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    Rosa didn't take her eyes off the small tablet in her hand, "Yeah I don't know. Look I need to get back and analyze this with the big computer. I just wanted you to know I had some results on Kyle," said the young scientist. "Why don't you come to my office tomorrow and we can talk about that and I might need to run a few tests on you. About this."
  2. Wheels within wheels In a spiral array A pattern so grand and complex Time after time We lose sight of the way Our causes can't see their effects by Neil Elwood Peart / Gary Lee Weinrib / Alex Zivojinovich PATHS AWS – S2 -Ep 02 In 1938 in Berlin Germany nuclear fission was discovered. It was the eve of world war two and those scientists involved in the discovery feared that this new knowledge would be taken by the Third Riche and turned into a most terrible weapon, a weapon which could end the world, and so many of them stole away in the night, so to speak, to the west and freedom. Some of those scientists were not so sure that this fear was founded in anything but joined their collegues as well. Sean looked at the time the hour had flown by fast, she listens and can hear the shower still going. That was odd Sara wasn't one to linger in the shower unless there was something to occupy her, Sean thought with a lascivious grin as she stood up and headed to the bathroom to remind her girl of the meeting they had to get back too. The tall buxom woman lightly rapped on the door “Hey hun, It's time to get back for the meeting if your going to come.” There was no answer only the sound of the shower, Sean frowned and tilted her head toward the door. All she could hear was the shower so she tuned her senses up and the ambient sounds crescendo but then one by one she tuned the extra sounds out. All but the shower. She should have heard Sara's breathing her heart beating, the sound of blood moving in her veins. All she heard was the shower. Sean opened the door to the bathroom and steam billowed out she feared what she would find, but she found nothing. Only an empty shower filling the room with steam. The war started and the west, already afraid of the possible outcome, embraced those scientists who had come from Germany. The fear that Germany would create a bomb was real and it is recorded that many of those same scientist who didn't want the bomb to be built by Germany urged the United States to be first to utilize this new science to defend the world. In December of 1942 a sustained nuclear reaction was attained at the University of Chicago The path to the Bomb was paved. Doctor Mizuki had been sitting on the uncomfortable chair for almost half and hour. It had taken him many weeks to get the okay to make this visit now that he was here a short wait was not a worry. The door across from him, the exact mirror of the one behind him, clicked and swung open The Small brown skinned woman with a wild untamed mas of black hair, in a pale blue prison jumpsuit was led into the room. She was shackled and hand cuffed the two women guards led her to the chair across from him and the attached her cuffs by a short chain to a ring set into the surface of the table. One of the guard set two cigarette on the table in front of the woman and one single wooden match. “You have thirty minutes if you finish early just call out and they will come and get you.” said the guards woman who had put the cigarette down. Mizuki nodded that he understood not taking his eyes off the woman The guards left and he was alone with his former colleague. Rashoud waited until the door closed behind her and picked up one of the cigarettes and the match with a flick of her thumb she lit the match and sucked in a deep lungful of smoke. “I did not know you smoked.” said Mizuki “I didn't,” Rashoud said, blowing the smoke to the side so as not to bother the man who thought she was a friend. Mizuki looked down at the table, wondering now, why he had come. “I am sorry it took so long for me to come and visit. But I was investigated after... you know. I do not understand. We had perfect access to the Irregulars why did you feel the need to experiment, to create those Aberrations?” Reshoud sat like a stone the cigarette burning between her fingers seemingly forgotten. Then she started to laugh. It was small at first just a chuckle then it grew until she threw back her head and gave vent to a full hysterical laugh that bordered on the psychotic. “Aberrations, Mizuki, Aberrations They weren't aberration they were designs haha it's those freaks you call Irregulars those Hahaha those are the Aberrations” Mizuki recoiled at this woman who he had called friend. July 16th 1945 the first atomic bomb was exploded in a test in the Nevada desert, the sight witnessed by the military and scientists of the Manhattan Project. It is said that as he witnessed the first detonation of a nuclear weapon on that, a piece of Hindu scripture ran through the mind of Robert Oppenheimer: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”. It has often be recounted that he actually said this. He did not. What he said was “It Worked!” The false quote is perhaps more appropriate as well as romantic, within a month, two more bombs would be detonated, this time over population centers in Japan. The Irregulars entered the secure conference room of Irregular Solutions.Everyone of the Keys who made up the superpowered group was present both the originals and those recruited since. They had arrived one or two at a time, even Alex had portaled in from DC. Only Sean and Sara were absent, running late. Abel wasn't even sure Sara would be there after Jeane's outburst. He looked down at the bag of rocks she had given him with instructions to give to Jeane when he saw her. He looked up and made eye contact with the newest and youngest member of the team and wondered what that had been about. Regardless it was time to get started
  3. AWS ST


