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  1. Nina

    Star Trek: Destiny OOC

    Here is a focus list if you need it Focus List: Starship tactics Ground tactics Interstellar law and politics Federation Law and Politics Starfleet history Games of Chance Ground vehicles (wheeled, tracked, ground effect) Flying vehicles (fixed wing, rotary wing, anti-grav) Starship (specify) class Beasts of burden Shuttlecraft operations Civilian starships Starship propulsion systems Warp drive Impulse drive Starship power systems Starship computers systems Neural net processor systems/A.I. Robotics Starship weapon systems Theoretical/experimental physics Deflector shield/force field technology (ship based or ground based) Dilithium based technology Energy based small arms technology Exotic energy source technology Personal security (bodyguard) Escape and avoidance Fortification Phaser heavy weapons Alien/exotic melee weapons Investigative techniques Forensic science Disguise Xenobiology Regenerative medicine Prosthetics & cybernetics Xenopsychology Xenozoology Xenobotany Alternative medicine Advanced medical research Cryogenics and Stasis technology Musical Instrument (specify) Metallurgy Xenoanthropology Xenolinguistics Xenovirology/Xenoimmunology Xenoarcheology Behavioural Analysis/ Forensic Psychology Intoxicating beverages Food preparation and dining etiquette Zero G melee combat techniques Zero G ranged combat techniques Starship/starbase security systems Ground based/planetary security systems Subspace communications Advanced/theoretical communications technology Encryption/Decryption Starship construction Surveillance/Counter surveillance Sleight of hand Deception Explosives Biogenic weapons Mining techniques and technology Life support systems Tracking (specify desert/jungle/forest/urban/other) Counselling/Arbitration Bureaucracy
  2. Nina

    Star Trek: Destiny OOC

    https://geekandsundry.com/how-to-create-compelling-values-for-your-star-trek-adventures-rpg-character/ Thats a good article about values
  3. Nina

    Star Trek: Destiny OOC

    List of possible Values (Federation Values ) “Doesn’t Believe in a No-Win Situation” “There’s No Such Thing as The Unknown — Only the Temporarily Hidden” “Married to the Enterprise” “Risk is Our Business”. “Logic is the Beginning, not the end, of Wisdom” “Seek Out New Life, and New Civilizations” “Angry at the Xindi” “Proud Son/Daughter of Andoria” “Faith in the Prophets” “Compassion through Understanding” “Safety in Numbers” “The Drive for Exploration” “All Ideas must Withstand Scrutiny” “Four Lifetimes of Adventure” “The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few, or the One” “A Starship is a Home, it’s Crew a Family” “Most Comfortable in a Crowd” “Body and Mind Alike Must Be Healthy” “No Stranger to Violence” “Emotion in a Crisis only Makes Things Worse” “Engineer at Heart” “Understanding is the Purpose of Life” “Serving Starfleet is a Family Tradition” “Indefatigable Confidence” “Proud and Honest” “Insatiable Curiosity” “Understands Technology Better Than People” “A Responsibility to the Truth” “Inexperienced and Idealistic” “Threw Out The Handbook and Wrote My Own” “Always Prepared, Always Vigilant” “Precise to a Fault” “Fast Ships and Strange New Worlds” “Exploring to Test New Theories” “A Theory For Every Situation” “Seen Too Much to be Surprised” “Holds