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  1. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    dave were you going to do a tease entry?
  2. Characters I enjoy

    one of my problems is joining a game where the world is already established and the rest of you know everything about it and i don't have a clue. y'all are dropping name snad events from the worlds history and i'm haveing to go search for shit that my character should know. that kind bums me out. another is concept entropy, I comeup witht he coolest concept and i'm all yeah yeah this will be so cool... them i get to the game and it's like whtathe fuck was i thinking.
  3. Characters I enjoy

    yeah when I'm in the moment other characters shine but those two are the ones i'm jonesing for I slip into them so easily others I have to think a lot before I can write them and then have to rewrite two or three times. but yeah the game is a big thing for sure. I don't like scion but this game which i had doubts about at first really became a i really want to see where this is going type thing. And L5r was a very fun and engaging game just sad it lost most of the players and momentum
  4. bored nothing going on here of note so i'm looking at this huge list of characters I have created on the site for this game or that, and i'm coming to the conclusion that i only really like writing for a very few of them I really enjoy and get into these characters easily Rin Rachel aside from a couple of private game characters the rest are meh at best and a chore for the most part.
  5. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    an excerpt The big reveal had taken place only four days ago. The Irregulars, four really beautiful teens and a goddess, all spiffy looking standing with the President on a stage. The band played, speeches were made, Abel and Alec had flown for the cameras, and within ten minutes Sean had been on the cover of every digital magazine and news service and her image had been re-posted a gazillion times. While their names hadn't been mentioned it hadn't taken the media long in identifying the Irregulars through those images. Yeah the world had changed and so had Shelly. It seemed that with the Irregulars being revealed to the world a fog had been lifted which had kept Shelly in a perpetual haze for the last four or five months. Chaos had reigned for the next day as Parents realized that their kids had been going to school with super people and had been exposed to god knows what. In short order it was apparent that the Irregulars wouldn't be returning to Shelly High. The same with Courtney and her little group except they were outed by their other school friends. Yeah the Irregulars wouldn't be back at school,
  6. Mertwee was shocked at the speed with which the motley crew recovered from his repostioning, bolts and beams lashed at him and then the Vesk showing amazing speed was before him and his huge sword slashing across his chest but it was the Electric bolt from the synthetic which really got him. The bolt hit square in the mummy priests chest sending a web of electric fire across his body. Fur singed and muscles contacted locking him onto a stiff shaking form which was open to further attack. But the crushing of the priest was not all that was happening. When Jordayn yanked the goddesses body from the alter the magical sphere began to deform and rotate rapidly then it exploded in a scintillating rainbow of colors as the encased energies fled back to it's sources. The spell holding the canines aloft fade and the dogs sank to the pyramid where they fled the battle in a cacophony of howls and barks. One canine in particular did not feel the pyramid instead it ran past Jordayn in to the shadows an the waiting arms of the drow witch. Jordayn smiled at the happy reunion of dog an master and was about to call to the drow when a steel like hand griped his throat sinking black razor sharp claws into his bare neck choking the words off. The goddess lived!
  7. Glad to have been a part of it. Looking forward to the finished Product. Really like the New system
  8. The Chat Thread

    cause it's broke
  9. The Chat Thread

    music i am sure y'all will hate
  10. The Chat Thread

  11. The Chat Thread