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  1. How dice rolls work In Trinity Your Dice pool generally consists of one Attribute + one Skill. This is normally several dice that fall within a range between 2 to 11 dice. Spending Momentum can add additional dice to your dice pool on occasion. The GM sets a difficulty (the default is 1) which is the number of success needed for the FULL success of the task. No successes generated is generally a failure, but not always. No success can also create complications while prolonging the task. Failure also creates consolation which is usually a point or two of momentum or some other unexpected result. Failing a Dice roll will always generate 1 momentum at minimum up to the maximum Momentum allowed. Botches occur if zero success are rolled and one of your dice comes up with a 1. A botch is a complete failure usually with unforeseen consequences. A Botch always generates 2 Momentum Enhancements and Complications An Enhancement is some factor of the circum­stances or equipment that makes a challenge or con­flict easier. Some Edges also provide Enhancements. If a player rolls at least one success, they can take ad­vantage of any Enhancements relevant to the task at hand. Each point of Enhancement adds one success to the total number of successes. If doing two things at once, the player divides their Enhancements and uses the successes toward accomplishing the tasks relevant to them. If an Enhancement does not spe­cifically apply to what the character is doing, the player can’t use it. Depending on how powerful or useful the Enhancement is, it may add more than one success. ENHANCEMENT VALUE CIRCUMSTANCE EXAMPLE EQUIPMENT EXAMPLE 1 Minor The programming language is familiar Damn fine coffee 2 Notable You’ve been recommended for the job Step-by-step instructions 3 Significant A security guard tells you all about how they protect the place you want to infiltrate A video perfect for blackmail 4 Major You get secret access to the se­curity feeds Zero-day exploit for a computer hacker 5+ Extreme You act guided by prescience A space shuttle COMPLICATIONS Few tasks are straightforward; unforeseen circum­stances and additional challenges arise. These are Complications, or special hindrances that require successes to overcome. A Complication is separate from the overall Difficulty of the task and does not af­fect whether or not the character completes the task. They are a great way for the Storyguide to make a task trickier to complete, without increasing the Difficulty or making it impossible to do. Complications inflict disadvantages, such as an Injury, a new problem, or increased Difficulty down the road, if a player doesn’t deal with them. For example, if a character is climbing over a fence, the barbed wire across the top would be a Complication. The character can get over the fence; the question is whether or not to spend a moment — and a success — tossing his jacket over the wire at the top to keep from slicing his hands open. Or, while escaping an underground prison, a fellow prisoner spots the character and starts yelling at her to help him, too. The character can ignore him even though his shouts will alert the guards, or she can take a moment and spend successes to either silence or break him out as well. Each Complication has its own level of sever­ity. A trivial Complication requires one success to overcome it. A major Complication requires five or more. The barbed wire in the above example is a +1 Complication. The fellow prisoner is a +3. STUNTS Stunts allow players to spend extra successes to better their character’s position or further their goal. A Stunt must link back to the character’s ac­tion and can take one of three basic forms: compli­cate, enhance, or defend. A complicate Stunt creates a Complication for the opposition. The level of this Complication is equal to the number of successes devoted to it. An enhanced Stunt creates an Enhancement that you can use for another action, whether that’s your character’s next action (using a different Skill) or to aid another character. Again, the number of suc­cesses you spend on the Stunt indicates how many successes the Enhancement gives you. It’s like giving yourself or someone else some successes for later. Finally, a defend Stunt puts the character in a de­fensive posture. This provides Difficulty to attack or hit your character equal to the number of success­es devoted to it. Defensive actions may have other Stunts you can purchase instead of basic defense. Momentum Momentum exists outside of the game; charac­ters do not know it exists and only experience its effects. It is a tool for players and enables them to affect the game’s dramatic pacing. Momentum can activate Skill Tricks, add dice equal to Momentum spent to a dice pool, or enable additional attempts at complex actions (p. 77 core book). Skill Tricks are the cool things characters can do that make other people drop their jaws. Information on how to use these and what they can do starts on p. 45. Players share Momentum and start each game session with a number of Momentum equal to the number of players at the table. Momentum resets at the be­ginning of each game session. Players may have up to (3 x the number of players) worth of Momentum at a time. When a player wants to spend Momentum, he must share his idea with the table. If everyone thinks the idea sounds good, the player spends the Momentum. A player can choose to spend up to half of the available Momentum at once. Momentum can be spent to add dice before or after the dice are rolled, though all Momentum must be spent at the same time to add new additional dice to a roll. At the beginning of each session I will post in the upper right-hand corner of the first post the amount of momentum available. I will update this as Momentum is spent and earned. This location will always be in the same place so everyone will know where to look for the amount of momentum available.
