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  1. Thank you Matt :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  2. do you share any of seans theories of the impact of the number of portals?
  3. Nuts & Bolts #126 - Mutant Crawl Classics - Repeater Bears Post-apocalypse games have always been something I've enjoyed. I posted last year about why I was backing the Mutant Crawl Classics Kickstarter on the basis of my love for After the Bomb. I've been posting a lot of Cypher System content lately related to After the Bomb, but Mutant Crawl Classics released to backers recently and so it's only fitting that I begin to look at that game and embrace it's altogether different brand of post-apocalyptic craziness. Ultimately, I'm not sure if MCC will earn itself a dedicated "day of the week" slot like other games/features have, but for now I'll slide my creations into N&B as an outlet... So I saw somebody use the phrase "it bears repeating" elsewhere and now I have this crazy idea for Repeater Bears ... Repeater Bear Repeater bears are mutations caused by exposure to the ancients' broken and malfunctioning time dilation technology. Repeater bears have mutated the ability to become unstuck in time. They appear much like normal bears but have faint after images and pre-images caused by their temporal echoes. These temporal echoes can be made physical by interaction with temporally stable matter. Though they are not sentient they are intelligent enough to control the repeater bear's natural abilities in combat making them especially ferocious, being capable of striking multiple times thanks to their temporal echoes. Inspiration Strikes
  4. the hounds are spreading out not gathered when you arrived there were about 200 of them about fifty got coaght in the abel sara trap on the other side. none of the hounds have attacked any of you those nearest to any of you scattered whn you charged in
  5. The battlefield
  6. INITIATIVE ORDER Lilly Abel Sara Kia Aliens Deviants Howlers - Defense 2 Soak 5B/3L Wounds - Wounded/Wounded/Dead Infentry - Defense 2 Soak 8B/4L Wounds - Wounded/Dead Large Aliens - Defense 0 Soak 16B/10L Wounds - Bruised/Wounded/Wounded/Wounded/Wounded/Dead Go ahead a post your attacks and actions into the story thread post in Intiiative order. Base personell you may post as you wish but make sure you label your posts as follows GUARDIAN SHIELD OPS BULWARK AFB Round one starts now
  7. Nuts & Bolts #126 - Hacking the Cypher System - P.E.T.S.Image Source: One of the big features that Predation is likely to sell books on is its Companion dinosaurs. I think that's great because it obviously a cool idea that catches the imagination of a lot of folks. I think it's also great for the Cypher System in general because I think the companion rules are pretty fun and a nice addition to the continually expanding tool set that is the Cypher System. It doesn't take a lot of effort to reskin the dinosaur and upgrade names to something that suits your campaign world. It could be various fantasy type creatures for a Gods of the Fall game (or something more D&D-ish if you prefer), or it could be strange aliens in a game world similar to Avatar (the blue people one, not The Last Airbender one). For my money though I think that these could also make great robotic companions, or as I am wont to call them: P.E.T.S. That's Personal Electronic Technical Servants. Small drone-like but semi-independent robots that would fit great into a science fiction game. These could be small recon bots, larger combat models, or even semi-sentient and autonomous "vehicles" that can carry a rider or act on their own. Unlike a game of Shadowrun where only the rigger has drones, everybody (or nearly so) in a setting with P.E.T.S. would have one to help them out and act as a companion. In fact people find that even though the limited AI of these drones sometimes misinterpret their commands, they are more than worth having around because the personalities they develop over time make people bond with them as they would a dog or cat. In such a setting the need to roll to "convince" your P.E.T.S. to do what you want is a result of the stock AI needing to learn it's owners vocal and non-vocal queues and signals. When fresh out of the box these AI tend to get easily confused by the unconscious signals a human makes without realizing. Over time however the AIs better learn their humans and become less prone to confusing mixed signals. It's not a very big hack, but I thought I'd share the paradigm shift.Inspiration Strikes
  8. you do not have to touch them or travel with them you just need to have the psychic link. you do still need to either see the destination in real time or have teleported to the destination yourself in the past. the only restriction is power you have to pay the cost for each person you teleport at a time.. So if you send three people to help alec at bunnies it will cost you QP for three teleports... but it happens simultaneously, you do not have to do 3 separate teleports.
