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  1. "Un-freaking believable." Rachel said to her reflection in the mirror. She was angry now. Angry at Evelyn and Marius, at Mr Syracuse for not solving her problem, at her dads for grounding her, but mostly at herself for ...reasons." She drew her fist back and was about to slam it through her own face in the mirror and by default through the wall beyond, but she stopped, fist clenched so tight her hand was white from the restraint of the blood flow. Slowly she dropped the fist and unclenched as she took deep breath after deep breath. She could here her friends outside. "This is stupid" she muttered as she proceeded to get dressed back in her jeans and t-shirt. A few minutes passed and Rachel exited the dressing room and went to find Evelyn where she was helping Nadya. "I'm going with the Champagne dress, please" she said as she handed the dresses to one of the helpers, "We're all here now. And the dress is beautiful and I am very grateful, but I want to know why. Mr Syracuse said that most likely it was you that instigated all of this. Why? And why have Marius whom we consider an enemy, make the invites? Why didn't you do it yourself?"
  2. Rachel's eye widened as her cheeks flushed. She screamed in horror and embarrassment, clutching both dresses to her chest in an attempt to preserve what modesty of her remained, she covered herself and fled back into the dressing room.
  3. "I don't know, I can't make up my mind. I really like both the red and the champagne," said Rachel Cooper as she stepped out of the dressing room clad only in a bra and slip, holding the aforementioned dresses up hanger held in each hand. Rachel had been trying on dress after dress for the better part of the last hour. It was just Evelyn and her, Billy having been drug off by two short stout gentlemen that Rachel thought might be dwarfs or maybe Picts, but hadn't said anything, to find him the proper suit to go with her dress. Rachel wasn't sure how that would work since she couldn't make up her mind. Maybe they had something for boys that would go with both. "For the life of me I have never had so much trouble deciding on what to wear. The Red is so bold and It fit's me so well, but there is just something so enchanting about the Champagne," She glanced back and forth at both dresses as she spoke before looking up at Evelyn. "Miss Evelyn, your the clothier, can't you...just...tell me...which..." Rachel saw all her friends from school standing with Evelyn staring at her in her slip. Her voice trailed off and she stood like a deer caught in the headlights Nadya raised her phone and snapped picture after picture, "Priceless," she said.
  4. "Hey, I used to be a cheer leader and I am not some backwoods neanderthal bimbo." Rachel shoots back then gives Billy a scathing look, "And since when has everyone been questioning my orientation or my femininity?"
  5. At the Shop Rachel's brow furrowed at the older scion's antics and at Billy's obviously enraptured state and she knew she had to do something before the poor boy started drooling. “Billy,”she said poking him on the shoulder with a steely finger, 'Billy, eyes up here.” The young man was hormonaly challenged by the generous cleavage being displayed but the sudden pain in his shoulder and the waa waa of Rachel's voice broke through. “What?” “Billy, your going to hear things and...see things you might not understand but I'll explain it all later okay?” Billy nodded stealing another glance at he amused woman's cleavage before looking back at Rachel and answering “I don't know what your talking about Rach, but Okay.” Giving her new boyfriend...wait did I just think boyfriend... a smile she turned her attention and her sour frown back to Evelyn. “ Yeah I am Rachel Cooper and I have these," she held up the two tickets, "your ex gave them to me and my band and, well, I'd like to know why. Think you can enlighten me?”
  6. Rachel snatched the tickets out of Nadya's hands surprising the little thief "Yes I'm going with Billy," she shoved the tickets into her jean pocket, "if I go which is still undecided but don't worry I will let you know as soon as I do. And Nadya, I don't care if you go with Niles or whatever this is. But if you hurt him for no other reason than your own fun. Band mate or not, you will have to face the consequences." Without another word Rachel spins on her heel and marches straight past the table with the rest of her friends and out of the cafeteria.
  7. Rachel had opened her mouth to reply then shut it and looked at Nadya as she...snuggled with Niles. "Niley, Nadya, for real?" She leaned down closer to the crazy girl and asked "Are you on something?"
