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  1. Kayda reserves her looks for SolaBee and Glint with a slightly raised eyebrow. "As long as the Force does not direct me elsewhere, Captain, I too shall remain, if you wish."
  2. Kayda slowly turns her chair to face Brant. "And you are asking Arcata to walk right back into the reach of those she is fleeing. As far as they are concerned we are all fugitive rebels, but she is also a traitor. The best she can hope for if captured is a swift execution, and we both know that her execution won't be swift. The same perhaps for Mar and Tal, although I believe they will be much more...attentive to Arcata. And while you and the alliance did help us , we also both know that it was not out of the goodness of your hearts. In fact the only goodness in all of this was your and Gra's aid to me. Of which I am thankful," she gives Gra a smile of affection. "Everything else has been a series of negotiations of one form or another." She spins back around to face Zalee and the rest of the crew.
  3. Kayda sat through the very slim briefing and let others talk before asking her questions. "The rim is a very large place, Brant, exactly where is this mining operation?
  4. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - Downtime

    Kayda stepped out of the shower and soaked up the warmth of the dryer. Her muscles ached from the workout Arcata had put them through during her combat training session today, while Kayda couldn't say that she liked the former imperial agent or that she completely trusted her, she had to admit the woman was a decent instructor. Not only had Kayda learned the rudiments of self defense but she was now a semi competent shot with a blaster. Wrapping herself in her robe she went into the room she shared with three empty bunks. Picking her lightsaber up from it's resting place on the bed she settled on the floor and set the Jedi weapon in front of her. She contemplated the weapon, for that is what it was, a tool yes, but a weapon foremost, perhaps if she had trained to follow the path of the Consular she may have been able to make that distinction, but she had trained to be a Guardian during the height of the clone wars and Guardians were warriors. And that was where her talents had lain her former master had recognized that and had honed her talents. Still Sola Be had taught her a lot in a very short time. It had seemed odd at first to find herself a student once again, to be learning at the feet of a master. But still she felt an urgency that should not have been there, she wanted to learn faster, learn more, deep inside she want to return to that desolate sith world and finish what had been started. It troubled her that she felt this way, she shouldn't have felt anything. But she did. Was this the dark side tempting her luring her. She needed to know. Kayda calmed her mind and opening herself to the Force she sank into her meditative trance seeking answers...
  5. Kayda sighs thinking about her master, Otoka Bis, trapped in the clutches of the Sith and swirls her drink in her glass but in the end she nods. "Yes, Sola Be, you are right. Running off only half prepared would just be inviting further disaster. If you will train me I will be your student."
  6. Kayda sets down her drink, "I must go back to Tarnoss, Abhora has to be stopped. I know it is much to ask, but the Force led me there and the Force brought me back here to reunite us. I need your help Sola Be," She looks at Glint and Arcata in turn, "and yours too, as well as the others. We must find out what this Sith ghost is up to, stop her, and free those she has imprisoned."
  7. Kayda shook her head slightly, "No, while i am sure the empire know of the place I don't think they know what is there. And Abhora probably doesn't want them to know either. She wants a body. In fact I think she cannot leave until she finishes what ever she is doing there." She looks in earnest at Sola Be. "Have you ever heard of such a thing? I am aware of Holocrons, but I have never seen anything like this. Never imagined it."
  8. Kayda was a bit surprised when Arcata volunteered to join in the training sessions and a bit suspicious as well. the former Imperial agent had kept her distance during the time Kayda had been with others and she had considered Arcata skeptical at the very least. Kayda wondered what had changed her mind. Now she found her self in a cantina, sitting with the alein Jedi, her almost student Glint, and the aforementioned Arcata. Kayda shook her head as she swirled her multi colored drink in it bulb, "I don't blame Brant for anything. In fact I owe him and Gra my life, with out them I would be dead," she sighs, "or worse." She leans close into the table motioning the others to do the same. "So much has happened in such a short time, I had forgotten that Brant had mentioned you when we began our journey. But that was pushed from my mind when we arrived at Tarnoss. You see I had felt a call through tthe Force..." Kayda spends the next minutes telling an abbreviated version of the story of what they found on Tarnoss and the events up to their escape. "...so you see without them I would not be here. And with my death or capture we would not know about Darth Abhora and those she has trapped there."
  9. The world swam as conflicting thoughts raced through her head. A Jedi? And Brant had know. Had he mentioned it, Kayda couldn't be sure couldn't remember she had been so full of her own purpose and , with a glance at Zaylee, Mar, and Glint, her guilt. Truly the Force guides even when we do not know. "Your a Jedi," it was a statement not a question, Kayda continued, "then the Force has brought us together. There is much we must talk of and much I need to learn still. But perhaps a more private setting would be better for that. I accept your offer Sola Be."
  10. Kayda gave Glint a little bow and nodded greetings to Arcata, “it is indeed wonderful to see all of you again.” She studies the tall being Standing with her friends. Kayda had noticed the tall, thin being of some unknown species, but had thought her just to be in line waiting for her turn with the official, now she realizes the stranger is with them when Glint surreptitiously whispers to her “I am Kayda Vayawn. I am pleased to meet a friend of my friends,” Kayda bows as she introduces herself to Sola Be.
  11. Kayda sat in her cabin as the starship made it's planetfall.she had packed her scant belongings and was preparing to leave for good. She now counted Brant and Gra as friends but at the same time she knew that to ask them to commit to helping her in what she was considering could very well cost them their lives. She couldn't do that, thye had done enough. Taken her to the place were she had discovered a great evil an evil she had to find a way to defeat. But how? This challenge needed a jedi not an overaged padawan. If Brant and Gra hadn't of intervened she would be dead or worse locked in that contraption feeding the evil with her very life. No somehow she needed to finish her training that or find a real jedi still living. After the ship settled she joined the pilot and Wookie as they disembarked. Gra gave her a bit of a look when he saw her bag over her shoulder but said nothing, Brandt didn't seem to notice. She hadn't told them she was leaving, not wishing to have a long conversation or argument she had decided to tell them once they were finished settling with the landing facility and were out in the city. They came around the corner and when her two companions came to a sudden stop Kayda also stopped at first she was expecting danger. But as she looked at the group of beings a few meters away her face broke into a huge grin which surprised even her. “Zaylee! Mar!”
  12. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - The Call

