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  1. see i figured marrisa would go off to hollywood and become scarlett johanson, charlize theron, brie larson, whoever else all combined in one as she systematicly dismantaled courtney's world and lived Seans dream, while making millions and become the queen of entertainment and gossip. but if you want her to have become a recluse thats cool. as for devin thats cool too.
  2. last week I had a bad week and I threw a tantrum I was going to leave the site for good, I canceled some games and left some open with the intention of making a some final posts then canceling them and going away. I tend to bottle my emotions mainly in real life not so much here and when im full the littlest things can set a flood off, couple with the fact that i have been having bouts of depression and anxiety since the end of last year I am somewhat of a mess. last week i got set off and y'all saw the result. since then I have calmed down and the problem has been mostly resolved and i am feeling guilty and remorseful none of this is y'all's fault or has anything to do with y'all except where it impacts you because of my actions. for any distress i caused last week I am sorry. for my knee jerk actions canceling games i am sorry. this isn't a cry for attention or sympathy, there is no need to post here I just wanted y'all to know because I think of y'all as friends and i wasn't being a very good friend last week.
  3. I will no longer be running this game. I will leave it active if anyone wishes to take it up let me know and i will ask Matt to change moderators
  4. I will no longer be running this game. I will leave it active, if anyone wishes to take it up let me know and i will ask Matt to change moderators
  5. i want to thank everyone who made characters and posted but I am having too much trouble working this one up that and several of the players have vanished. my apologies for your wasted efforts
  6. since this is modern age what version of resources are we using. vanilla exalted is based on a pre-industrial civilization. now we have credit cards, should we use the resource table from aberrant, Trinity, or one of the WoD games
  7. dropping the witch part now she is the Death Metal Messiah
  8. Death Metal Witch tossing hat in the ring
  9. ok Vampires - Dave is done Werewolves - Justin, Jeane, and Kao are done Witches - none yet Please try to have your characters done by the end of the week please (nov 30)
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