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  1. AWS : FIGMENT AND IMAGINATION VOL 01 ISSUE 01 “THE GRAND ILLUSION” MIAMI, FLORIDA Sweltering heat and strength draining humidity swamped the latest crime scene foiled by the mysterious vigilantes. It had rained all morning but that hadn't put a kink in the would be bank robbers well planned and executed caper, indeed they had seen it as a plus. But as had happened with growing frequency over the past six weeks things didn't go as planned past a certain point for the crooks. They got their ill gotten gains in their greedy hands and as they made their getaway something happened and by the time the police arrived all four had been subdued and they had another incredible story to relay to the police about things no one else saw and couldn't have happened if they had. Terrence Jackson, Chanel 16 Action News was trying to interview Detective Calvin Cooper who was doing his best to ignore him. “Detective Cooper, has there been any communication with the Key...” “Vigilantes.” Cooper spun cutting off Jackson in mid sentence and causing the younger man to flinch back. “They are vigilantes, not crime-fighter, not super-heroes, vigilantes and that makes them just as much criminals as the perps they have been assaulting. And we don't know if they are 'Keys' or what. So Mr. Jackson you need to get back behind that tape.” He pointed and Jackson followed the finger and sort of sheepishly made his way back to behind the police tape his camera man following. “Did you get that?” While Brian, the camera man wound the video back to show the reporter. Jackson had notice something on the ground. He crouched down and looked at the red staining on the pavement a few drops that looked like blood and a few steps away a couple of more drops. Drops of blood which led away from the where the bank robbers were bound and packaged for the cops. The trail led around the side of the bank into an ally bordering the strip mall next door. Jackson looked around and didn't see any cops checking out that area or even any of the little yellow placards denoting evidence. They hadn't seen the blood trail yet. He knew he should call one of the officers, knew it was his duty,b ut this could be a scoop and he wasn't letting that get by. Maria had tied the strip of clothe torn from the bottom of her shirt, around her arm where the blood still oozed from the front and back holes made by the bullet which had unluckily found her. The pain was horrible and her eyes were wet with tears and she was dizzy. It was stupid she hadn't been hurt any of the other times and she had gotten cocky, careless and now she had a gunshot wound and she didn't know what to do. A wave of nausea at the thought , Oh my God I have been shot. She gulped the air and fought the urge to vomit when she heard the foot steps at the end of the ally. She looked up and say a good looking African American man slowly entering the ally he was well dressed and looking at the ground another man was following but she couldn't see his face, it was behind a video camera. How long had she been there in the ally her arm throbbed and her head spun The cops, this guy must be a reporter. Suddenly movement beside and behind where she sat swung her head around. A men stepped into the ally and walked right by her he looked like a homeless person, disheveled old worn clothes and unkempt white beard and a filthy Dolphins ball cap. He was carrying a plastic bag that stunk and was dripping blood onto the ground. The reporter and his camera man stopped at the sight of him Maria could see the disgust on their faces at the sight of the homeless guy. “Have you seen my cat? Want to buy a rat? We been hunting them all morning but the ruckus at he bank scared her off” He held the dripping bag containing the rats, up where the reporter could see it plainly and the two men shook their heads and retreated from the ally. “Dammit, its just a crazy homeless guy lets get back to the bank." After they had gone the mane stoop there still holding the bag up for about a minute then he tossed the bag into a wood crate next to a pile of empty boxes and he turned around and Maria got a good look at his face. He was old and his eyes were odd staring blankly as if he were blind. With a couple of shuffling steps he moved back the way he had come, which led him back toward Maria. She held her breath. The old man stopped right beside where she hid but never turned to face her, then he spoke. “Well little cat, you better come with me and let me see about that hole in your arm.”
