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  1. The bolts from Sara did little to harm the being they knew as Pandora but it did momentarily distract her from rending Sean from this reality. Then with the sudden transformation and resurgence of Kia as a monolithic dragon the distraction was complete. Pandora spun away from Abel's feint and almost casually swatted the spear out of the sky with one of it's obsidian tipped spider appendages, but it's full attention was on the dragon. The remaining bladed arms struck at Kia as twin beams of ruby lasers shot from her malevolent eyes and her mouth opened widening into a huge maw from which radioactive fire spewed at the Dragon-shaped Kia.
  2. Apollo tensed prepared for the onslaught of dozens of Lily's only to be surprised when all but the original darted off to save the students and faculty. “So you don't even think this is real, but still you care so much for these humans that you will limit yourself when facing me , how pathetic.” With a leap Apollo was inside the school building facing Lilly his fist flying raining blow after blow at the girl. Lilly used all her skill to fend off the barrage of attacks and was about to give some back... ************** Pandora let the insects move. This had gone on long enough, time and space meant nothing to such as her, each action by the insignificant Irregulars was monitored by a separate point of her vast intellect. To the perceptions of the heroes it was as if Pandora became multiple versions of herself each stepping out of her form then back superimposing themselves upon her. Six great spider-like arms burst from her/it's back, each a dozen yards long and tipped with a metallic razor sharp scythe-like blade. Three of them struck at the flying, spinning Jeane and her fragile cargo, but Abel, using his powerful and precise Telekinesis had caught them to keep them from sailing off the platform and now as he pulled them back he weaved and dodged the attacks of Pandora. The other three legs struck at the still prone Kia or rather not at her but at the ice around her. The blades slid into the ice as if it were cotton and the three arms defying physics twisted and sliced a circle around the still stunned girl, and as the arms withdrew the circle of ice upon which Kia lay fell through the ice into space. At the same time Pandora (or some form of her, for she could plainly be seen standing where she had been never once moving) flew at Sean only to be intercepted by Sara who burst into searing blue flame and rained blast after blast at that which was attacking her Sean. “I am the thing which has spawned the nightmares of your race, “ her voice reverberates through the vacuum of reality each of the irregulars feels it in their bones their souls, “This universe is ours this galaxy and all in it mine. You are nothing and how can nothing hope to prevail against everything!”
  3. "You reject me? After all I have given you?" The woman towers over Jeane and the prostrate Kia her size and terribleness growing even though she remains unchanged. "How dare you refuse me! I am a god! I am your god! and you shall reap what you have sown here this day, I am finished wasting my time with you inferior creatures. FEEL MY WRATH!" her voice becomes inhuman and hurts the ears and brains of Jeane and Kia. Behind the door Sean and Abel are assaulted by the sheer essence of the power and terror on the other side of the door, suddenly a hand then an arm appears beside Sean and reaches past her the hand closing on the door handle. Sean turns to face the arm and sees her lover fading into view Sara smiles at Sean and reaches up with her other hand to touch her face. "We have to fight now this is our only chance." She opens the door. ********* Lilly catches up to Kia a thousand questions in her mind when some one calls her name. "Hey Lilly! I been waiting for this." Lilly turns toward the voice her senses alert the voice is familiar and sends a trickle of dread down her spine. He is standing right there closer than he should be all muscles and gleaming ebony skin. Faster than the eye can follow his fist rockets out but even as fast as he is Lilly gets her own arms up to block the blow. Still it is like being hit by a speeding bullet train. Lilly is thrown backwards flying through the air she hits the side of the school building and smashes through in a shower of glass and steel. School kid scream and flee the girl turned wrecking ball and Lilly rolls to her feet and looks up just as her foe steps into the building. "Let's see what you got, bitch." says Apollo
  4. The chimp, the one named Cornelius Kia thought, cocked his head to the side giving Kia a pondering look "Is that their name, Jeane? The one you said was in the room over here what did you call it an elevator," he asked? Vello had turned back and was examining the elevator car. "There is no one in here and if my nose if correct, and it usually is, this room has been empty and closed up for a long time. Did you and your friends open it? ************* "I'm your salvation Jeane. I am the only one whom can give you all that you need, all that you desire." The tall handsome woman stepped out of the elevator car the howling apes suddenly quiet and subdued as if in the presence of someone or thing that terrified them, they crowded together hugging each other . The woman strode upto Jean and took her hand. "Now finish it." she said Jeans hand itched and she looked at her palm and saw the red fire... ************* Sean and Abel made their way up the stairs to rejoin their friends and when they came to the door Sean reached out and grasped Abel's arm stopping him from opening it. Something a smell, an unheard sigh had rippled across Sean's awareness. "What is it," asked Abel?
