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  1. Nina

    WS OOC

    Session II has ended. I will do Xp and some other things. In the meantime The Interim Home Alone thread is a place to post in character about what has so far happened All of you will be getting some individual information and instructions tonight. Session II will begin no later than Friday probably sooner. I will also be making further post here in OOc to discuss some of the rules and game mechanics we have not really needed yet but which will be coming into play soon
  2. Nina

    WS OOC

    While i understand how some may find it inconvenient the way some people link music or pics in their posts, it is up them how they do such links. everyone has certain ways of doing certain things and unless what someone is posting is disruptive I don't see a problem with it. Whats irritating to some might not even be noticed by others. Personally, I would have the name of the song be part of the narrative but that is just me. But other people write differently than me In the cases where it is a link with other narrative text I generally just check out the link after i have read the post. like i said everyone has their own way of doing things and while in some projects and other things such as character sheets I may ask or direct even that you follow certain templates, to it is a foregone conclusion that we are never going to do so in our game posts. I just don't ever see that happening I just ask that video's and songs not be embedded in any posts, as that takes up storage on the server that Matt has to pay for.
  3. Nina

    WS OOC

    test nevermind
  4. Nina

    WS OOC

    yeah the base has it's purpose but it's more of an this is off limits thing for the locals and yes the air force does have special forces as for devins families wealth like I said your dad is a grown up version of Devin with experience and charm and a target on his back and i have plans for him
  5. Nina

    WS OOC

    It might just be me but I was noticing a trend that seemed to be overlooking the setting to a degree and wanted to correct it before we got too much involved
  6. Nina

    WS OOC

    max that would count if by since you were a kid you mean 3 or 4 I am not making anyone change anything yet. but this is a small rural town. some one who moved her five years ago will still be from somewhere else in fifteen years. There is also that fact that I need most of you to be friends. for perspective I think most of you have chosen junior as your grade.. there are about 45 kids in your class. 45 kid in the whole 11th grade class
  7. Nina

    WS OOC

    sorry my bad I have receved one that is from shelly on second read through maybe two i still have to read that one
  8. Nina

    WS OOC

    Another thing I would like people to look at is their back grounds. at this point I am not asking anyone to change their BG but I do want everyone to take a good look at the back grounds that have written up especialy those who have not sent me a sheet yet. In CC I posted this Step One: Concept All player characters share the same concept all of you are High School Students in the 11th or 12th grade. Ages range from 16-17 for 11th grade students and 17-18 for 12th grade students All characters attend Shelly High School in the town of Shelly, Montana Characters should not be new students, most should have been residents of Shelly for most of their lives but in the case of some such as Military Brat it is more likely that they have not lived in this location for more than a few years. In any case all characters must have been living in Shelly at least for one year prior to the beginning of the game. So far I have received not one submission of a character who is actually from Shelly. Now It is a RP habit to make characters with as much dramatic back story as possible and I for one am guilty of that too. But drama aside these characters are supposed to be relatively normal high school kids from a small town. kids who know each other have grown up together and all that jazz. So I would like everyone to take a second pass on the backgrounds and really see if it is necessary for your character to be a transplant. I am here if you need to bounce ideas. Lilly and Devin are excluded form this due to their legacy status.
  9. Nina

    WS OOC

    A lot of you have been wanting to put the military base into your backgrounds for this or that and because it's easy. i have been discouraging this for most. The base is a high security special forces training base, even the civilian dependents don't live on the actual base but in housing adjacent to the base. The only civilian interaction with the base is the few businesses located outside the base, the few, less than a dozen school aged children who go to school in shelly, and the military members who come into the town to shop or for recreation. I kept the base in this version of Shelly because a couple of the legacy charters had back grounds tied to the base and I do foresee some story plot points that could involve the base. but for the most part it's just there. Another point....Wealth i don't mind you having wealth 1, but everybody shouldn't have it, this is a rural low income area, most of us should have no wealth edge, the richest people are the doctors and some of the people who have acquired a lot of the oil land. you can have families with money but keep it proportional to the location. Devin's dads wealth is fine because Devin's dad is a dishonest jerk and probably embezzled or scammed his money from widows and orphans and fled to this remote corner of nowhere to escape the vengeful wrath of someone. don't worry he will pay for his misdeeds. So while I don't mind the wealth edge keep the descriptions consistent with where you are
  10. Nina

    WS OOC

    no i just don't want y'all stressing over it I learned not to get stressed over this stuff now
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