  2. INFERNO THE WATCHTOWER Mike blinked his eyes open the light was soft and blue, the room was a pristine off white and looked like it was made of molded plastic. The bed was comfortable and it fit his body like a glove above and behind his head was a screen that looked like it came right out of a Star Trek episode... one from the 1960s not from the new one on pay TV which he would never pay for and it sucked anyway. Standing at the foot of the bed was an attractive woman with short dark hair and a tan uniform that consisted of tunic and trousers with a belt with some sort of electric device where the belt buckle should have been. “Ah your awake.” She smiled a disarming smile and beamed at him with sparkling eyes. Her voice was familiar. “Don't be alarmed you are perfectly fine. There was a slight mishap with your powers when you arrived on the station, but while unpleasant was not life threatening. And in fact your own natural Quantum Enhanced healing properties took care of things all we did was administer a mild pain killer and run some test.” She stepped around from the foot to the side and came to the head of the bed where she was close and smiled again reassuringly.”Can I get you anything?” TOKYO Confusion faded the Japanese asserted themselves and their inherent reserve over came their earlier panic and the crowd followed the security police instruction to return home that the celebration would be postponed. Within the circle of the Portal Hub the civilians (except for Cade and his sister) were removed and the technicians came in and began inspecting the network for damage. The surviving terrorist where taken away, including the bomber. The emperor and his retinue were likewise whisked away to safety. The security chief who had witnessed the interplay between the member sof the Irregulars and the one known as Jaunt. He addressed them mostly talking to Abel though. “I am most appreciative for what you have done here. Your efforts, Especially those of Vanguard-san and Jaunt-san,” he gives each a deep bow, “have saved many Japanese lives and maybe more. I am sure the government and the emperor will show his thanks as well. But this young man is correct this is an internal affair and while we would appreciate any help you care to give us in the future, at this moment it may be best to allow us to take charge of things.” UNKNOWN LOCATION UNKNOWN PERSONS. The two men both in their mid to late forties, Japanese, had watched the broadcast of the attack from multiple sources both public and clandestine and while neither had expected complete success this day they had not expected total failure either. Both scowled. “The superhuman was not supposed to be there this was a Nipponese event why was this gajin woman there and more importantly why was it not announced?” One of the men barked in Japanese. ”She is related to the American General, we should have considered the possibility that she would accompany him.” said the other but before either could say anything else someone else spoke. “She is not the one to worry about.” This voice came from the back of the room and silenced the other two. It was melodious and from it's timbre gave no clue to the sex of it's originator. Both men swiveled their chairs to look back at the slender youth sitting in the lotus position upon the floor a brilliant red kimono flowing around the form like placid water. “Sage....Sa-geh...Say-ag... so misleading.” The youth stands in one fluid motion, a boy with androgynous features. “The name is supposed to mean a learned man of wisdom, but it is a lie.” He walks passed the other two men to the large screen, the view shifts and focuses on the Key known as Sage. The boy raises a hand and touches the screen caressing the image, the hand begins to glow, the screen begins to melt and suddenly bursts into flame. “He is a lie.” AREA 51 EARTH-2378 “Are you even listening to me Dr. Cross?” the sniper asked again frustration straining his voice “It was a flying man who was on fire. He was fucking flying!” “And I have told you again and again, men don't fly. At least not on this world.” Doctor Abel Cross teenage genius inventor of the Trans-Precient Cyclic Interceptor and The Interphasal Transpostion Ray among many other things adjusted the apparatus before him switch several switches and watched several dials spin until they settled. Then he stared scribbling down the readings with a pencil. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” “It means that since the police in New York have received no calls about three hoods getting iced by a sniper in the last thirty minutes that you didn't go to New York, at least our New York. And since you carelessly left your weapon behind which as it turns out may have been a stroke of luck, I am trying to find where you did go.” Abel turns and looks at the Assassin. ”Devin, my friend, you may have just proven that alternate universes do exist.”
  3. Abel immediately understood what Jeane was doing and silently cursed his own inner fear that had kept him from using his own powers to it's fullest. Using his Telepathy he boosted Jeans own message and reached beyond the throng within the shield to those outside who were also in full mob panic and beyond that to the whole of Japan. His mind touched every sentient being in the nation, he didn't need to control didn't need to pry just touch. As the emperor began to speak Abel snet those words into every mind he touch it was as if the Emperor spoke to each and evey one of his people directly, individually. In an instant the nation on the brink of social disaster calmed. Vanguard and Jaunt finished mopping up, the clones which had jumped the bombs into the sky returned to earth singed from the blasts but unharmed. None of the bombs had detonated near any of the portals and no civilians were harmed by them. There were some injuries among the people from the panic and from a few of the diversionary attacker. One bomber had been subdued by what appeared to be a civilian, Vanguard however knew better, the young man was a dormed sown Key. The incident had taken only moments and the battle ended with Jaunt standing by Vanguard, Lilly, the real one, watching her. Everything else was suddenly secondary. As fast as they were Sean and Sara arrived when all was done. Sara immediately flew off to make a reconnaissance of the other portals among the cities and towns of the islands while Sean made her way to where two clones held the bomber immobilized still wearing the bomb and a third was watching over the young man, and younger girl who was clinging to him, who had tackled the bomber and started to examine the bomb. Police had secured the area around the bomber for about twenty yard of all but the irregulars and the boy and his sister. Able had dropped the larger shield as peace and calm had returned and had erected a new filed around the bomber. Jean was told to stay with he emperor and his party to provide security for them.
  4. Dennis was in and out the rest of the day making calls and doing what ever it was he did. Tease was unpacking when she heard a knock on the door. She knew it wasn't dennis cause so far he hadn't knock once just came in, usuall still on the phone or texting, said whatever he needed to say then exited. Tease went to the door pausing to look out the window through the curtains. A thin girl, African American, but very light skinned stood there holding an arm full of what looked like professional sketch boards. Tease went to the door and opened it. "Can I help you?" "Hi I'm Amy Taylor, Dennis sent me over." Said the girl she was attractive in an exotic way, now that Tease could see her more clearly. She was about five ten maybe a hundred and ten pounds, her facial feature while not in any way classically pretty were a unique blend of African and Asian, couple with the light skin made for an intriguingly exotic look. "I'm the designer." She followed up as if tease should have been expecting her and know what that meant.
