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  1. The kiss did send shivers through her body but that was not its purpose. She smiled a decidedly un-Rachel like smile and leaned close so only Bridgett could hear, "That was nice and I'm glad you enjoyed it too, but I'm with Billy, and just like you are your daddy's girl I am my fathers daughter. You ever pull shit like you did at the game, or tried to do here and I will forget that I like you and I will rip your spine out through your chest. Justice, vengeance, just different sides of the same coin." Rachel spun away and started back toward where she had left Billy. And she didn't see him. Anger flared, but she tamped it down and went after him, after all he couldn't hide from her even if he wanted too.
  2. Meanwhile... Rachel watched them as the three boys headed to wherever Niles was going to take them. She had purposefully stepped away before Niles had told Fisher and Austin, just encase. With a last sigh she went back around the corner and back into the Dance alone. Coach Fingers scowled at her and she shrugged in response but neither of them said anything Nadya was still on the stage now singing a duet with Dane, and the sad thing was that wasn't even going to be the strangest or most shocking thing tonight. She looked around and spotted Billy and made her way through her fellow students to come up behind him. She slipped her arms around him pressing against his back and nuzzling his neck “Miss me?” He chuckled and twisted around to face, “Yeah I did.” He smile and it lifted her heart. Gods she didn't want to hurt him. “You get everything straightened out?” “Not quite there's a couple of more things then I'm all yours.” I hope. She looked deep into his eyes she could lose herself there she hoped she had the chance to when all was said and done. “I know everything is a whirlwind right now Billy and I know it seems that things are coming at you, at us, fast. You said that you cared for me and I believe you cause I care for you a great deal. I want to make sure you know that that what I feel in my heart for you is real.” “I know it is Rachel I've always felt this way about you and I always will. Even with everything and all that other stuff.” She still searched his eyes looking for his heart. She felt no warnings of guilt so she smiled. “Good I have to go get Laurie and send her after the boys they may need backup. Whatever happens next doesn't change anything with us I need you to understand that and that I love you.” She kissed him softly a lingering kiss that had a couple of chaperones frowning but before it got into serious violation territory Rachel stepped back and smiled at her daze boyfriend. She saw Eric and his band at the other end of the auditorium not on the dance floor that's where Lauri was. She made her way there and nodded at Eric who just smirked at her. “Laurie, I hate to spoil your evening but I need you to go after Austin and Fisher they need backup.” “Its Homecoming Cooper don't mess everyone's just night up because you couldn't perform.” said Eric and some of the others snickered. “This is band Business Eric, so butt out please. Laurie you can Text Austin he'll tell you where they are and what's going on. I have to stay here for something else and to watch over Nadya” Rachel didn't wait for a reply or to see if Laurie was going to comply instead she turned and looked at Bridgette who was leaning on the back of a folding chair a few feet away. She took a breath and locked eyes with the tall dark beauty and walked right up to her right into her space. “Just so we are on the same page I want you to know that I can give as good as I get.” Rachel reached up and snaked her hand around the back of Bridgett's neck as she stepped in close while pulling her face down to hers. Their lips met, mouths moved hands touched hips. Rachel kissed Bridgette Now the chaperones had something to worry about.
  3. Rachel cocks her head as Niles ramble then reaches out placing a firm hand on his shoulder at which he flinchs. "Relax Niles, non of us here are going to hurt you but you have to help us now. More than likely Todd has gone to whereever you first cast the spell. I need you to show Austin and Fisher where this is do you understand." Austin looked at Rachel, surprise showing, "Wait your not going?" Rachel shakes her head, "If he gets the spell cast before we stop him I may be under the influence of the same spell Nadya is. I doubt I would let anything happen to Todd in that case. We can't risk that. You and Fisher will have to go with Todd, I will go back in and send Laurie to join you and I 'll watch over Nadya. It's up to you to stop him brothers, I have faith. And don't hurt them bring them both back and the spell."
