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  1. Shadows Rising

    i just want to get started im bored
  2. Shadows Rising

    psst...dave....I think you have to do that in character in the game....just sayin...
  3. Shadows Rising

    Mercy Jones - PL 7 Age: 18 Gender: Female Background: mercy is one of the lost children Born into poverty her first ten years were years of abuse and neglect. Well meaning social workers tried to help but they were over worked and so it was that she fell through the cracks. One day she had had enough and she ran away for the first time. She was on the street for over a week and this set a pattern of acting out which would last until she was old enoguh to take charge of her life. She learned how to take care of herself, how to live and even thrive on the streets but she knew that if she stayed in the city she would end up dead so when she turned 18 she packed her meager belongings into a worn back pack and set out hitchhiking for Seattle where she hoped to fins a new clean start. Strength 2, Stamina 4, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 3, Intellect 0, Awareness 3, Presence 0 Advantages Diehard, Equipment 2, Great Endurance, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Defense, Improved Initiative 4, Luck 3, Ranged Attack 4, Uncanny Dodge Skills Acrobatics 7 (+9), Athletics 7 (+9), Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+6), Deception 10 (+10), Insight 4 (+7), Intimidation 6 (+6), Investigation 1 (+1), Perception 5 (+8), Persuasion 2 (+2), Ranged Combat: Light Pistol 2 (+4), Sleight of Hand 3 (+5), Stealth 8 (+10), Technology 4 (+4), Treatment 3 (+3), Vehicles 2 (+4) Equipment Light Pistol Offense Initiative +18 Grab, +3 (DC Spec 12) Light Pistol, +8 (DC 18) Throw, +6 (DC 17) Unarmed, +6 (DC 17) Complications Addiction: to cutting. Mercy has borderline personality disorder and ptsd brought on by years of abuse and living on the street when things get to be too much she cut herself. She isnt suicidal but she does find relief in the pain. Temper: Mercy is angry. Angry at the world, her shitty parents, her fucked up extended family, her teachers, the social workers who try to help, the other street kids pretty much everyone she knows or has ever met. That anger simmers it cooks and bubbles just beneath the surface and sometime it boils over and when that happens she lashes out at whatever the trigger is often violently. Only her age and the intervention of truly concerned social workers have kept her out of serious trouble but it's only a matter of time before her temper lands her in jail or even more serious trouble. Languages Native Language Defense Dodge 4, Parry 5, Fortitude 4, Toughness 4, Will 5 Power Points Abilities 32 + Powers 0 + Advantages 18 + Skills 34 (67 ranks) + Defenses 6 = 90
  4. Shadows Rising

    nope I can let it all hang out with the best of em
  5. Shadows Rising

    ok will have something tonight you want to send you the submission or post it here?
  6. Shadows Rising

    re-thinking this I may have a character fairly derivative but i can roll with it if game is still open
  7. Shadows Rising

    ahh ok think i'll pass im kinda full up on supers
  8. Shadows Rising

    wait this is going to turn into another supers game?
  9. Shadows Rising

    i have ulterior motives...
  10. Shadows Rising

    should set it in vegas that way people could be from anywhere and all have a reason to be in one place.. and well...vegas...I can make a stripper with a heart of gold and boobs that would make Sean envious
  11. Shadows Rising

    little more setting info would be nice. Is everyone from where ever and we get thrown together by whatever, or are we all from the same place and possibly know each other?
  12. i'll get with you when you get back this could be a good way to do somethings