  5. Cade Allister's heroics intervention was lost in the moment of greater more visible things occurring even though it would have more far reaching impact after the fact. When the emperor flipped the lever nothing actually happen because of that action , however upon seeing the symbolic gesture on closed circuit television the men and women in the transportal networks control cent also pushed buttons and flipped switches which did put things into motion. At the Central HUB dozens of Transportal flashed into existence as all across Japan as hundreds of singular portals which had been placed flashed to life and connect the nation in a way that no nation upon Earth had ever been connected. A dozen or more bomb wielding terrorist dashed toward the opening portals while others pulled a variety of small weapons knives and clubs but also a few pistols and began attacking the crowd and security personnel. Lilly, easily sliding into her persona of Vanguard, Pulled and split her personal quantum and she began to split forming he full complement of clones in the blink of an eye. Each clone a perfect copy of the original all connected via the same telepathic mindlink Lilly shared with the Irregulars, communicated and acted almost as one. Not knowing what sort of explosives the bombs consisted of Lilly knew from experience that she couldn't let them explode within the portals and so each Vanguard targeted a single terrorist that may have had a bomb and in a flash leaped to that person, grabbed them and leaped again this time up and away from the city. The rest of the Vanguards targeted the remaining terrorists and with little trouble shut them down but the panic had already been triggered as the bombs began exploding in the sky filling it with fire and thunder. "Guys there is a massive terrorist attack underway in Tokyo, I think I stopped the attacks but here is a huge panic I don't know if I can get control of I need help!" The thought came across Guild Chat as Lilly cut through everyones conversations and alerted all of them with the mental images of what was going on. TRINIDAD The bear was gone when Devin looked to the left to make sure then he saw the Television broadcasting the ceremony from Tokyo and he saw Vanguard and the first of the explosions.
  6. NEW YORK Jeane holds up a finger to silence Mike for a moment as her phone beeps several time. Crap two of the massively popular Key traking apps have caught her and Mikey both and her picture, taken by a phone down at the crime scene moments ago, are already uploaded and going viral. Mike's pics showing the flaming flyer are also spiraling onto the internet. “Well Mike your anonymity just flew out the window.” Down below the detectives finally arrive and once filled in by Officer Donovan dispatch officers to secure the snipers nest crime scene. Jeanes ear buzzes “Here is the data on the mugging victim,” Alexa's cool voice flows into her ears as data starts flowing on her phone. “The girl isn't a likely target. This seems just random but how can that be?' Mike isn't sure if the amazon is really talking to him or not but with a glance down at the additional police and the sound of a helicopter drawing near coupled with what Jeane had said about his anonymity prompted him to make a strange request. “Hey I think I'll take you up on that offer if you think we could go now?” He flew into the window and landed in front of Jeane. Jeane looked at him a second, something just wasn't adding up. “Yeah lets get out of here. Alexa, Can you beam us out of here?” “Of course transporting now.” At the very last second and knowing she shouldn't she reached out and the rifle was encased in red lightning, vanished and reappears in her hand as the transport beam took hold and the two Keys were whisked away. Tokyo Cade could see the look of ...failure...on the mans face? The terrorists eyes darted left and right, up on stage the Prime minister finished his speech and the Emperor and Empress moved to the podium which housed a symbolic lever as they prepared to usher in a new era for the Japanese nation and the world. There was that small pulse again Lilly focused on the boy and pinged again and focused as she was her quantum pulse read through the subterfuge of the dormed state and revealed to her that he was indeed a key. Instantly her clones became aware of the Key through the connection they shared through Guild Chat and they all saw what Lilly saw. The man locked his gaze on the nearest Portal still dormant and he pulled away from Cade running into a woman knocking her down. Lilly saw this as Cade grabbed the falling woman saw the back pack, he sense became hyper alert as did her clones. They looked scanned seeing the man and so much more. The clones recognized twelve men and women each wearing a similar back pack each also wearing a hoodie or jacket each of them close to one of the dozens of Portals which in seconds would become powered and active. Saw the look on the faces the stances they held the body language could read the lips of the ones who were whispering prayers. The Emperor pulled the lever and the Central Portal flashed into activity and the crowd applauded in the manner of the Japanese and the Portals began one by one to activate. And the terrorists made their move.
