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  1. Locking the thread so I can catch up with the various threads... if you have something you must absolutely post pm me and i will unlock it for you
  2. Agent Twelve took a step back as the flaming boy stepped forward. This was all wrong. people did just burn without burning up and they certainly didn't fly but this one did. Twelve panicked. "Exitant! Exitant Immediant!" She shouted and stepped back again as the boy seemed to reach for him. As Mikey flicked his fingers the man shouted gibberish and took several more back ward stepss then Mikey saw the air behind the man ripple and in a blink the man seemd to shrink into nothing ness like he had fallen into a bottomless hole. Inferno just stood there not really believing what he had just seen. he looked around. Yep the guy was gone, but over there on the floor was the rifle he had dropped when Mikey had run into him. Mikey went over and looked at it, he didn't touch. It was an old style bolt action but the scope was very modern, too modern. The serial number on the breech caught his eye. "Hmmph" he grunted. It was in what looked like Roman Numerals.
  3. --==[Manhattan, New York]==-- He had thought it was a rpg, but it wasn't, it was a man. Strike that a Boy. That much was apparent as Agent Twelve rolled back to his feet and assumed a Ke'he'dow' Attack/Defensive stance. The boy spoke but his accent was so unusual that Twelve couldn't really understand what he was saying even though some of the words sounded Anglese. Then the kids hand burst into flames. "Wat? Huo?" Twelve was not easily shaken, but shaken he was.
  4. The other Abel Glanced down at his lab coat where the insignia was then back at Abel. Just then... Jeane's thoughts echoed in Abel's head the Other Abel visibly flinch and looked around "What the Fuck was that?!?" then he grabbed what looked like a TV remote off the table pointed it at Abel and pushed a button and vanished.
  5. ***Irregular Solutions HQ, sublevel 8 Research lab 2. *** " “Well that's one project down, a few dozen more to go.” The voices were in perfect unison. Abel froze. Slowly he looked to his left where to his astonishment he saw himself looking back at him. Both Abel's had the same open mouthed look, but there were differences, the other Abel wore glasses for one thing and his hair was styled like he had stepped out of a 1950's movie. Also the Irregular Solutions Logo on the lab coat didn't resemble the one on his at all. --==[Manhattan, New York]==-- Mikey flamed out as he landed on the roof top of the tenement building, he was hungry and Sugrillo's Sandwich Shop was on the corner, and thought of a meatball sandwich was making his mouth water and his stomach growl. On a whim, before heading to the roof access stairs he glanced over the the edge of the roof to the street four stories below and grimaced. There down on the sidewalk below were three men obvious hoods mugging a woman or worse, and while tow of them were struggling whth the lady the third was looking up having been attracted by the flaming aura. Before Mikey acted the tough raised his hand pointing a pistol in Mikey's general direction not sure what he had seen, then went stiff as his head jerked unnaturally to the right and a fine mist of blood exited the side of the kids skull. The body started to fall to the ground when the second hood chest exploded spraying blood and gore across the side walk the bullet slamming into the concrete of the side walk and ricocheting into a nearby parked car. Mikey, with his enhanced senses barley heard the muffled sound of the shot and the sharp clicks of a shell being ejected and another bullet loaded then firing. But it was enough to tell him where to look, just in time for the third shot to go off. SHELLY MONTANA Tease was cranky. She hated this piss-hole of a town that was starting to put on airs, hated the people and hated damn near everything else. She wanted to go HOME. Home to California the last place all of them had been happy. They could do it DeeJay could whisk them all back they could even get there old house if they wanted or a new one. She or Devin could easily get the money to buy any home. Hell Marissa could make some one give her any home if she wanted. But Mom and Dad hadn't quite grasped what it meant to have kids that were some of the most powerful beings in the world who could pretty much write their own ticket. So the parents kept going to their lame ass 9- 5 and Devin, Jaunt, he was off looking for the perfect place to build his utopia. Marissa was the only realist in this family, which is why he was also sitting on the couch watching “The Price Is Right” She heard the car drive up outside. It wasn't mom or dad she could recognize those cars by sound. The door bell rang. Marissa frowned and even that looked sexy as she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the TV screen. she clicked the remote and muted the game show on TV and went to the door and opened it to reveal the smiling face of Dennis Carpenter, the movie guy she had met in Norfolk. She glanced over at the driveway and saw a rental Corvette, silver this time. “Hi Marissa, remember me?” CASSIDY CONSTRUCTION SHELLY MONTANA Plans, plans, plans. Plans for what Sean wished to accomplish with her amazing intellectual powers. Plans for building the perfect society. Plans for exploring the galaxies. And plans for building a home. That one had actually been Sean's dads idea. He had suggested that two girls were outgrowing the old barn and should think about building a real home. Sara who had turned eighteen unnoticed several months into their adventurous life latched onto that. When she wasn't being the avenger of the world she dormed down and was working as just another hand in her lovers dads construction business. She found it comforting and normal after what she, all of them had been through. Both Sean and Sara had loved the idea and that's where the problems started. Neither could settle on where they wanted to live, what kind of house, and a hundred other domestic things that neither being teenagers had really given any real thought about. They had argued, actually fought about what both of them would have thought silly if it had been their parents fighting. But it hadn't been. It had been them Today Sean was off in Helsinki at some science thing and Sara had swept the planet and finding her abilities unneeded had gone home dormed down and went to work.