  2. Bulwark AFB Personnel Major John "Jack" Taggart CO of the Para-rescue Training Detachment at Bulwark AFB HH-60 Pavehawk UH-72 Lakota Beechcraft C-12 Huron Remote Pilots Wings USAF Pararescue Badge
  3. SESSION II XP REWARD - 8/21/2019 Everyone - 2 XP you may add this to the Project XP and any other bonus XP you were rewarded as well as to left over XP form the last XP segment. You may spend XP now up until I begin session III. If you intend to spend now do not put it off as I do not know exactly when I will start II, but it will be soon. At this point I am once again offering the Talent Option. This will be the last time your character may become a talent. One this XP segment is closed Characters who have not chosen Talent as their weird will be locked in as Psi. Bonus XP and personal story instructions will follow in PMs
  4. End Credits Scene Sean was heading to the trash pile they had stacked on the lowboy trailer that Sara was going to haul away on the morrow when she came around out of the shadows and almost made him pee his pants she startled him so bad. "What the fuck Hutchins?" She didn't say anything but pulled something out of her pocket and handed it to him. it was very thin cell phone he guessed and a separate battery. "What's this," Sean asked with a whisper because it seemed appropriate? Sara looked around Sean copied her and looked around too, "It's a phone, I need you to unlock it," she said, "It was hidden at the trailer." Sean took it and looked it over his curiosity peaked. "How'd you find it?" "I remembered putting it there so they could find the trailer." "What? Who?" "I don't know Sean, it wasn't my memory. Unlock and be careful where you do it." She squeezed his shoulder and walked away to her wrecker leaving Sean holding a mystery.
  5. Sara blocked the entrance to the trailer making Cass draw up shot. "No pictures," she shook her head looking Cass in the eye, "personally I'd rather no one go in, be cause it's not safe. But I won't stop anyone from going, but no pictures. We don't need this place showing up on Instagram and Facebook." After making that statement she stepped away and let Cass and anyone else who wanted to go in past. She was giving Jase a disapproving look and shrugged a question at him, that he some how could read with one hundred percent surety as her saying 'are you going to do anything about this?'.
  6. Sean and Sara were listening from the doorway, Sean dug into his pocket and produced the tooth and came the rest of the way down and held it up for everyone to see. Jase looked at it and remembered the monster leaping jaws ope and remembered what he saw. "It was missing one of it's lower fangs," said Jase and Sara at the same time.