  7. TRINIDAD (or is it) Hooli sipped the tea, set his cup down and scooted around in his seat so he could completely face Devin. “Did you?” “What?” Devin had been staring out over the rail at the incredible view now he looked at the bear and was startled. Hooli was standing in his chair casually leaning on the table stubby arms folded across his chest. He looked so ludicris that Devin should have been laughing yet he wasn't. “Fail. Did you really fail? After all your 'failure' led to the capture of the rest of the Irregulars, which in turn led to the defeat of Pandora and gave them the key to the destruction of the remaining Titans. Not every victory is caused by direct confrontation.” The bear hopped over onto Jaunt's table. “You cannot force growth, you cannot find enlightenment by turning over rocks in the garden. Growth comes with time and enlightenment will find you.” The bear plants his hands on it's hips and looks solemnly at Devin eye to eye, then doubles over laughing. “Okay, I'm sorry, it's just...never mind.” The fuzz ball straightens up waving his arms around as if shooing away his just uttered words. “Look, feel sorry for yourself, don't feel sorry for yourself, mask your feeling in whatever bullshit or psychobabble you want, the Titans were just the beginning. A huge problem has been removed but now come the corrections. The universe hates a vacuum, something has to fill that void. So get your shit together, stop worrying about what you can't do and concentrate on what your can. Your friends are going to need you, and this world is going to need your friends.” THE NIPPON TRANSPORTAL NETWORK GRAND OPENING TOKYO, JAPAN THE CENTRAL TRANSPORTAL HUB LILLY AND CADE The crowd was huge. Not at all like other Government events where there had been a few thousand at the most maybe ten or twelve thousand, the HUB center was filled to capacity and it had been designed to handle one hundred thousand travels at any given time. Lilly looked out at the PlasSteel walls were translucent currently so that Lilly could see that there were even more people outside. Lilly guessed that there could be at least a half million people within the immediate vicinity. It was a bit overwhelming to be honest. Haruka grasped Cade's left hand and was puling him through the crowd trying to get closer to the stage, in her right hand was clutched her autograph book. She desperately wanted to get an autograph from her hero. Cade wanted to stay as far away as possible from the beautiful Key. Lilly and her clones had made several node scans but nothing significant seemed to be present al thought there was a good deal of energy being put off by the Reactors which powered the multitude of portal rings. Luckily those reactors where very safe and not a danger to anyone, plus they were placed under ground and not readily accessible. Haruka zigged and zagged and Cade careened along behind her zigging and zaggin in an attempt not to run anyone down in the throng. Lilly's node pulsed she didn't know why but she was suddenly alert and her eyes began a precise visual search pattern scan of the crowd...there she saw a young girl running through the crowd she was holding what looked like a common Autograph book. When the girl saw Lilly she screamed her name and Lilly could hear the joy. The little girl was about sixty meters away trying to push through the crowd her other hand, the one without the book was grasping the hand of an older boy, the boy was white. The girl had Asian features. Just them she zigged to avoid a man that was also moving through the crowd and the young man she was puling along zagged and ran into the man. Cade was calling for Haruka to slow down but he girls excitement had taken over she had seen her hero and was pulling harder Cade dodge an elderly couple who gave them a grin but at the same moment a thing Japanese man with a scraggly beard stepped between him and his sister and Cade barreled into him. Both men spun and stumbled Cade lost hold of Haruka who kept right on going except now she didn't have the burden of her brother to hold her back. Cade steadied himself and grab the mans arms and held him upright to keep him from falling. Then Cade looked at the man closely and saw fear in his eyes. It was as if everything around Cade and the man receded into the distance all Cade saw was the man. About thirty, Japanese, bearded, he was un-bathed and there was a strong chemical scent wafting off him not not him but from a backpack which Cade could see the top of behind the mans shoulder. Cade's vision dropped took in the dirty jeans the bare feet and the torn hoodie and the wires coming from the backpack disappearing into the pocket of the hoodie the pocket where one of the mans hands was. Lilly saw the collision saw the boys preternatural reaction she focused on him saw the symmetry of his bone structure the unblemished skin... instinctively she pinged and felt the muted return pulse. The boy was a key and he was dormed. SHELLY MONTANA [Then] Quote They had perused the menu for a good five minutes and Sean couldn't help but smile and the deeper and deeper furrows her lovers brow took on as she tried to make heads or tails out of most of the menu. It was decidedly much more higher end than Shelly was used too Sean had to admit. In the end Sara had just tossed the menu down and told Sean to get her a hamburger then she had stared out the huge frosted windows at the picturesque Montana landscape. Sean ordered for them both. “How was ...Europe?” The question caught Sean off guard “It was okay I spent most of the time at the conference until Abel called with a problem and he needed me back here.” She didn't mention Kia yet. The food came and the ate and made small talk then out of the blue Sara hit Sean with the fireball. “I want a home. Not a house. Not a work place or a lab. A home were we can just live. I know your brilliant Sean, that your mind runs at a hundred miles a minute even when you r turn off. That your constantly thinking up new things to make. You were like that before we ever got powers. And I know your going to be like that forever. Before I had a hard time turning it off, It was like if I turn it off and I miss something thats on me. But I know thats not true. And you need to learn to turn it off too. all of it. I want a home where a=we are nothing but Sean and Sara not Avenger and Savant.” [Now] Sara pulled her lips away from Sean's luscious mouth and looked into her eyes reading what she was trying to tell her. She glanced around at the sinks and the stall then back at the beautiful woman in her arms at her supple neck down to the shirt that was now open to the waist and the amazing cleavage and those breasts encased, barely in a sexy lace bra. “Fuck them.” Sara crushed her mouth back onto Sean's her tongue pushing past her lip at the same time she grabbed Sean's buttocks and lifted he bodily. Sean instinctively wrapped her legs around Sara as the shorter stronger woman carried her into the nearest stall... SHELLY MONTANA JACOBSON'S ABEL AND KIA Kia shopped and