  4. Niles mad to back away but Austin blocked him while also keeping his eye on Rachel. Like Fisher he had expected her to go ballistic. This quiet Rachel was slightly more frightening. Rachel, without saying a word took Niles arm firmly and led him toward the Auditorium exit. Where Coach Fingers was being his usual self and watching the kids like the hawk that he was. Fisher and Austin came along. “Someone needs to keep an eye on Nadya,” Rachel said. “We got it covered,” replied Fisher. “Dane is with her on stage he doesn't know the detail or anything except that she's really buzzed he'll let us know if she freaks or anything.” As the walked up to the doors Fingers glowered at Rachel “Where do you think your going. You know you kids aren't supposed to leave the dance.” “Band business.” Fingers looked at her and then at Austin and Fisher. Finally he seemed to notice the dweeb who's name he didn't recall and really didn't care about who seemed to have shrunk in on himself even more. He nodded once and stepped aside and let them out. Niles gave a pleading look at the coach as they took him outside. They went to the side of the building where during the day some of the kids gathered to sneak cigarettes, no one was there now. Rachel pushed him up against he building his back to the wall. She held him there with slight pressure her hand resting on his chest. “Is what Fisher tells me true?” “I don't know what Fisher told you...” Where he found the balls to say that none of them knew but both Austin and Fisher got angrier, Fisher leans in his eyes flashing. “You know damn well what I told her.” Niles saw...something in Fishers eyes and it wasn't imagination. Were those skulls? There was definitely pee this time. “He told me about a spell he used on Nadya to make her his sex slave,” said Austin, “he wouldn't have come to me if it hadn't been true.” “I know it's true but I need to hear him say it.” Rachel pressed slightly not enough to hurt but enough to make Niles feel the promise of hurt. WTF, he thought, are these guys. “Yeah it's true all of it I'm sorry I just I … love.” he swallowed as Rachel let him go. He slumped and both of the other scion's grabbed him and held him up still against the wall while giving Rachel a curious set of looks. Rachel stepped back and look around taking a deep breath, she noticed the looks of her band-mates. “He feels remorse and regrets all of it. We need to find the spell and free Nadya. It will be up to her how to settle things with Niles.” She looked back at Niles. “Did Todd help you cast the spell originally?”
  5. Rachel had sunk into the warm safe embrace of Billy's arms for the first time that night she felt safe. Then she felt the touch. It startled her because she still felt billy's hands on her hips, but immediately she knew it wasn't Billy. The brush of the unseen hand the lingering pressure on the underside of her breast then the caress slow and sensual, made her shiver, down her side to the hip where Billy's hand rested oblivious. Rachel stifled a gasp raising her head slightly eyes searching and finding. Bridgett. Rachel felt her heat rise she pulled Billy in closer, breathing heavily she brushed her lips across the side of his neck all the while keeping her eyes on Bridgett's retreating back watching the exaggerated sway of her hips. Wanting. I am doomed She danced with her boyfriend making non committal sounds when he spoke, she enjoyed dancing with him his arms were strong he smelled good but her mind kept reliving that touch. Then Dane got up on stage. the dancing stopped. She smile at Billy he was ear to ear happy she could tell. That made her feel guilty. Can you feel guilty about something you havn't done. Everyone waited for Dane to begin but even he had a surprise. A night of surprises it seemed. Rachel watched as Nadya got up on stage noticed her friends distress at being put on the spot. Rachel griped Billy's hand tight and shot an angry look at Dane. How could he do this to my band mate what cruel joke is he playing I won't let him get away with this that is my sister.... Rachel had taken several unknowing steps toward the stage dragging Billy along with her unceremoniously, intent on harming Dane when the music started and Nadya sang. Rachel was brought up short. She stared at Nadya, heard the words she sang from the heart her heart, felt the words seep into her own, felt the magic. In that moment more than any other she knew that she loved Nadya. They were sisters and the rest of the band she loved them too, brothers and sisters all. Knew she would do anything for them, protect them from anything, die for them if need be. Nadya's song spoke and opened Rachel's eyes. Yes she loved Billy probably had since they first met all those years ago, destiny and fate. He was mortal she was not. That didn't lessen their love but their love would be a fleeting thing however bright it might burn. She wanted Bridgett, lusted after her might even love her They were the children of gods, normal rules didn't apply Nadya said everything in that song. They were Legends in the making and nothing would stand in their way.
  6. Rachel just stood there and incredulous look upon her face. She watched Nadya, slink, strut, she didn't know what to call it, away with Niles. She looked at Darci who had an echoing expression. "What was that?" Darci just shook her head as her cheeks blazed red. Rachel glanced back and saw Billy and Fisher breaking away from Austin and Yokiko coming toward them. This is going to be a disaster, she thought as the boys joined them and she looked out around the room until her eyes fell on Bridgette and her breath caught in her chest at the sight of the dark scion. Fuck me!
  7. Rachel allowed herself to be pulled along by Nadya, after all it hadn't been her best day and now, not much of a night. Her mind was running a hundred miles an hour in every direction at once. How had this almost perfect life been turned upside down and inside out in less than twelve hours. Rachel had hardly noticed Nadya or anyone or thing for that matter, since arriving but when the dark haired girl started grinding between her and Darci (...Darci?), in what was supposed to be a dance move but looked more like..never mind, it brought Rachel's full attention onto her friend and band-mate. "Good gods, Nadya, what on earth is your deal? First Niles and now this? Everyone is staring." "Screw them! Dance bitch!" Nadya purred as she slid in close to Rachel and writhed like a cat at the same time she had reached behind her grabbing Darci and pulling her in close so the she was grinding against her too! Indeed people were staring. They hadn't even reached the dance floor yet.
