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  1. https://warships.us/nina_blain_73 if your bored and looking for a free game to pass the time, click that link come play WoWs and we both get free stuff yes this is a shameless plea
  2. Justin how are you handling stunts?
  3. Ok this is kind of hard but I need to do it, AWS is dragging me down, it looms over everything else i try to write but when i try to write for it I just can't. I have come to the conclusion that I have done everything here in AWS that I can. that continuing as I previously said I would is just dragging out it's inevitable death and leading those of you invested in it , on in a misguided attempt to not disappoint you all. It makes me feel dirty. Disappointing you all makes me feel sad. And these games/writing things are supposed to be fun. We had a long run with this world and for the most part I would say a good one. There were miss steps but I think I have learned from them. I have some other things I wish to run and I hope your experiences with AWS don't sour you on giving any new game I start a try. As for your characters they are of course yours and you are free to do what you want with them... Continue writing them In the world we created re-use them in other games. All of them are good characters all of you did a remarkable job with them. I am sorry for the threads I started that wont be finished Any failure here is my own. As I said last time I am not going to lock these threads they are yours as much as they were mine and none of this would be here if it weren't for all of you. But my time with AWS is at an end I just don't have anything left, I won't be writing any more AWS posts. Thank you all for playing with me in this world and I hope we can continue playing together in other worlds to come. Nina - AWS ST
  4. yah i meant to pm you and ask what you would do after leaving the school... got side tracked sorry.
  5. at the bottom of your post is a menu for options under which you can hide the post. just hide the wrong post and re-post a copy and paste version with the right account. make sure you copy the one you want to post before you hide it though
  6. okay just so everyone still interested in NP knows whats going on. I have reconsidered my decision to end the game. I have come up with an idea to bring the two teams together with a slight retooling of my original premise and continue the game with a new direction. Most of your characters will fit easily into the new direction but some may not translate perfectly. The game will be moving away from the Transhumanist/cyberpunk Investigation procedural drama thingy it was supposed to be toward a more militant/survival Space Opera type game. All of the existing characters will still work however if you don't like your character or want to just make a new one I can go along with that. In particular Sean and Jer, both of your characters are built with the sort of cyberpunk investigation game dragon claw was supposed to be and your two characters i think may have the hardest time with the direction i wish to go in. We can talk about it in private if you wish I am still in the gestating stage of working on this but wanted y'all to get the heads up.
  7. yes this chapter is definitely finished and thanks to each of you I have an idea of how to put the two groups together I just have to solidify it in my head then work out some details. no promises but don't trash your characters
  8. and created a big one at least in the movies
  9. rl is intruding again but working on it as I can...got a lot on the plate
  10. Nina


    Memorial day weekend we are going out of town for a wild and crazy romantic weekend in new orleans. do not expect anything from me until i return tuesday then we will see where things lie. I may show up on chat or discord occasionally but don't count on it. if anyone has anything they need from me before I leave friday let me know asap thanks
  11. I will look at things after this weekend and my vacation trip. Hopefully that will reinvigorate my enthusiasm. I will make no promises but I don't like leaving things unfinished it makes me feel like I failed. max most of us are in discord sitting quietly just like we do in chat so...join us if you can
  12. i have received no requests to continue with the things I said i would if anyone wanted me to. I am still open to that.
  13. character with cosmic power based loosely off of Starbrand/Green Lantern/Nova/Captain Marvel.... but mostly Starbrandesq
  14. Let me be clear AWS is now open world... I haven't closed or cancelled the game but i am not going to force anyone to post in my plots or to post the way I feel they should post. I am not going to enforce rules and shit. Y'all are adults and you know what you want to do and how to do it. I will still post where I feel like posting and will even continue GMing to a degree but let me be clear This is your game now. If you want to post with your characters post with them if you don't, don't but that choice is entirely up to you. If you want my advice on something ask me whether you use my advice is up to you. If you start a thread here it is your thread you can do whatever you want. I would ask that if you do make a new thread and call it aws at least try to follow the world we have created to this point. but if you don't i'm not gonna take away your birthday The solo threads I have started for some characters I am willing to continue at least until the completion of the first issues... GDP this includes your character even though i had not posted it yet. After the 1st issues they are yours. or you can just cut me out and do what ever. If you want me to finish those issues let me know here or in a pm. As for the main thread with the Irregulars. There are two active plots and there is an over arching plot. If you wish complete the two active plots as players I can either give some one the pertinent information and they can "take over" or I can finish them in an abbreviated form. The overarching plot was going to thread through the individual books and culminate in a big crossover some where down the line. that was the plan. If y'all continue and wish to i can advise about this or co gm it. but thats up to y'all and we can discuss it individually as needed What does this mean for my other games? The Shadows will continue as is. If any of you wish to drop out please let me know so I can work that in but i do not see shadows changing due to this. Nova Praxis/Starfinder - both of these games are on life support. NP in it's current form is not working for me. I will finish the current story on the Ginger Snap side. Dragonsclaw I will try to finish but I am having difficulty in tying it together so I make no promises. Once this is accomplished NP will either be completely retooled to combine the characters or may be cancelled and replaced with a different hard scifi game. I have not decided what to do with it yet. That leaves Starfinder. I do not know what to do here. so I will leave it up to those of you playing SF. If you wish to continue SF as a game you need to post. I have two of you who post regularly Char and Jer. The rest of you for whatever reason either have to be reminded eveytime or post as an after thought or don't post at all. If y'all want to continue Sf i need commitment to posting from more than two of you. if not I will cancel SF and move on. I know this is the aws OOC but since all of you or most of you are in aws and one or more other games I wanted to get this out there and didn't feel the need for a bunch of posts saying the same thing. We all have real lives outside of this website. but we choose to come here because this place fills a need. We all love this hobby. But we don't all share the same values or the same ideas even when it comes to our hobbies. I do things differently than Dave, or Noir, or Justin, or Sean. I don't like the same things that you like in some cases and not to the same degree in others. and you all have similar likes and dislikes. We don't always see eye to eye and sometime we get frustrated. Frustrated with the games we are playing, Frustrated with the games we are running. Frustrated with each other. and Frustrated with Real life. This is a place to relax and have fun. When that is no longer what is happening, things need to change. And the only thing we can change is ourselves. I'm starting to ramble
  15. never mind what i said this is y'alls game now post what ever you want, not my place to tell you how to role play
  16. due to unforeseen work related stuff i am not going to be available much for anything, especially during the day. I don't know how long probably at least through this coming weekend. I will post when and if I can sorry for the inconvenience.
  17. i'm up for anything if someone wants to start somethin
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