Abel observed. She was normal in every sense of the word as far as he could tell. And happy.Tthe loss of her powers was not a crisis to her, instead it seemed it was a remedy. Still he would have to do some physical test. “Pardon me Sage.” Alexa's voice came over the small transceiver her wore. Only he could hear the tiny voice that was broadcast directly through the structure of his ear at subsonic levels. “I have collected and collated the Data on the mugging victim at Jeane's location. “Give me the salient points.” Abel instructed via subvolaization. “Tamara Niena Shemylok, Born in 1996 in The Ukraine. Immigrated from the Ukrain in 2006 with her parents. Naturalized United States Citizen. Resided in Carthage New York, Attended Carthage High School Graduated 4th out of 189 students. Attended Columbia College at Fort Drum. Holds bachelors degrees in Sociology and Political Science. Currently Enrolled at Columbia University Manhattan as a Graduate Student Working on her Dissertation. Her over all grade average is 3.97 maintained from middle school thru her current enrollment.. She has no Arrest record, No Traffic Tickets, and no outstanding Warrants. There is a large degree of biographical and anecdotal information available but that is the requested salient points. Do you wish me to transmit the full data file to Traceuse?” THE BIG APPLE TRACEUSE AND INFERNO Jeane had just reappered and saw that the room where the assassin had made his attacks was undisturbed She looked down at the rifle still lying on the floor She had never seen one before but her mind still told her exactly what it was an M21 sniper rifle used extensivly during the vietnam war retired in the later part of the 20th century but saw some service in the first Iraq war. She crouched down to get a closer look the scope was definatly not vietnam era it looked like some thing Sage or Savant would have cooked up. But what really caught her eyes was the engraving. There were no regular numerals every number she could see was romen numeral and the other writing was also odd she couldnt read it but she did recognize some of the letters as being from the Greek alphabet. Suddenly a woosh sounded from the direction of the window and she turned to see Mike hovering there.
  8. TEASE – GOOD MORNING BABYLON Various locatins Marissa had had a lot of surprises today. Dennis had picked her up early that morning , not in his Vette rental but in a SUV, also a rental of course and the drove to the air port after she said her farewells and he had loaded up her suitcases. She wasn't planning on coming back accept maybe to visit and even probably not for that. They had flown from the local airport in a small uncomfortable scary commuter prop job to Denver Sky-high Air port that place was weird. Tease wasn't one to get airsick but as they flew over the place and banked to make their landing run she grew very nauseous and dizzy one on the ground the feeling subsided mostly. Something about the place and the people put her on edge and she couldn't put her finger on it nor did she have time to 'investigate' had she been inclined to do any of that stupid shit. Dennis hustled her through the airport and on to their connecting flight to LAX. He bought a drink and slipped it to her to ease the symptoms. That flight was much better but she found herself suddenly catching on or at least suspecting something that hadn't been overtly apparent before. She realized that Dennis might be gay when she noticed that he and one of the male flight attendants were exchanging glances. It dawned on her that that might explain somethings about the way Dennis reacted to her and some of the things he had said that she had simply not paid attention too. Their arrival at LAX issued the third major surprise when the valet parking attendent who obviously knew Dennis (but wasn't gay since he had started drooling the second he laid eyes on Tease) brought Dennis's car and it wasn't a vette. It was a Cadillac. A pristine cherry red with white interior 1969 Deville convertible to be exact. “Not what I was expecting I thought you only drove corvettes” “Only when I travel and have to rent a car, this baby is mine. Help me with the top.” While they took the top down he went on to explain how his grandfather had bought the car brand new in 1969 in Las Vegas. “My grandfather had just gotten out of the Air-force that week after twenty years. He drove this car, his dream car, thirteen point seven miles from the dealer to where he and my grandmother had bought a house. My dad was about five then, they had waited to have kids which was unusual back in those days. Granddad had had been a military cop at Nellis and was about to start as security at one of the big Casinos. But that didn't happen. He died thirty minutes after getting home from buying the car. Massive heart attack. They had good life insurance paid for the house and the car and gave Grandma little nest egg. They stored the car there in Vega where they stayed. She never remarried but went to work at the casino where granddad would have worked first as a serving girl later as a cashier then a dealer she ended her career there as a manager of some sort one of the only women to hold that kind of job in vegas back in those days.” Tease noticed that Dennis told the story with no outward show of emotion like he was talking about the weather. “Grandma didn't want to sell the car or drive it so she stored and when my dad graduated she gave it to him but he really didn't want a Cadillac so while he drove it a few times, it pretty much spent most of it's life in storage. Things out there they can last a long time in storage.” “And your dad passed it to you when you graduated,” said Tease. Dennis snorted a laugh,”Nah that mother fucker hated me, I was disowned and out of the house by seventeen. But the asshole never had a will made and after he died I inherited it that was right before 911. Me I drive the thing it's a beautiful car real craftsmanship back then.” The next surprise was where they were going. Marisa had figured that they would be staying in LA but she was wrong. Dennis drove them out of the city north the wind blowing their hair straight to Santa Monica and a Motel (not a hotel even though hotel was in the places name) that was literally across the busy highway from the pacific ocean. The famous boardwalk was less than a hundred yards away. The Ocean Lodge Hotel was built sometime in the 1950's and had that look. Marissa just stared when they pulled into the parking lot. “Really? A motel, from like a hundred years ago?” “”It's just temporary until we get some capital and get settled then we'll get you a place more in line with what you should have. It's a process hun. We both know you can snap your fingers and get a 20 million dollar home in the hills butt hat would never really be yours or real not to you and not to me a certainly not to the people who wake-up after a week and cant remember why they gave you the deal they had. And regardless this is nice place I've lived here for almost ten years.”