  7. Growing less scared and more intrigued, Laurie looked around the clearing with the hobo-trailer with curious interest. Cora was getting worked up, but with so many school-mates around, Laurie was finding it hard to find this place actually dangerous. It just looked dangerous. "Y'know, since you like Halloween so much, Sean, this place would be awesome for a haunted house slash Halloween party." Laurie commented dryly. "I mean, if the Breaking Bad Boys don't show up and dump our asses into vats of acid." When Laurie saw Devin and heard his sister inside the suspect trailer, she scowled, eyes narrowing. Fucking Jauntsens, show up everywhere like a bad case of herpes. "That's a TV show," Sean countered with exasperation, though he might have sounded more assured if this didn't look so much like a set from any number of horror movies and he didn't look so much like the first girl to die in one. He cocked his head to the side. "It would be pretty awesome for Halloween though. Wanna take a look inside?" "Uh.. nooo... I'll stay right out here, thanks, where I can run instead of being trapped." When Clara exhorted Lona to come look at something on the ground, Laurie wondered over to see too. "What is it? Cougar tracks or something? Is that why there was a gunshot? Supposedly. Someone trying to scare it off." From inside and outside the trailer came vehement denials. "It was no cougar!" "Jeez, okay." Walking pass, Sean thought it looked like a paw print from some sort of cat himself, though he was no wilderness expert. It looked awfully big though. He stepped inside, the short steps of the trailer creaking ominously. He could have done without that, as well as with Jase's and Marissa's eyes riveting on him, unusually bright under the dim lights of the trailer. He arched a brow in surprise, Jase was standing right infront of himlike he was going outside, “Hey Sean,” he said pasing as the smaller boy came inot the trailer. Sean looked around and saw all the maps on the walls. Sean opened his mouth to say something but Marissa cut him off with a sharp chop of her hand. "I just said, if you want to hear all about it, go outside. I - we - don't need our work messed with." "I wasn't going to mess with... whatever it is you're doing," Sean protested. He nodded at Bannon. "You okay, Jase?" A brief hesitation, then Sean added. "You too, Marissa?" "Yeah," Jase replied laconically after a moment of consideration. Marissa's eyes narrowed dangerously, but at a shake of Bannon's head, she restrained her vicious rebuttal. "He can help." He nodded at the radio. "Can you go see what you can make of the radio while we explain what happened here, you can listen from there we'll be right outside.” "Uh, sure." Sean slunk over to the radio, under Marissa's glare. "So, it isn't murder-hobos or meth cooks?" "Isn't looking that way," Jase drawled then stepped outside. Marissa and Lilly followed. Sean looked over the radio, leaned around to find it plugged into a socket. It looked like a regular, long-range radio. Sean had built a ham radio himself and played around with it. This didn't look much different. Outside the gang stated telling their various stories, since he didn't really have anything to tell, he just listened. He peered around and found what he assumed was the on switch. He pursed his lips, then flipped it on. There was the soft crackling of an unclear channel. The lights of the radio barely illuminated and the dials were very stiff. And the dim lights of the trailer dimmed even further, until little more than orange-red filaments in the bulbs could be discerned. "Good job, Cassidy," Marissa snarled from outside when the lights from the trailer all but went out. "It's not like its not the middle of the night in the woods out here." Sean muttered back. "It's not like I did this on purpose. How is this place even getting power?" "Buried power line," came a voice he didn't place immediately. There was a creak further inside the trailer. It was dark, but Sean wasn't finding it that dark and he made out the burly figure of Sara Hutchins. "Come take a look at this. We'll have the lights back on in a minute," she raised her voice so those outside could hear. Curious, Sean followed her deeper into the trailer. By the bathroom, right before what appeared to be the master bedroom - probably the only bedroom, really - there was a power box. Definitely not commercial, no breakers he could see. One lever pulled all the way down. All the dials save one were turned all the way to the left. The other one was turned all the way to the right. And of course, no labels on anything. The lever was probably a master control. The dials likely regulated power distribution. If the supply from the main power supply was steady, he could probably figure this out. "There's power to the refrigerator, if not much," Sara mentioned and Sean nodded. "Okay, let's see if we can get some more power flowing, or at least flowing where we want it. Lights and radio." They tried the obvious first and somewhat to their surprise it immediately showed results. The had moved the lever up and as soon as it moved the dials started to adjust themselves. The lights inside brightened even the hum from the refrigerator grew louder as the old compressor kicked to life. “Well that was easy enough,” he said and looked up at Hutchins, “Where is the power coming from again?” She looked thoughtful for a few seconds, “I think there's a buried generator or something,” she said softly without elaborating. “Lets go see what going on outside, this stuff can wait.”