  6. War-Room Observation Area/Kia's Bedroom Pete nods giving the impression of sagely wisdom "It really bothers me that i can't get this app to work, " he says taking his phone out again and starts playing with it. Kia sits there for a few moments expecting him to say something, anything but he doesn't. "Okay...well Thanks I guess I'll be going." Kia gets up and looks wisfully out at the kids playing basketball. "See you around Pete." The depessed girl walks toward the exit when Petes voice makes her stop. "It was good talking with you Kia." She turns to look at him but he is still engrossed in his phone. "And Kia, you are always yourself, you can't be anyone else." Later that evening, after a dinner with her mom and dad and a talk with Lilly who was in Japan, the two made plans for Kia to portal over and join Lilly and her family for the opening of the hub, Kia went to bed. Sleep came easily but the dreams were disturbing all full of thrashing tentacles and great and terrible beasts chasing her. The nightmares made her toss and trun as they chased her through Shelly, through the base, even trough their old home in Hawaii. It was there in the part of her dream in Hawaii that she was cornered bythe beasts in her veryown bed room the one place in all the world that she had always felt safe, the one place where she had always dreamed of returning to. Then in the dream she spied her toybox, the beast were chargin her tentacles reaching , she lept behind the toybox and flipped open the lid and all the beasts fell inside as Kia slammed the lid shut locking them away forever! Kia sat upright in her bed her head throbbing but not hurting, her heart racing, she was sweaty and she couldn't feel her powers, couldn't feel guildchat, couldn't feel the Quantum. She was alone, Her connection was gone.
  7. ******** THE WARROOM OBSERVATION AREA******** "Why not," asked Pete. "Well, because things don't work like that." "I don't know Kia. I think maybe you are buying into all the hype. When I first met all of you back home, when Makwa was smashing everything, Jeane told me he was too big to fight and i told her that then she needed to be bigger, and then she was. Okay maybe I didn't use those exact words but it was something like that. None of us are created in a vacuum, we maybe made of cells and stuff the doctors talk about but we are spiritual beings. We are brought to life by great spirits and as long as we are not bad, those spirit don't want us to suffer." He pats the seat next to him. "Come sit. Ask the spirits what you wish I am sure they are listening and if it is good they will help."
  8. ******** THE WARROOM OBSERVATION AREA******** SHELLY MONTANA Kia walked into the the observation room over looking the WARROOM that Abel (the thought of her friend/boyfriend sent conflicting emotions and tightness in her heart) he built for training of the Keys without endangering others and property. It was based on something he had read about in a comic book. Of course. Nearly everything he and Sean designed or built had been suggested from eother a comic book a video game, or a movie, at least that is how it seemed to Kia. She had only ever been interested in those thing peripherally. Well except for movies, She liked movies. She had set out to talk to her best friend, Lilly, but couldn't find her then after asking around was informed the she had accompanied her father and mother the the opening of the Tokyo Transportal Hub and probably wouldn't be back until tomorrow. After hearing this Kia felt further deflated. The young Key had a lot weighing on her mind and not just her trouble relationship with Abel. She didn't recognize the symptoms of depression that had crept into her life. The rest of the Irregulars were off doing ...whatever it was they all did nowadays since the threats had seemingly been erased. Kia kind of missed those. So she had wandered around the still under construction Academy that Abel was building to school and house young Keys to give them an education they might not get anywhere else. It was big and would be sprawling when it was done, and so far it was empty. Of all the teen keys Abel had invited to come here only a small portion, nine students ages ranging from 13 to 18, had taken up his offer. Those nine were in the training room, sorry WARROOM, but they weren't training they were playing basket ball. Part of Kia wished she were down there with them, part of her wished she were anywhere else. “You look upset.” The words surprised Kia and she instinctively grasped her power flow and spun ready change and to annihilate any threat. But it was only Pete, the First Nations Canadian Key, sitting at the far end of the room in what would be referred to as the cheap seats in a stadium. He wasn't looking at her instead he was working a cell phone with an intense look on his face. Kia looked around for the bear but didn't see it.”He is not here he doesn't like basketball.” “Did you just read my mind” asked Kia? That shouldn't be possible not with her mind shield courtesy of Abel. Peter chuckled, “No, just everyone expects Makwa to be with me all the time like he is a pet or something. He isn't.” The big man shakes his head, “Jean sent me this app, but I am not good with these things. I have not gotten it to work.” He puts the phone into his shirt pocket. “So, Kia, right, I sense you are troubled. And it is fortuitous that you should come when I am here because I have been told I have big shoulders.” Kia can't help but smile, he does have big shoulders. “It's nothing, just missing my friends.” Pete tilts his head like a puppy would “But your friends are all around you. Come sit tell me what is bothering you. Aside from big shoulder they also tell me I am a good listener.”