  9. Furry Road - The MechanicAuthor's Notes: This one could have been easy but I wanted the mouse to be small in stature and as it turns out there's not really a good Descriptor for small. The closest I could find was the Halfling descriptor from Alternate Origins (The Strange Fractal), but that descriptor was very tied into the cultural aspects of halflings as much as their physical traits. As a result I decided to build a new descriptor which you will find below. As an adept I am justifying much of the type abilities of this character as bits of gear. Scanning tools, weaponry, and the like. Lastly I want to call out the "Duct Tape" skill, which is meant for jury rigging repairs and creations in short time. Think of the kind of things you'd expect out of MacGuyver. This skill can be used in turns where Crafting would take hours, but the result isn't permanent, and may be prone to failure (e.g. GMI). SmallYou are much smaller than your peers, at least half as tall, possibly smaller. Your body is proportional so you are also lighter and then to be less strong as well. You had to learn to look out for yourself and look out for what others were doing lest they harm you accidentally because they failed to notice you. On the bright side you are harder to hit and quick on your feet.  You have the following characteristics:Nimble: +2 to your Speed Pool.Skill: You are trained in sneaking and hiding.Skill: You are trained in climbing tasks.Skill: You are trained in perception.Skill: You are trained in Speed defense.Smaller Fit: Because you are smaller you find it harder to find equipment your size. All gear that you need sized for you costs 50% more. On the flip side you are able to fit into tighter spaces including reaching into spaces that your larger peers cannot. Physically weaker: Whenever you would apply Might effort you must spend 1 additional point from your Might pool. Inability: Resisting disease, poison, and fatigue is harder for you. You have an inability with all Might Defense tasks.  Initial Link to the Starting Adventure:From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.1. One of the other PCs saved your life previously, so you’ve (somewhat reluctantly) agreed to help.2. One of the other PCs saw the value of somebody your size and asked you to come along.3. You made a case for your inclusion based on your abilities regardless of your size.4. You want to prove that you are just as capable as your larger peers.  Anthony the Mouse is a Small Adept who Crafts Unique Objects Tier 3 • Effort 3Might 11 • Edge -1 Speed 15 • Edge 1 Intellect 18 • Edge 2 Cypher Limit: 4 Armor: Skills: InabilityMight defenseTrainedSneaking and hiding.Speed defense.Perception.Climbing identifying the function of any kind of deviceCrafting: ElectronicsCrafting: BlacksmithSpecializedDuct Tape (jury rigging)Crafting: VehiclesCrafting: GunsmithAbilities: Smaller Fit: Because you are smaller you find it harder to find equipment your size. All gear that you need sized for you costs 50% more. On the flip side you are able to fit into tighter spaces including reaching into spaces that your larger peers cannot. Tinkerer. Quick Work (3+ Intellect points). Advanced Taser Mk II (Onslaught)Proton Decay Instigator (Shatter)Armorweave Clothing (Ward)Automatic Diagnostic Handheld (Scan)Machine Efficiency (Tech Flavor)Targeting Eye (Advanced Taser Mk II)Equipment: You begin the game with a bag of light tools, the tools needed to make your first-tier crafts, and a bag of heavy tools. Mechanic's jumpsuit, wi-fi enabled camera, beat up quadcopter drone, appropriately sized camping gear, 50' rope & grappling hook (rated for your weight), and four rolls of duct tape. Weapons: Pen knife (light weapon).22 Derringer (Light weapon, short range, 4 shot pepperbox) Initial Link to the Adventure: You want to prove that you are just as capable as your larger peers. Connections: Nausicaa the Bird has a customized rifle that you fashioned for her. You are constantly impressed by the things that Jim the Raccoon can assemble from little more than junk.Inspiration Strikes
  10. Fiction Friday: Exalted Third Edition This week we present an excerpt from the introductory fiction of Exalted Third Edition. Once upon a time, two girls lived in a dark place: a place of stagnant water at the bottom of the world. Above them were stacks of ancient buildings; new buildings, piled up upon the old; and endless criss crossing walkways, so many you could hardly see the sky. The sun was just a distant glitter. The moon’s faces, just the same. There in that place the sea was still; its waters were stopped up, its currents were broken. The sluice-streets down in the bottom-most layers did not run wet and then dry three times a day, like in the better districts, but simply sat there pooling, seeping, gathering bugs and gunk and plague. They who lived there were scarcely recorded by the men and women who kept the books in Heaven. “Some number of little people reside below,” they’d say, or write, “—and bugs,” and nod their heads. When Suzu, the younger of the two, was four, she went out into the sluice-streets to play; only, instead of dying to the hungry dead, or falling into the hands of some fleshtaker, scavenger, or priest, she found a white pig (that her father said was likely sacred), with an earring that was a bell. She’d led it home, she’d loved to keep it, she’d ridden on it and confided in it and drawn great swirling patterns of black ink upon its flesh. She’d tugged on Sabriye’s sleeve—that was the older girl—and told her all about it, and it was a precious pig to little Suzu, and come the winter when they