Everyone to the Highest Standards” “Nothing Better Than Practical Experience” “Understands Machines Better Than People” “Meticulous Scrutiny and Pride in His/Her Work” “The Price of Peace is Vigilance” “Driven to Ease Suffering” “Voice of the Crew” “The Captain’s Second Opinion” “Living with Your Ideals is Harder than Dying for Them” “Rough and Tumble Doctor” “There Is No Higher Calling Than to Serve” “We Endure Hardship, So That Others Do Not Have To” “A Failure to Act Can Be As Dangerous As Acting Rashly” “Wisdom is the Beginning of Logic, Not the End” “… has always got my back” “… is a study buddy” “Competitive with…” (Non-Federation Values) “Nothing is Safe While I Prowl” “Arboreal Hunter” “Pays Small Creatures Little Heed” “Territorial Predator” “I Live to Serve the Founders” “There Is Nothing I Will Not Do to Succeed” “We Are Now Dead; We Go into Battle to Reclaim Our Lives” “Cardassia Expects Everyone to Do Their Duty” “Knowledge is Power, and Power is Everything” “Cardassians Did Not Choose to Be Superior, Fate Made Us This Way.” “48th Rule of Acquisition — The Bigger the Smile, the Sharper the Knife “ “211th Rule of Acquisition — Employees are the Rungs on the Ladder to Success; Don’t Hesitate to Step On Them” “First Rule of Acquisition — Once You Have Their Money, Never Give It Back “The Ends Justify the Means” “Everything I Do, I Do for Romulus” “I Will Not Fail in My Duty to the Empire” “There is Nothing More Honorable Than Victory” “To Kill the Defenseless is Not True Battle” “Today is a Good Day to Die!” “Proud and Honorable Klingon” and even more TNG: Duty before all else Haunted by the Borg Loyal to the Federation Living through one life, I realise what I’ve missed Live Life to the Full One True Love, Deanna Worth the risk When all looks lost, improvise My Imzadi, Will Mother Issues Whenever possible, talk it out I can tell when you’re lying If there’s a problem, I’m going to solve it My true family and those that might have been I believe in the sanctity of life The play’s the thing What is it to be human? Family matters Vast repository of knowledge Know a man by his friends For every problem, there’s a solution Great is not good enough, perfection is what’s needed Some friends are built, not born If I can help, I will Always the outsider A warrior’s rage Legacy of the House of Mogh Proud and honourable Klingon warrior Duty unto death Everyone has the right to freedom My crew is my family Vigorous training regime TOS: I don’t believe in the No-Win scenario Married to the Enterprise Risk is our business There’s no such thing as the unknown Caught between two worlds Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one There are always possibilities Bartender therapist Hands of a surgeon Never mind the blasted machines Simple country doctor Always pad your estimates An old Aberdeen pub-crawler I cannae change the laws of physics My poor, wee bairns I’ll protect you, fair maiden If it’s important to you, you make time for it Panic gets you nowhere Renaissance man More than just hailing frequencies Sorry, neither! The calm amidst the storm Voice of an angel Better to be too thorough than not thorough enough Every day is an adventure I’m not that green It’s a Russian inwention Attracted to brilliance Better to have loved and lost Nurse first, Starfleet officer second The mind can help heal the body
  4. Nina