  5. Kia and the apes stood wide eyed as Jeane spoke and faded from view into nothingness right before their very eyes. All were struck speechless, the three apes looked back and forth shaking their heads in disbelief.
  6. She expected the chimps to grab her and stop her, she didnt know why she expected that but she did, and they didn't. She didn't know when Kia fell or how many time she kicked her fallen friend the rage was to hot all the emotion to intense. kia cried out for the younger larger girl to stop, Jeane didn't hear it didn't want to the sheer act of letting loose taking charge was euphoric, orgasmic. It Was Pure Violence. The small form that was Kia had stopped screaming, had floded into a tight ball, the proverbial fetal position. The small Asian girl was bloody her limbs cut and scrapped flesh split where she had tried to block the blows and kicks mostly ineffectually. Jeane Stopped and looked down at the swollen misshapen features and heard the wheeze of the girls breathing, bloody bubbles coming from her moth as she tried to breath with broken ribs and nose. "Such fury, such power. Come Jeane, you of all of them have the heart and soul of a god, Finish what you have started and I shall elevate you." the voice was a woman's cultured British and cold as hell.
  7. The larger Chimpanzee lowered his rifle and stood up from behind the large planter with a loud 'Humph' He stepped closer to the two human girls and raised his left hand palm out toward them in a gesture that was half salute half wave "Well we aren't going to shoot you either, just you startled us. I'm Cornelius, this is my cousin," he motions the other chimp to come out from cover, "Galen. And that fat orangutan over there is Vello. Come on out Vello." Vello waddles out, he is kind of fat now that he can be seen clearly "I'm not fat I'm large boned" he says grumpily. Cornelius shakes his head at his friend then address the humans again. "We don't often see human's in the forbidden zone. I don't recognize your markings, if you don't mind my asking, what tribe do you belong to?"
  8. The computer was slow at least slower than the ones they shared in their dreams but still it only took a few minutes to find the files that contained the numbers Sean had provided, the serial numbers of the capsules. Each one was there and each one was attached to numerous other files files which when open revealed plans and schematics for all sorts of things, from, simple household devices to trains planes and automobiles. Medicines, food items, buildings, medical procedures. Thousands of different things. But that was all nothing about who they were, why they were here or what had happened.. In frustration Sean turned to the videos that Jeane had found and slipped one into the machine she had also located and set up before heading upstairs to look for Lilly with Kia. The lable on the cassete had simply held a date nothing more all of them did it seemed. She had found the earliest one date April 9, 1949. The picture was black and white, Sean had expected to see the usual government style disclaimers and security panels but the film simply started and showed what looked like an empty office the center of the frame held a desk and a chair. The frame went in and out of focus then settled and some one moved into the frame and sat at the desk. It was Dr. Rashoud. “It is April 9th 1949,” said the image of the woman Sean knew as Rashoud, “I have decided to make a moving picture record of this project a sort of personal diary using this new video technology. For historical purposes I am Doctor Anhira Rashoud I was brought into the project in 1947 about two months after the wreckage was located in New Mexico. My specialties are Physics, Biology, and Neuroscience. It was I who made the connection between the controls of the craft and the unusual organs found in the brains of the specimens...” Sean pushed the pause button on the machine and stared at the picture of the woman frozen on the screen. “Abel, you need to come see this.” “Don't shoot them Cornelius! They are only children.” yelled the orangutan from where he peered out of the elevator. “I'm not going to shoot them Vello, unless they shoot me first.” said the larger of the two chimps. He look over the big plastic planter with the skeleton of some ancient plant he lowered his rifle which had been pointed at Jeane. “We don't want to hurt you, human so why don't you put down your weapon and we can talk.”
