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  1. Gods of the Fall - End of the End"I told you not to feed it after midnight!" When does the Apocalypse end? No, I'm not just asking a silly sounding question (though I agree at first blush it seems a bit much), but really, at what point does the Apocalypse transition into the Post-Apocalypse? In the case of the world of Gods of the Fall it seems that transition was about 42 years in the past, but who decided as much and what is it that signaled that change? The timeline in the back of the book says that Elanehtar's Fall marked the first year AF (After the Fall). The Fall of the world lasted a bit longer however. War and strife and death as mortals bereft of the gods who once walked among them spun out of control. For me the end of the apocalypse and the beginning of what comes next is seven years after the Fall when Nulumriel comes to power. Nulumriel began the process of stabilizing the Nightlands and the rest of the world began to follow, slowly. For all of her apparent evil (maybe I'll get into that in another column) she did help stabilize the region by proclaiming herself empress, and having the power to back that claim up. What's my point here? Well, much like how the end of the world takes time so too will the end of the post-apocalyptic. Case in point: along come the players and depending on how things proceed they may well put in the effort to kill Nulumriel while proclaiming themselves gods. Doing so is likely to be the capstone of a campaign. The final event that fulfills prophecy of the Return. But what about what comes next? As GM you can wrap up the story with simple narration, you could leave it open to the imagination, you could even allow the players to take it in rounds to describe how their gods save the world thereafter. Narration on your part isn't a bad thing, and leaving things open can be appealing for parties with varied views, but I think that a collaborative narration in the round is probably the wisest choice for many groups. It will give the players a chance to say goodbye to their characters by putting them through their paces. The player a of god of death can describe how they restore the underworld. A player of a god of crafts may describe how they build a new kind of seraph to serve their pantheon. This kind of open ended storytelling will bring out a richer ending than any single player could describe, and allow everybody at the table to put a touch of their own into the setting.Inspiration Strikes
  2. Nuts & Bolts #120 - Review: Kamandi Challenge #4 Kamandi Challenge #5 is out today, so here are my thoughts on issue #4 from last month. Spoilers henceforth. Review: Kamandi Challenge #1Review: Kamandi Challenge #2Review: Kamandi Challenge #3 Vitals Published By: DC Comics • 31 pages • $3.99 • full color • Art: Carlos D'anda • Words: James Tynion IV What's In It? Spoilers ahead folks last warning! Where were we? ...oh, right, in the claws of a giant Kong sized cat! Kamandi and Vila were in a bad place. Our plucky hero fought back as best he could against the giant cat, finally jumping down its throat... and waking inside it's control center! This was no giant mutant, but instead a cleverly disguised giant robot! While Kamandi managed to enter the robot unharmed Vila was less lucky and once again the protagonist had to come to the rescue. Honestly I was a bit disappointed with this. Kamandi is the hero, I get that, but Vila as a character has been little more than a half century old damsel trope. The last issue Kamandi rescued her and freed her, and it was, relatively, OK because he clearly had the agency last issue. But now would have been a good opportunity to give Vila her own agency and instead ... not so much. So instead Kamandi confronts the two cat-scientists, or are they cat scientists?, that control the robot. Long story short, he grabs Vila and climbs back out the mouth of the robot and into the cockpit of the jet the robot wears around its neck. Activating the jet Kamandi and Vila escape while also serving their captors a little comeuppance. Kamandi blacks out and the plane crashes elsewhere, in a rocky desert by a massive wall. In short order Kamandi and the unconscious Vila (see what I mean about no agency?) are captured and revived by the Kanga Rat Murder Society. They are to become the next participants in a blood sport hunt somewhere in the ravaged post-apocalypse Australia... OK, so let's break it down. The writing is pretty good aside from the whole issue with Vila being stereotypical rescue bait. The story of the two scientists and their giant robot was actually pretty good, and a great way out of the prior issue's cliffhanger without feeling like a dodge at all. The transition into the second half was less abrupt than in prior issues and the cliffhanger has me wanting issue #5 now, which is a good thing. The art this issue is more to my liking, with a less cart kiddie cartoon style. I'm not objectively rating the art here (or in any of these) as I am no artist, but I know what I like and this is probably right behind Neal Adams' art in issue #2 for this series thus far. Lastly we come to world building, because ultimately the setting is as much a character in this series as Kamandi or any other. We get, through the robot builders, a good bit of exposition and background about the Jaguar Sun Cult, and it quickly fills in that culture in a way I feel like we sadly did not get for the God Watchers last issue. We also get, through art and words a good amount of information about the Kanga Rat Murder Society. There's an interesting mention about the giant wall holding back something, and visually we get a strong sense that the Society has access to some very high levels of technology, which should hopefully prove very interesting next issue. Rating: 85% - I dock 15% for a cliched lack of agency in the sole female character in an otherwise great issue.Inspiration Strikes
