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  1. Seahawk smiled. "None at all. Hopefully we can start callin' ourselves friends... or at least colleagues. Optimus always saw me as a optimist." "And no, Artemis, they aren't rust monsters. It's a natural effect of the environment there. Oxidation of metal. It's the humidity. Damage your paintjob or outer covering on your exoskeleton and you start getting a case of it. You wouldn't believe how paranoid I'd get in keepin' things in order with my paintjob and other things to ensure if I'm in Sub mode that I don't start degradin' my internals." "But the flyin's glorious. That and putting about on the surface of their Dihydrogen Monoxide oceans is a dream." She smiled. "Maybe someday we can go back... on better terms."
  2. "Times change, even for us, Arsenal." "Just a few years ago I could have been given the order to scout out where you were and report back to my superiors to take you out. HVT." She said, although she was speaking more a matter of past fact than any want to go balancing manipulator to balancing manipulator with a Seeker... and a rather massive one at that. She held out a hand. "Seahawk, and to be honest, more than likely I would be dead the moment you saw me back in those bad days." "As for Megatron, I think he has a point. We gotta be flexible." She said. "Perhaps Megatron's seein' somethin' that we aren't savvy to just yet, eh? Don't be so willing to call that guy a traitor... not just yet. From what I know of old Megatron he don't give up an idea easily. Not without good reason. The war's over... nobody won. We all lost somethin'. That's why we're headin' to that station to put a framework in place to keep another war from startin'. Maybe he sees that too. Adaptus didn't make us adamantine blocks, after all. Nothin' wrong with changin' your mind." "We aren't slaggin' eachother no more, I'd consider that a good thing."
  3. "Oi, stow it, she's outta yer league, buddy." Seahawk said, leaning on a bulkhead. "Artemis, is it?" Seahawk said, the visor and chin-guard moving away to reveal her face. "Seahawk. Looks like ye' got yer hands full, eh?" She sets down a large carrying satchel with her missile launchers, rifle, and melee weapons. "My stuff is all external. Either attached or carried. Gotta keep the frame light, ya know?" "Heatwave says ya got a plan... willin' to hear it once the others arrive. I'm concerned more about lone operators not someone like chuckles over here." She said, pointing to the Decepticon.
  4. Seahawk harumphed. "Then again, I'm an experienced hand-to-hand fighter... And got the superstructure repairs to prove it." She said, and many, many scars were evident. She has had a few close-in scraps, but she doesn't look like she came out on top. "Then again... those were heavy mistakes on my part. Just make sure to carry a collection of vacuum suits in case you gotta ferry biologicals. Maybe a medkit or two too. I can interact with my Holoavatar in that function." "To be honest I don't know what to expect, and that's what's bothering my caution algorythyms right now."
  5. Seahawk while her arms were crossed she tapped an arm with her fingers. "Something tells me there is a lot about this plan that can't be told over communications..." She said, then sighing... "Alright... I'll see what's up. I'll be there shortly." She turned from where she was to head to the ship. "This isn't gonna get sorted out here, High Lift. Seems the security detail's gonna be waaaay more involved than I thought." She didn't like the thought of being disarmed, but something told her there was a plan... wether it was a good one or not remained to be seen.
  6. Yeah that was made clear to me OOC, I'm sure Seahawk will get savvy quickly. Also all of Seahawk's weapons are external. She has a actual rifle and her Torpedo-Missile launchers are wing-mounted.
  7. "Okay when were we going to be appraised on this security measure?" Seahawk quickly interjected. "This is just as bad of a security risk as allowing us to be armed. What if some rogue does attack? The amount of time it'll take to disable the collars will open a opportunity for a greater disaster. Particularly if the systems regulating them is knocked to blazes. That, and this shows a lack of trust that we won't decide to blow each other into scrap." She crossed her arms. "I protest. Vehemently. You can't trust we won't behave like adults here, then how will you broker a peace we can agree on?"
  8. I'm having some trouble with the inhibitors. In fact it feels a little problematic. Time to drive the point home.
  9. "That's good... this is too sensitive to be lax." She said, taking High-Lift's hand to shake it. "Let's hope you'll only be needed for tours." She looked over to Optimus. "So, what sort of security detail are we having there? To be honest with I and High-Lift here volunteering, I would hope we have more assets to rely on? That and last I checked neither of us are diplomats." She crossed her arms. "I'm... not savvy as to what's being arranged for us."
