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  1. Jorihime wiped her Katana off before sheathing it, taking a moment to shut her eyes and let the pounding in her head subside, her face calming visibly from the excitement and bringing back her normal, relaxed look. The Lion then listened to Akami's statement, taking note of the weirdness of the whole thing. "Perhaps one of us should attempt to contact the person throwing their possessions?" She said as she looked to the group
  2. Jorihime will lead the way, weapon drawn, and smiling.
  3. Jorihime drew her Katana and let out a guttural roar, the thrill of battle made the hair on her back stand up as she smiled before charging the Oni-Spawn who was, violating the honor of the maid, dropping her blade down into a hard cut, she let out a fearsome slash. IronLady *rolls* 6d10: 5+2+9+1+3+7: 27 IronLady *rolls* 7d10: 1+9+1+2+10+8+10+3: 44 IronLady *rolls* 2d10: 8+7: 15 [Noir] 11:40 pm: 10's explode [Noir] 11:40 pm: so 18+17+3= 38 [Noir] 11:41 pm: That is an insta-kill [IronLady] 11:41 pm: Wooo [Noir] 11:42 pm: and your sword ignores their Carapace rating (though you rolled high enough to ignore it anyways) [Noir] 11:42 pm: so you can describe it how your wish if you like
  4. Ja I am ready to post, and do Mech stuff. Oh I'm not playing a german
  5. Jorihime nodded when she was given her task. She would do it to her utmost ability, and it was honestly a better choice for her to remain for protection, as she was rather wasted in investigation.
  6. Jorihime nodded in agreement with Rin before speaking. "I have some more information to share. The bandits were hired by a small man, in his 30s with a thin beard or mustache. In an Inn down by the waterfront" She then took a slightly too loud sip of her tea. Her social skills were far too poor from being a Ronin for as long as she had.
  7. A bit of a wall of text... [IronLady] 6:00 pm: I think Jorihime will go after one of the armored bandits [Noir] 6:01 pm: that would be TN 12 [Noir] 6:01 pm: and then any raises you want to take [Noir] 6:01 pm: if any [IronLady] 6:02 pm: I uh, don't think I want to take any raises [Noir] 6:02 pm: really? [Noir] 6:02 pm: you roll 6k3+3 [Noir] 6:04 pm: no worries [Noir] 6:05 pm: Your sowrd will ignore his armor, making the base TN to hit him 10 [IronLady] 6:05 pm: Ok [Noir] 6:06 pm: a TN of 15 would be better than 95% chance for you [Noir] 6:06 pm: that would be 1 raise [IronLady] 6:06 pm: Ok then, one raise [Noir] 6:06 pm: TN 20 would would be around 85% [Noir] 6:06 pm: which would be 2 raises [Noir] 6:06 pm: raise for damage? [IronLady] 6:07 pm: Yeah [Noir] 6:07 pm: So 6k3+3, TN 10 with 1 raise for damage, making it TN 15 since your sword ignors the armor [Noir] 6:08 pm: the chat mechanic is /d 6d10 or /d 6d10+3 [IronLady] 6:09 pm: I was actually just about to ask, thanks! IronLady *rolls* 6d10: 10+6+2+3+3+10+3: 37 [Noir] 6:09 pm: the 10's explode [Noir] 6:09 pm: so you get to roll them again and add them to the 10's [Noir] 6:09 pm: so /d 2d10 IronLady *rolls* 2d10: 6+2: 8 [IronLady] 6:09 pm: so 16 and 12 [Noir] 6:10 pm: so 37 [Noir] 6:10 pm: 16 + 12 + 6 + 3 [IronLady] 6:11 pm: Ok [Noir] 6:11 pm: so that is clklearly a hit [IronLady] 6:11 pm: yeah [Noir] 6:12 pm: damage is 3k2 for the katana + 3k0 for strength + 1k0 for the raise making it 7k2 [Noir] 6:12 pm: well, 7k2+3 IronLady *rolls* 7d10: 1+5+2+1+5+1+7+3: 25 [Noir] 6:12 pm: so /d 7d10+3 [Noir] 6:13 pm: eww [Noir] 6:13 pm: 16 [IronLady] 6:13 pm: no good? [Noir] 6:13 pm: 15, rather [Noir] 6:13 pm: for that dicepool, it was a poor roll [Noir] 6:13 pm: only broke a 5 once [Noir] 6:13 pm: still 15 damage though [IronLady] 6:14 pm: traditional Iron luck [Noir] 6:14 pm: which almost fills his -3 wound level [Noir] 6:14 pm: oh wait [Noir] 6:14 pm: you get +1k0 from Large [Noir] 6:15 pm: so roll that too Noir *rolls* 1d10: 9: 9 [Noir] 6:15 pm: grr. the command would be /d 1d10 IronLady *rolls* 1d10: 9: 9 Noir] 6:15 pm: that changes things [Noir] 6:15 pm: that's 19 now [Noir] 6:16 pm: that almost fills his -4 [Noir] 6:16 pm: so he is at -4 dice and therefore crippled [Noir] 6:16 pm: not dead, but will be in a minute or two with this huge gash across his chest Jorihime unwrapped the cloth around her right hand once more, revealing the Okimoto mon as she charged one of the armored bandits, swinging her sword in a savage cut across the chest, the blade took on a small bit of light and sliced through the Bandits armor. Rending him. "Let it be known an Okimoto is your doom today Bandit"
  8. Jorihime's Initiative So I rolled this, but uh. Noir showed me how to format it Noir] 7:02 pm: so keep the 5 + ref (3) + honor (3) for 11 total [Noir] 7:02 pm: yep
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    Chapter 1: Dead Moon Rising

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    Chapter 1: Dead Moon Rising

    Clara nodded to Reyusei before saying. "Affirmative, me and Teacup are going to check the other site" Which she followed with a chuckle and a slap on Sia's back before ordering Jaeger to the door.
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    Chapter 1: Dead Moon Rising

    "Jager is trained sir. I wouldn't go around with a loose cannon of a dog. But thank you" Clara said as she took the collar, twirling it between her fingers for a little bit. As she looked at it, magic was something she was getting used to very slowly... It's what made her an effective part of a unit again, but still. It ultimately freaked her out. "So I will see you all on the plane?"
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    Chapter 1: Dead Moon Rising

    Clara just sat silently listening to situation as it was. Taking mental notes to herself as she did. And remembering to wear sleeves at all time. She'd have to remember to read the dossier... And she couldn't bring Jager with. However, there were no questions from her. The rest of the team had asked them
  13. I'll do the BP before sunday. I promise
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    OOC Thread

    I'm still interested.