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  1. What would I like to see? I always thought one of the defining elements of A! was the concept of Lost Worlds and the civilizations that came with it. Whether it was exploring the Celestial City for an artifact that might have been the basis for the legends of the holy grail while fighting off warriors of the Jade Emperor, getting into a brawl because the bartender wouldn't serve the gorilla accompanying us to retrieve a map to an ancient Atlantean outpost or racing the clock to stop a madman from activating a cache of Martian war 'pods I always had a fondness for the Lost Worlds and the things that came from them. *cough* Enkidu *cough* In the original A! the Lost Worlds were very much a throw away concept and (apparently) the result of the Hammersmith explosion creating bubbles of reordered reality that eventually (assumedly) popped. These places and times could also have been the end points of Swiss cheese tunnels carved through noetic space into fringe areas of alternate mini-universes, portals across space and time to worlds that had been / would some day be colonized by the genetically tailored relatives of man or maybe just Planks Spheres that took form and substance from the thoughts of those entering. Or something completely different that I haven't thought of. At any rate I'd like to see those wondrous places and their inhabitants again. I'd like to know what they really are, what happened to them over time and I personally also think it would be very cool if there was some tiny influence from these places in Aberrant and Trinity. Nothing show stopping. But understand I live for the moment when my team of Psions receive their AEON briefing on the Enkidu Protocols so named for the mysterious Dr. Enkidu that crafted the document and of whom there are no pictures. Or recovering plans on aged parchment that detail the construction of quantum stabilizer devices that will tweak local physics just enough to prevent aberrants from opening portals into major metropolitan areas. And if someday my Psion battles his way through the warriors of a strange city on an alien world to recover a relic from an aberrant proclaiming himself to be the Jade Emperor, a relic that holds nano-encoded information to create a treatment for the taint mutated disease ravaging the population of Earth, well that's okay too. Raphael
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