  8. Weirder Stuff Theme Songs Glory - Main Theme We Were Born For This - Alternate Main Theme People Are Strange - The Doors - Closing Theme Legends – Alternate Montage Theme Live Like Giants – Montage Theme
  9. Undisclosed Location Shelly Montana The weird power surges tripped alarms and reset computers, throwing the whole system into cascade crash, requiring a total shut down and reboot of the entire system. The technicians on night watch had their hands full and so no one noticed the blinking light on the comm panel and with the total system reboot the notification light went dark, therefore no one read the message sent from their agent in the field. The Trailer Sara was obsessed with the trailer, she would never be able to explain why. She had crawled around underneath the ancient mobile home in the dark looking for clues. She had found few but she did discover that the sheet-metal lining was underneath as well as along the interior walls. Curious she climbed up onto the roof. Meanwhile back inside Jase and Marissa had sorting a job they soon realized was going to take more than a few minutes or hours, more likely days. Then Marissa opened a box that was different. In other boxes they had found pictures cut from newspapers and even film and video but this box contained actual black and white photographs. The pictures appeared to be aerial photos taken from a plane at maybe two thousand feet. They were not professional or military rather they looked like something the owner of the boxes of junk maybe had taken himself. All of the photos were of terrain, mostly plains but some were of the hills and in a few a river could be seen. On the backs of each picture were a date a number and coordinates. Jase jumped up and went into the living room and started looking at the maps until he found the number that matched and sure enough there was a circle drawn around a part of the map that corresponded with the coordinates on the picture. Sara had finished her inspection of the roof and come back inside, ignoring Jase as he went from map to map. She went into the kitchen and turned on the water tape. Brackish tepid water came out in a steady but very low pressure flow. She went back into the bathroom next and everyone heard a flushing commode. “Guys, you can use the toilet, but don't drink the water out of the tap. It's coming from a cistern on the roof, the filters are not good so the water is probably contaminated. Clara and Etienne after their little exchange with Jase and Marissa had gone back outside where they had watched Sara with mild curiosity clamber about on the roof, but when she came down and went back inside they had stayed out to wait for Lona and the rest of the gang. Etienne stayed close to Clara but felt a stiffness in her shoulders when he put his arm around her. “It will be alright, darling.” Clara looked up at him, before he had been as near panic and crazy as the rest of them now alone with her he exuded calm and confidence, was he putting on an act? If so which one was real? “We can't all be hallucinating the same thing can we,” she asked softly watching him closely. He didn't look at her instead his eyes were searching the treeline with the help of his phone-light. “It is possible, but I don't think likely. We all saw the same thing, but what we each thought we saw may not be the same...eh... regardless the mobile home is real, what is inside is real. We will find an explanation.” At that moment Devin led Cass and Lona into the clearing while at almost the same time Lilly with the rest of the gang arrived via the path.
  10. The Party Laurie closed her eyes and shook her head; this was ridiculous to say the least. Her, Tawney, her brother, Cora, Charlie Cole, some guy who was here with Lona Wilson and Cade Allister, were all jammed into Cades jeep. In the middle of the summer while people were partying not fifty feet away. Seven people in a jeep. “You guys do realize that this is a jeep,” she said as she twisted to get Sean’s elbow out of her side, “and that bullets will go right through it and thus into us.” She glared at her brother. “This is my first party and you guys are ruining it. We didn’t hear anything, they didn’t hear anything,” she tried to point at the kids outside dancing and drinking but only managed to poke Charlie in the back of the neck. “Sorry, Charlie.” “I should have gone after Lona, I shouldn’t be hiding in here,” says Luis not to anyone in particular, “Let me out I need to go after her.” “We all need to get out before we suffocate in here,” muttered Tawney. Outside Sophia Fingleman, the coroner’s daughter, cup in hand, walked up to the front of the jeep stopped and peered in at all of them. Charlie waved. She obviously found what she was seeing odd, so she walked on.