    Kayda was about to reply her mood of despondence filling her with self-pity and darkness when a part of her brain caught on what Brant was actually saying. She leans forward between the two spacers. "Did you say pirates? Your right that does seem odd, why would an inquisitor resort to hiring pirates?" She turns away thinking furiously. "Abhora isn't... wasn't a part of the empire 0,at least not this empire. And imperial supplies do not always mean the empire." She talked out loud but was mainly talking to her self. Suddenly she turned back to the front of the cockpit. "How long till we get to Rhada Iota? And Gra, did you record that message about the pirates?"
  13. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - The Call

    Kayda had run. Again. Again leaving her master in need, again running to save herself. It had been a mistake leaving her home thinking she could help, thinking she could be a Jedi. Her hands tightened her knuckles white as her fingers dug into the chair backs, in front of her the stars shifted as the ship launched itself into hyperspace. She closed her eyes tried to find her inner self but all she could find was the laughing echos of Darth Abhora. She opened her eyes and found her voice. "Where are you taking us?"
  14. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - The Call

    "Thank you , Gra." Kayda blocked out the overpowering smell and calmed her stomach. Checking herself she saw that she had no serious injuries and a quick look at her companions showed them to be bruised but relatively wound free. "We need to get out of this pit," she points to the nearest lift, "lets make our way to that lift, but be wary, she wouldn't have pushed us in here if she didn't have a reason." Lightsaber in hand but unlit Kayda, Brant and the big Wookie made their way cautiously toward the lift, Kayda straining the limits of her senses to warn her of whatever the sith had in store for them.
  15. Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - The Call

    Kayda stepped back turned off her own saber, she waved for Brant and Gra to hold their fire. "We don't have to do this all I want to do is rescue those people in the coffins. There is no reason for us to fight. Help us and come away with us from this place."