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  1. They walked in silence each of them alert but lost in their own thoughts, they also, except for Kia and Abel, walked alone. They past through the rusted remains of a galvanized chain link fence the way was dusty and cold. The suits surprisingly kept them warm. As the marched on toward the city it was Lilly and Jeane who first felt the odd sensation of being watched, it was shortly after that that Lilly came across fresh horse droppings and hoof prints crossing the tracks. She motioned for them to pause and get down. The droppings were fresh. She looked around they were in what would have been a residential area of wood and mortar houses complete with green grass lawns and swing sets in the backyards. Today it was a wasteland the rail tracks ran behind a row of once houses that were now nothing more than concrete slabs cracked and broken lined by the collapsed remains of walls and roofs. The street beyond a dust covered and empty thoroughfare. There were a few cars now just metal skeletons lining curbs or parked in the drives ways of ruined homes. Lilly counted at least three sets of prints in the dust, unshod, she could tell from the tracks. The tracks led off through the ruins away from the direction they were going as they followed the tracks. The fallen houses would give no real cover and wouldn't hide a horse The thought that they could be wild horses crossed her mind but she just as quickly discarded that idea. She motioned everyone to join her and explained what she had found.
  2. Kia shivered and pointed at a tall metal stand with a rotten signin book sitting on it. “There's another phone.” she pointed to an Identical phone on the wall above the stand. Lilly approached it and lifted the receiver she heard static, “Hello” more static then the same music. “More music.” Jeane stood in the middle of the room and listens as Abel and Sean swapped dream tales and while Lilly played with the phone. Clenching her Jaw and hefting the axe she had made she strode right up to the door lifter her foot and gave it a monumental kick. SMASH! The door flew from the corroded hinges and bent nearly in two landed a few feet from the doorway and cold wet wind blew in from the door. Jeane recovered her balance and with no hesitation trotted through the opening into the outside. Bleak is the first word that comes to mind the cloudy covered sky is gray, the grass less ground gray, the sea stretching off behind the earthen mount the the room is built in is bray the small shoreline gray. To the east the gray skyline a a once great city rises still recognizable as Chicago now a dead and crumbling ruin...
  3. Lilly could hear a bunch of static and then she said Hello and the phone receiver started making a loud screeching sound wich after a second settle into what sounded like music As she listend she reached out and placed her hand on the door itself and gave it a little push and with a groan the door swung open.
  4. They gather on the platform and look at the personnel door it appears to be made of high grade steel and it looks like it opens outwards. There are no latches or handle visible beside the door in a rusted metal box is a old style land line phone. The large door which the tracks go through is massive and is of the same type that is used in missile silos. it opens outwards as well and is operated by hydraulics which are now non-functional.
  5. They pulled up a grate that Sean indicated and after she pointed out the cable bundle to follow Kia, the smallest of them, dropped into the space under the floor. She easily found the bundle and followed it as far as a stone wall where it vanished into a conduit along with several other bundles and cables. Kia made her way back and told them what she had found. After a short discussion it was decided to head out the door and see what they could find there Jeane used the matches lit her torch and pushed the door open and stepped out into the unknown.
