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  1. The creature slithered about half a meter toward Jeane then with a hissing scream it stopped it's talons went to it's head grasping it on both sides. Veins bulged and throbed it's eye's bulged then with a grusome popping sounds as sharp and loud as a firecracker it's head exploded with a spray of blood, brains and bone fragments!
  2. Pain! Vibrations! It lunged at the un-thing truning folloing it the two collide and... Jeane saw the shadow move and before she could react she felt the same slimy impact except this time it was full force and sent her tumbling crashing to the ground... What the...! Jeane was solid and on the floor in a dark room she was wet, drenched actually. It was the lab but the lab if it had been abandoned after some disaster and oh yeah If it had spent the last thousand years under a thousand feet of ocean water. She took all that in in a split second as her skill and training took over by instinct and she rolled to her feet to find herself facing what had hit her. It was about the same size as she was, at least it's upper body was . It's tail was longer but the way iit looked to be built it would only be her height if it 'stood'.It hissed showing rows of needle sharp teeth, it reared up brandishing claws while it's lower body propelled it toward her like a snake.
  3. The un-air flickers again. The taste of copper and salt filled it's sense. Not alone. The Un-air flickers. Invasion. Defend. Jeane reached for a hilt and something slapped her hand away. Leaving a residue wet and slimy and dry and brittle all at once. The hilt she had envisioned vanished. A shadow moved in the weird mist which was growing thicker, it circled as unseen as the mist crowded in on the young Key.
  4. OPEN WORLD RULES A few guidelines for Open World AWS It's your world tell the stories you want to tell. Nothing is closed or offlimits now. The Metaplot is for the most part solved. Irregulars I know I am going to get the question of how much xp when can we upgrade. The simplist answer is whatever you want. Like I told Jeane use what the stroy youare telling as your limiting factor in other words the herores should be as powerful as they need to be. But I also know y'all like hard lines so here are some Quantum 8 is the max for Irregulars. That includes Jeane and Charlie. Quantum 5 is the max for NPCs, Q6 if they need to be special. If there are questions you don't want to answer yourself drop me a line I will make any calls that require my input. Start your own threads... include which characters and players you wish make it your universe I will probably drop into your threads if Sara is needed or desired. I will be back as ST at somepoint with a new campaign but not soon I want to see what someof you can do I may even make some smaller characters to play in your threads maybe I don't know Anyway we can have fun with this and you can get your Ideas and stuff out there. Treat it just like a comicbook when writers change... only the most basic of things remain sacred After all this is Weirder Stuff
  5. Once back at Bulwark, assured that the families are safe but on another world currently the Irregulars both new and old, get cleaned up and debriefed first by McKeller then after General Pryor returns by him where he takes the time to apologize for the deception and hopes that all but especially Lilly can forgive him. He was acting under Orders RONIN AND POTUS He watched the entire proceeding from the window of the windows of the Oval Office. The president showered upon them with accolades and awarded them with some sort of presidential shoulder pat and false smiles and a few applause for the media hypes. Granted, the Irregulars deserved them all. Together they had saves the world, twice, and rescued the entire population of Africa from a giant mutant threat. They deserved a back slap and a toast, that was certain. 'Ronin' on the other hand, formerly Jaunt, was an ex-Irregular. He'd turned his back on the super hero business. He watched his ex-team mates and shook his head with a sneering grin. After the proceedings the President had a lot of meetings with military personal and members of his cabinet to tackle the increasing issues with the awakening of Keys all over the world. He could hear them approaching the office, eleven people all on his heels talking and tapping on mobile screens and mumbling things under their breath. Ronin sat relaxed on the most important desk in all of the United States. The door swung open and the President walked through the door with a hurried stride. “Good kids, but I want to all we know and want to know-,” he paused at the sight of Ronin sitting there relaxed and he froze. The teenager was well groomed and in black cargo pants, a tee shirt, and a deep purple leather trench coat that looked like he robbed The Joker to get it. “Afternoon, Mr. President,” he said confidently. The President spun on his heels, a bit stunned and new to his position he wasn't quite sure what the protocol was for strange teenagers being in his office. He looked to his staff and none of them were moving, frozen in the moment where they were following him through the door. They were, unfortunately all now rooted into that moment of time and blocking his escape. “My name is Ronin, Mr. President. I'm an Irregular, and we need to talk.” “Wh-what did you do!? You don't have clearance to be in here. Security!” He yelled for someone, but no one was coming. “I've frozen time in an area roughly seven and a half miles, Mr. President. You and I are the only ones here, so, please, relax and listen. Had I wanted to hurt you, well, you'd be hurt. So let's be reasonable.” “This country will not bow to any terrorism from you,” he searched for the right phrase but all the clumsily came out was: “Super people.” “Which is precisely why I'm here,” Ronin moved from the desk, taking a few steps before teleporting around the room to investigate the various curios and American artifacts. “As I said, I'm an Irregular, I'm the one that went rogue, or at least they think I went rogue. You see, with the creation of Keys came a new era of chaos and intolerance for our entire world. There are terrorists out there who have awakened and they no longer play by the rules of physics. Someone, or something has been making a statement with their abilities, a person, a group, a faction... I don't know.” “And you can prove this,” the President asked. He seemed a bit more relaxed now that Ronin had begun talking. The more he spoke the more the intruder seemed less and less of a threat to him. There was just something about him, something soothing. “Not yet, that's where you come in.” Ronin faced the Leader of the Free World, and offered up another confident smile. “Look, the Irregulars think I've gone bat shit crazy evil, and they need to. I need to infiltrate and locate the source of whomever is working behind the scenes to destabilize the world. The only we can do that is if one of us is willing to work outside the rules. Every time we go kicking in doors they're just going to hide and we'll have to wait for them to come out of their hole and the process starts a new. That's no way to catch a criminal-” He waggled a finger at Ronin, his gears turning now in sync with the young super teen. “You're talking going undercover.” “Exactly.” “But, why me? What does any of this have to do with me? Sell me, kid, or you're wasting my time. Why not just run all this past your command?” Ronin clapped his hands together and smiled. Now came the pitch. Time to spin this like it was Shark Tank. “Because, Sir. We are Keys. We can read minds,” there was a pause and a look of worry from the Presidents face. “Well, not all of us. I can't for example, but some us can, like Sage, whom you just met. If my command knows, or the Irregulars know and we investigate as a team then whomever is out there scanning our thoughts knows our entire plan. Were I to go undercover I need as few people to know as possible to compartmentalize the data. Plus, I would need to do some pretty shady things, things that it would be wiser if you knew than all of the military, plus the Irregulars, and CNN. I'll need to say and do things that won't always paint the Irregulars in the prettiest colors. They need to think and feel that I'm legit, and even try to stop me or this will never work. When it's all over you'll be at the fore front of an elaborate U.S. Operation targeted and bringing down and eradicating a Key terrorist cell, or terrorist. Your approval will be the highest in history.” The President stood for a long time, pondering his words, considering his proposal. He pulled out his over-sized leather chair and sat down at his desk, steepling his fingers. “What do you need from me?” Ronin smiled and approached his desk and sat down, resting his foot on his knee. “Well, for starters...” THE ASSASSINATION General Pryor was burning the midnight oil in his office on base. Several things had changed in the last few months, most of all his list of duties when it came to watching out for and protecting the keys that were springing up all over American soil. To say his work was cut out for him was quite the understatement. A majority of the Keys from Shelly and the surrounding counties had been moved to a private academy on the base to keep them safe from those who didn't feel the emergence of keys was a beneficial thing for the human race. Hate crimes, protests, riots those were just the start of the mess of problems the world was facing against emerged keys. Local law enforcement was stretched to it's limit trying to keep everyone safe while still protecting and serving their communities to the point that the military had to get involved all across America. In just a few months General Pryor's responsibilities had gone from six kids with special gifts to hundreds of children, nationwide, all needing asylum from the prejudice of mankind. His hand slid across the paper as the pen scrawled out his signature for a series of orders that would keep the Midwest of the united states safe for another few weeks, he hoped. In all his years of doing this he'd never ceased to be impressed and equally disgusted by how intolerant his fellow human beings could be. “Evening, Devin,” he said, never looking up from his stack of papers. He noticed a pair of boots just suddenly fade into view along with black cargo pants in the chair just in front of his desk. While Devin was not the only QEH to have granted instantaneous methods of transportation, he was the only one on Earth with such a finally honed level of Mastery over his distance and destination. “And what fresh Hell have you decided to lay at my doorstep this evening? You know you've a lot to answer for, son.” Dismissively Ronin, as he called himself now, tapped out a text with a smile and a chuckle, ignoring the General... in general. “Still don't get it, do you General? Still haven't gotten it through your head that I don't answer to anyone.” “You answer to the American people, he laws of this nation and rules and customs established by United Nations of the world, Devin.” He set his pen down and looked at the teenage boy. “What you have done, the people you've hurt. Devin, you need to stop this road you're walking down and let us help you.” “Help me?” Ronin laughed. It was full, honest and insulting. “Because you humans have been doing such a bang up job with that so far. Your laws are penned by a flawed species, it stands to reason that your laws are flawed as well.” He slid his phone in his pocket as he stood up. “Your governments are corrupt, your militaries