  8. Rachel wrestled with the decision she needed to make. "i talked to Mr Syracus this Evelyn person, Basically she is an amazon and really doesn't care for men, but she was also in a band with Marius and... they were married. Mr S says she isn't like Marius and may be the one who told Marius to give us the tickets. I don't really know but I intend to find out." With that she push away from the table and walked over to where Nadya was making a fool of herself. "Hey Nadya can i talk to you for a minute?" Nadya acted like she didn't even notice Rachel and kept right on flirting with Niles, if that's what you wanted to call it. "Nadya? Hey Nadya?" Rachel put her hand on the smaller girls shoulder and gave her a little shake. "Nadya, I need my tickets back. I saw you pick them up at the coffeshop, can I have them?"
  9. Rachel listens and let out a breath that wasn't quite a sigh but was maybe close. "I get it Mr. Syracus, I really do and I'd like to learn more about Joan of Arc, the real stuff, but that's not exactly what I need right now." Absentmindedly she pulled a book from the shelf and flipped through the pages, she saw lots of gruesome drawings made even worse by the dim light, she quickly shut the book and slid it back into it's place on the shelf even as the Librarian was preparing to speak. "The dance is tonight and I am not going to have time to teach my team anything and warning them isn't going to help. We were approached last night by Marius at the coffee shop. he gave all of us tickets to some place called Evelyn's where we could get special clothes for the dance. I tore mine up. But everyone else took theirs and I think it's a trap. That bastard is evil and I don't buy his story one bit. For all I know he may have even set up the fight I got into. But the band bought into what he was selling and even though they say they are going to be careful, all of them still took the poison pill, if you know what I mean." At that moment the bell rang. "I gotta go I just thought someone needed to know." __--==(@)==--__ Rachel set her sammich down and took a sip from her water bottle. "Gross doesn't even begin...," she shook her head and glanced around the table, it was just the band minus Nadya. Both Billy and Darcy who had started sitting with them occasionally were not present at the moment. "Guys I'm not going to be at the dance tonight, I got grounded because of the fight. As soon as the game is over I have to go home." She said leaning over her lunch and speaking softly. "I'm also not going to be able to check up on the puppy so someone needs to d that today. look I know you guys think I'm just a hard ass but be alert tonight, I don't care what he says, Marius did not give us those tickets out of a sudden change of heart. He wants us dead or on his side. Maybe even both."
  10. It was third period and that was Rachel's Office Aide period. She was supposed to hang out and study in either the front office or the counselors office, and be available to run errands. She had gone to the office and gotten permission to sturdy in the library. Rachel entered the hallowed sanctum of the Salem High Library and as usual found it eerily empty. “Mr Syracuse?” She called softly, perhaps too softly. “Up here Ms. Cooper in the mythology section.” came the comforting British accent floating disembodied on the air. Of course he's in the mythology section where else would he be. Rachel climb the short stairs and made her way around and into the dark stack of books. “Really Mr Syracuse, can't you put some lights up in this place.” She stopped suddenly raising her hands as the librarian appeared as if out of thin air. He gave her hands held in a martial arts defensive stance a glance and a tilt of his head. She dropped her hands suddenly embarrassed. “Bright light can damage the books most of them are older than antiques. Also the shadows lends an air of mystery, don't you think?” “More like creepy horror” She said under breath as she followed him around to where he was working, straightening the ancient volumes. “What can I do for you Ms. Cooper?” She picked up one of the books flipped open to a page with some weird drawings which she thought were somewhat pornographic but wasn't sure because Archie took the book, closed it and put it on the shelf without a word but the look he gave her kept her from opening any of the other. However she did keep on picking them up, just now she handed them to the librarian. “Well?” he prodded her. “I have a problem. Mr Syracuse” Archie smiled “Of course you do and please call me Archie when there are no faculty around.” he didn't mention that he had asked her and her band to call him Archie a thousand time since meeting them, yet she still called him Mr.Syracuse. “Whats bothering you Rachel?” he asked again. “It's the dance tonight. I've been grounded and I can't go...” “I understand how upsetting that must be but I make it a policy not to interfere in the home life of those under my tutelage.” He shook his head conveying his heartfelt regrets. “Oh no that's not it. I deserve the punishment. No it's the rest of the band i'm worried for. Their going to all be there and I'm worried that because of me being grounded, I won't be able to protect them.”