  6. Each survival case contains the following so you actually have double what I list here. Jump suits – made of the same material as the body suits you are wearing (keen eyes will notice that these jump suites seem to be designed to wear over the body suits.) They zip up the front have pockets on chest and hips (front and back) there are verlcro patches above both chest pockets and on each shoulder. The Suits are a light blue (same color as NASA astronaut jump suits). There are two of each of the following sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large Boots - 4 pair of boots two that are medium sized and two that are large.... the boots have thick rubber soles and the fabric is the same as the jumpsuit. When tried on the boot with adjust it's size to the persons foot. Concentrated rations – 60 packages that contain food for 24 hours. Basically they are bastard children of MREs and C-Rations. Two Pack Frames for carrying every thing A tool kit (the kind you might carry in your car) Two water condensers and two 5 gallon plastic collapsible water containers. 1 .38 caliber revolver with 100 rounds Two Military K-Bar knives Pocket compass Matches Survival first aid kit with drugs 500 dollars in gold coins 2 collapsible shovels 2 canteens (plastic) 2 mess kits with silverware there are possibly other survival type items in the cases I have over looked if you have a question if you have somethng I do not list ask me
  7. Sean closed her eyes as Jeane ranted again and a wave of nausea swept over her at the thoughts she was having right now and their implications. “Jeane you need to get a hold of yourself. Your memories, my memories, all of our memories may not be real. And if I am right and Sara was real and since she was in all of my memories so I am inclined to believe she was real. She is probably in one of those pods in there dead, just like Alec and Tease and all the rest of our friends.” She holds up the cards she had gotten from everyone's pods. “The pods we came out of are the only ones that were operational this number printed at the top I think is a Time Stamp showing how long the pod was in operation. The one I got from my pod shows 81,993,600.197. just doing simple math I figure that it is the number of minutes the pod was on, which comes to a tad over 156 years. All of our pods fall within a two year block with Abel's being the longest in operation and Jeane's the shortest. To answer your question, Kia, and this is all theory right now. I don't think they were using us to think up things not exactly. I think we were merely the processors. The human brain is the most powerful computer in the world. I think we were in there to crunch the numbers and our memories may have just been dreams to keep us operating. But I don't know for sure or how, But I do know that I was wrong about one thing. This system in here is simply for controlling and inputting data into the system. There has to be another computer somewhere to take the data and where it could be used. And that means that there has to be a physical line for the data to travel and it probably isn't very far away.”
  8. Everyone was subdued and gave in to Lilly's suggestion. Kia and Able began taking the chairs apart while Sean wnet back to work trying to figure the code language the computer used. Jeane looking even more cross than before strode into the other room pausing at the door to toss an explanation over her shoulder. “Since we broke the lock I'm going to set up a guard to keep the boogy men out.” She continued on. Time passed although there was no way of knowing how much Sean was getting frustrated and Able stood and went over to help hoping that the two of them could unravel it. Suddenly Kia looked up from where she was wrapping the faux leather around a bar. “Okay I just thought of something. How are we going to light these torches?” Everyone stopped and looked at Kia for a few seconds finally Abel said, “I'm sure we can rig something up to get a spark from some of this electronics. We''l figure something out.” Kia set the torch she was working on aside and stood up “Well I'm gonna go look in the bathroom hope nothing eats me.” It wasnt long after that that Kia shouted from the restroom at the back of the computer room “Hey Guys! There's a closet back here it was all covered up with mold and stuff but there's a lot of stuff in here chemicals and some big boxes with latches with a label that says Survival!” After wrestling the two boxes out of the closet the gathered back at there work area and opened them Inside they found full jump suits made of the same material as the suits the were already wearing the also found boots and under wear and socks everything was vacuum sealed and looked in perfect condition. There were two cases of rations which looked more like modern MREs than what they thought would have been available in the 60s and 70s. Then Sean gasped and walked over and picked up a device that none of them recognized. “What is it?” asked Lilly “It's a water condenser. It was designed to take water out of the air and basically give you clean drinking water about five gallons of drinkable water in a 24 hour period give or take depending on the enviroment.. I designed it but we never built any. There should be some collapsible plastic containers” Kia rummaged around “These?” Sean stared at the two plastic packs Kia held up, then she turned and looked back into the pod room then at the computer. “God I am such and idiot” She jumped back to the desk and swept everything off of it with a clatter then began scribbling on the surface of the desk with a lead pencil. Abel went over and studied what she was writing he recognized bit's of it “Isn't that one of...” “The languages I was developing for our own operating system the ones I was working on didn't use any pre-existing languages as it's basis. But there are just some many things you can do with limited letters signs and symbols. And this is my language or rather it looks like a version made up of about three that I came up with and then programed into and existing computer framework.” She started typing into the terminal the nearest towers began clacking and the spools spun. “I won't be sure until I get into this more but I think I know what this place is and why we are here.' She kept typing and the stacks kept clacking and spools kept spinning. She stopped and looked at her friends. “This place is a super computer I think, and we and the rest of those pods, we were the CPUs.”
