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  1. I never played this. I heard this game is pretty hard and that you can easily die. Is that still true?
  2. sounds interesting, but I would like to read more on the system first before and how things are done before deciding on anything.
  3. Okay. It maybe just me, but I am a bit paranoid. Is there an area where we post our character sheets yet?
  4. Yeah, I may join if I am not selected. I was wondering if they were referring to me. If not then I could play with your group. I am also thinking of dming another game yet it's a different system.
  5. question, is it wise to spend karma early on or later on?
  6. I don't know precisely how mine will be. I have a few ideas. One is a sort of elvish face/special opts (not for sure I am thinking along the lines of someone whom is tactical.). The other one is more of a human weapon specialist.
  7. I used to have an fourth edition if memory hold out but my computer crash and took out my pen and paper pdf library. I can try and find the book again if can be.
  8. okay understandable. Personally I don't drink as well as I don't go out partying. Plus I count Christmas and new years as two separate holidays. Plus I like to spend them with family if I can.
  9. I am wondering the same. What's going on?
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