  10. "Dotting I's and Crossing T's... logical, but doesn't that feel like it's poking a Drone Wasp's Nest, Sir? Something goes wrong and we're back to shedding energon all over the place. To be honest I like the fact I'm not racking up a requisition list for the torpedo missiles I'd been belching out." She crossed her arms. "That and a forced peace isn't well liked by the rebellious sort on either side. There will be political bank made to try to either disrupt this, or to use the goings on as some sort of conspiracy to hold down one side or the other." Her visor and chinguard closed. "I'm in, if only to take down any disruptions. The possibility of saving organics as well as ensuring our peace I'm all for." She looked over to her fellow winged colleague, although her form was a bit odd. There were many military grade aircraft that could lend to be converted for a Aerospace vehicle. "How about you, High Lift? Might need to be ready for an evac of civilians if some terrorist decides with the concentration of diplomats that a point could be made." The antennae on her head pinned back. "Not looking forward to space... not my best environment. Give me the open sea and the blue sky any day."
  11. Seahawk, sans Autobot markings and her colour scheme The tell-tale chirp on the communicator Seahawk had could have come from one 'bot. "Hmm... not suprised Optimus is summoning me... after all our time on earth." The spindly Seahawk had a lot of conflicted feelings. As a flight-capable Autobot, she was already something of a novelty. Some even looked at her with distrust as she was a aircraft type. Something that usually screamed Decepticon back in the bad days... the dark days of the civil war. Being a triple-changer was something that threw bots for a loop as well, but with the number of such versitile forms becoming more common started to make Seahawk feel more like she was among peers. But her odd form, the bird-like feet, the spindly body, her face that she most of the time hid under a helmet's visor, it made her stand out no matter the circumstances. But all of that had become moot in the birth pains of this new era, and a confusing one at that. The blue and white Autobot walked to the room Optimus awaited her in. As always the brilliant red chassis and his form commanded respect. Then again that old Semi has seen his share of battle. As she walked in her foot pads clinked when she stood at attention. "Sir, Seahawk, Forward Scout. Present as ordered, Sir." She said, her vocalizer taking to the accent known on earth as "British" as she saluted. Her chinguard and visor sliding open revealing her glowing blue eyes and steel face to the Autobot leader... at least one of them...
  12. Seahawk: Explorer, Scout, Hunter Seahawk was intended for a life of peaceful exploration and protecting expeditions into unexplored space, all that changed with the war as she was sent to far-flung regions of the galaxy to look for places to support the Autobot cause. Seahawk signed on early and quick as Autobot ideals fit her own, and she was willing to lay down her life for the new leader and philosopher of the Autobots. During her time in battle though she started to use her mind to try to stymie Decepticon efforts to undermine alliances with her own surprising diplomatic skill. This eventually lead to earth, where Seahawk was thrust into one of the most important conflicts of the Cybertronian Civil War. Divided between protecting humans, fighting and scouting for Autobot interests, and taking down high-threat Decepticon scouts and spies. When the war ended, Seahawk breathed a sigh of relief. Although leaving earth has left her sad. It's skies and waters were ideal for her, she would have loved vacationing there. But it was for the better, her kind caused damage... a lot of it. Now the potential of a voyage to ensure the fragile, young peace after the war brings Seahawk to a new phase of her life. She doesn't know what awaits her, but she knows she's ready for the task. Appearance In Jet or Sub mode, she is a dark navy blue hull/airframe vehicle with white pinstriping in various locations, this carrys over to her robot form. Her head looks like it is in a round helmet, with a blue goggle-like visor that comes down and closes around her face when she expects combat. Her body in robot form is spindly and almost avian in some aspects. Seahawk's Holoavatar is a test pilot named Anne, a British woman in her early 30s, average height and weight with red hair and blue eyes, some freckles. Tends to wear clothing that fits to what alt form she's piloting. A modern flightsuit and kit in jet mode, or a dive suit and gear with rebreather in sub mode. If in robot mode she is in a full, slightly sci-fi looking pressure suit when she steps out. Speaks english in the "BBC" accent, as it's how she learned the language by intercepting BBC transmissions. Armaments Seahawk weilds a Blue-Green laser rifle that serves as a gunpod in jet and sub mode as well, the rifle is specifically calibrated for underwater combat. She also is equipped with Sea/Air missiles that can be used to hit targets in the water or in the sky. For melee she weilds a pair of twin tonfa-like nightsticks, that she can use to strike at her opponents. Statistics High Aspect: An explorer at heart turned recon scout Trouble: More Stubborn than Impervium Alt Mode 1: A Streamlined and upgraded fighter jet Alt Mode 2: An unusually high-tech Submarine Aspect 1: Talk to them first, shoot later Aspect 2: Always takes the high road Careful: +2 Clever: +2 Flashy: +1 Forceful: +0 Quick: +3 Sneaky: +1 Stunt 1: Because I am a Field Mechanic, once per session I can use my mechanical know-how to negate a situational aspect that could be negated with mechanical skill. Stunt 2: Because I'm a People Robot, I get a +2 when I Cleverly overcome obstacles when I negotiate with others. Stunt 3: Because I'm a dead-eye shot, I get a +2 when I Carefully Attack when I use a ranged weapon. Refresh: 3, Stress: [] [] []