  8. The game was a disaster. Oh Salem High won, really with godlings and who knows what else playing they would have had to try to lose and try really hard. No it was just a disaster for Rachel Cooper. She had kissed a girl. Despite what people apparently said or thought Rachel had never been attracted to girls, but then until Billy she had never really been overly attracted to any guy either. A girl had kissed her. And she had liked it. Billy, Bridgette, Gods, Evelyn. All of these thing vying for her attention in her head. Football not so much. She made so many mistakes in the first quarter, Coach Fingers benched her, shaking his head in disgust. She had sat on the bench cursing herself for her lack of focus. She saw billy in the bleachers, smiled at him then found her eyes wandering looking for Bridgette and not seeing her anywhere. She was relieved at that and disappointed too. Yeah the game had sucked. The ride home afterward hadn't been much better. Her dads, because of her grounding, hadn't let her drive herself to the game opting to drive her themselves. Both were disappointed in her, probably for different reasons and Rachel thought that the two of them had been arguing as well so the ride to the game had been uncomfortable, the ride home unbearable. Sitting up in her room she had considered calling Billy and telling him not to come over like they had discussed. The idea of having their own little dance had been romantic but Rachel wasn't feeling very romantic. Then she saw the little glass bead sitting on the dresser. I don't quit, she thought, I never have. If I fall down I get back up and do it again. I. Don't. Quit! Billy would be here soon and dammit they were going to have a good time. She loved Billy, she didn't know why or really care but she knew that that was a truth. She loved Billy. Bridgette, she didn't even know really but she didn't have any feeling for her the kiss had been surprise, an ambush, really. Rachel felt the anger smolder. Maybe the bitch had planned for her to mess up the game all along. NO! Stop that. I am not going to blame someone else for my actions or my failures. I'll figure out Bridgette later. Tonight it's billy and I. And my dads I need to talk to them. Rachel stood, stepped to the dresser and pick up the glass bead. Micheal was sitting in his chair looking over case papers a small stack of which sat on the small table beside his easy chair, Robert was in his own chair watching a TV show, drinking a beer trying to distract himself from the disappointing day and evening so far. Neither of the two men had said much after they brought their daughter home. Rachel had gone straight upstairs without saying much of anything. The had been arguing over their daughter, Mike had thought that the punishment for the fight had been perhaps too severe in light this being Rachel's first and now likely only homecoming dance where she could have been a football hero. He had thought that, while punishment for public brawling was due it could have been handled after the dance on the weekends or something. Robert being the cop had steadfastly stuck to his guns. Michael was the one who noticed when Rachel came down the stairs. The gown was radiant her hair perfect. She was beautiful and glowing like, like a goddess. Michael was gay, had been gay and known it all his life. He had never been attracted to women but could recognize beauty when he saw it. This, this took his breath away. So much so that he gave a little gasp of shock. That was when Robert noticed. Rachel came down the stairs, she felt beautiful, confident, righteous. She saw the look of astonishment on their faces and it did make her smile inside. She walked into the living room and stopped. “I know I'm grounded and can't go to the dance...” Both of her father's spoke at the same time, “My god Rachel you look incredible..”said Michael. “Where did you get that dress,” asked Robert awestruck? “Don't worry the dress didn't cost anything it was gift from a sponsor. And thank you dad. I”m wearing it because my date, he was going to be my date to the dance, is coming over and I wanted to take some pictures.” “Your Date?” Who, you didn't tell use you had a date.” Michael said as he stood. “”Um Billy Troup.” Rachel left that hanging there without elaboration. Robert was still staring at his daughter and the name had apparently meant nothing to him. But Michael he recognized the name. “Billy Troup? The boy you beat up in fist grade?” That got Robert's attention as he remembered that incident. “Yes the same Billy Troup, he's grown up now and he's changed he isn't a bully anymore.” The two men stared at their daughter then themselves. “But that's not all, I need to tell you something else before Billy gets here. Dad you might want to sit back down.” She said and moved to the tv and turned it off, then faced her fathers, the two her were in the room. “Dads, you have both always been honest with me about everything and taught me to be honest and always tell the truth.” “Oh god your pregnant...” “No! Just listen please.” “You two are my dads. You will always be my dads for as long as I live. Every since this summer I have been hiding some thing from you two, I hid it because it was supposed to be for your safety and because I wasn't supposed to tell you. But you have a right to know and I can't be myself by keeping things hidden from the people I love.” “Who told you you couldn't tell us,” asked Robert? “My real dad. I met him this summer and I need to tell you about it.” Rachel began to tell her dads what she had told Billy this afternoon.
