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  1. i have some interest but want to see the complete cc rules and what everyone else is doing.

    for those who play D&D their new digital site is live now check it out https://www.dndbeyond.com/
  3. AWS Character update thread

    ok thanks i will see abou tkicking off Chapter VI soon then
  4. Stay in touch

    just in case if any one needs/wants to get in touch with me and the site here is not functioning send me an e-mail nina.blain@yahoo.com
  5. Stay in touch

    if you feel so inclined please add your own contact informaton
  6. I have fallen behind here again my apologies. will be catching up this weekend please bear with
  7. Post any questions or comments so forth and so on here and welcome to the game
  8. Vampire: The Long Night - OOC

    ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry
  9. who is going to the normal school and who is opting out. post here please

    I have one more opening in my Ravenhurst game if there is anyone interested send me a pm or post here
  11. ok i have been reminded that i had said that i would post if no one else did, my bad I forgot I will rectify asap.
  12. Last post in this game by anyone other than Sean was June 28., almost a month ago. if there is any interest left please post. I know that there are other games with a similar bent going now (HA and Justin's forthcoming FT) so the field is a bit crowded, but i 'nt want to leave one player hanging waitng for others I would rather just close the game and allow that one player to move on. Let me know what y'all want to do

    post combat rolls here

    do you share any of seans theories of the impact of the number of portals?

    the hounds are spreading out not gathered when you arrived there were about 200 of them about fifty got coaght in the abel sara trap on the other side. none of the hounds have attacked any of you those nearest to any of you scattered whn you charged in

    The battlefield

    INITIATIVE ORDER Lilly Abel Sara Kia Aliens Deviants Howlers - Defense 2 Soak 5B/3L Wounds - Wounded/Wounded/Dead Infentry - Defense 2 Soak 8B/4L Wounds - Wounded/Dead Large Aliens - Defense 0 Soak 16B/10L Wounds - Bruised/Wounded/Wounded/Wounded/Wounded/Dead Go ahead a post your attacks and actions into the story thread post in Intiiative order. Base personell you may post as you wish but make sure you label your posts as follows GUARDIAN SHIELD OPS BULWARK AFB Round one starts now
  18. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    you do not have to touch them or travel with them you just need to have the psychic link. you do still need to either see the destination in real time or have teleported to the destination yourself in the past. the only restriction is power you have to pay the cost for each person you teleport at a time.. So if you send three people to help alec at bunnies it will cost you QP for three teleports... but it happens simultaneously, you do not have to do 3 separate teleports.
  19. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    replied in a pm
  20. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    ok for me to proceed I need to know what the main group is going to do. you can either tell me in here ooc and i'll post it or make a post in character in the thread. but lets not bog things down.
  21. This is where we will put character profiles for the game. I will also put up important npcs here as well. As your characters are approved you can place them make you you put your game mechanics in a spoiler box If at all possible use pictures of real people as opposed to drawings, either actors or models, to represent your characters, thank you.