cut it open they found oracles in silvered letters on its bones. Sabriye grew older. She left, and she came back changed. There was all manner of consternation among the bookkeepers in Heaven at that change; it provoked great flurries of paperwork, anguished tugging of the beards, and Heavenly commotion—for in some moment, while they had not been paying attention, Sabriye had joined the ranks of legends; had done some great unrecorded deed and won Exaltation: drawn down into her body a portion of the essence of the divine Unconquered Sun. It was a legacy and a power that had been Liam Island-Tamer’s before her, and Red Dove’s before him, on back to the beginning of the world. They’d found it burnt into the tapestry of fate that they kept in Heaven; no longer was she “Sabriye, a gutterurchin,” but rather, “of the Solar Exalted.” Such a to-do! And she scarcely even had records. …for who in Heaven even bothered to track the gutterfolk of Wu-Jian? Sabriye had been named a Solar in the books of Heaven but of course this datum had not reached her. Not one of the memos that flew about was even addressed to her. She understood only that she had changed. That her steps had lightened, her eyes gone clearer, and a sun-mark glittered on her brow. If she were to try to explain it— …there was no explaining it. Words would fail her. Was it some sun-borne curse? The blessing of some small god of river, grass, or tree? Was she, as the Immaculate Faith would surely tell her, shamed and shameful beyond all measuring: indwelt, possessed, inhabited by some Anathematic demon-god? If she knew the truth of it, deep in her soul, then to her mind it yet remained a mystery: a secret that lived beneath her tongue and in her throat. That stuck there, that weighed her down, that pooled in her like stagnant water. The words would not come out. And so, like anyone who has words they cannot speak, she sought out a kindred spirit to not say them to. She returned to Wu-Jian, hunting for the nameless house on the nameless street that her cousin had used to live in—rehearsing as she searched for Suzu all the words she would not say. In this, she was not alone. Ten floors above her, at that time, and three wards left, Jin chewed. Jin swallowed. “I don’t even know how to describe this,” Jin said. He put down his meat bun. He made an ancient finger sign against evil—most specifically, against Anathematic demon-gods—in its general direction. His partner Toad Rat snorted a laugh. “I want to describe it,” said Jin, “but—there are no words.” “The Anathema aren’t exerting a sinister influence upon your lunch, Jin,” Toad Rat said. “All I ever wanted—” Jin started to say; but then he sighed, and cut the thought short, and shook his head. He stared at his meal. He shrugged, and picked it up again, and took another bite. “One day,” he said, around it, waving the meat bun with a hand, “we will die, if we keep doing this. If we keep hunting these sun-marked monsters down. If we keep going to these terrible places. For what do we do this, Toad Rat, Eastern Star? Why do we risk our lives for things like this—for cities like this, where you can’t even get a half-decent meal?” And he was looking at Eastern Star when he said this, because she was the one who’d dragged them there; but it was Toad Rat who’d answered. “I think we are drawn to what we want least in life,” he said. “… That is courage.” Let us speak of deeps and gutters; of starlight hidden in the darkness; of city piled on city: Of Wu-Jian. Its roots sink into the ocean, unto the beginning of the world. It hides that glory, shelters it like a watchman covering his red lamp up: you cannot see it when you sail nigh. Rather the jagged piles and stacks that comprise Wu-Jian heave up from the horizon and give the impression, not of ancient grandeur, but of a slum of beggars’ slouching hovels, all leaned and tumbled over one against the other: written large. Yet it began in the first days, nearly the very first days, as the outcast islands. They roamed free. They swum like a pod of whales playing in the ocean. They knew no stability and no order. They drifted on the currents and the waves. Red Tiger tells us that they were renegade humans who had cast off the shackles of their subservience, grown tall as the smaller mountains, tossed their heads, proclaimed their anger at the earth, and swum off into the sea. The Scholar Clad in Irons tells us, rather, that they were untethered, unrooted, but… ordinary… islands, in the keeping of unruly gods. They did not rebel against the order of things, but partook in it neither; therefore, the great demon-gods and goddesses, the “Anathema,” came out to bind them to the sea. Do they not groan now, in remembrance of that awful day? Do they not heave, and shudder, and tremble, because the city weighs them down? The demon-gods came for them—so the Scholar writes. They stood upon the surface of the water and they were clad in vestments of gold. The chiefest of the islands roared out a challenge. It came at them on the lip of a tsunami, hung over it like a ship at wave’s-edge, and then plunged down; its fists were like the boulders of a landslide, like a trampling of great oxen, they tumbled down one after another and they were crested by the foam of waves. Not two of them but hundreds rather, each a writ of war and murder—but a young and slender demon-god, standing towards the front of them, took his pipe from his mouth, reversed it, and blocked each fist consecutively with its slender end. The island flew past him, lost its balance, flipped itself over like a turtle flounders and it was helpless then; in that