  9. LILLY The phone crackled and her fathers voice came through sounding concerned “Honey there isn't any apocalypse everything is fine. Where are you if your not at school, is something wrong with the truck?” Lilly shook her head and turned back to the elevator door, “No dad it's...” her words froze in her throat the doors were gone, the elevator was gone. She looked around and at the phone, no longer a receiver but rather her cell phone, in her hand. Lilly was standing beside her truck in the parking lot of the combined school of Shelly Montana. The slamming of her trucks passenger side door caused her to jump. “Hey better get a move on or we're going to be late.” said Kia as she came around the front of the truck, slipping her book pack across her shoulder. She was dressed in her cheerleading outfit, Lilly looked down and saw that she was wearing her football jersey. “Lilly, are you there?” her dads voice asked from the phone. FERMI LABS, CHICAGO 2123AD Kia pushed the elevator button but nothing happened as far as she could tell there wasn't even any power going to these controls. She looked back at Abel and Sean, they were already engrossed in whatever was on the computer and Jeane was sorting through big video cassettes,Lilly should have been here already Kia was worried. “Hey Jeane can you come help me open these doors. I'm worried about Lilly.” Jeane glanced up from the videos and saw the concerned look on Kia's face. “Okay.” She wasn't thrilled with it but maybe beating up the doors would take some of the edge off. Jeane and Kia worked quickly and pried open the doors which revealed an empty elevator shaft. With out a flashlight it was too far and dark to see if the car was above them an the was no sound. Kia called out for Lilly but there was no response. “Hey guys, I don't think the elevator is working Lilly may be stuck I thin Jeane and I should go back up and see if we can help her.” Kia said across the room. Abel and Sean looked up from the computer screen. “Maybe we should all go.” he said “Nah, you two see what secrets you can dig up out this hell hole. Me and Kia got this.”Said jean as she headed for the stairs. Kia gave Sean and Abel a shrug then followed after the other girl. The climb was long but Jeane was moving fast and Kia was keeping up the worry for her friend driving her. Eventually they arrived at the top landing and Jeane approached the door but she paused before opening and just rushing through, she couldn't say why she paused, but she did. Slowly so as not to make any noise she pushed the heavy door open a crack and peered out. She stiffened and her eyes went wide. Standing at the open doors of the elevator were three apes, two Chimpanzees and an Orangutan, each was wearing a web belt which held tools and the chimps were armed with rifles and pistols. And they were speaking to one another! “I'm positive this was not opened last time, positive.” said one chimp. “And who would have opened it?” said the other “It had to be the humans we saw.” Said the Orangutan.
  10. Looking like she was about to kick the door in Jeane stepped up only to have Sean slip infront of her and push the handle of the door which swung open with a bit of a creak. Jean just gave Sean an exasperated look before stepping Through the dark entryway into the stairwell beyond. A light flickered from the corner as an emergency light tried to come on, it flickered for about 10 seconds before steading. The light revealed a standard stairwell which only led down to a landing about ten feet away another starir went down from this landing. While there was an emergency light at that landing there was no door. Back topside Sean, and Abel followed Jean into the stairs, Jean had already started down to the second landing. Kia looked at Lilly who was standing at the open elevator, "I'll be the Guinea pig. See you down below." she said as she stepped back through the door and pressed the button. "Fortes Fortuna Juvat." she said in Latin as the doors closed. Kia stared open mouthed shook her head then followed on behind Abel and the rest. Abel had waited for Kia at the top of the stair as Sean and Jeane descended he smiled at the small asian girl who he knew so well but not at all. “Hi you ready?” he asked taking her hand. Kia didn't say anything just wrapped her fingers around his and nodded. Abel glanced back at the door into the lobby “Where's Lilly?” “She took the elevator” The car hummed and the lights flickered after she pressed the button. Lilly couldn't tell how fast it was moving if it were slower than elevators she remembered or faster, only that it was moving. The humming grew louder while the flickering steadied then stopped all together. Lilly backed against the wall and gripped her weapon tighter and waited. After what seemed an incredibly long time but may have only been a minute or two the humming stopped as did the motion of the car. Lilly waited and the door didn't open. The Irregulars descended stair after stair passing a total of ten landings none with an exit then they came to the bottom landing and there was a door. Not even pausing Jean darted forward and kicked the door open before the rest of the group was even off the stairs. “Jeane!” Sean cried in an attempt to halt the angry youth to no avail. Jeane crashed into the room weapon at the ready prepared...hoping to smash some heads. The room was dark but as soon as she had passed the threshold lights which had been dormant for over a century began flickering to life reveal a huge control room like something from a nineteen seventies scifi show. It was also empty and devoid of life. Lilly stepped up to the door and tried to open it, first with her hands then trying to pry it open with the rifle she carried. The door didn't budge. She pushed the button, nothing happened. She pushed it again and again as sudden claustrophobia set in with the fear that she was trapped in the elevator car. She turned her attention back tot he door and tried again to pull the doors open failing that she started beating the doors with the rifle butt. Then the phone rang Lilly stopped the panic and claustrophobia gone as rapidly and mysteriously as it had appeared. The phone rang again Lilly reached out and lifted the reciever and put it to her ear. “Hello?” “Standby for the Colonel” Lilly recognized the womans voice but before she could say anything that godawful music that meant she had been put on hold came on but only for an instant then the line went live again and she heard a voice that brought tears to her eyes “Hey Honey, how are you is everything alright? Did something happen at school?” It was her dad.