oppress innocent people who have no power to protect themselves. People starve, children go uneducated because a military budget is more important than an education. For two thousand years you've spilled blood of your fellow man over an invisible, magical man who lives in the clouds.” It was an old argument, sure, the problem was it was so accurate in its accusation that it was difficult to deny. “We're not perfect, Devin.” “No, no you're not. But, thankfully for you a new species has come along for you to ride the coat tails of their accomplishments, right? We do all the work, you humans reap all the benefits. It's amazing how you monopolize on everything and then find some way of imposing your laws over it. Who are you to impose anything on a superior species? America was founded on theft, greed, murder, oppression and racism... and you humans think you get to stand over us like some moral authority? No, General, you all nothing but a verminous plague.” “Devin, you're young, I know none of this makes a lot of sense to you now, but there is so much at work here that you don't understand-” “Don't understand?” Ronin looked at the General with genuine disgust in his expression. “You dare to tell me I don't understand? My brain processes at speeds faster than Savant can calculate pi. I notice everything, mt perceptions are so keen. I've counted the beads of sweat that have formed on your forehead since I've arrive. I can hear your elevated heart rate, I've read every micro-expression and know your lying to me. I know you're scared. And a man with nothing hide, has no fear...” “Of course I'm scared Devin, you're not yourself,” He knew Devin had noticed him hit the switch under his desk to alert security. Devin was never much of a brawler, he talked a lot, and his mouth was one of his greatest weapons. Armed guards would hopefully scare him off. Unlike General Pryor's daughter, Lilly, Devin wasn't bulletproof. “Let us help you.” The corner of Ronin's mouth curled into a malicious grin. “Shouldn't have done that. You've just killed those men.” He spun about with blinding speed and as the two men kicked the door open and raised their weapons he'd already connected his fist to the first soldier's chest, slamming him with the impact of a semi moving at sixty-five miles per hour. The force threw him backward, into his partner, and they both slammed into the concreted wall opposite the General's office. They both lie there still. So focused on the soldiers was he that when the gun shot rang out and tore through Ronin's shoulder he cursed himself for forgetting about the General. Now focused the second gun shot didn't connect. Ronin blinked out to avoid it, and reappeared in a fraction of a second. He was now facing the General, having turned one eighty in the span of his short teleport. It was freaky watching him, it was like watching one of those ghost movies where they just skidded the ghost in and out of the frame, moving it's location each time. Blood dripped from his shoulder but his body had already staunched the bleeding and the General knew healing had already begun. He rolled his injured shoulder. “Nice, General. Didn't know you had it in ya.” “Son, stand down. I missed on purpose. Lilly-,” he took a deep breath at the mention of his daughter. “She cares for you Devin, she holds out hope that you're okay, that this all some condition that we can cure. A sickness you contracted from channeling too much energy... let us help you. Let me take you to her, and we can all figure this mess out.” “The only key on the planet with any chance of subduing me? Nice try General.” He smiled evilly as he took a few steps toward him. There was grim satisfaction in his face as he read the General's micro expressions and watched the dismay that resulted from Ronin calling him on his botched attempt at another lie. Tactically he was always ten paces ahead. Defensively the General kept the gun trained on him but it did little to stop the advance of Ronin. One blink and he was right in the General's face, one hand gripped tightly around his throat and his other on his wrist keeping the gun under control. “I can tolerate not seeing eye to eye, General,” he gasped and fired a few shots reflexively. Alarms had already begun sounding and an airman was already in the doorway, unarmed and screaming at Ronin to release him. “But, you tried to kill me. Not, cool, bro. You know what the cold, dark vacuum of space does to humans?” An iris opened to Ronin's left and within it's frame was the empty, cold darkness of space. The airman rushed Ronin. He let go of the General's wrist and swatted the interloper aside effortlessly. Is gun hand free the General Pryor raised he weapon and set for another shot. He fired the weapon and a bullet tore through Ronin's leg, another tore into his side. He knew Devin couldn't blink out and still maintain his grip. He'd either need to take him and the gun with him, or let go. Ronin grunted in pain, but didn't flinch as much as his victim had hoped. He punched the General in the gut, hard, and as the human's eyes swelled from the pain of the impact, he threw him into the warp gate, casting him off into space. Fear gripped the face of Lilly's father as he floated out of sight as the iris closed... and that was it. Somewhere in the cold blackness of space the corpse of Vanguard's father floated listlessly, with never the opportunity to say goodbye to his family. Ronin clutched his side, grimacing. He looked to the spot where the portal was a moment ago. He shrugged. “Eh, no body, no crime.” He mused as more airmen entered the room. Just for fun, he battled his way through most of them then simply vanished... Tonight's top story... eleven airmen are hospitalized after an unknown assailant, a suspected Key, attacked Bulwark Air Force Base. While