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  8. I see this a lot. Everybody loves 'Attractive'. By the very nature of being a Superhero you're already attractive.You have the rockin' bod, the washboard abs, that tight little booty and square jaw. But, what makes you more than that? Are you some sort of fae? Example, Wonder Woman has Attractive 1 because she is an Amazon, by her very nature she part of an immortal sisterhood of drop dead gorgeous women. Her beauty is granted by the gods. So, what qualifies a sound based super heroine for Attractive 2? So far nothing in the write up justifies that level of attractiveness. Your description of the advantage implies that it is based off more than being good looking or very good looking which is what the book says. I can remove it i think your discription is a little too much aberrant mega stat than what is implied by the rules. But it's you call I can use the points elsewhere is you wish to better effect probably. This seems excessive, I mean, I'm not saying you can't have it, but really, 4 of the 5 skills and no one's even seen what makes her so cool yet. Also since she deals with people under 20 almost 90% of the time, while mixed with Attractive, she gets a base +10 on all her social rolls. That's a bit powergamey. Now, I'm not saying you have to, but I'd recommend picking one of the Cool advantages, and building your characters social life from there. yeah this was before we talked and I solidified her BG story I just never went back and looked at it. I iwll adjust it to make it more in line with her final BG This made me confused until I read her write up, but even afterwards it doesn't really seem to 'fit'. Her constantly healing doesn't really fit the shtick of a sound powered mutant. However, as a recommendation, by making her power activated instead of always on (that would make the duration sustained instead permanent) her power would simulate Whole Body Vibration Therapy (which is actually thing, I didn't know until I looked it up) that would accelerate her healing. It would require some effort on her part to allow her body to relax and regenerate, but it's more in line with her power set than simply 'my dad was Wolverine, so I heal too... even though I use sound...'. I know where you were coming from, having inherited it from her family, but her powers awakened, there's no guarantee she would get the same power that functioned the same exact way. It would also free up 2 power points and get you an extra rank. Vibration Therapy (Regeneration 6 (Sustained)) 3 points From the story : He read some of the details looked at the test results and tossed it back on the desk. “Bats and lizards. I should shoot you, And then turn the gun on myself.” I specifically did not want her regeneration to be sound based or it would have been in the array. and the regeneration wasn't awakened she was born with it i kinda thought that was clearer. but maybe not. Also the May dad was wolverine was kinda what i was going for in an evolutionary sense. if you wish to discuss it further we can but I do not wish to change this it's part of the background i am building. Is this an Array? It was indented in like it was. If that's the case only one of these power can be activated at a time, so while she's using Sonic Flight she can't use her Sonic Blast or while she making use of her White Noise power, she can't have her Sonic Shield active. yes it is an array and yes i know they can only be used one at a time. it was designed that way that's why some of her other sound based powers are not in the array. I think you are misunderstanding the powers she has work. They are not Manipulation in the control sense she doesn't control Sound she emits sound... she does nothing to sound itself, she merely controls how she emits it... so yes if she is flying she is emitting sound and focusing it a certain way to propel her through the air that is all she can do. If she needs to make a blast she will have to stop flying and so on I was going to question this, but I decided 'meh' she knows Karate plus, comic books. yes I was thinking comic book for this one with the training from her backstory and her physical attributes i didn't see any problem with it i was also taking a long view and considering this as a base for future advancement. Extrapolate on these if you don't mind. It helps flesh out her personality for the other players and readers. How does she set out getting her recognition? What extremes will she go to get it? Who does she want to be recognized by, or is it a secret? Dun, dun, dun... I can but i do not consider motivations something the other players should be aware of I feel that that type of thing should be between the story teller and the player...everyone else should have to figure a characters motivation in game not by looking at their sheet. thank you
  9. are we brand new students at the school?
  10. I'm thinking Daughter of a Russian Gangster who fled to America with his millions and went legit. Her mom is his trophy wife and she is a mutant with Sonic powers and mad skillz. very much a delinquent metal chick, lots of tatts and leather