    "Yeah well, science don't lie and neither does the evidence." Rosa said still waving her wand and watching the face of the tablet, thought of Lilly's strong arms around her body tucked away fro later... referral. "The volume of sand is consitant to what was inside the bag which is not consistant with what we saw." She pointed the wand at Lilly "Chica, according to this it was you doing that and nothing else. Lilly, if your powers don't work like that then honey, you got issues."
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    As Lilly's Power faded and the weight of Rosa settled onto her now mortal, but still powerfully strong shoulders, The sandman also began to slow and seemed confused then suddenly the whole thing simply collapsed leaving the scattered sands all around the gym. "Jesus girl, I think you can put me down now, please" Rosa said
  5. Check the original post for general xp awards. All current players receive this amount, Individual xp will follow in PM. At this time you may spend points as you wish however you may not raise your quantum score at this time.
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    The artificial rain soaked them all but seemed to have little or no effect on the Sandman other than making it's bulk smash the gym equipment it came in contact with instead of flowing around it. Dodging and twisting the two Keys battled or more precisely avoided the flowing sand monster as the maneuvered around the gym room faster than the human eye could follow. Lilly had opened her sense but all she could sense was her own Quantum Signature and Kia's filling the quantum void of the room. Lilly became aware of the girl she was holding over her shoulder. Rosa was hitting her, pounding on her back and shouting to be put down...wait ... no, that's not what she was saying "Shut down! Lilly Power Down!" Rosa shouted as she was held by the incredible Power Girl but still kept her sensor pointed outward collecting all important data.
  7. AWS ST

    AWS: Mind Games

    Sara put an arm around Sean's shoulders and leans over and whispered into her ear, "Let's go home." Sean nodded and as they said goodby to Abel Sara paused and handed Sage a small satchel that looked like a Field Sample Bag. "Give this to Jeane when you see her next. Okay?" Able hefted it it wasn't heavy but it did have some weight. He un zipped the bag as the two girls left the room and looked inside. It was full of rock chips some about the size of a fist... "Where did that come from?" Sean asked as they walked tot he car. She hadn't seen Sara with it and didn't remember her carrying it before she handed it to Abel. "It's nothing babe I just picked it up." Later after the short drive to their place and they had gone inside Sean had sat down to do some work and Sara called to her from the bathroom "Hun I'm gonna take a shower." "Okay" She called back as she started opening files Sara closed the bathroom door and walked to the shower she opened the door and stepped up into the tub and her bare feet crunch on the stiff uncut grass as the vista before her opened up. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath all the scents of a country spring filling her soul. The mountains so like yet unlike those of her childhood stretched across a horizon that was so beautiful ones heart just wanted to stop. "Well?" The familiar voice came from behind her she turned and saw the short teddy bear with the black button eyes holding his stuffed paws up toward her Be side him a pretty girl named daisy stood wearing a flowered dress, she was grinning as if at some cosmic joke. "If either of you say I told you so..."
  8. I intend to begin the next chapter next week so let wind down the remaining side threads. new side threads can be started if you wish after the chapter gets underway.
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    Lilly didn't react or respond to Kia's direction right away she was busy with her own problem. Rosa hadn't follow the command to run that Lilly had called for as her momentary shock was replaced incorrigable scientific curiosity she twsted around and under Lilly's outstretched arm which was guarding her and yanked a sylus off the side of her phone. Only it wasn't a stylus and this wasn't a normal phone. Designed and built by The two senior Keys Sage and Savant what it was was an incredibly powerful computer and the stylus was actually a full spectrum Quantum sensor. Rosa pointed the sensor at the sand thing which was being ripped into by what had been the small Asian American girl but was now some sort of giant insect animal. Kia's claw ripped through the sand but it was almost like fighting water the sand flow around the blows and up over and under the Kia-Monster, forgoing it's humanoid form It reformed into a single large mass like a battering ram and pile drives straight into Kia's back!
  10. To make sure everyone is on the same page for Damage in AWS, I have decided to post this as to how to calculate going forward Calculate auto-successes and number of dice to be rolled as per the power effect listed. Remember Extra Successes from your to hit roll can be added to your dice but only a maximum of 5 extra successes may be applied in this manner. These are applies as dice not auto-successes. Apply Soak deducting from auto-successes first then dice. Roll dice and add any remaining auto-successes to determine final successes for damage. If the power has mastery extra apply the effect multiplier to the final rolled outcome. Notes on Mastery Effects for any powers Mastery levels do not stack. While you do have to buy each level of mastery for a power to get to the next level of mastery, when calculating the mastery effects you only use the highest level of mastery that you have for a power. if you bought Mastery with one or more weaknesses at a low level you have to buy the higher levels with the same weaknesses. if you wish to you may buy weaknesses off but you have to pay for each level the weakness was applied to originally. always apply the effect multiplier of your mastery to the final rolled/calculated outcome. This multiplier does not increase number of dice rolled or auto-successes it only affects the final successes rolled. Ignore the examples in the book which seem to imply otherwise.
  11. AWS ST