details are as of yet unknown, we have do know that General William Pryor, according to witness testimony, was attacked and killed in the assault. General Pryor, as you may know, is the father of world renowned key Lilly Pryor, who often goes by the name 'Vanguard'. More as details come in, our hearts go out to General Pryor's family, he leaves behind a wife and daughter. [[[[[OFF CAMERA]]]]] The door opened with a hiss. General Pryor stepped out of the zero-g chamber Devin had re-purposed and painted to look like a convincing part of the comos, and looked around, there just beyond the technicians and engineers was Devin, talking with a pretty blonde girl about his age. He walked over, approaching the two of them in mid conversation. “Really, Devin? Did you have to hit me?” Devin laughed. “Dude, you shot me three times! I don't wanna hear it. I thought we were using blanks.” “We were, then I remembered all those times you... spoke. In general, just, spoke. Since this'll be the only time I'll be allowed to legally shoot you, I decided to sell it.” He slapped Devin in his injured shoulder, like a frat boy bro would. The strange relationship between the two was a mix of awkward friendship and professional douchery. They actually respected the other, just, neither would admit it. Ever. “Dick move,” Devin said, rubbing his shoulder, then he smiled wide. “I love it. Good call, General. Oh, this is Tawni, she's a key and will be a part of our mission. I'm sure the president has briefed you so I'll fill in the blanks.” “Devin,” the General stopped him. His glare was stern and concerned. “I've been briefed, but I don't like lying to my daughter, or my wife. Faking my death... that's serious trauma you're inviting. Now, I'll serve my country and follow the orders I've received, but I need you to know...” “It wasn't my idea, General. Look, I know it's messed up, I do. I hate it just as much as you do. I care about Lilly, a lot, but this isn't about what we want. We have a world to save and this one of the only ways to do it. We can't prepare for what's coming if we don't handle what's already here in our house trying to kill us and innocent people. I know we've had our differences, but, we need you on this. I need you, General. You're the only one I trust to lead this.” He took in a deep breath. He'd never seen Devin so serious, so focused. He wasn't looking at a smart aleck, loud mouthed kid anymore but a young man who'd taken the fight to save his world from an unknown threat to preserve a species that wasn't being particularly welcoming to his kind. He allowed himself an approving smile and extended his hand to the young man. With a strong grip he shook hands with Devin and gripped him on his shoulder (the uninjured one). “Let's get started, son.” Sara reveals that Her apparent powerlessness was caused by Apollo's first attempt to create a mega creature. The reason he was doing that was because Pandora wanted to create a world that would have to rely upon the quantum enhanced to survive. Simple war with humanity would defeat the purpose so a horde of mega monsters was the path she chose. Apollo had learned the technique employed on another world and attempted to adapt it to terrestrial life. But the first test had wildly mixed results. Sara was hit at the same time the whale was but her absorption power did what it was supposed to and siphoned of fully 90% of the quantum used by Apollo. That energy had nowhere to go so it internalized itself causing disruption in Sara's powers and a mutation of her MR Node. Her later encounter with the Key child Kyle resulted in even further Mutation and the Creation of an entirely separate Superego with powers far beyond anything she or any of them had seen or displayed. The President Portals to Bulwark where he gives you the thanks of the nation and the world, and confirms that General Pryor was acting under presidential orders. Apollo reveals that Pandora had been playing all of the irregulars all along. There are seven galaxies, her six brothers rule six of them and she the lone female ruled this one. He reveals that they are multidimensional being born at the moment of creation of the universe their one weakness is quantum teleportation as as it disrupts their multi dimensional existence possible fatally. She realized that the Irregulars were unlike any other Quantum entity they had seen yet and your existence awakened the desire to rule all of the seven galaxies. They are not human and as such they didn't think like normal beings. She believed Devin's crazy act and knew that with his mastery of time and space she could wield him like a weapon not only against her kin but to keep the rest of the Irregulars and Keys in line or use him to destroy those who wouldn't fall into line. When Devin revealed that he had faked General Pryor's death to her she realized that Devin was not crazy or evil and thus was danger that had to be removed. According to Sara, who when in her Superform has Cosmic awareness, Devin used his time and teleport powers to rip Pandora from this dimension and across multi space. The two are not dead but are locked in cross planer struggle at the quantum level that is both instantaneously occurring and infinitely long. As for the brothers, we have multiple weapons to defeat them now. Keys that can teleport and warp, we can or will be able to adapt portal technology into weapons. Their threat is still real but not as great as it was. This is the world you find yourselves in now, A wold that still needs heroes. At this time I am making AWS an Open World. I want all of you to tell the stories you want to tell. I will moderate where needed and I will offer input if asked and may even write in your stories with new or old characters but for now I am tuning over the storytelling to all of you.
