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  1. Scion: MM General Discussion

    ok for this climactic scene I think just one of us should write it. Sean suggested this and that we put what we would like our characters to do here and the lead writer (Sean for my money) will put it all together. I'll start. Rachel would have followed up the boulder with a rush into grapple the hag. with her gloves on she has an unbreakable grip. I think it would be good for her and Eric to grab and hold the hag as per daves suggestion. Rachel can grab and hold the hags wrist in a vice like grip preventing her from closeing the hand and keeping it where it can be targeted by someone else... who knows maybe even worlf could bite it off. hehe
  2. Your favorite Aberrant characters

    no joke you are in trouble now
  3. The Offical OOC Thread

    what ever it takes to speed things up.
  4. thread test

    see if you can post here
  5. OOC Thread for AWS Discussion

    it's our story not just mine
  6. Do They?

    what the question asks
  7. got this in the mail thought i'd share https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkj1pgn3951vpzn/L5R00_Beta_Rulebook_for_DTRPG_(12563104).pdf?dl=0
  8. Scion: MM General Discussion

    rachel has no idea but i would say a kappa
  9. add to, you may of course sell your old gear for a generous 20% of it's original cost while on 8-Peices Port
  10. get me a character submission asap send it to my site mail
  11. Deadlands: The Flood

    feel better mala
  12. Shadows Rising

    i just want to get started im bored
  13. Shadows Rising

    psst...dave....I think you have to do that in character in the game....just sayin...