  11. Rachel took Billy's hand and they walked up the path toward school. When they got near the flag pole she pulled him off the path into the trees. "Come on." They went only a few yards to where they were covered from view of the path. Rachel pushed Billy up against a tree and pressed her mouth to his in a passionate kiss. "Am I too aggressive Billy?" she asked between kisses. Billy was flushed and a bit unsure but he let his hand rest on her waist and upper buttocks pulling her into him returning her kiss as unexpected as it had been. "I..I don't know, don't care." After another minute of heavy kissing it was Billy who pulled away. "Hey, whats the rush Rae?" Rachel hung her head and sighed. "I just wanted to ..." She raised her head and looked into his eyes. "I just didn't want to disappoint you." "What do you mean?" Billy wasn't quite following what kissing had to do with disappointment. "My dad grounded me, because of the fight. I have to go straight home after the game. No dance." her voice was barely a whisper.
  12. A hundred things...no, a thousand things went through her mind as she and her dad locked eyes. She could throw a tantrum, hurt both of them so bad emotionally that she would leave them bawling in each others arms. But no that wasn't right and it was petty. Bob was right and she was afraid it would only get worse. The ichor flowing through her veins drove her in ways she couldn't explain, at time bringing out the best in her, but at others filling her with those qualities she found abhorrent in others. She didn't want to be like the other band. This was the wake up call. "Clear, dad." she said her shoulders sinking. "I'll come home after the game. I'm sorry I'll try to do better." An hour later Rachel was pulling into the student parking. She got out and threw her backpack across one shoulder, at least they didn't take my car away. Yet. She looked around and saw billy , her heart fluttered and dropped, this was gonna suck. She started walking that way and noticed that Billy was standing with Darcy. Rachel frowned, what is up with those two. "Hey Billy, we need to talk." She called out and waved at him as she crossed the lot.
  13. The rage of being attaked was gone replaced by the unadulterated thrill and joy of combat! It hade become a contest and Rachel thrived in contests one woman against another who would best the other. Forgotten were the reasons all that mattered was battle. Then Laurie stepped in front of her pleading and Rachel stopped in mid swing her fist inches from Lauries head. Bridgette stopped too, they looked around at the mess . "That was stupid you could have been hurt." she said to Laurie as she gently put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her out of the way. She stepped closer to Bridgette who stood ready, "Your tougher than you look," Rachel extended her hand, "let's call this one a draw."
  14. Bridgette twisted away, rotating her back toward Rachel slamming her elbow into Rachel's chest, following that blow with her knee into the blond's stomach. Rachel staggered back her breath exploding from her lungs she looked up just in time to see Bridgette's right fist coming at her face again. That fist never got there as Rachel caught it in her vice like grip just as she caught the left the swamp girls threw with a snarl. Holding both of Bridgette's fists spreading her arms wide, Rachel stood to her full height and pulled Bridgette toward her at the same time rocketing her head forward and with a resounding crack, headbutted the witch in the face!
  15. Nadia watched Rae-Rae for a second then went ahead and flipped the coin "Tails." Before the word even finished Rachel's hand shot out and caught the coin in her fist, with a step she invaded Bridgette's personal space. "Or something. Your conversation is getting loud and doesn't need to be heard by the mortals, so lower your voice. As for walking over here to sniff your ass," she tosses the now bent in half coin onto the felt, "I didn't have too, everyone can already smell your swampy butt from across the room. Didn't anyone teach you how to shower in Louisiana?"
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