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  1. "Dangerous up there right now. Return possibly not a good idea. Hmmm. Though." She turned to the others, gesturing in the general direction of their goal. "Could return to the surface closer to where we need to be? Where they look not?"
  2. "Don't want to be. Rather run than fight. I'm not so good at speak though. Very good at running and fighting but not speaking." She looks to Firanis.
  3. Sparx is uncertain if it can speak or is sapient, but seeing it holding a digging tool gives her pause. "You speak?" she says. "You understand? Look." She holds her hands up, showing that they're empty. "Won't shoot first. Won't shoot you first. You understand?" If it does not understand and seems threatening, then Sparx will attack as indicated above.
  4. Sparx will attempt to ID it... ID roll for Sparx: 1D20 = [6] = 6 She has training in identifying plants and numenera. Unless she feels that it's a bad idea to shoot it with lightning, she'll shoot it with lightning. Initiative roll: 1D20 = [13] = 13 Attack roll with Onslaught, short-range ray of lightning that does 4 points of damage.: 1D20 = [11] = 11
  5. "Yes. Understood. Toss away. I'll secure it firmly. Move quickly. We all ran in fast - no - ran in haste, they may find our trail." Sparx immediately looks around for something firm to hook it onto, such as a large rock or an old tree.
  6. "Will spot us," says Sparx. "Can't ride the lightning far enough. Suggestions? Open to them. We run? If so, pick a direction now."
  7. Sparx snaps awake instantly. She grabs for the buzzer she purchased, scanning the skies for the trouble that Large Gord spoke of.
  8. Closest Sparx has to perception is identifying plants and animals, and I'm guessing that this is not that. So, she'll spent Intellect to apply one level of Effort to the roll, and with an Intellect Edge of 2, that leaves her with spending 1 point to lower the difficulty to T3 (or a 9.) Charlotte *rolls* 1d20: 2: 2 For all the good it did.
  9. Sparx examines the map carefully. Over the course of the trip, the group has learned that Sparx's unfamiliarity with any manner of social graces is made up for with a strong familiarity of how to survive in the wild. She traces a few paths with her finger, trying to suss out a way to potentially stay safe and cut their travel time.
  10. "About it?" Sparx cocked her head, thinking. "It is itself and we are not - you mean should we do it. Yes. We'll do it. Ready, here."
  11. Sparx is wide-eyed at the gear that 150 shins has bought, having not seen so much money in ages. She rides quietly on the beast, seeming more at home while on the trail and in the wilderness. ((OOC: Sparx bought: 1 buzzer and one clip for it 2 clear synth bags 1 major glowglobe 1 tent One weeks' rations.))
  12. Is four shins a lot of shins? Hmmm. They seem on board, and not out to trick me. It would buy a lot of provisions too. "Yes. Agreed." Sparx nods. "I'll go. Sounds good. Yeah."
  13. "I have Lightning Sight." At everyone's looks, she clarified. "I can see things with lightning up close, and maybe I can see inside with the lightning?" She examined the scrolls and the telescopes.
  14. "Was it said what was in? The ovoid. Did the Clave say what was..." She paused, recounting how the others spoke, memories of human conversation slowly surfacing. "Did the Aeon Priests hint at what they found?"
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