  9. Able looked at Jeane a cross frown marring his visage but only for a moment then he nodded, “You are right Jeane. Why don't Lilly, you , and I see if we can't get that exit door open while Kia and Sean see if they can figure things out in here?” “Sounds like a plan.” was Jeane's almost growled reply. Kia looked at Able with a question in her eyes but he just nodded toward Sean who was already digging into the innards of the Card Reading machine. Kia caught the gist and nodded and sidled over to where Sean was mumbling and poking...”Sure do wish I had more light...” Lilly led the way back out into the pod room and to the exit door jean and Able followed. She gave it a push after trying the bar, when it didn't unlatched she stepped back and gave it a healthy but restrained shove with the flat of her foot putting the power of her legs and back into it. It still didn't swing open but Lilly and Jeane, who had moved up beside her, heard it creak. “It opens to the outside so and hinges are out there, so that's a no go. I think I felt it giving a little. Abel see if you can find something to get between the door and the jam while Jean and I apply force with our legs.” While they worked on the door Sean, with Kia keeping her company were busy in the computer room, with the last twist of a wire Sean stood and shook her head with a grimace. “I think I got power this is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. Most of it looks like it should be out of a nineteen fifties scifi movie then there's stuff like this,” she hand s a small chip to Kia who has no idea what it is, “That's almost a carbon copy of an integrated circuit I designed for our phones, well as close as you can get if I had designed and made it in nineteen sixty. This place and all of this is freaking me out.” She reached down and pushed a switch. Almost immediately the machine began humming, behind then a half dozen of the large computer towers also began to hum and on several lights on the faces of the computer began to flicker, the reader began to hum louder and moving parts inside started to chatter. Spools of the computers started spinning forwards...backward stopping and starting the noise was very loud. Kia handed the chip back to Sean, “Looks like you got power.” With a loud crash the door finally gave way and popped open a few inches, Able almost smacked himself in the face with the makeshift prybar both Lilly and Jeane had to catch themselves from falling as well. The three gathered round the door as Jeane pushed to the front and boldly swung the door fully open her own makeshift weapons ready. The door creaked and squealed as it swung away from them. The light from the room behind them gave them some illumination but they could only see a few feet into the darkness beyond. The door itself was set into a cement wall a foot thick, probably reinforced, it door opened onto a platform it's size unknowable in the darkness. A cool breeze several degrees colder than the air in the room blew in the scent it carried was one of wetness with an underlay of rot. The platform was covered by at least an inch of damp mud. They could gauge the thickness from the sludge that was left after the door had push through. To the left of the door (form the pov of standing outside facing the door) was a small metal standing Desk it had a lot of sludge on it and there was a slot that held several laminated cards each the size of a sheet of paper. An Ink pen was attached to the desk by a small chain. Above the desk on the wall was a machine with punch buttons labels 1-0 and A-F. Probably some sort of crude locking mechanism. The numbers displayed in the window across the top of the box read 1435280AAF. While Able had been looking at the desk and box Jeane had moved to the edge of the darkness almost out of the light herself. “I think this drops off here, we need some light.” Sean worked quickly intuitively as if she had done this before. She fed the cards from the pods into the reader each time she did the computers whirred and clicked and spools spun. After the last card she went to the first terminal and prayed that it worked. It did. But what she saw was in comprehensible. The system was displaying a computer code she didn't know, it was primitive but it would take time for her to decipher it.