  11. The group moved into the towering edifice of broken windows and crumbling concrete the doorway which had once held state of the art self opening glass doors was open with no sign of the old plate glass sliding doors left. The interior was actually in better shape than could be expected having only suffered the effects of over a century of weather but not the encroachment of plant life or animals. The furnishings even in their dilapidated state looked like something out of a nineteen sixties or seventies science fiction television show. even the Computer screens of which there was one on each desk looked futuristic in the same mod way. "This is just weird." muttered Abel "Over there" said Sean. Everyone looked in the direction she was pointing and all of them saw it a lit light on the panel of what looked like an elevator. "That's the elevator I was talking about. I can't believe it still has power." The Irregulars cautiously moved across the lobby to the elevator door. It wasn't a main elevator those were located in the center and clearly were no longer operational but his one was nestled of the the side and nearby was a steel door marked Emergency. "If this is my building both of these lead to the same floor." Abel said shaking his head at the implications. "What do we do?"
  12. Lilly nodded “Then we keep on but first let me mark this position” She took off her pack and pulled one of the small shovels out. Then she found a good spot and dug out a small hole about the size of a basketball. Once done she refilled the hole. Kia looked puzzled “What was that for?” “The ground will look disturbed for a long time,” Lilly brushed the shovel clean and put it up while explaining.”This place is pretty drab one spot looks like another. If you know what to look for that will stand out like a stop sign. Shall we,” she gestures pointing the way they had been going,” I'd like to get wherever this goes before dark.” Hefting their packs the intrepid youngsters continued their journey. On and on they walked through the depressing signs of decayed ruin, the tracks continued east then south away from the bulk of the city so the ruins they traversed were mostly residential then there was an area of of more substantial buildings that were once shops and other businesses probably the litter of rusted out cars and trucks multiplied as well then the tracks led to a large clear area which had been a park or something the trees that still stood were dead husks and then they came to the campus. It had once been a part of the University of Chicago at least that's what they remembered but not like this. The campus was surrounded by an twenty foot wall there were towers which looked like they heal machine gun nests it was a place that had been militarized to the nth degree. They passed through te crumple gates and entered the Fermilabs campus and stopped. “That is impossible!” exclaimed Abel “You designed that didn't you?” Asked Sean “Yeah in 2018 how could thy have built it back in 1973? This just doesn't make any sense.” Abel said shaking his head, Before them was a campus of very modern building that must have been remarkable and beautiful and not at all like the surrounding architecture they had seen. This was Modern at least modern as they remembered. It was also in ruins. The glass in the windows long since broken and gone parts of the structure was collapsing from age and weather. It was a sad and terrifying sight. What it would have looked like in it's glory days.
  13. They walked in silence each of them alert but lost in their own thoughts, they also, except for Kia and Abel, walked alone. They past through the rusted remains of a galvanized chain link fence the way was dusty and cold. The suits surprisingly kept them warm. As the marched on toward the city it was Lilly and Jeane who first felt the odd sensation of being watched, it was shortly after that that Lilly came across fresh horse droppings and hoof prints crossing the tracks. She motioned for them to pause and get down. The droppings were fresh. She looked around they were in what would have been a residential area of wood and mortar houses complete with green grass lawns and swing sets in the backyards. Today it was a wasteland the rail tracks ran behind a row of once houses that were now nothing more than concrete slabs cracked and broken lined by the collapsed remains of walls and roofs. The street beyond a dust covered and empty thoroughfare. There were a few cars now just metal skeletons lining curbs or parked in the drives ways of ruined homes. Lilly counted at least three sets of prints in the dust, unshod, she could tell from the tracks. The tracks led off through the ruins away from the direction they were going as they followed the tracks. The fallen houses would give no real cover and wouldn't hide a horse The thought that they could be wild horses crossed her mind but she just as quickly discarded that idea. She motioned everyone to join her and explained what she had found.
  14. Kia shivered and pointed at a tall metal stand with a rotten signin book sitting on it. “There's another phone.” she pointed to an Identical phone on the wall above the stand. Lilly approached it and lifted the receiver she heard static, “Hello” more static then the same music. “More music.” Jeane stood in the middle of the room and listens as Abel and Sean swapped dream tales and while Lilly played with the phone. Clenching her Jaw and hefting the axe she had made she strode right up to the door lifter her foot and gave it a monumental kick. SMASH! The door flew from the corroded hinges and bent nearly in two landed a few feet from the doorway and cold wet wind blew in from the door. Jeane recovered her balance and with no hesitation trotted through the opening into the outside. Bleak is the first word that comes to mind the cloudy covered sky is gray, the grass less ground gray, the sea stretching off behind the earthen mount the the room is built in is bray the small shoreline gray. To the east the gray skyline a a once great city rises still recognizable as Chicago now a dead and crumbling ruin...