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  1. Awesome news! I can't wait to see the finished product and sell my group on a new Aberrant game.
  2. Strictly from a story telling standpoint I prefer the second option. It reinforces the reasoning behind them being a race of cowards (too frightened to move forward, unable to replace their losses), and lends more gravity to interactions with them even on an individual basis.
  3. Re: Nukes Glad to hear it, I have searched to the best of my ability and never found any stats for nuclear weapons in any official or fan made supplements. In my mind, a high end physical Nova needs to be able to shrug off a nuke. I don't know if you'll be including any smaller alternate reality descriptions, but an interesting one might be to borrow some of the concept of Rising Stars. The Galatea Explosion causes a small number of children who are in utero at the time to be born as second generation Novas instead of widespread eruptions (This is the game I ran after coming across A Breed Apart).
  4. As Nexus is going to be exploring playing Novas at the high end of the power spectrum, will we be seeing rules for extreme adverse conditions (i.e. Stars and Black Holes) and/or WMDs (Nuclear Weapons and other high end explosives mostly, biological weapons were covered very well in The New Flesh)?
  5. If it involved NewUniversal (or most anything Warren Ellis has been involved with) I'll gladly admit to reading it. As an aside, kudos on the fantastic source books you've created. A Breed Apart rekindled interest in Aberrant after years of it collecting dust. I hope the developers of the new continuum put as much thought and effort into their work as you have.
  6. Nothing overly constructive to add, I very much like everything you've done here. I especially like the Lemurian setting, it reminds me very much of the NewUniversal prequel detailing the prehistoric Star Brand and company. I'm looking forward to the finished book, a guide to playing high powered Novas is right up my alley.
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