  6. Somewhere in California Devin came back and came back hard he had teleported Tawni and the General back to Cheyenne Mt. Then back to where Pandora had blown her cover and attacked. He reappeared already at superspeed and flashed past her repeatedly hitting her as only he could all to no effect then on his next past she caught him. Just reached out and grabbed his throat like he had been standing there offering it up. With a flick of her wrist Devin flew back into the wreckage of the house his old house now just a ruin. Before he could get up she was there and slammed him with two fists literally driving him into the foundation of the house the concrete vaporizing into dust from the force of the impacts. It hurt and he knew he couldn't take much of this kind of beating. He needed Time. His intention had been to slow time for her and allow him to gather himself and make some sort of plan. But that's not what happened. Only his quantum enhanced mind kept his sanity from unraveling as his manipulation of time revealed the thing he knew as Pandora. She wasn't human Of course he had known that but he had had no idea. Her form was not describable in any way she existed in multiple dimensions all at once her being was segmented and amorphousness she was matter and energy. She was quantum. At that second he understood something no one else could have understood the fear they had of the one power in the universe they couldn't resist. Devin twisted and forcing his broken arms up he grabbed The thing that was Pandora.”Bitch, let's go for a ride” He Jaunted. A Canadian Mountain Side Once a pristine idyllic nature site now a war ravaged wasteland. It looked like years of warfare had been waged on the mountain but it had only been minutes. At first it had been the Vanguard and Apollo alone, Apollo shrugging off all that the Vanguard could throw at him and the Vanguard taking all he could hand them back. Then Chimera had joined the battle, Sage had kept up his mental assault and even Charlie and Jeane dashed in and out taking what shots they could. Apollo was starting to show signs of the battle. His glow was diminished and his wounds didn't close as fast but still even with their numbers it looked like a war pf attrition and one he might win. Savant was the only one hanging back her mind working fervently concocting and discarding idea after Idea, plan after plan. Sara stood to the side out of the way, apparently normal, watching the battle unfold. Bruised and bloodied the Vanguard kept up their assault going along with Chimera. Apollo lashed back with Lances of Hard Light and explosions of fusion fury as wll as his own Titanic fists. To say that he wasn't shocked or surprised that the Irregulars hadn't fallen with the merest effort would be a lie. He had quipped and joked at first now he was silent, his face grim set and stony A sudden blast of light and fire threw the heroes back leaving the black Titan standing cut bruised and bleeding chest heaving as he caught his breath. The heroes battered but not beaten picking themselves up all of them showing wounds all of them weary. Able seeing that he was clear scooped up rubble and debris with his telekinetic powers and made an attack with the intent of burying Apollo under tons of debris as the makeshift missile flew beams of solid light burned and brushed most of it away. But it gave the girls time to regroup and as they prepared to reenter the fray a voice called out over the sounds of battle to be heard by all of them. Off to the side out of the fight Sara floated some ten meters off the ground but it was a Sara none of them had ever seen before. Her hair burned and flew like white fire, her skin was jet black and speckled with stars. She appeared to be naked or it was a skin suit so tight as to be skin for all intents and purposes. Quantum wreathed her hands like miniature galaxies swirling. “Enough Apollo, She is gone now and she won't be back. End this now, surrender or I will end you.” Glances were exchanged by the Irregulars none had expected this. Apollo clenched his fist, try as he might he could sense Pandora no more. “This is a bluff there's no way he could have beat her.” “Apollo, he didn't have to he merely needed to remove her and he has. Now you know that I am the result of your tampering. You created the very thing both of you feared and you know that I can destroy you. You were her slave, you did her bidding. Surrender and find your freedom.” Apollo looked at the Irregulars arrayed before him each ready to fight and give their all and he shrugged. I guess I'm done. My heart wasn't in it anyways. I like you guys.”
