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  1. magic is making me stumble

  2. thanks for the input guys
  3. need some help on this one please vote and make comments if you wish
  4. yes this works, a bit more background than was necessary since know one knows you but yeah it's good if you want put it in the character thread please
  5. welcome back hope everything sorted itself out and is good now
  6. Clarification for Project #5 This is your story It' dosnt have to be tied tot he meta plot or anything Use any and all NPC's you feel the desire to use, write them however you want. just stick to the three rules above. There is no wrong way to write this one. Go to town and have some fun... trust me the rewards will be worth it.
  7. XP Awarded above. Do not spend your xp I have individual bonus points to award as well as some other things which i will post in OOC later
  8. Siwan's wisdom (perception) roll Rolling 1d20 + 9 ( 5 ) + 9 = 14
  9. Ravenhurst is a game of teenagers coming into their powers as Sorcerers and navigating the often perilous halls of High School. Ravenhurst is a magical academy in the United States ( 1 of 2) where all kids (age 13 – 18) who display the ability to “Make Magic” go to learn the art of spellcraft. To the outside normal world it is a prestigious and elite boarding school located in central Vermont. Players take on the roles of young students between the ages of 13 and 17 who have recently discovered that they are Sorcerers and have been whisked away to Ravenhurst to receive training in the sorcerous arts. Sorcerers is an original setting which borrows inspiration and in some cases tone heavily from books and tv and movies such as the Harry Potter Series, The Magicians, The Craft, The Circle, The Covenant, everything on the CW network and other Urban Fantasy and Modern Witchcraft stories. As well the Game system is a kludge (most notably White Wolf's Dice Pool system) of several different systems with some original content. The emphasis will be on story telling and the game mechanics have been designed with RP in mind.
  10. I am still working on this and intend to run it I am just letting other games on the site get underway and settled before really pushing it. If any one has any questions please feel free to ask away. One thing I wish to stress is that this game has few crunchy bits. and those it does have are rather overly symplified. I envision this as a social storytelling game and the rules i am making are just something to frame any action that might occur but I am not making this as an action game. that is not to say that there won't be action but it will not be the focus.
  11. it wasn't just sean It was happening to me yesterday and this morning
  12. Kayda is all caught up the only other thing she might do is try to improve her ligthsaber but it isn't a priority
  13. Siwan will rear back and make a hoof attack on the prone flind who is prone this is an advantaged attack 1d20+6 1D20+6 => 22 1D20+6 => 25 Damage is 4d8+4 4D8+4 => 28 i swear my luck when i really need it is gonna suck will add fluff later
  14. Siwan will be holding her action until after Sigurn casts her spells and the flind acts then she wil draw her sword, use her bonus action and shift into a Great Elk and charge toward the flind, ramming the fucker hopefully knocking it prone She will charge and ram rolling 1D20+6 => 24 Damage is 2d6+4 +2d6 from the charge 4D6+4 => 16 If hit the flind must mack a DC14 strength save or fall prone will add fluff later Siwan crouched as the earth battered the gnolls and the arrows flew, she studied what she saw and didn't much care for it. the Big Gnoll with the obviously magic flail still stood and what was worse a red mist crept from the beast and at it's touch the ones felled by earth and arrow rose again as undead. Siwan cursed The Flind truly was Titanspawn. To her left Sigurn was casting and in that moment Siwan had her path before her. Standing abruptly she took off running toward the Flind drawing her scimitar as she took her first steps. Sword in right hand staff in left she ran gaining speed, then her back seemed to bulge upwards, the weapons in her hands seemed to melt into her arms which were growing longer. Her neck stretches her head growing as well she ran faster falling to all fours her shape no longer human. The great elk, majestic and full of Fury, charged at the gnolls monstrous leader head lowered, antlers aimed hooves crashing, Siwan went to battle.
  15. I will work on the Magic rules to make them understandable (j/k) this weekend