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  1. i'm up for anything if someone wants to start somethin
  2. guess you left your sense of humor back at work this morning
  4. grim - that probably needs to be done in story as for the rest - this was likely the plan all along... the dresses the dance nadya's bespelling all something to distract us. we need to know who the witches were and we all need to watch hocus pocus so we know how this is supposed to play out
  5. um we asked you about that when we made our characters and you told us that as long as our legend was high enough and we met the pre requisites for the knack it was ok to buy those knacks
  6. you did and so did a couple of others but the posts were not action posts and really didnt give me anything that i could use to move the scene forward and there are three other players who have not posted in a long time. I know rl gets in the way, i know that sometimes you just dont feel like posting lord knows i get that way and have to drag my ass back to the keyboard. I am not criticizing anyone I just want to know if we still want to play this one or if it's grown tired and needs to be put to pasture. I have two games going that are fairly actice and get a lot of my attention and two that are quite frankly growing grass. This is one of those and I can and want to give it full attention if the return is there. that's all again not bitching at anyone just want to know
  7. well yeah no one should be telling you you need a 5 base to have a one mega. RAW spells it out quite clearly as you say, but again i completely disagree with what it seems you are implying about removing or divorcing the dot descriptions from the dots. if you do that yes you have completely altered the RAW
  8. fine if you wish to ignore/change the RAW. in what you are describing you might as well get rid of all attributes and abilities and just give each player a single number of dice to roll for everything. which is ok but then you are not playing aberrant. thats my opinion
  9. I inverted some numbers in my head while makeing the cc rules and didn't realize that I had severly limited the power choices. With that in mind I have removed the purchase cap on quantum score at creation you may now but it up to five. sorry for the confusion i had not realized how much of a constraint i had placed on people
  10. You were gone a split second...when that split second occurred i have not settled on entirely yet but i am leaning more toward the satellite launch point than earlier as I had sort of plotted before. Nothing has happene to the company yet. yes the colony still exists however your parents would have been brought back after the crisis unless they decided to become colonists. Kyle still exists and yes rashoud is still in the end pretty much a monster. The rest will be addressed in my first posts but nothing in that really pertains to any new characters. there are not that many keys there are only a fraction of a percent of the worlds population which can potentially unlock and even then a lot of circumstances need to be met. there are less than a hundred world wide thta have unlocked since the advent of the irregulars. I am working on my initial post for the new chapter when i have time.
  11. well this isn't a democracy and this isn't a majority rules. I told myself that I would only do this if everyone was 100% on board and one of us is adamantly against it and another will do it but doesn't really want too so.... thanks for considering it and as I said before i will look at the goals y'all wrote down and come up with something.
  12. i guess not... thanks I will look at all of this and see where to go from here
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