  9. Rae Rae shook her head slowly but smiled and said softly "Yeah just like Pearcy Jackson, just rated R," then she glanced at Nadya, " or X in some cases." She looked back at Billy, into those eyes, "And also yeah, like Marvel 101..." She kissed her boyfriend.
  10. A little bit of the anger came back the fire was stoked, Rachel snatched the bead, "Your wrong," she said to Evelyn. I'll prove it she said to herself, spun and marched back to the others. She walked right past them all and grabbed Billy by the hand, "Come with me," she said to her boyfriend. She looked back at fisher as she led Billy away , "Tell her Fisher, she deserves to know." Rachel led Billy by the hand to a corner away from everyone there she sat down and pulled Billy down beside her. She still held his hand. Rachel Looked at his face at his beautiful eyes and felt a longing she couldn't define. "Yeah we did those things, but you weren't supposed to see them and you shouldn't have been investigating, whatever that means. I'm going to tell you everything. You are not going to believe me, I didn't when I learned, but it is true. All of it." Rachel began telling him, the boy she once hated and now loved, told him the truth.
  11. Rachel had gotten an annoyed look on her face as Evelyn talked, that look shifted to anger by the time she had finished and Rachel was about to give a blistering retort when Darci blurted out her question and then Billy followed up with his and a revelation. Rachel's head turned slowly towards Darci then Billy. She raised her finger and opened her mouth to speak then looked at the other stunned Scions. She started again when she heard Evelyn's voice and the humor in the way she said i she was going to get her dress ready. She turned back to Billy, started to say something stopped, started to say something else finally she just shrugged in exasperation and said, "Billy, one of the others can explain it, if not, we will talk tonight okay." As usual Rachel didn't wait for a reply but spun on her heel and went after the elder Scion, Deity, whatever she was. Catching up to Evelyn, Rachel who had lost her anger at what the woman had said but still wanted, needed to know called to the Owner of this fantastic shop. "Ma'am, I hear what you say but not only do I not understand but I don't believe you. You say that Good and Evil don't exist that we are above such concepts," She points at herself, then taps her chest for emphasis, "In case you hadn't notice I am that concept! Right and wrong, good and evil, if they aren't real then what the heck am I supposed to be?"
  12. "Un-freaking believable." Rachel said to her reflection in the mirror. She was angry now. Angry at Evelyn and Marius, at Mr Syracuse for not solving her problem, at her dads for grounding her, but mostly at herself for ...reasons." She drew her fist back and was about to slam it through her own face in the mirror and by default through the wall beyond, but she stopped, fist clenched so tight her hand was white from the restraint of the blood flow. Slowly she dropped the fist and unclenched as she took deep breath after deep breath. She could here her friends outside. "This is stupid" she muttered as she proceeded to get dressed back in her jeans and t-shirt. A few minutes passed and Rachel exited the dressing room and went to find Evelyn where she was helping Nadya. "I'm going with the Champagne dress, please" she said as she handed the dresses to one of the helpers, "We're all here now. And the dress is beautiful and I am very grateful, but I want to know why. Mr Syracuse said that most likely it was you that instigated all of this. Why? And why have Marius whom we consider an enemy, make the invites? Why didn't you do it yourself?"
  13. Rachel's eye widened as her cheeks flushed. She screamed in horror and embarrassment, clutching both dresses to her chest in an attempt to preserve what modesty of her remained, she covered herself and fled back into the dressing room.
  14. "I don't know, I can't make up my mind. I really like both the red and the champagne," said Rachel Cooper as she stepped out of the dressing room clad only in a bra and slip, holding the aforementioned dresses up hanger held in each hand. Rachel had been trying on dress after dress for the better part of the last hour. It was just Evelyn and her, Billy having been drug off by two short stout gentlemen that Rachel thought might be dwarfs or maybe Picts, but hadn't said anything, to find him the proper suit to go with her dress. Rachel wasn't sure how that would work since she couldn't make up her mind. Maybe they had something for boys that would go with both. "For the life of me I have never had so much trouble deciding on what to wear. The Red is so bold and It fit's me so well, but there is just something so enchanting about the Champagne," She glanced back and forth at both dresses as she spoke before looking up at Evelyn. "Miss Evelyn, your the clothier, can't you...just...tell me...which..." Rachel saw all her friends from school standing with Evelyn staring at her in her slip. Her voice trailed off and she stood like a deer caught in the headlights Nadya raised her phone and snapped picture after picture, "Priceless," she said.
  15. "Hey, I used to be a cheer leader and I am not some backwoods neanderthal bimbo." Rachel shoots back then gives Billy a scathing look, "And since when has everyone been questioning my orientation or my femininity?"
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