  10. Lilly continued searching the desk but was turning up little but the gooy remains of paperwork, mold and old paperclips and dried out ink pens. In one lower drawer she found what looked like an old bottle of whiskey the label faded and unreadable but three quarters full. In the same drawer she found an empty leather holster the material still holding up but aged and despite the moisture hardened to an unbend-able state. Also in that drawer she found about 30 bullets the brass corroded but seemingly intact. Abel and Kia moved slowly toward the end of the room drawn to the flickering light while Sean began examining the capsules. Jeane not sure what to do looked back and forth between Lilly and Sean. Sean for her part quickly tamped down the fear and revulsion of the capsule contents and began a more thorough examination. Not wanting to disturb the dead she moved back to the one that she had come out of. Almost immediately she began to make discoveries. Able and Kia saw that the light was indeed an exit sign the end of the room held two doors one on the level and one under neath the exit sign set into the wall at the top of a small landing. Both doors were solid and in the dim light looked like they were made of steel. Able climbed the four steps and listened at the door. He could hear nothing looked down at the handle there was no knob only a bar which ran across the door at the height where a knob would have been. The bar was the kind that wen pushed would release the latch and allow the door to open. Able put his hands on the bar and pushed. The bar didn't move. He applied more pressure and still it didn't budge. Kia joined him and added her strength to pushing the bar and suddenly with a loud snap the bar depressed but the door remained shut. There was a surge of disappointment which was pushed aside as flickering light began to shine from the ceiling as light panels dark for what had probably been years suddenly came to life. The light was harsh but diffused by the filth and mold on the covering of the in ceiling fixtures. Only about a third of the visible panels lit up but it was still bright enough to illuminate the room, giving the young people their first sight of where they were. It was the size of a high school gymnasium the walls were of steel painted an off white although there were sections that were red and blue as if the walls had some design on them but hat design was covered up by the computers. The pain, what could be seen of it was discolored and peeling in places from water damage. Two things dominated the room, The capsules, 48 in total, and the computers lining the walls of which there were twice as man as there were capsules. There were only two entries into the room from the doors discovered by Kia and Abel. Everything showed a level of age and corrosion that was scary. And worst of all... None of them had any memory of this place!
  11. “We wrap up our violent and mysterious world in a pretense of understanding. We paper over the voids of our comprehension with science and religion, and make believe that order has been imposed. And, for the most of it, the fiction works. We skim across the surfaces, heedless of the depths below. Dragonflies flitting over a lake, miles deep, pursuing erratic paths to pointless ends. Until that moment when something from the cold unknown reaches up to take us. The biggest lies we save for ourselves. We play a game in which we are gods, in which we make choices, and the current follows in our wake. We pretend a separation from the wild. Pretend that a man’s control runs deep, that civilization is more than a veneer, that reason will be our companion in dark places.” ― Mark Lawrence, Prince of Thorns More pops and crackles sounded around the room sparks flew illuminating more of the archaic computers there had to be dozens of them and dozens of the metallic coffin like capsules. With each electrical shortage the smell of ozone built up then it all went dark even the floor lights. Sean heard the sound of gears and the whirs as lid lifted and capsules opened coughs as a boy and three girls tried to catch their own breaths, as the fluid rolled off of them they rose like the dead as the floor lights came back on. Abel looked up and saw a bald girl staring at him it took several seconds for him to recognize ...”Sean?” But she didn't look...no..yes she di but that was... Jeane sat up coughing and cracked her head on the top half of the capsule “@#$!@#” Lilly rolled out of hers and sat facing Kia all of them were bald all of them were dressed in Identical suits that looked like the rubber suits divers wore but they weren't made of rubber. There were five of them. None of the other capsules that looked like coffins had opened. Jean stood rubbing her head and stepped up the the nearest capsule and peered into the window at the face inside. With a gasp she jerked back and away. She had seen a skeletal face the capsule was indeed a coffin. Lilly had walked over to a desk and picked something up and was looking at it Kia joined her then Sean and Able lastly Jeane came over. Lilly was holding a small paper and cardboard calendar that was made with laminated paper, so while grimy it was still intact unlike the rest of the papers on the desk. It was a calendar for the month of February, 1973
