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    3J was in the zone the magic was coursing through her. She didn't hear the knock or Siobhan calling to her, didn't hear the door open and ddin't even hear Siobhan gasp or what she said then. But she did feel the magic wind which snuffed her summoning candles and then the hug as the other girl knelt knocking her candles askew. "What the .....!" 3J's eeys were wide as her trance was broken and it took her several seconds of being hugged to orientate her head. "What have you done?" She took in the scattered candles the slight lacing of frost. She pushed Siobhan away "get off of me" "I stopped you from making a terrible mistake. Cursing Warren won't make you feel any better." Siobhan explained "I wasn't cursing Warren I was summoning a spirit to question. Jesus Christ!" She picks up one of the candles which is broken. "You don't need all this to hex someone, this is necromancy. And now I'll have to get a new candle to do it all over." She huffs and puffs but leverages her self to her feet. and glares at Siobhan then her look softens a bit. "What shampoo do you use? Your hair smells really nice."
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    3J slams the book shut and squeezes out of the seat sliding around Warren. "You are such an asshole and I am not the person you want to be fucking with." She glares at the rest of the group. "Something is going on and we are all involved despite what this idiot says, despite whether you all want to admit it or not. Something. Is. Going. On." She stomps to the stairs and spins back to face them all crushing the book to her chest her face red with anger and embarrassment. "First all of us are brought here and put in a group that clearly doesn't exist officially." Then she starts pointing at them one by one starting with Siobhan. "Someone or thing is giving you magic seeds using the forest animals as a delivery service." Her hand slides to Kaitlin. "You keep getting the feeling your being watched or followed when your in the woods and you keep seeing things in the damn lake. And you," She stabs the finger at Cheshire, " You couldn't even see what was going on this morning with your pets. That rat was treating those squirrels like slaves making them give it their acorns oh it was so cute while that thing you call a cat was getting ready to attack it using birds as a fucking as an army. Since when do cats command birds?" She huffs for breath her eyes just daring anyone to speak before she points at Safyre. And you , your, your....your just a bitch," then finger points at Warren and everyone can see the little sparkle of electricity lining her black polished nail. "And you, Warren so scared of everything that you can't even admit the truth. You are simply pitiful." Finished she stomps up the stars making as much noise as possible untill the kids in the living room hear the sound of a door slamming.
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    3J nodded "Yeah they were in the library when i was there about an hour ago doing some research for the dean." Everyone looked at her with that 'how do you know that' look. She shrugged "I'm pretty good at not being noticed in case you hadn't noticed. Anyway I overheard them explain to Mrs Gellert when they were asking for some books.
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    3J rummaged through her bag and pulled out another book, this one a thin raged volume held together by rubberbands wrapped around its covers. Removing the bands she flipped through the pages. "Yeah It's a spell from the witch trials time. Here it is." SHe reads to herself paraphrasing as she goes along, " 'Silence the Poisonous Tongue', according to this it is a spell to make it so a witness can't testify by making them unable to speak. We will need some ingredients non of which looks harmful so it should be safe. But we do need something of the body of the one we are to silence." She pauses and looks at her fellow classmates and the stares they are giving her. "what?"
  5. Jane "3J" James


    3J stopped digging while Warren was talking and she realized that the fire was out already. She felt stupid and embarrassed again "I can do that." She said simply. Everyone left in the room, including Warren, looked at 3J, who was holding up another book.
  6. Jane "3J" James


    "Holy Shit!" exclaimed 3J as she saw the growing blaze in the trashcan, smoke billowing from it as if it were a 3 alarm the the flames really began to shoot out. This wasn't some little trash can fire fueled by a few crumple sheets of paper it was a budding conflagration complete with jets of flames shooting up every few seconds each one higher than the last. Pretty much everyone was frozen when 3J began shouting again. "Wait wait I know what to do!" The chubby red head started digging through her bag as the flames shot higher and higher...
  7. Jane "3J" James