  7. Apollo leveraged himself up with one arm while brushing the arrows still sticking in him off. He sighed heavily. "Damn Abel, everyone was right about you , you are kind of a party pooper."
  8. CANADIAN ROCKIES Blow after blow after blow the titan staggered. Apollo the great god was assaulted by the irregulars from the telekinetic barrage thrown at him by Sage to the relentless attacks by the multitude of Vanguards. Dust swirled and began to settle, Apollo staggered, cut bleeding pierced by dozens of arrows from Vanguards super bows. He stood teetering and reached out blindly in supplication "Why" Then fell flat on his face to lay in the dirt unmoving.
  9. The doorbell rang and Tawni shouted that she would get it. Both Pryor and Devin paused in their semi argument to look toward the front of the house and the door. When it disintegrated into shards of wood and plaster exploding inward to engulf Tawni. At least that's what Pryor saw. Devin had felt the tingle from his node and his instinct kicked in time slowed as he accelerated himself he was at Tawni's back and grabbing her pico-seocnds before her own synapses began to respond to the command for her to answer the door. The front of the building was blown in by the largest quantum blast anyone had ever seen. It would have torn the young Californian girl to shreds if not vaporized her outright. But Devin was faster than than that he saw the still form of the old woman at the door eyes still glowing from the beams of energy she had blasted the house with, but Devin didn't pause his own quantum snapped him far away and he dropped Tawni and popped again this time into the kitchen the blast had consumed the living room and the staircase leading to the second floor which was already in the first milometers of collapse. The blast wave was a tangible wall of quantum resonance that he could see rolling into the kitchen when he grabbed Pryor and popped again back to where Tawni had been left. “Stay here do nothing. General if you can get a hold of Lilly do it then and tell her Pandora is trying to kill me” and then he teleported back to face the music. Apollo floated up into the air and began to move silently and slowly toward the Irregulars his voice rang out with an unearthly timbre. “I don't see Tease. Where is she Charlie? There is no need for her and you to have to face this.” he glanced at Jeane and Pete. “I don't know you two but neither of you are of any consequence. Charlie take them and go. I may find use for you after.” He landed with a step and went into a fighting crouch. “The rest of you, time to show me what you've got” Sara nodded at Lilly's words then at the soldier “Can you open this to that place Vanguard said?”s code name to lend an official air. “Ma'am I … we could if we had the coordinates and the authorization but...” “We're the Irregular's I thought that meant something?”
  10. Pete shrugged, he seemed to do that a lot. "Nah I was sleeping and saw the giant bear in my dream saw that he was in pain so in my dream I followed him then I ran in to Little Fire, or she almost ran into me. Ever since I had my frisrt awake dream a few months ago that happens sometime. I ddint see what happened to the bear or who did it but maybe he did." Pete had stopped and pointed up along a ridge about 200 meters away and the rest of the Irregulars stopped as well. Apollo was standing there, naked, ebony skin glistening in the sun, his eyes glowing with Quantum fire. Sara explained as they made their way to the portal. "I think when I was connected to Kyle that I saw some of the things he saw and one of them was that our friends are in danger and if they fail the world will pretty much be over. So it's back to saving the world Lilly." It took a little convincing at the gate but soon they were stepping out of the portal back on Earth. "Do you know where they are?" Asked Lilly "Not really Can you find them through your clone?"