  9. Shortly I will be launching a separate thread from the main aws thread for Teases' current story line. The reason is because her story will take her away from the main group and will likely involve some minor time jumps on occasion which if the story line were to continue in the main thread would really become confusing. I am looking at this as a Tease Comic and as such will be treating it as an offshoot of the main aws thread much like the the Avengers have a comic and so does Iron man or captain america and so on. Now while this new thread will be Teases story-line It is not exclusive to her. I as story teller may bring any of the other characters in or reference situations which would allow characters other than Tease to post, sort of a guest starring role if you will. If successful and other character story-lines warrant it we may add some other "books" to our world if fact If any of you have any ideas for your own solo comic float them with me. I would like any stories we tell in the AWS Universe to be public and accessible to everyone and to get away from doing game segments in PMs. If y'all have any questions about this or anything else let me know. Thanks and I will be posting soon
  10. NEW YORK Donovan looked up at the tall Key then at the building that Mikey had flown down from where the shooter, alleged shooter had apparently made his three shots. "God would have had to be guiding those bullets ma'am."
  11. NEW YORK "We'll have to wait for a detective to get here ma'am, shouldn't be long." said Donovan in answer to Jeane's query. Mikey had been looking at the scene of the crime from the second his over attached guardian angel cop had said that, taking in the details and sorting them unconsciously. "Only two of them are dead." He muttered and stepped over to where the EMTs were still working on the third. Jeane followed the Key's direction with her eyes. "Do you need help getting that guy to a hospital?" Mikey didn't understand, what was going onin his head as he looked at what was before him and played back what he had seen. "The shooter didn't miss, he meant to hit him in the shoulder. If he had taken the kill shot," he looked where the round had hit the sidewalk and ricocheted into a nearby car, "it would have killed her too." Everyone looked at the woman sitting on the back of the ambulance. TRINIDAD Devin just stared. "Really. You have nothing to say? That is a universal first." said the teddy bear picking up his cup of tea and taking a slip. "Beautiful view by the way, you do know how to pick a good spot to take a break or run away to." SHELLY, MONTANA [now] Sean's back hit the wall, she felt hands on her breasts through the fabric of her shirt, felt fingers fumbling with buttons as Sara pressed her mouth against hers in a full blown passionate kiss, the first in what seemed like weeks. This was much better than lunch had been. [an hour ago] Sara hadn't waved back she said something to her dad, who had waved, that Sean couldn't hear dormed down as she was, then Sara had grabbed her jacket and sated walking toward the heavily customized SUV. The short haired blonde walked up to her gave he a half hug and a quick kiss that told Sean that Sara was still angry, then went around to the passenger side of the car and looked at her over the roof as she slipped a pair of sunglasses on. "Where we going to eat?" IS HQ SHELLY MONTANA Abel collected some gear and then texted Kia. He hadn't broached the subject of reestablishing a psychic link with her yet but he planned too. >Kia, somehting has occured at the lab and it might be best if we do the scans elswhere. How about I pick you up do the scans remotly and while the computers are doing there thing we grab some lunch?<
  12. MIAMI FLORIDA FIGMENT Maria stood in the candy ailse at the corner store looking at all the colorful wrappers, she wanted something , not candy, not anything you could get in a store, but candy would suffice sweets always filled the void when nothing else was there. She had come home from the dance studio, stepped into the apartment and smelled the scents of her mom's cooking filling the air, the noise of her brothers video games coming from the TV which she could see from the door. She didn't see her brother because of the sofa in front of her blocking the view but knew he would be lying on the floor or leaning on that same sofa maybe with one of his friends from the building. No one said hi, probably hadn't noticed that she had come home. She closed the door and as if a bell had been rung her moms voice had called out,” maria, is that you?” She didn't wait for an answer just too a breath and continued with out so much as a greeting, “I need you to run to the store we are out of milk. There is some money in my purse.” Maria had looked toward the kitchen dropped her bag by the door and went and took ten dollars from her moms purse and without a word left the apartment. She picked up one of her favorite candy bars and grabbed one for her brother and went to the counter to make her purchase. The cashier and older Latina didn't notice her in fact the woman also named Maria looked right through her and called the young man behind her forward. The man edged around her without acknowledgment and set a soda and a can of tuna on the counter just then there was aloud noise at the back of the store. Checkout Maria called out and then there was the sound of breaking glass and Checkout Maria cursed wildly in Spanish and said “Be right back” to the customer as she raced to see who had broken what. Maria watched the cashier race around the counter and disappear down the aisle, then she turned back as the man half hopped up on the counter and pulled something out of his pocket and slapped it on the side of the registrar then the man slapped some buttons, the drawer flew open and he grabbed cash from the drawer, took the thing from the side of the register and was off the counter darting for the door taking the cash, the soda and leaving the tuna. Maria looked at the can of tuna back at man pushing door open, back toward where Checkout Maria had gone where she saw another man now running toward the door then back at the tuna and the still open register drawer. Maria saw that the man had not gotten all the cash....