    3J nervously pushed herself off the couch and stepped up to the same spot Safyre had just been. She was starting to sweat nervously before she said or did anything, but Spenser gave her a nod of encouragement so she set her bag on the table and dug out an old fashioned book about the size of a diary. The book was covered in a heavily faded red cloth although it looked more pink than red due to it's age. She looked out at everyone as she flipped the pages. “This...this is a spell called Mirrors of Internal Reflection.” With the book in one hand, she began weaving some jerky weird looking figures in the air and slowly a shape began to form. After a moment a semi transparent mirror in an old fashioned round frame floated in front of her the reflective surface facing away. She looked around nervously then saw that Warren was showing a good amount of interest so she moved her hand and the mirror moved toward him he flinched back as the mirror lowered itself to the level of his face and reflected his image. Before he could say anything the reflection opened its mouth. “This is all so much bullshit they set this crap up...” the voice trailed off only to come back again a second later. “I always thought fat girls had really big tits, hers don't look very big at all..” Shocked at what the mirror revealed 3J's hand faltered and the mirror sailed right into Warren where it vanished in a shower of sparkles. Red faced 3J started to close the book but Spenser held out his hand. “Can I see your book?” She looked at the book and the hand stretched out for it and reluctantly gave it over. She avoided meeting his eyes, anybodies eyes. Spenser looked at the spell printed on the page surrounded by copious notes. “You made these note, 3J?” “No sir, they were in the book when I fou...acquired it.” He nodded and handed it back. “Good job. Next” 3J quickly sat and crossed her arms covering her breasts as best she could. Inside she was furious with the stupid boy.
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    "I think she was referring to the 'C' word. But then I would have thought you would know all about that." Said 3J as she regained some semblance of composure.
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    Not realizing it was a trap 3J bit "Hogwarts is real? What does it have that this place doesn't? OMG! Is Dumboldore real?" All in a wide eyed run on sentence.
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    The short dumpy redhead with the glasses just stood by the door clutching her oversized bohemian bag as if it contained the crown jewels. 3J hadn't said more than four words since Maria had handed her the name tag. These kids are all better than me prettier, probably have money well at least the girls. She had thought that the one who said to call her Kat had been chubby like she was but then she got a better look at her neck which had muscle not flab and her wrists also not chubby with fat. What had caused her to be grouped with These are obviously better people there must have been a mistake. Why did I even come here I should have stayed in bed. 3J never realized that she was mumbling.
  11. Jane "3J" James