  9. For those making new characters, remember, Keys do not erupt they unlock. A Key manifesting (old term) or Unlocking (new term) is not dependent on environment, circumstances, state of mind, etc.. It is as far as anyone can determine a relatively random event that can only occur in certain individuals between the ages of 12- 21 or so. No theory about how or why has been proven and most have been dis-proven. Unlocking is spontaneous. It does not happen over time. It starts with a headache caused by the sudden growth of the node, this can last a few seconds to a minute or more depending on the size of the growth node (tens seconds per dot in Node) followed by unconsciousness that also last a few seconds and up to an hour depending upon the amount of physiological changes benign done to the physical body (body morphs, claws, armor plates, etc.). When consciousness is regained the character has full knowledge of her powers and how to use them. There is no trial and error learning period. As always I have reasons why things are the way they are and why I do not want deviation to my established norm. Thank you
  10. Make sure when posting, especially for the new characters, to Place a Location Header in your post so we know where you are. thank you
  11. made a little mistake TN for rolls are back to 7-10 = 1 sux and 10s reroll was thinking other WW game where tn i8-10 my bad sorry for the confusion
  12. Creation Points Trait Points Attributes (1st/2nd/3rd) 7/5/4 Abilities 25 Backgrounds 6 (no eufiber, keep in mind you are young people in a small rural town when buying backgrounds. If none of the back grounds feel fitting you may trade unspent backgrounds for Bonus points 1 for 1) Willpower (Stam + Wits + Cha) divided by 2 round down Quantum 2 at no cost may be raised to 5 with points receives one free dot in each mega attribute but must prioritize each attribute separate Bonus Points (15) Trait Cost per dot Attribute 5 Ability 2 Specialty (max. 3 per Ability) 1 Background 1 Willpower 2 Initiative 1 Nova Points (30) see * above Trait Nova Point Cost Mega-Attribute 3 (Receive one free enhancement for each odd numbered dot in a mega-attribute) Enhancement* 3 Quantum Power (Level 1) 1 Quantum Power (Level 2) 3 Quantum Power (Level 3) 5 3 Attribute dots 1 6 Ability dots§ 1 5 Background dots 1 Willpower dot 1
  13. The young teens looked at one another, all of them were there. Abel, Sean, Lilly dragging the beaten and defeated Apollo, Sara, Kia, and Jeane. They stood under the Canadian mountains nearby an young Native Tribsman named Pete and a docile bear stood watching them.  pete had his hand on the bears shoulder, the bear was eating ahoney comb but stopped to look up at the Irregulars. “Oh. Hey, Pete," greeted Jeane with a confidence she wouldn't have been able to muster during their first meeting, starstruck with the team and enamored with him that she had been, still was if she was honest, "I really need your number or some way to reach you so that we can hang out, okay? You're cute; I'm awesome. It could be fun." Then the smile fell off her face as she took in their surroundings and the bear and everything that meant about the potential truthfulness of Pandora's claims about what she had done. She flopped backwards to the pine-needle studded ground, running her hands down her face and groaning. "Damn it. Before someone checks a calender or starts spouting quantum technobabble, could you please delete all these other Jeanes from my head, Abel? I really don't want to face the prospect of doing *all* of that work I did setting my life up *again* with a whole peanut gallery up here. My node is killing me, God damn it." They'd won, Undeniably, Utterly. The Titans were gone, Leaving the Irregulars victorious, though Devin would likely never recover from what Pandora had done to him. He had no way to fully assess the damage immediately, but with a little time, he could at least keep him alive, and work to help him come back to them. He moved to Kia's side, and casually slipped an arm around the petite shapeshifter, a smile on his face. He'd had a thousand different sappy romantic comments to make, but in an instant, Jeane snapped him from the reverie. "That sort of thing is really best done at home Jeane, just in case there's some sort of backlash. We should all get some rest, and then if any of you want me to do as you just asked, I will." He didn't care that he was admitting he could actually do something like that, They were his friends, and if anyone should know what he could potentially do, it should be them, as they'd have to stop him if he ever went too far. He planned to keep his own memories, now that he could process, sort, and store them all without going insane. There was a danger, but getting to experience so much, so many lifetimes, was something it would take him some time to ever duplicate. He looked to each of the other Irregulars, and smiled. Quietly, he opened his senses to the world, testing everything he knew about the real world against where he found himself, using every means and metasense at his