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  1. well yeah no one should be telling you you need a 5 base to have a one mega. RAW spells it out quite clearly as you say, but again i completely disagree with what it seems you are implying about removing or divorcing the dot descriptions from the dots. if you do that yes you have completely altered the RAW
  2. fine if you wish to ignore/change the RAW. in what you are describing you might as well get rid of all attributes and abilities and just give each player a single number of dice to roll for everything. which is ok but then you are not playing aberrant. thats my opinion
  3. I inverted some numbers in my head while makeing the cc rules and didn't realize that I had severly limited the power choices. With that in mind I have removed the purchase cap on quantum score at creation you may now but it up to five. sorry for the confusion i had not realized how much of a constraint i had placed on people
  4. You were gone a split second...when that split second occurred i have not settled on entirely yet but i am leaning more toward the satellite launch point than earlier as I had sort of plotted before. Nothing has happene to the company yet. yes the colony still exists however your parents would have been brought back after the crisis unless they decided to become colonists. Kyle still exists and yes rashoud is still in the end pretty much a monster. The rest will be addressed in my first posts but nothing in that really pertains to any new characters. there are not that many keys there are only a fraction of a percent of the worlds population which can potentially unlock and even then a lot of circumstances need to be met. there are less than a hundred world wide thta have unlocked since the advent of the irregulars. I am working on my initial post for the new chapter when i have time.
  5. well this isn't a democracy and this isn't a majority rules. I told myself that I would only do this if everyone was 100% on board and one of us is adamantly against it and another will do it but doesn't really want too so.... thanks for considering it and as I said before i will look at the goals y'all wrote down and come up with something.
  6. i guess not... thanks I will look at all of this and see where to go from here
  7. Nina i could piss everyone off with chapter 4... SalmonMax Or you could just confuse us with cryptic comments about it. Nina kinda what i am doing SalmonMax I presume she means the rules of AWS, given the context. Jeane oh, yeah. we could totally come back to 'all your base are belong to us' with rashoud cackling atop a throne of surgercally removed nodes. Nina oh no jeane it would be nuch more radical than that Jeane heh. long as you don't remove the powers again, I can roll with it and extract some fun in the process. 49 mins Noir we could play the Irregulars playing their D&D game Nina not quite but close... i would have this all have been sara's first attempt at running a campaing for all of you.... jeane was a late comer when his dad was transferred in in the middle of the year... all of you hated it cause face Sara sucks as a game master but sean secretly kept cajoling you guys to stick with the miserable game until the end cause after all she is his first ever girlfriend and likely his last... any way the game has just eneded and the campaign is over... and thats where it picks up with y'all being just a bunch of nerd high school kids... 42 mins Nina i bet that kills chat Nina see that would be a reboot with actaully rebootng 38 mins Nina kinda briliant huh 38 mins SalmonMax Hehe. Would we need to do new sheets? 38 mins Nina of and the missing characters... they were always just npcs 37 mins Nina yes max you would.... lol 37 mins SalmonMax lol 37 mins SalmonMax It feels more like an epilogue than a reboot, but I guess it all depends on what happens next, arr 37 mins Nina and who knows sean might of even got lucky after all his effots 36 mins Nina it's weirder stuff max... there is no epilogue it has to end for there to be an epiloge and no shit just keeps getting weirder.... and that is where the rewritten rules come in 35 mins Nina who here has seen the phantasm movies? Are you Pondering what I am Pondering?
  8. dude you need to lighten up... i was being funny
  9. see i figured marrisa would go off to hollywood and become scarlett johanson, charlize theron, brie larson, whoever else all combined in one as she systematicly dismantaled courtney's world and lived Seans dream, while making millions and become the queen of entertainment and gossip. but if you want her to have become a recluse thats cool. as for devin thats cool too.
  10. last week I had a bad week and I threw a tantrum I was going to leave the site for good, I canceled some games and left some open with the intention of making a some final posts then canceling them and going away. I tend to bottle my emotions mainly in real life not so much here and when im full the littlest things can set a flood off, couple with the fact that i have been having bouts of depression and anxiety since the end of last year I am somewhat of a mess. last week i got set off and y'all saw the result. since then I have calmed down and the problem has been mostly resolved and i am feeling guilty and remorseful none of this is y'all's fault or has anything to do with y'all except where it impacts you because of my actions. for any distress i caused last week I am sorry. for my knee jerk actions canceling games i am sorry. this isn't a cry for attention or sympathy, there is no need to post here I just wanted y'all to know because I think of y'all as friends and i wasn't being a very good friend last week.
  11. I will no longer be running this game. I will leave it active if anyone wishes to take it up let me know and i will ask Matt to change moderators
  12. I will no longer be running this game. I will leave it active, if anyone wishes to take it up let me know and i will ask Matt to change moderators
  13. i want to thank everyone who made characters and posted but I am having too much trouble working this one up that and several of the players have vanished. my apologies for your wasted efforts
  14. since this is modern age what version of resources are we using. vanilla exalted is based on a pre-industrial civilization. now we have credit cards, should we use the resource table from aberrant, Trinity, or one of the WoD games
  15. dropping the witch part now she is the Death Metal Messiah
  16. Death Metal Witch tossing hat in the ring
  17. ok Vampires - Dave is done Werewolves - Justin, Jeane, and Kao are done Witches - none yet Please try to have your characters done by the end of the week please (nov 30)
  18. Ok what we have so far Vampire - Max and Dave are making Vampire siblings Werewolves - Justin, Jeane, and Kao are working on wolves Witches - Jer and Noir are doing a couple of clubbing casters Sean is uncommited
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