moment of its defenselessness he replaced his pipe, seized a shaft of sunlight from the sky, made it gold, and plunged it like a pillar, like a needle, like a spear, through the body of the island, through the stone and through the sea beneath the island, and made it anchored to the ocean floor. Each and all of them, then, all the wild islands: they pinned them with nails of jade and sun and shining metal until they ceased to move. Such were the deeds of the “Anathema,” before the Dragon-Blooded cast them down. Atop that dusting of pinned-down land amidst the endless waters they built a crisscrossing maze of bridges, an iridescent web and stronghold, rising, falling, slanting, sloping, reminiscent in its many angles of a brokenlegged spider crouching, injured, on the sea. Lesser builders would later build their work upon it; would spread their warrens and their rookeries upon it; until the iridescent spires were hidden behind rough and modern structures, wood and stone. They burdened the islands down with city, weighted them down as if under a prisoner’s yoke with it, and the city spread until the islands blurred with one another and the sea-lanes were as the sewers beneath the fortress: beneath Wu-Jian. Find out more about Sabriye and the Creation in which she lives in Exalted Third Edition, now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG. Onyx Path
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  12. Nuts & Bolts #125 - Review: Kamandi Challenge #5 Kamandi Challenge #5 is out today, so here are my thoughts on issue #4 from last month. Spoilers henceforth. Review: Kamandi Challenge #1Review: Kamandi Challenge #2Review: Kamandi Challenge #3Review: Kamandi Challenge #4 Vitals Published By: DC Comics • 31 pages • $3.99 • full color • Art: Ivan Reis • Words: Bill Willingham What's In It? Spoilers ahead folks last warning! Where were we? ...oh, right,  fleeing from the Kanga-rat Murder Society! Remember how I lamented how the prior issue wasted Vila by making her so much a prop for Kamandi's heroics? Oh, how the tables have turned! Kamandi and Vila, riding a monocycle in an attempted escape/hunt from the Kanga-rat Murder Society are in pretty deep. Kamandi swaps places with Vila, having her drive so that he can use the weapons to fend off their attackers. Vila uses this chance to grab narrative control and independence by orchestrating their daring (and maybe foolhardy) escape. Vila drives the monocycle over a cliff and then goes full Groot to protect Kamandi from the fall into the ocean. When Kamandi awakes some time later they are adrift at sea, Vila using her body as a raft to keep Kamanid out of the water. She tells him that she must go dormant until they reach land, and that he should have enough water to survive. A dehydrated and still hurt Kamandi soon passes out after Vila enters dormancy. When he next awakes he aboard a tramp steamer run by dogs, having been fished from the drink. Sadly, the crew failed to understand Vila's nature and did not bring her aboard. Kamandi earns his fare by working aboard ship to their next destination. While debarking Kamandi is intriduced to the tiger detective, and former champion wrestler, Raja. Though Raja has a job preventing him from helping Kamandi find his family he agrees to allow the boy to travel with him for a time. A month passes with a great deal of subtle world building in the form of the stories that Raja tells Kamandi to pass the time. As the heroes near Raja's next quarry, a doctor reputed to be able to cure any disease, they are ambushed by cats riding giant birds. They paralyze and kidnap Kamandi while Raja escapes by jumping into a waterfall. When Kamandi awakes (again) the doctor is prepping him for a procedure to "prime" his 3D printer of organs for humans, which only requires harvesting Kamandi's organs ...  Kamandi pleads for mercy but when Raja finally finds the lab the doctor has apparently vivisected Kamandi and harvested everything he needs... So, how does this issue stand up? Well, as I mentioned before Vila snaps back from cliche damsel to heroic female protagonist so fast she probably only avoided whiplash because she's a plant! It's nice to see, even if it's the literal last thing she does before apparently exiting the series. Kamandi takes a back seat here and spends a good chunk of time being a spectator in this world. This works because Kamandi is just a teen and not familiar with the world. Honestly his inexperience with the world has been played with in every issue, but here he finally takes the observant role instead of the action hero role, and it works, allowing the setting to bloom a bit. As for the setting we get a smattering of stories in part from Raja, that build up unseen parts of the world around. We likewise get a glimpse of several unnamed places, and end in the very high tech lab of the unnamed doctor. It's the kind of general setting development that helps to support the more specific an d detailed world building of the past four issues. This issue has no faults in my judgement. The art is great, the story is engaging and upends some of the cliche that has been present previously. It also ends with a cliffhanger that is as over the top as that of the first issue, though I think I know how I would "solve" it. Rating: 100% - By putting Kamandi in the background for a bit the setting and secondary characters get their moment to shine.Inspiration Strikes
  13. ok for me to proceed I need to know what the main group is going to do. you can either tell me in here ooc and i'll post it or make a post in character in the thread. but lets not bog things down.