disposal, reaching out and touching minds he knew well. Pete stood silent during all of this exchange then nodded at Jeane who was much taller than he remembered. “Okay sounds nice but I don't have a phone.” The bear went back to eating the honey comb. Sara who was standing with her arm around Sean's waist held up her hand and turned it over an over she looked puzzled. “Do you guys … feel different?” They did. ORDINARY WORLD Some time had passed since the return of the Irregulars. All of them had felt different their power flowed with greater intensity all of them felt it as it enhanced every facet of their being. Abel had contacted James and was surprised when James had asked where they had disappeared to a minute ago. It took only short conversation to establish that the had not been gone from the world for more than a fraction of a moment, at least as others had perceived. James opened his Warp and brought all of them back to head quarters but not before Jeane had given Pete a secure cell phone. From there things had progressed rapidly. Abel conferred with Alec who confirmed that when the satellites had gone live there had been some sort of quantum wave and it had effected all Keys as far as he could tell. Sean determined that the satellites wre not functioning as they had been designed indeed the were doing nothing at all as far as instrumentation could determine. They appeared dead in space. Sara recovered several of the satellites and indeed they were dead. Moreover. When opened up the interiors were not what was built into them somehow the satellites had been reconfigured. Sean and Abel met and briefed members of Congress and the President about the destruction of Pandora and the end of the threat the titans posed to Earth. An emergency meeting of the UN was called and Sean gave a speech repeating the salient details for the worlds governments. Back at Irregular Solutions Abel along with Alec via guild chat was investigating the changes to the Quantum and how it was effecting the Keys. It only took them about a week to come to some conclusions. The Irregulars were called to a meeting. Alec attended via telepresence. “Thank you all for coming,” he said after the rest of the Keys took their seats, “We have some information about what happened to all of you who were taken captive by Pandora and somewhat what happened to Keys world wide. Most of the following data was compiled by Sean and Abel as well as myself. We will start with the Capture of Sara. When she was hit by the energy beam it wasn't an accident they knew from close scrutiny of her actions over the months prior how she would respond from interrogations of Apollo we gleaned that Pandora feared The raw energy that Sara could potentially access and so deemed her the greatest threat to herself and the other titans. Thus she planned the removal of Sara but she didn't want to kill her so they created the elaborate set up to capture her for study. The results of that study led Pandora to a plan to capture the bulk of the Irregulars in a similar manner an use the discoveries she had made to basically steal your powers and abilities, all of your potential. Pandora used a simulacra of Sara to fool us she would through some ability we have not figured out yet project her consciousness into the simulacra and basically play Sara while Sara was being held. Which brings me to how Sara and eventually all of you were held. Pandora had secretly amassed a few other Keys which she kept out of the lime light One of these was a young man who could shut down a Key's ability to function rendering them dormant. Through technology boosters this Key was able to shut all of you down with the assistance of the Satellites.” Alec looks at Sean who stands up. “Yes the satellites. Through misdirection and manipulation Pandora, as Sara, convinced us to build them to monitor quantum and slow the development of Key. What Abel and I designed and built were not the devices we have since recovered, at least not wholly. Some how after launch Pandora altered the internal make up of the devices and the puls that was supposed locate the Creation particles instead rendered us powerless and unconscious so that we could be captured and transported into it's multidimensional ship of base whatever you want to call it. Chronologically, according to our physiology readings, those of us who were taken were trapped interdenominationaly for 11 months, 16 days, 4 hour, and 23 minutes plus a handful of seconds. Because of the structure, I hesitate to call it a ship, is located between dimensions it is for all intents and purposes outside of time. Sara was prisoner for much much longer. And here in our own dimension only a fraction of second elapsed from the pulse to our relocation in Canada.” Sean sat back down. “The reason we reappeared back in Canada as far as we can surmise is that when we fought there and Apollo came and attacked us it was through some sort of dimensional doorway which left a connection of some sort between this world and her ship,” said Abel from his seat. “Preliminary findings.” Alec