    Ravenhurst Character Thread

    Jane “3J” James Description/Background Jane Jennifer James, called 3J by her close friends, is a 15 year old chubby girl. A rather average looking young lady, she dresses in uncomplimentary baggy clothes to hide her bulk but it doesn't do very good job of it really. She keeps her red hair short and it's usually messy and her large framed glasses help show off her nicest feature, her sparkling icy blue eyes. 3J grew up in a predominately working class Irish-American community in Chicago. Her dad is a teamster and a union man through and through, her mom teaches grade school. Her parents have been together through thick and thin (a lot of thin) since they were in high school. 3J has two big brothers and a sister one year younger than her. Margery, her sister, and her share a room in they're old 2 story house and even with the age difference, they are really best of friends. She gets along good with her brothers who are protective of their sisters, and with her mother. Her dad is another story, he drinks a lot and while he doesn't hit or abuse any of them he can be heavy handed and just doesn't understand his kids and he would never understand 3J's abilities to make Magic, so she has kept that part of her life hidden from him. Being 15 is rough for any kid, being a 15 year old fat girl with red hair and thick glasses is a comedy of errors just waiting to happen. But 3J doesn't give in to despair even before the magic came, 3J defied the stereotype. She has always been physically active and even plays sand lot sports with the neighborhood kids and no one can touch her imagination. She began playing dungeon and dragons when she was little, introduced to the game by her brothers she quickly out stripped them and by the time she got to high school she was the best DM in the area. Not to shabby for a 15 year old chubby chick, not at all. But still she wishes she could find a diet that works, when she sees the other girls wearing pretty clothes and looking thin and sexy, that's when her weight bothers her but up to now diets just haven't worked, well maybe Magic can. ATTRIBUTES KNOWLEDGE ● ● CONVICTION ● TALENT ● ● TECHNIQUE ● FITNESS ● ● ● ● ● ● ADVANTAGES I Have One!, Gypsy Curse (this is what got her noticed as she was using it rather frequently to curse her tormentors), Steady Hands, Library (Bought a box of D&D books at a garage sale found several rare magical volumes mixed in with the game books) DRAWBACKS Bad Eyes (needs to wear big thick glasses to see anything more than a yard away), Overweight
  12. Nox is silent for a time and simple turns and begins moving back down the tunnel. Some the party can hear the sound of the numenera cutting the rock and dirt ahead. movement slows to a slow walk. suddenly Nox's tail shudders and several of the tentacles with mouths and some with eyes sprout. the chorused voice echos in the tunnel. "I travel alone. the surface is unsafe for my kind. your kind usually seeks to exterminate us on sight. There are others but we do not travel together and rarely meet." Goutro thinks on this for a while. "Do the surface dwellers attack you out of fear of the unknown or for some other reason?" Nox pauses the eye stalks peering at the small alien. "My kind need others to procreate, this results in a painful gruesome demise of the others. but it is unavoidable we must survive and we must procreate." Looks are exchanged. "There is no need to worry I am not at the reproduction phase of my existence, none of you are in danger from me. There is a crystal formation ahead my tool will not carve it. We must deviate. Do you have a desired direction? Firanis, after consulting with her fellows answers the friendly monstrosity. "North north west would be ideal for us if possible." "All things are possible." The strange troop travels for days. when the air gets stuffy Nox will drill small holes to the surface for ventilation. and several times he opens a way to the surface so food can be gathered by hunting. All in all it is a pleasant if uneventful journey. But eventually it ends. Nox Stops. "There is a large conglomeration of men ahead many many men.I can feel the vibrations. I must Deviate." Bloom steps up. "Is it a city? It could be the Workshops." "I do not know but there are many many men."
  13. Unnervingly the tentacled eyes gaze at them all from all different directions. "I travel as well. I am Nox. You may accompany me or I can open the sky to let you return to the surface." the eerie choir of voices sing to them.
  14. Gasps of shock and fear, Bloom and the slave scurry back, Firanis slips her digging tool out of her Pouch while Gord sling a heavy bladed weapon off his back. <I can hear it's thought but i cant understand them, which is impossible, thought transcends language> The thing sort of coils several of the tentacles bring other numenera to bear when Sparx steps forward. Sparx is uncertain if it can speak or is sapient, but seeing it holding a digging tool gives her pause. "You speak?" she says. "You understand? Look." She holds her hands up, showing that they're empty. "Won't shoot first. Won't shoot you first. You understand?" All of the numenera now point at Sparx and she prepares to defend herself flashes of electricity shooting between her fingers. Then the voices come. Many, as if a half dozen speakers are all talking at once, the voices have a half dozen tonal ranges as if a choir. "You...speak. I ...speak. We...speak. No one has spoke before. Why?" The numenera drop. The tentacles focus on Sparx. Each one is about six to eight feet long and each one has a single eye and a mouth. The mouth has smaller thicker tentacles only a few inches long that operate like fingers. The voices issue from the mouths on the tentacles. One of the numenera flares and the tunnels is filled with a soft light revealing the creatures bulk filling the space. "Are you...Threat?"
  15. Into the hole the party drops and soon they are on their way with Bloom complaining of the loss of our goods and animals. "With out those mounts we will never make it to the tower before the moon turns" he whines. <Silence! I detect a thought ahead, but I cant understand it...> Goutro's thought cuts into very ones mind at that moment ahead of them they hear a rumble and crunch of falling rock Firanis scoots ahead a few paces and raises her light and peers into the shadowy darkness as the rest prepare themselves. At first the light reveals nothing but then Firanis makes out what looks like movement at the edge of the shadow, she tries to make it out but unable to she steps forward and realizes that the shadow of the tunnel is no shadow but rather the mass of some large serpent like creature and that the movement she saw were the extremely long and dexterous tentacles surrounding the creatures maw!