  12. Quote "Alright then, I think we should stop here, and once we actually have a grasp of things we can revisit this. I just wanted everyone to hear about this, as it came up during something that initially wasn't going to include everyone." "Agreed," Sean said with a deep sigh. "We need to know more, and I believe each of us has some line of inquiry to follow for the moment. Let's get on that." The Irregulars exchanged a few more suggestions and comments, then broke apart for their various needs and wants. Sean and Abel proceeded to one of the most secure rooms in Irregular Solutions HQ, where they were keeping the drives and devices recovered from Fort Story. They had been using specially designed Proxy Programs to decrypt the data, but with its importance elevated, the two super-geniuses began taking direct action on that front. They left Mariah, James, and others to see to the daily affairs of Irregular Solutions, seeking the input of Savant and Sage if only absolutely necessary. Except for those able to interface directly with computer systems, no one had Sean's facility with software, and Abel was one of the few on the planet who could aid her and provide worthwhile input. Even so, It took them most of the week to get all the data decrypted. There were layers and layers of encryption, each one growing more sophisticated, clearly added afterwards as the technology advanced. It wasn't near to the levels of encryption she had developed - using an entirely different software structure - but it slowed her and Abel, light a plethora of speed bumps and detours and road blocks that they had to navigate carefully, less they made a mistake and caused the drives to be wiped. For a bare instant, Sean had considered enlisting Death Otter, but as more information was decrypted, there was no way she'd willingly share what they learned with her. She definitely couldn't have trusted her with this. Sean still needed to sleep. She'd gotten by with four hours a night as a boy, and needed even less now, but with Sara missing, she'd thrown herself into the work, barely leaving the lab for the entire week, save to eat and spending an hour each night searching for Sara with her unrivaled Farsight. She began growing terse with any interruptions, believing if they could solve this issue, they could solve the issue of the Sara. What they found was disconcerting to say the least. The conspiracy Rashoud was a part of went back to the early '50s, '51 or '52, they weren't quite sure. Logs referred to experiments and treatises from both dates, but it was unclear if some of them were part of the conspiracy from the beginning, or were co-opted. The blackest of black operations, the conspiracy was hidden behind layers of other classified operations, such as Stepping Stone. The Roswell incident was also blown out of proportion by the Conspiracy to as another smokescreen. Teleportation Portals and the creation of Quantum Enhanced Humans - Keys - were just a by product of their true goals. The Project's real purpose was to harness the portion of nuclear reactions that were being siphoned into a suspect other dimension, to learn how to access that dimension, and how to use the process as a weapon. Sean mused on this, and what she had perceived with Jeane's last teleportation trick, considering a different to track to search for Sara. But as much as she wanted to do so, and Abel could sense it even though Sean tried to conceal it, it was a distraction. The Black Project had determined the true cause for unlocking Keys. It wasn't quantrinos emitted by the original Portal devices or by Keys to a lesser degree. It was a particle dubbed the Genesis Particle. Origin unknown. It doesn't come from space; it wasn't generated by any kind of nuclear reaction. It seemed to simply and spontaneously manifest with no pattern or means of instigation, and they had used the brightest minds and most powerful computers of the times to determine any such. The Black Project was able to devise a means of capturing the particle once detected and a means to capture them. From what Sean and Abel were able to determine, the Project had captured 99 to 102 of the Genesis Particles over its decades of operation. The discovery of the Genesis particle was linked to the original discovery of Quantum Enhanced Humans in 1952. In late November of that year, after the first detonation of a Thermonuclear bomb a young girl , 11 years old, in Hawaii, developed the ability to Phase, or pass through solid objects. Once alerted, the girl and her family were relocated to a secure facility in Nevada where numerous tests were done. Sean grunted. In what they possessed, the girl's fate or that of her family were not mentioned, nor was her name. Another thing to look at, if we can find anyone who was working with The Black Project at the time and convince them to talk. Originally it was thought that the particles were created during a nuclear reaction. This proved false. Experimentation to create them through the nuclear process never created any Genesis particles. The experiments did however lead to Portal Tech which were also thought to be the origin of the particles. This also proved false, though it did lead to the discovery of quantrinos. As far as anyone in the Project was able to determine the particles simply came into existence. They do not decay and can possess either a negative or a positive charge. None had ever been collected with a neutral charge. Oppositely charged Genesis Particles repel and can't be brought into contact, as far as experimentation by the Project was able to determine. Information on the Genesis Particles was actually relatively sparse by Sean's reasoning. It must be sequestered in a different Black Project data haven. Still, the Project had learned enough to allow them to branch off and new line of inquiry and experimentation. The first particles were purposefully captured in the '60s and used in experiments with animals and 'volunteers', men serving time for severe and brutal crimes, most serving life or on death row. None of the early experiments were successful and usually resulted in the death of the subject. The first Key generated was actually a young man working at the site who was exposed to a particle accidentally. He