  13. He was charming, Tease had to give him that. After ten minutes of meaningless small talk they were in the vette on the road to Great Falls and as he had said "The best shopping and dining Montana has to offer." Why she had agreed she couldn't say but she had and she also knew that even if he were a serial killer she had nothing to fear. "Well, arn't you going to pitch me some stupid movie or TV show?" They had just passed through Conrad and the local radio crackled out so that Dennis had to keep hitting the search button. "You'd think the rental agency would put sirrius in these things out here but no...." He looked over at his way to beautiful way to young passenger and for the umpteenth time wondered why he was here himself, but there was something about her and it wasn't the beauty or the sex appeal, that certainly didn't bother him although he knew from what he read that even he couldn't resit her or probably any of them if they didn't want him too. But still here he was. "Nah not exactly. I left that studio. Even if i could have convinced you to come do movies for them it would have been a disaster they would have tried to own you , you would have ended up owning them and there I'd be caught in the middle. I don't want to be in the middle. I want to be the partner. I want to be your partner." He looked over at her and saw that look on that perfect face. "Not that kind of partner... the business kind. Face it any job I could get you you can get yourself and a ten times better deal. Sure I know people and have connections but if you spend a day in Holly Wood you'll have more connections and shit than a hundred of me can get in a life time." Tease laughed, "So why am I in this car with you?" "Because Marissa, I think you could remake Hollywood, I think you can be so much more than than the super self absorbed little bitch persona you try to project. I research you honey, after we met. and not super you but the before super you. Your smart, personable and you had drive. I want you to harness that and become the queen of entertainment I want all of the upcoming actors and actresses to bask in your shadow and they will if that what you want. And I want to work with you. You can do everything I can do except one thing. be a shield, a buffer, some one to give you advice whether you take it or not. Be a friend when everyone else is trying to sell you something. Like I said a partner."
  14. NEW YORK CRIME SCENE To say hands went to guns in an instant would be an understatement, however the shock and awe of a flaming youth and an extremely gorgeous amazon pretty much froze all the mortals in place and so the guns, while handle stayed in holsters for the time being. As mike slowly descended Jeane 's hyper perceptions and intelligence took in the situation. Three police cruisers were there lights flashing parked nose-in in a semi circle around the crime scene blocking most of the street, between the cruisers were two big EMT ambulances. Sirens in the distance indicated more first responders on the way both medical and police. On the ground lay three men, teens really two obviously dead with sheets covering them haphazardly while a pair of EMTs were working over the third who had a massive gun shot wound to his right shoulder and chest. A second pair of EMTs were checking out and comforting an attractive woman in her late twenties or early thirties who appeared shaken but relatively unharmed except fro some minor bruises and abrasions where she had fallen down during the attack. Around the scene were the six uniformed police who had been setting a crime scene perimeter and about a half dozen more onlooker drawn to the unfolding spectacle. Jeane noticed that the neighborhood was residential with the street lined with small apartment buildings and brownstone homes, and a few businesses such as cafes and sandwich shops and small boutique style shops. Very upper middle class. All of the policemen were facing the new comers, five of them as well as everyone else staring at the giantess and one cop looking up at Mike. "For pete's sake Mikey, tell me you ain't got nothing to do with this" Said Officer Liam Donovan to the flying flaming youth. TRINIDAD Devin was drowning his bruised ego with a very expensive and tasty coffee in an outside cafe on Trinidad. Laurie hadn't laid a finger on him yet he felt like he'd geen kicked in the stomach a dozen times. His first thought was to go to Lilly but then even he realized what a dick move that would be so he jaunted around till he found this little spot and settle in for a sulk. 'CLINK" the sound of a cup meeting a saucer was distinct and overly loud even to his incredible senses as if the single sound had been meant for him and him alone. Then he noticed that all the other sounds seemed muted and distant. He could still hear them but he had to concentrate to make it so. Slowly Devin turned his head to the left , the direction from where the coffee/saucer auditory combo had originated from. There at the table next to his sat a teddy bear, wearing a bright blue blazer with some sort of yachting patch on the left breast, a pair of black framed sunglasses straight out of a nineteen sixties hip movie and topping it off with a yachting cap which matched the jacket. The bear turned it's head to face him and nodded. "We havn't met yet, Jaunt, I'm Hooli." THE NIPPON TRANSPORTAL NETWORK GRAND OPENING TOKYO, JAPAN THE CENTRAL TRANSPORTAL HUB Japan had been working with the USA in secret for almost two decades after the initial