    Pulling her eyes back to...somewhere else Rosa felt a heat in her cheeks as she blushed and hoped neither of the two noticed. "Well at first we were getting what amounted to trash data but then i noticed that several of the anomalous readings were repeating and deduced that the problem wasnt the data but rather the software we were usin gso I had to do a complete rewrite of the the algorithms were using. First i started..." Kia coughed and bit her lips to keep from saying anything as Lilly balled her fist and glowered at the young scientist. Rosa paused eyes darting back and forth between the two Keys. "Yeah I just had to do some software stuff, which is what delayed the results. But I got them back and they are really out there." She swiped at her phone, behind them all Lilly and Kia heard a rustling and a slow jingle like metal clinking on metal, both of the Key's glanced back at the empty gym and at each other as Rosa continued. "We have no less than Eleven DNA strands only one of which is terrestrial combining to make up Kyles DNA. We have only encountered two of them before this. T'tauri and the Asheen. The other nine are a mystery...!?!" RIIIIIIIPPPPP!!!!!!!! Rosa's eyes grew huge and her voice stuck in her throat. Lilly and Kia were already moving taking a defensive stand in front of the human and beside each other. What they saw would have defied reality anywhere else! The bag Lilly had been punching had ripped and pouring out of it was sand! Sand that moved and coalesced into a semi- humanoid form legs, arms a featureless head the sand kept pouring and kept forming a lot more sand than could have fit in the bag. As it grew it lunged at Lilly arms form into huge hammer like ends which swung at her with terrific speed
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    Rosa stares at the sweaty, super fit, and oh so sexy Key and makes a little 'O' with her mouth as the quantum flows back into the young woman's body. Regardless what some of them say the difference between powered down and fully powered is noticeable and very much so to anyone with a heartbeat. "Umm...okay... whatever. You told me to call you and only you as soon as I received any results on the tests we ran on the child. Remember?" Rosa holds up the phone again, "Well I called."
  13. AWS ST


    The bag shifted slightly as Lilly moved, the sand inside sttling due to her weight she supposed. She was about the continue when the door to the gym swung open with a crash "There you are! Don't you know how to answer your texts?" The voice was biting and full of sarcasm and it belonged to Rosa Garcia. Doctor Rosa Garcia that is, the Woman who had replaced Dr. Rashoud after her arrest following the discovery of her involvement in the Illegal experiments being run by a shadow section in the government. Lilly and Kia both Looked at the young woman bustling into the gym holding her own phone up showing them the number of texts she had been sending. She was 5'5" weighed about 112 pounds wet and had short bark brown hair cut rather unflattering. She wore thick lensed black framed glasses to correct her nearsightedness. Underneath her wrinkled lab-coat she wore a Bunnies Burgers T-shirt and faded well worn blue jeans, an off brand she had bough at a dollar store years ago. Her bare feet were tucked into a pair of black and white sneakers which were obviously a keds knock off. She looked like she was only a year or two older than they were which was true, she was 19 and had gotten her first PHD at the age of 13. At 19 she held five PHDs and was arguably the smartest non Key human alive. And one of the rudest. "I have been trying to get a hold of you for the last twenty minutes. For fucks sake Vanguard, the world could be burning down and your not answering your phone?"