knots. It was flattering on one level, but on another level it was kinda creepy. Still though, Lilly was nothing but friendly and polite, seeming to find the time everybody, which may or may not have to do with the fact that due to the crowd, people did not realize there was more than one Lilly there. Normally she was hesitant to use her powers for something like this, but she thought it would be a nice change of pace for the other Vanguards to get to enjoy the more fun side of life, rather than just serving as battle reinforcements. Still, with a crowd this size and so many people being in proximity throughout the day, the Lillys could not help but to 'ping' the crowd searching for other Keys. With her node likely being the largest on the planet, it would be difficult if they were trying to hide, but she assumed it a good idea to at least get a handle on the number of them there as the various Lilly's greeted and took selfies with the crowd.
  10. *Irregular Solutions, Inc HQ* Lilly sat back and listened to the presentation about what had happened to them all, considering what they said. There were indeed changes the Keys, the Irregulars included. Since their return Lilly had noticed more looks then before. She had always been fit and, pretty good looking, but now the increase in attention was obvious, as were the willingness of people do things for her. She seemed to instinctively understand just how to behave with people of different cultures and backgrounds, garnering a good impression with them. Even her mind had sharpened. She was a pretty good student and understood many of the out-there concepts that had become a part of their lives, but now things were on a new level. Her own theory on the changes was fairly simple. If energy could be destroyed, then all the power bound up in those Titans had to go somewhere. Considering their own reality bending abilities, it would not be a stretch to consider that it washed through the universe, releasing the primordial energies and changing things, especially those sensitive to quantum, such as the Keys' nodes. That, or it was their gold star sticker give by the universe as a reward for fixing the problem the Titans posed. You know. Whatever. Taking in what was explained, she simply added to the other things she was thinking about, such as preparing for her trip with her parents to Tokyo for the opening of the transportal. Though Sean had given speeches at the United Nations and written scientific papers, Lilly still tended to be the more public 'face' of the Irregulars (and to a lesser degree, Keys in general) to the masses. Lilly was not an utterly unearthly beauty like Sean, nor was her presence so overpowering as Sean's either, whereas Able, due to his enhanced intelligence, had become a bit detached. Lilly was still clearly a Key, but was a natural leader even before her Unlocking, and was far more approachable to the average person. Lilly's pre-unlocking background, her activities and feats before and since, and the fact that she was one of the most powerful Keys in the world, she had become something of a role model as well, which Lilly was not still fully aware of, or at least fully believed, and it was that humility which only endeared her to the people more. As such, she was in demand more and more for public events, such as the opening of the Tokyo Transportal, as well as endorsements and offers from all manner of companies. She did not mind the public appearances, as she knew that it they were in a very delicate period as the masses came to accept the existence and presence of Keys. Anything she could do to make people feel more and ease with, and accepting of, Keys, including closing the gap of division that some Keys, even her own friends to a degree, kept insisting on making, she (usually) gladly did. (She was still a teen, after all). Once the meeting concluded, Lilly offered her help any way that it would be needed (which went without saying among her friends), and set about preparing for her trip. She was excited to see Japan and get to really experience, as anywhere the Irregulars went for 'work' were always just in and out. The only real recreational trip she had taken was with Devin to Australia... and some beach house somewhere... Later in Tokyo... 'Sounds good. Maybe the US Virgin Islands? That way those without passports have no headaches.' Lilly thought back.
  11. So Sara, being a new GM, was like, "So you guys will be playing... uh... yourselves! Yeah. You'll play yourselves." Hehe. I'm good with it (and I still have my baseline/starting sheet!). Really it is a simple, but rather elegant solution to the power curve we were all maxing out at..