developed rudimentary psychic powers, far more limited in breadth compared to Abel, let alone in power. Later experiments were only marginally successful. There were 22 Catalogued Keys that were generated under lab conditions. Only 4 have survived the generating process, although two died later in testing. Only the Brain and Kyle survived the program to this point and were deemed 'successful', the results of directing the generating process. The coldly logical part of Sean could understand the reasoning and need for the experiments, in the Project's eyes, but both she and Abel were utterly disgusted by the implementation and disregard for lives and the subjects themselves. All of the low level keys who worked for Project Stepping stone and other projects they hadn't been unaware of were "naturally or Spontaneously" unlocked and most, if not all, worked in areas where the particles were not being experimented on. The Black Project did not know how many keys there are out in the world as most (but not all) had gone undetected... ... until the arrival of the Irregulars, which was an unprecedented event and has created a situation of cascading incidents. Information had been shared with allies among the British, Japanese, Germans, and the French, and it was an operating assumption that there were working on their own analogues to the Black Project. Searching through the files, Sean and Abel accounted for all the Genesis Particles collected by the Black Project. As of the incident at the Fort Story Psyops Lab, all save for 4-7 of them had been used, the rest stored at one of three secure locations. When they had learned that, Sean had immediately cast her Farsight to those locations - getting Abel to get James on standby - but she wasn't surprised to find the sites abandoned and scrubbed clean. Recently as well. Still, she and Abel visited the sites clandestinely, in case they could detect something that would be of relevance if and when they crossed paths with the Black Project once more. Abel mentioned Jeane's newly evolved ability with teleportation in regards to the Black Project's original goals. It was something they would definitely need to follow up on - Sean was growing more eager, for Sara's sake more than Jeane's, if she had to admit it - but the issue of escalating unlocking of Keys took precedence for the moment. Using the Project's own research, Abel and Sean began working on a way to siphon and collect any Genesis Particle that might manifest anywhere across the planet. Terrestrial and Extra-terrestrial solutions were considered until they settled on a network of satellites to cover the planets. Their first concept was a lattice of a hundred satellites sitting in orbit and at the Lagrange points, until Sean come upon the idea of a mesh network of millions of nanite-sized units. They would convey far greater redundancy and camouflage, able to adapt and respond to other objects entering and exiting orbit, respond to generation of higher numbers of genesis particles in one location - if such should happen - and to transfer the location of stored particles to prevent outside retrieval. Essentially, it would function as a sort of immune system for the planet, targeting a specific system, but able to adapt to evolving developments. They would also be able to scavenge space debris to replace loss units. The development of the Exodus satellite mesh network took Sean and Abel over another week. Abel suggested they at least take eight hours a week to relax, no working or thinking on what they were doing. Sean readily agreed, then just as readily, ignored him. She wanted this done so she could then focus her attention and time on looking for Sara. Abel to could see the toll it was taking on Sean. Her natural golden tan was looking pale, and she was looking wan, with the suggestion of bags under her eyes, even if she looking no less beautiful than ever. Indeed, Sean seemed even more sensual than usual, her movements more enticing if no less precise and she wasn't keeping a hold on her potent pheromones as much as she used to. It was starting to make working with Sean more difficult, especially when he caught her more than once casually masturbating. Sean hadn't even been embarrassed. Even with her melancholy and distress over her feelings for Devin, Laurie was beginning to worry about her sister. Having devised how the Exodus system will function and designing the units, it was time for them to manufacture them. Abel tried to create them by manipulating quantum energy, but it was slow and difficult and extremely taking - the units might be microscopic, but where very complex. Instead, they fashioned some tools and a specifically designed 3D-printer to help in the manufacturing process and Abel used his quantum capabilities to simple generate raw materials. Then with their new devices and Savant Multitools, Sean and Abel began building the units, hundreds of thousands of units, by hand. They worked with blurring speed, more precise than any of the machines they had designed. After a certain number, the units they had created were able to help to build more. Twenty-three days since they started and they reached the critical threshold they needed of units, so that the Exodus could sustain itself and sufficiently cover the planet. Then they destroyed any files and information they had generated on making the Exodus satellite Mesh Network. They still had systems to link up to it, but the information on the design and function of the network would be locked in the vault of their minds. Sean locked distinctly disheveled when Abel came back with Gatekeeper. "For better or worse, let's do this," Sean said. "I'm sure I could have come up with more portentous words, but I just want this done." Abel and Sean designated