trans-portals had been created in America. The Japanese saw how this technology could transform lives across the globe and most importantly across Japan. They had embraced it. So in the last year working with their partners in American and by themselves and with the emergence of the KEYs and the Alien technologies which led to the perfection of the Transportal tech and it's improvement and advancement, Japan even more so than the United States was poised to become the leader in Transportal tech. Today the Network of transportals linking every city in the island nation and Okinawa would go live. Not only where all population centers with more than 1000 people linked into the network but even those whose villages didn't yet have a dedicated portal had access to one within a 5 mile distance. Within the major cities like Tokyo and Yokohama, city wide networks linking the major areas to a city hub which in turn would link tot he central hub in Tokyo and thence the wold. Japan would be the first nation to to have complete nation wide coverage with instantaneous travel to any other part of their nation and connection to every other nation with active transportals across the globe and beyond. A stupendous achievement in a very short time. Japan had declared it to be a national Holiday and so all school sand most businesses were closed and thousands had gathered at Tokyo's hub as well as the other city hubs to celebrate. Cade and his sister, at the Tokyo hub with there parents had broken away to try to make it to the central stage. They had heard that along with many national celebrities and dignitaries that some of the important Transportal People from the United States where there including one of the most famous of the KEYs, the Irregular known as Vanguard, Lilly Pryor, one of Cade's sisters Haruka's heroes. "Oh my god, Cade! There she is!" cried Haruka grasping his arm as she jumped up and down with excitement. Cade for his part wasn't all to sure this was a good idea since he wantd to keep his own unlocking a secret he willed his own powers to stay off and smiled at his sister then looked where she was pointing and saw the goddess.
  15. INFERNO AND JEANE --==[Manhattan, New York]==-- “Standby Traceuse , we are going to beam you directly to the source of the information, we believe him to be male, probably in his late teens or early twenties, going by the name Gerry Dorsey . No other identification is available. There has been according to this person three murders and a possible teleportation event. Long range scans do show some Quantum radiation in the vicinity. There is no local access to a transportal network so it is probably a Key. Authorities have been notified.” As the transporter beam took hold Jeane heard one last thing. “Be aware Jeane this is in New York City therefore you have no legal Jurisdiction.” From the moment Inferno had given a name IS put thing into action via computer command with calls and notifications so that Traceuse was actually materializing a few feet away from him while he was still explaining things to the Reception/AI called Alexa. “Don't be alarmed Gerry,” she interrupted her spiel about reward/compensation, “but a representative of IS is materializing at your location. They will be taking over as they are on site. Good luck Gerry and have a pleasant remainder to your day.” As the voice spoke Mikey became aware of a slight buzzing hum and when he glanced over toward where the sound seemed to originate he saw the shimmer of a transporter beam just like the ones in that old TV show and a very tall muscular woman materializing within. She was very attractive and he was sure he had seen her on TV before. SEAN AND ABEL ***Irregular Solutions HQ, sublevel 8 Research lab 2. *** Sean leaned back her mind processing what she had just seen from the video recordings of Abel's lab. For safety as much as security all of the IS labs had 100% coverage for video and audio, and today had been the first time that coverage had truly proven it's worth. “And this is all of the footage?” Abel nodded he was not happy first Kia then while he was finishing up projects to make space and time to figure out what had happened to her this had happened. “That's all of it, minus the missing images from the cameras that where within the space of the anomaly. All I pulled up were 57 seconds of nothing,” replied Abel. He crossed his arms and leaned back against the desk facing Sean. I can't explain it. The was no Quantum surge nothing triggered anything and from the brief moment he was here I felt no quantum signature.” Abruptly Sean stood and walked to where the Anomaly took place, her exquisite feature showing her disappointment. As soon as she had arrived and Abel had explained what had happened, before she had even looked at the video she had attempted to use her power of post cognition to reveal what had happened only to find that as far as her power could determine nothing had. Oh she saw Abel's reaction to what he had perceived but not the cause of that reaction and like Abel she too was unable to find any evidence of Quantum energy except for Abel's own signature. She was about to say something when a voice issued from the ambient speakers. “Abel, Sean, the voice belonged to the AI Alexa, “There is an event which may involve and unknown Key with Teleport or Warp powers In New York. Traceuse has been dispatched but I thought you would want to be informed” “It never just rains...” muttered Abel.
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