  11. As Cassandra, Lona and Devin ran they could begin to hear noises behind them. Something was coming up behind them, and from the sound of it, was rather big, at least as big as any of them. Then possibly worst realization of all hit the fleeing trio; it was swiftly gaining on them. Renewed strength coursed through their legs as they fled its relentless approach, growing ever closer, moving through the woods swiftly, almost like they were not even there. They could hear the crunching of leaves, the flexing and breaking of brush behind them as it drew closer and closer, right on their trail. "It's gaining on us!" Cass called out, her voice laced with ever-growing panic as she dared to looked over her shoulder, trying to gauge when it would intercept them. She could catch glimpses of a roughly humanoid figure pursuing them , but hell it was fast and would be on their heels in moments. To varying degrees their lungs burned and their legs began to feel heavy and made of a soft rubber from such use with Devin, the only real athlete among them (even if the others did not particularly know it) easily the least fatigued and trying to encourage the girls and keep them moving as the potential sanctuary, or least environment with greater target selection, of the party had to be drawing near. "Shit! It's right behind us!" Cass called out again. She pumped her legs with every ounce of energy she could muster, fighting through the fatigue as best she could as the thing behind them finally caught them, bursting forth from the brush and darkness to pounce on them. Only it was not some creature or crazed, naked, man-zombie, it was Lilly, she had finally caught up to what she had been following. She slowed her pace to match theirs and called out between breaths, "Are you guys... alright?", Her lungs were starting to feel the burn, " We heard...a gunshot!" Just then the group of teens burst out of the wood and saw the party still going strong with music dancing and drinking. The teens breathless after their long flight stumble to a halt and gasped for air. "Whoa Jauntson, way to go three chicks, legendary man legendary!" The teen, Mike Johnson, raised his cup in a salute to Devin and stumbled away obviously drunk. And just as obviously, no one else at the party seemed to have even noticed anything out of the ordinary.
  12. At the Creepy Trailer Cabin Jase, Marissa, Sara, Clara and Etienne What happened next stunned the onlookers one and all. The watched it leap its roar still echoed in their ears but the beast never landed on Jase. The cat simply went away, like fog in a strong breeze. Jase dropped his arm after a second and looked around for the cat then looked back over his shoulder expecting the worse and instead saw everyone starting at him and the space above him where the cat should be. No not everyone Marissa had been the first into he trailer and her back was to him her phone in hand it's flashlight app moving back and forth. She had seen the cat disappear and her mind was having difficulty processing that so Marissa did what she did and put it aside and went on to something else. That something else was to turn and see what a Meth Lab looked like only this trailer wasn't a meth lab, it was something else. "Guys, can this night get any weirder? You need to see this." One by one the turned and shined their own lights abou tthe living room of the trailer. It was old the sofa and coffee table were circa 1970 as was most everything else, there was no television but there was a large radio set, not the music kind the communications kind. and every surface on the walls and the ceiling was covered with maps.
  13. At the Creepy Trailer Cabin Jase, Marissa, Sara, Clara and Etienne Jase led the group back through the trees, Marissa was right behind him almost clinging to him, at least that's what it looked like to Sara. She looked around then gestured for Clara and her boyfriend to go on, she fell in behind them to bring up the rear. She wasn't too thrilled to be leaving the trailer but she knew That Jase wanted to come back at dawn, how she knew knew she couldn't say but some how she knew just like Lilly thinking that had been a meth-head... Jase had always had a keen sense of direction and he had no difficulty leading group of friends back into the thinner woods but something made him pause, a sixth sense or something He held his hand up just like hank had taught not even thinking if the rest would know that that meant stop. About fifteen yard ahead of them in the direction they were heading something was moving. When Jase crouched everyone else did too even though none of the saw anything then it stepped into a shaft of moon light.
  14. The Party Everyone took off in their own direction, Sean worrying about his sister, had forgotten the laptop, so there was actually no one there to see the surge of static that caused the screen to jump and that when it cleared was on a certain Wikipedia page.
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