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  1. Exactly, nothing playable or interesting about this character-less "character". Just an attempt to (ab)use the rules, doing the "rules as written, not as intended or as the ST interprets"-bit, to somewhere close to their limit. I saw this thread (it was on the first page, not THAT deep necro!) and got a bit distraught that the suggestions required too many points, relaxed character creation rules or just weren't broken enough. No rulebooks, so...hopefully long enough? The goal is to inflate until you reach powers that permanently boost you. If that IS possible, even a tiny bit of permanent improvement, then (if you run out of time/QP) you can start over again, from a beter startpoint. Eventually, you'll reach Planck Scaling and Apotheosis. Of course, if durations/QP run out before you hit any permanent benefits, the build just won't work. Making it slightly more useless than I thought it was.
  2. Welp, necro'ing is fun and this is a topic I've discussed with a friend, some ten years ago or so. No rulebooks here, so I'll try my best from memory, try to interpret odd concepts with an Aberrant filter. I will use some of the same thoughts El'Jinn Uu did, one page and five and a half years ago, mostly Quantum Construct. So. Within the 30 Nova points, max 5 Quantum basic rules. Attribs: Manipulation 5, rest unimportant Skills: Unimportant. Backgrounds: Attunement 5, rest unimportant. Bonus points: Whatever 7 flaws, find some nice comfy ones. 22 points to spend. 21 bonus points on 3 Quantum, 1 point on something unimportant. Nova points: 30. What's the Quantum minimum on Quantum Construct? I think it's 4. We have 4. Happy. Mega-Manipulation 5, 15 points. Quantum Construct 3, 15 points. (Might want to spend 5 of these on Quantum, I don't have the QC rules to do the math) Now use Quantum Construct to create a construct that can increase your Quantum Construct to 5 through Nova Proxy, as long as the construct's active. Now use your improved Quantum Construct to create a construct that can use Quantum Manipulation (whatevs, PG, Quantum 7 or 8 requirement I think). Then have that construct raise your Quantum temporarily. Then give you better Mega-Manipulation temporarily. Now use your improved Quantum Construct boosted by your improved Mega-Manipulation to create a construct that's better at Quantum Manipulation. ... Finally, use your boosted-beyond-recognition QC and MM to create a construct that can use Planck Scaling. ??? PROFIT! And no taint.