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  1. Simple Wordsmith

    Game over?

    Are we officially calling this thing? If not, is there a game plan to get things moving?
  2. Simple Wordsmith

    OOC [July 2015]

    Alas, poor y0rrick. We didn't get to know you at all.
  3. Simple Wordsmith

    OOC [July 2015]

    I am inclined to agree.
  4. Simple Wordsmith

    Pack of Troubles

    That places us with 11 points confirmed: Mavuto: 1 (+more once CCD is approved)Glint: 1Kaitlyn: 5Aaron: 2Okpere (Aaron's wolf-blooded): 1Darrik: 1Below is an initial write-up. Please give feedback. Name and Concept The Wind Where Spring Meets Summer (TWWSMS (SMS for very short)) is one of several spirits in the Cape Doctor's ilthum. SMS is associated with the occasionally violent storms that rage through on South Easter winds during the transition from Spring to Summer as warm and cold fronts clash along the Cape. SMS is quick-moving and forceful, proud and fickle. It is the most combative of Cape Doctor's ilthum, driving out things it perceives as illnesses upon the land with force. Aspiration and Ban SMS desires nothing less than to sweep the Cape clean of any magath. It perceives them as an illness upon the spiritual landscape to be eradicated. This urge has become a ban for SMS, compelling it (and those who hold it as their totem) to act to confront and destroy any magath they encounter. Totem Points: 11 (at present) [3 experiences] Advantages [We don't have enough totem points right now to get +1 to Wits, which had been the key thing we had all expressed interest in. If we get 4 more totem points, that'll be a shoe-in. If not, what other things would people like to see here?] Attributes Power: 5Finesse: 4Resistance: 2Rank: 2 Essence: 11 Corpus: 2 [+ Size] Willpower: 6 Initiative: 6 Defense: 4 Speed: 9 [+ "species" factor] Size: ? Influence Wind 2 Numen BlastSpeedTelekinesis
  5. Simple Wordsmith

    OOC [July 2015]

    I've taken a couple of days to consider the question, because I didn't have a real answer. I still don't, but think that leaving the thread unanswered is probably worse than not having a real answer. I've played forum-based or email-based games before. One of the things that is beneficial is establishing how often players are expected to post and actively moving things along. Daily, three times a week, or even just once a week presents a clear schedule for minimum commitment. Players are expected to meet that threshold if they want their characters to be included in plot development. Most small games are at least somewhat party/coterie-based or have some strong external pressure that drives PCs to work together. Right now we don't have such pressure and not all characters have any clue of who the other characters are. There aren't strong collaboration incentives and there isn't a strong sense of having things to play off of in regards to each other. I picked an outsider and somewhat antagonistic character to play. I can try stepping up that antagonism if it would help people have something to react to and band together a bit, even if it means my character's destruction. This is an offer. We could give some either focused chat-based or supporting use of chat-based efforts a try. I fear it would leave out those who can't attend though, which is one of the big strengths of a forum-based game. There aren't that many of us playing at present, which might make it viable, but might also hinder long-term growth. I'll try it, but I'm not sold on it being the solution.
  6. Simple Wordsmith

    Pack of Troubles

    I am pretty sure that our NPC wolf-blooded don't automatically get a free point in Totem. Now that I have a sense of how things are shaping up, I'm doing a last pass over Mavuto's character sheet and finishing up his CCD. I can make sure to spend at one of the extra XP from the CCD on Totem, bringing Mavuto's total contribution up to 2 though. I'm relatively okay with us starting with totem at a moderate level and building up from there, unless folks want it to start strong (keeping in mind that it'll mean a stronger ban on all of us).
  7. Simple Wordsmith

    Pack of Troubles

    I'm going to finish up my trio with... Belinda "Linda" Retief is the widow of Mavuto's former packmates. She's human, but has bits and pieces she's put together over the years. Mavuto keeps an eye on her out of a sense of loyalty to his fallen former packmate, who was killed five years ago in the final battles between the Pure and the Forsaken that led to almost everything being wiped away. She knows Mavuto was a good friend to her husband, but how much more than that she doesn't say and Mavuto pointedly doesn't ask. I'm going to file the abbreviated stats for Thulile, Koos, and Linda privately shortly. Anyone interested is welcome to build more connections with them.
  8. Simple Wordsmith

    Out of Office for a week

    Feel free to write up some crazy things and give 'em to the Elodoths. Seriously though, take the time you need. We're still plenty busy sorting ourselves out.
  9. Simple Wordsmith

    Pack of Troubles

    Yep. Not all parts of it though. I imagine if we stake a claim to it, we'll have to take care of not just the public tour areas, but the rougher spots as well. Also, I'd be down with our totem being in the Cape Doctor's ilthum. Building off of real and established senses of things can be a lot of fun here. I sort of expect that we won't be able to have enough Totem points into it for it to be the Cape Doctor, but something tied to it would be fine. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Given the associations of the Cape Doctor, I could see a ban that in some way deals with disease or illness. Probably an action that must be performed rather than must not be performed under certain circumstances. Assuming we aren't going to have Cape Doctor itself, we could have something like The Wind that Sweeps the Tabletop (cleansing and natural) or The First Wind of Summer (hot and dry) or even The Winds Where Spring Meets Summer (more storm-associated, tied to the occasional fierce storm from south-easterns.)
  10. Simple Wordsmith

    Pack of Troubles

    Location: I'd be keen on parts of the national parks and smaller towns on the south-eastern outskirts of Capetown: Fish Hoek, Kommetjie, and Simon's Town. It also sets us up on the fringe between Cape Town and the wild madness of Cape Point. I am aware of a potential conflict of interest between this game and another one when it comes to Table Mountain itself. Territory is definitely a thing that will need some checking over with Dawn to coordinate between the different games. Totem: Very happy to have something wind- or storm-related (unsurprisingly), but not entirely sure about something quite as aggressive as Killing Wind. While fighting will be an aspect of what we need to do, I'm leery about making it absolutely central to the feel and flavor of the pack and whatever bans such a totem might possess. Enduring Wind, Whispering Wind, Storm Watch, or even Cape Doctor could be interesting choices. Other ideas are fine, too. If folks want to go with Killing Wind, I don't have a strong objection. Just a moment of hesitation and desire to double check to see if that's what we want to be bound together under the banner of.
  11. Simple Wordsmith

    OOC [May & June 2015]

    I generally use the following to search for images under an appropriate Creative Commons license: https://search.creativecommons.org/ Also, sorry about vanishing. Illness. I'll be back in the saddle on all fronts starting today.
  12. Simple Wordsmith

    Pack of Troubles

    Awkwardness can be good. As long as we're setting the stage so that we have some kind of basis to start from, the rest of how folks relate will be sorted out in game. I expect that the pack will still be in its relatively formative state based on responses so far, so it isn't like a whole lot of detail is required. In short: sounds good.
  13. Simple Wordsmith

    The Game is On!

    Woohoo! It looks like at least some of the games here are not *quite* ready, but I'm thrilled to see the chronicle as a whole kick off. Can't wait to dive in!
  14. Simple Wordsmith

    Softwary things update

    I'll ping you privately with it.