took over again, “indicate that the pulse did more than render the Irregular core group powerless and capture all of you; the pulse also effected the physiology of all Keys and potential keys here on earth. Initial testing shows that the Node barely understood before has mutated across the board. Where as before it stored and regulated the Quantum energy that gives us our powers, now it acts more as a guide. We don't store the energy as we did before instead it seems to flow around and trough us, we channel it for all intents and purposes. This flow directed by the node, has enhanced us all further physically as well as mentally at least to some degree.” “What about the creation partical? Did the pulse locate them and trap them like it was supposed to”, asked James? Sean answered from her seat. “No. The initial readings were false, planted by Pandora, as of today we can still not determine with any certainty what causes the spontaneous unlocking of a Key. Aside from Abel's Ability, as far as we can determine it is a random event with no connection to environment, circumstances or anything else.” “Well we do know that there is a genetic factor in the equation,” said Alec. “While the vestigial node exist in all of human kind, in most it is simply a benign lump of flesh which will never grow or activate. In a small number of people the node may become cancerous. And in an even smaller number, we have determined a genetic connection after comparing samples from known Keys. In all cases studied so far Active Keys have several Introns that have re-spliced themselves back into the genetic code of the individual, These specific Introns appear to be missing from the general population, however Abel, who has certain abilities for the detection of Keys both locked and unlocked, has given us a list and from the samples we have so far obtained all of those potential Keys possess the same Introns.” The room grew silent as data was processed. Mariah half way raised her hand, “What about those Keys that Pandora had holding you guys captive?” “They are Dead,” Answered Sara. “we were held on the ship in areas that were inter-phased with our reality, it was held there by Pandora allowing us and the human Keys to survive there, when Pandora committed her self to attacking us she had to let that part go. Nothing human could survive there if they didn't have the right power. None of them did.” “How did you escape?” Asked James of Sara. Sara looked at James then at Sean and shrugged, “I don't know. I was never lucid during my captivity, I didn't dream or experience anything like what Pandora did to the rest of them. They took everything from me by sheer force. They raped my mind. But I don't remember any of it. It was like going under anesthesia , your awake, you go out, then you awake. The last thing I remember before waking up was flying to save the plane.” Sean lays a comforting hand on Sara's. “So where does this all leave us,” asked Mariah again. “Pretty much where we were before we launched the satellites,” said Abel. “Except now we have no overhanging threat of the Titans and we have a little more reliable information about some things and less about others.” “Even then,” Sean speaks, “the world still needs us. Keys are unlocking, and those unlocking will be mostly unpredictable, our world is still coming to terms with our existence and things can still go either way with that, and the titans servitor races are still out there and it is almost assured that one or more of them will try to fill the power void left by the titans.” “Basically,” says Sara, “it's our Ordinary World.
  14. Node Background With the removal of Quantum points the Node back ground now gives different benefits to a Key who has a highly developed node. Where as before Quantum was stored now quantum is transferred or channeled through the node. In the RAW you are allowed to maintain powers as long as you can pay the cost in points. the upper limit of how many powers you could maintain was determined by your Q-point total. Now your node level determines how many powers you can maintain at one time. some one with no back ground in Node may maintain one power while doing other things including using a different power. if you have dots in the Node background you may maintain as many additional separate powers as you have levels in the back ground. Once a power is maintained it will remain active until the Character deactivates the power or the flow of quantum is disrupted by injury or other means. Multiple actions - each dot of this back ground will reduce consecutively the multiple action penalty for quantum powers used each turn. The bonus only applies to penalties applied to the use of the power(s), not regular actions. for instances if the dice penalty is 5 and you have 3 dot in node then the use of a single power is only at a penalty of 2, if a second power were used the second power would incur the full penalty. Alternatively you may split this bonus between multiple powers. There may be other benefits/effects
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