    Star Trek: Destiny Setting

    USS Destiny NCC-65542 New Orleans Class Frigate
  5. Nina

    Star Trek

    OK SO FAR I HAVE Roma - Medical Noir - Engineer Dave - Counselor ? Max - Security Justin - ? Kao - ? did I miss anyone >cough< Sean >cough< will see about making the forum and making this official today
  6. Nina

    Star Trek

    What factions would you like to be our main adversaries/encounters (yes the Klingons are allies but they have issues) during the beginning of our game. Klingons Romulans Cardassians Talarians Tzenkethi Some one New this is multiple choice so just list the ones you wish to interact with in an order of most to least post them here please thank you click on the map to open a larger version
  7. Nina

    Star Trek

    I think Noir was saying she was going to do the engineer also no borg they are not a federation race.
  8. Nina

    Star Trek

    it will likely be a small ship but young officer could be a brilliant LTJG assigned to gain the experience on the fast track.... characters that fit that bill are Chekhov (chief navigator) La forge (originally Conn officer then Chief engineer) and numerous officers in books and comics. Remember starfleet tends to play loose with ranks and stuff especially in the lower grades.
  9. Nina

    Star Trek

    this is enough to work with I will be using the Star Trek Adventures Game by modiphious... it is a 2d20 game. but much more crunchy and has skills. For PBP there will be some serious house rulings mainly for Ship combat but also in other places, which i will post later after I create a forum for the game. In the meantime you can play around with character gen. we will be using the online generator found here: https://sta.modiphiusapps.hostinguk.org/ I have the books if anyone needs instruction PM me For character creation select core, beta quadrant, and command division (operations is not available even though it is implemented in the generator) Choose the TNG Era (The game will begin in 2368-69 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Star_Trek#24th_century ) All characters will be Federation Races... Mixed species are allowed All Characters will be Star Fleet and should default to the experienced category however if you wish you may make a young officer that choice is yours When it come to assignments the following will be available. Flight Controller Not a typical senior staff role, some captains, particularly those operating in uncharted space, choose the most senior helmsman or flight control officer to serve as senior staff as well. Science Officer A science officer is responsible for advising the commanding officer of all matters scientific, providing hypotheses in matters concerning the unknown. Not all ships have a dedicated science officer within the senior staff, often having the operations manager take on these duties. Chief Medical Officer The chief medical officer, also known as ship’s surgeon, or ship’s doctor, is responsible for the health and wellbeing of the crew and other persons aboard the ship, and leads the ship’s medical department. A chief medical officer can order, and countermand the orders of, senior officers where matters of that officer’s health are concerned. Ship's Counselor On larger ships and starbases, it’s common to have personnel dedicated to the mental soak. Some captains regard them as valuable advisors, as their training covers both culture and psychology, making them exceptionally good at reading the moods and intentions of others. Chief of Security The chief of security oversees the ship’s security department, and is responsible for ensuring the safety of the ship and crew during missions, for the investigation of disciplinary and criminal matters, and for overseeing the protection of important persons aboard the ship. On many ships, the chief of security operates from the Tactical station on the bridge. Chief Engineer The chief engineer is responsible for ensuring that the ship remains operational and functional, and commands the engineering department aboard the ship. Operations Manager The operations manager manages and oversees all technical operations aboard or involving the ship, normally from the Operations station on the Bridge, or in conjunction with the chief engineer (on smaller ships, one officer may fill both roles). This often entails taking on the duties of a science officer, if there is no dedicated science officer in the senior staff. Y'all decide among yourselves who will do what any questions post here until I get a dedicated forum set up
  10. Nina

    Star Trek

    yes technically it is all the same era but there is a shift for my thought the TNG era would be like Max says the first half of the TNG series the first 4-5 seasons basically starting before the borg are discovered and moving forward.
  11. in my never ending quest to find my muse i'm thinking of a star trek game please answer the poll questions and i'll get back to you
  12. just got brought to my attention that i forgot to issue xp for the last chapter i will do that this evening
  13. Nina

    OOC: Starfinder Episode XP

    I forgot to include the eybot in gth eloot but it did follow you back to your ship like a puppy so here it is if y'all want it EyeBot This metallic sphere is held aloft by four spindly, insect-like legs, and sports a single eye of red glass. Walking Eye CR 1 XP 400 N Tiny construct (technological) Init +2; Senses darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision; Perception +10 DEFENSE HP 12 EAC 11; KAC 12 Fort –1; Ref –1; Will +2 Defensive Abilities force field; Immunities construct immunities Weaknesses vulnerable to critical hits, vulnerable to electricity OFFENSE Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft. Ranged integrated laser +6 (1d6 F) STATISTICS Str +0; Dex +2; Con —; Int +2; Wis +4; Cha +1 Skills Athletics +10, Stealth +10 Languages Common (can’t speak any language) Other Abilities sure-footed, surveillance ECOLOGY Environment any Organization solitary or security net (3–12) SPECIAL ABILITIES Force Field (Ex) A field of shimmering energy surrounds a walking eye, equivalent to the purple force field armor upgrade. Damage dealt to the robot is applied to the force field first. The force field has 5 temporary Hit Points and fast healing 2. Sure-Footed (Ex) A walking eye’s limbs were designed to keep it mobile in a variety of terrains. A walking eye’s movement is unhampered when in difficult terrain, though it still cannot run or charge in such terrain. Surveillance (Ex) A walking eye can record whatever it can detect with its senses, recording up to 8 hours of images and sounds before filling its data banks. These recordings can be played back on command, the walking eye projecting a three-dimensional image of the data, including recorded audio. The recording can skip forward or back as desired by whoever commands the walking eye. Walking eyes were built as mobile spies and scouts. They are programmed to observe as unobtrusively as possible, fleeing from danger and attacking only in self-defense. The storage in a destroyed or helpless walking eye can be hacked to access or modify its surveillance data. The default walking eye contains a tier 1 computer with the wipe countermeasure, but some owners purchase further upgrades. (Eyebot has a T2 computer) A freshly initialized walking eye from a trusted source usually costs 4,000 credits. However, due to potential security issues and the difficulty in reinitializing the robot with a new owner, aftermarket models are generally worth less than their parts. Up to 400 credits worth of parts can be extracted from a walking eye with 10 minutes and a DC 20 Engineering check.
  14. that's all cool I wasn't expecting to get a bunch information immediately that why i said began a comprehensive research project. i figured i'd need to make rolls and refine as we went along