  11. Tease had exploded well and good and Abel found himself sending a thought to James without really thinking about it. <Yo boss, how did things go?> came James' jovial response. <Good, bad. I need you to open a gate for Tease. Send her anywhere she wants. We have to back track this bear and see what we can find.> Almost instantly the gate formed and Tease, who was being stared at by Sean with a extremely shocked look on her face. Tease nodded and pointed a finger at Lilly's clone then vanished as she stepped through the gate which closed immediately. Sean Glared over at Lilly...Lilly's clone, her eyes narrowing. Shit, she thought to herself. We'll deal with this later. She joined the rest of the Irregulars and Pete. It was small really maybe 70 feet long and half that at one end, the other end came to a needle point. It's overall shape if anyone on Earth could have seen it was that of a flattened tear. However no one born in this dimension would ever be able to see it visually or interact with it in any fundamental way. Oh some Keys may but so far the only ones of worry was Savant and Sage, possibly Ronin... no Jaunt... Ronin was a facade and it had been a good one. Apollo flowed through the lens and took his physical human form. He saw Pandora standing at the control column manipulating it. He was a little taken aback, she was in her true form. And that was not something one should see without being prepared before hand. Sweat began to form on his brow the temperature was unbearable for the Human form. Only his powers kept him from bursting into flame. Pandora paid no notice of him. “Ahem. I found them. And where their new base is some place called greenland. I don't understand these Humans. It's a frozen wasteland. Not green at all.” He said in their normal tongue which wasn't her native tongue but was his. Pandora stopped what she was doing and part of her turned and focused on him. “Jaunt didn't kill General Pryor.” Her voice registered on many levels and was harsh. Apollo stepped back involuntarily “He survived?” She moved again or parts of her did, it was hard to follow. She flanked him on two sides as well as from the front. He didn't dare to look to see if any of her was behind him. He felt threatened. “No the attack was a ruse all of it was a ruse. He lied to us and we fell for it.” Her voice came from all around him and he felt it penetrating into his brain she was holding nothing of her true self back. “This has faild he didn't turn on them not really and we can nolong trust that he will come under ...our sway. I think this little experiment is over. Time to wipe the slate clean and start anew. We'll come up with something to tell my brothers when they arrive.” “As you wish Pandora, I can show you...” “No you go and deal with the Irregulars. I will take care of Devin myself.” They materialized back at there hideaway in California. Pryor pulled the helmet off and put his hand on Devin's arm as Tawni headed back toward the Kitchen. Devin stopped and looked at the hand then at the General. “I hope all that was for Sean's recorders and that your not losing sight of what we are doing here Devin.” Devin patted the hand then pushed it away. “Relax sir, I'm just playing the part.” Sara's eyes flew open and she found herself looking up at Lilly, staring deep into her eyes. Her hand came up and gently touched the side of Lilly's face. “Done worry I'm fine. But we have to go back to Earth now.” she said matter of factually. Sara sat up and saw Kyle. She smiled at him. “Kyle me and Lilly have to go but you need to stay here. My dad will watch over you and tell you all about how he's the best sheriff in Montana.” They wnet through the dead town and into the mountains Abel had nudged the bear to make it want to go home and they were following it at a distance. The extraordinary sense of the Keys could hear the sounds of approaching helicopters now and they knew they had little time
  12. Pete shook his head. "Wow. I seen most of you on TV. I thought you'd be, I don't know, more superheroeish." He looks at Little Fire, "Is that a word? Superheroish?" He shakes his head again, "Anyway, your more like my little cousins, their 11 and 12."
  13. Pete shrugged again "Maybe what was the bear you saw is dead and the bear that's left is another bear, maybe the real bear. But then who really knows whats real and whats not." He stopped suddenly and faced. "We might not even be real." he shrugged and turned back and started walking again. In a few moments they arrived where everyone else was. "Seems the bear has a friend now," then his gaze fell on a much taller Jeane, "hmm, Little Fire is not so little anymore." He gave a wave to everyone "Hi I'm Pete"
  14. Pete continues walking and shrugs. "Just told Little Fire the truth. bear was corrupted and had to be put down, Little Fire was the only one who could do that." He shrugs again.
  15. While the irregulars looked one and other over the bear had been dazed and unresponsive, but the caresses that Lilly had given it almost unconsciously had soothed it's slumbering mind and it had opened an eye to watch the two legs. When Lilly jumped up and went to defend jeane the bear saw the Queen she looked different but she was the same and she was being threatened. With supreme effort the bear pushed itself to it's feet and once again challenged those who threatened GRAWRRRRRRRR! *Harm not the Queen of Air or face the wrath of all Summer* The tall tribesman came sauntering up the road is long stride eating up the distance even though he was in no hurry. He saw Abel coming toward him and he waved.