  12. I am not all that partial to a specific time we return. Check on loved ones (Devin, Kyle, Mom and Dad). Did Kyle's 'fix' of Sara still happen? Is he okay? Did it 'fix' him too? What's wrong with Devin? Can she help? How are her parents? Is her dad okay? If he is, then she'll prolly kill him (jk). Is her mom pissed at him too? You know, all of that fun stuff and Lilly will prolly keep one of herself at Devin's bedside or whatever. Figure out what she is going to do with Kyle exactly as well. Discourage the idea that Keys are not human. In Lilly's mind, Keys are still human, just with abilities that most do not have. Take a break. Lilly has been through a wringer emotionally (and to a lesser degree mentally), and the actions/reactions of the others to her in the tube room and after was a bit eye-opening. She needs to just chill, get a hole of herself and her emotion, sort things out and center herself again and all of that. She does not have to do it alone, but she just needs to chill and/or have some fun to blow off some steam. Plan and prepare for any of the Titans minions who might still show up. Yes, they seems to mostly have 'organic 'robots' as minions, but there did appear to be some who were free thinking. Who knows how dependent everything was on the titans. With them gone, there may be a power vacuum that one or more tries to fill (supposing the entire 'empire' did not collapse.) This could mean exploation and such, and considering that Lilly has set foot on an alien planet with intelligent life, she prolly has her curiosity raised as to what is out there. Alternatively, considering the Irregulars just brought down the titans, any minions (or others who are now liberated) might want to steer clear of Earth and the Irregulars (or possibly even show up and wish to serve us)
  13. The moment she felt the surge of quantum return Lilly immediately and without hesitation reached out with her thoughts to the others. < Guys? Guys? Anybody there? > she tried to think to her friends while maintain her demeanor in the moment with practiced ease. "I am pretty sure this is all just a bullshit simulation, but whatever." she shrugged. "I'd be lying if I said a part of me did not want to just break some shit right now." Lilly muttered to herself as she shook her head, tossing bits of class and other debris from her hair and body. "We already beat your ass last time, Apollo. We can do it again." she stated simply. "We? None of your buddies are around. This time it's just you and me." Apollo sneared. "Nah bitch..." Lilly said, channeling Devin a bit as the quantum coursing through her body surrounded and flowed into each and every cell. "I'm never alone." she reminded him as flashes went off behind her to her left and right, angling away from her leaving her the point of a Delta with nearly two dozen identical Lillys on her left, matched by the same number to her right. "But you know what's the biggest difference between us? You know, aside from you being some wannabe, poseur godling who has to sucker punch a teenage girl?" Lilly teased. "You think of just yourself." she stated as she as the other Vanguards took off. The other Vanguards all knew what to do, each of them having her own thoughts on the matter at the moment they were created. They spread out, but instead of surrounding Apollo, they exited the building, some forming a perimeter to keep people bystandards away and lookout for possible accidents from the oncoming fight while the rest began racing through the school, clearing it of students and faculty. Possible, or even probable, simulation or not, Lilly could not change who she was or stop being herself. She was a protector, and thought of others before herself, and nothing would change that. "Yeah, you listened to Pandora, but that's probably just because she made you her bitch." Lilly mused as she began casually walking toward Apollo, trying to draw things out to give the Vanguard more time to clear the area as well as piss off Apollo more to get him off of his game, even if was going to hurt. "I would say 'you hit like a girl', but considering what I can do, it would be a compliment." Lilly quipped, prodding him further.
  14. Lilly stood in silence at the sounds of her father's voice, her eyes wide in surprise, tears welling up in them as the receiver shook in her trembling hand. Several times she tried to speak, but nothing came out until finally she managed a lone. "D-dad?" as tears cascaded down her cheeks. Then in a well of emotion everything just came flooding out, almost babbling as she spoke fast, almost as if she was anticipating her father being taken from her at any moment. "Dad? Where are you? There's... there's no school. We were in pods.. or something. Some 'Matrix' thing... Everything's destroyed. It's a wasteland. What's going on? Where are you? Where am I? What happened?" she babbled in rapid fire questions, finally feeling like she might get some answers as she clung on to a small piece of home in her father's voice.
  15. Lilly crouched by the horse droppings, inspecting them for a moment before lifting her gaze to look around for a few moments as she thought her dad, or at least who she remembered as her dad, and the hunting trips they would take where he thought her how to hunt, track, navigate and generally survive. She could also remember serving as a Park Ranger in Glacier National Park and other places, and even being an Army Ranger. Time and again she learned these skills and always enjoyed her time outdoors. She cut her reverie short though and sighed, focusing on the hear and now. She motioned to the others to get close around her as she rose up, glancing around casually. "These horse droppings are really fresh, probably more like under half an hour old." she said just loud enough for the others to hear. "There are also at least three sets of horse tracks I can pick out. They cross the train tracks and head into the ruins, away from the tracks. Now they are unshod too, but I am pretty damned sure that they are not wild horses though." she pointed out, continuing to speak low and soft. "Why do you think that?" Kia whispered curiously. "Look around. There's no big foliage, or high cover here. Just broken cement slabs, tiny bits of crumbling walls and skeletons of cars, no where near enough to conceal a person without crouching, so there's sure as hell not enough to conceal a standing horse, much less three. So that means they are laying down." she pointed out, noting the terrain as she softly spoke. "Yeah, there a few reasons why they might lay down, but given the situation, terrain and relative time of day, none of them fit. So if we are not seeing them it means they are being made to lay down. And that means they are trained and have riders, stealthy ones at that." Lilly explained. "Also, have any of you had the feeling we're being watched for a bit now? I sure have." she mentioned, glancing around casually. "Now, with our strength and athleticism we can pull off a cheerleader pyramid to get a higher vantage point to look around. It'll mean we'll be the tallest thing around here and easily spotted, but we might spot them horses and riders, even laying down." she said with a shrug. "Or we can follow the horse tracks and hope it does not lead into an ambush, which I think it probably better than 50% chance. Either way, if there are people and horses, that means they have food and water, and maybe some answers." she suggested as she looked from one friend to the other. "Or we ignore them, keep our guard up, and keep going as we were. No matter what we do, keep weapons ready and stay alert." she cautioned. "So what do you want to do?" she asked.
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