the precise coordinates for the portals for optimum distribution, then activated Exodus and let the capturing of the Genesis Particles begin. INTERLUDE Vietnam By this time China was in the nuclear arms race. America was at war and not a single shot had been fired between the actual participants. Escalation continued and those I power knew it was only a matter of time before someone somewhere made that final mistake. War. Nuclear war was inevitable. Everyone knew it. It could happen tomorrow or next week or five years but it was coming. And when the bombs fell and the missile flew all of it would end. Something had to be done. The tiny invisible to the naked eye satellite flew through the portals and flew into position it would take several hours but everything was on automatic now. Sean was in a state. Her connection to Sara was still empty even though the connection was still there almost like it was mocking her with silence. She sat down it was the first time in over a month that nothing was calling for her immediate attention and sensing the moment of quietude her mind withdrew and the inner thinking began focusing on thoughts that had not taken the forefront. Abel came back into the mesh control center and was surprised to find sitting there doing nothing. He was about to ask if she were all right when she turned and looked at him a quizzical expression on her face. “If we don't create the Genesis Particles and the portals don't and the nuclear process's don't, then why are more coming into existence now? At this exact moment in time?” The last of the mesh was in place and the field came to life only those instruments of incredible sensitivity could detect the field and then only if it knew to look for it. For and instant of time the field hovered then it began to contract at almost the speed of light. In the control room both Sean and Abel looked at the main screen which suddenly came alive showing multiple dots erupting across the globe. If their programming was correct each of the flaming blue lights would indicate a Genesis Particle. They had expected to find and capture a few dozen maybe a couple of hundred at the most. The lights kept flashing on until the globe that was the earth glowed blue. The field hit the earth and..... Sean gasped her mouth filling with cold fluid that was tasteless but thicker than water. The gasp took a small amount into her lungs which immediately caused her to begin coughing she couldn't move her body was encased in something cold and hard it felt like metal but it was too tight. Coughing she opened her eyes and saw nothing...no...wait there was a bit of dim light bout only when she held her head still it was right in front of her eyes like a small window. Suddenly the window disappeared as the top half of the container she was in flipped up and warm air rushed in the section of the tube covering her lower torso split down the middle and the two halves swung up and out of the way. Coughing and gasping for air Sean Sat up and immediate ran her hand through her hair only there wasn't any all she felt was a smooth wet scalp. She was bald. Her hands dropped to her chest to hold breasts as she was wracked by another coughing fit and her hands found a nearly flat chest her breasts which should have filled her hands were barely there. She looked down as she caught her breath and saw a a thin almost boyish form clad in a one piece suit like a diving suit that covered her from her neck to her mid thighs. It was of two colors but she could tell what in the dim light. She looked around there were no voices in her head the was nothing the light came from dim strips along the walls at the floor non trip lights but it was enough to giver her a sense of the room. It was large she could see desks and what looked like computer server towers lining the walls and several rows of...tube like metal containers that looked like coffins or capsules. She squinted at one of the computers and slid off the end of the container that had held her. She lost her balance expecting to be top heavy but she quickly recovered and once again looked down at her small breasts. This inst what I'm supposed to look like. She made her way slowly to the computer now that the coughing was done she could breath easier the air was warm musty with a hint of mold. There was also a strong smell of ozone in the air. She stopped at the wall and looked at what she had thought was a computer server tower. It was a computer but not like any she had ever seen at least not that wasn't in a history book. As she watched the computer tapes spun on there big spools and suddenly stopped there was a loud pooping and the ozone smell grew stronger a warbling siren began to sound it was loud for a few seconds then tapered of to a low hum as around the room some of the metal tubes began to open...
  13. Interlude The scientists worked but never quite found the holy grail they were after and all the while the governments and the militaries of the world kept building their stockpiles of Nuclear weapons Kept testing them. The Americans exploded a 25 megaton bomb which the Soviets had to answer. They detonated a 50 megaton bomb. Things were getting out of hand. Bombs, bombers, submarines, ICBM. MAD mutual assured destruction. Then they discovered what would one day be called Quantum Enhanced Humans People with powers Super Powers Persons of Mass Destruction. KEYS The focus shifted
  14. AWS ST


    Rosa steps back away from the two Keys looking at them strangely. "That's because it's complicated Kia, and I don't know what your talking about. Remebering what? I said that Kyle has nine, that's nine different alien DNA strands not found on earth. That is nine more than we have encountered since the portals opened. So where did they come from?"