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  1. Methis maintained his smile, taking her hand in his. "You are right, my apologies. My name is Cygnis Methis, Merchant Prince of Nexus, Perfected Architect of Worldly Magnificence, and Diplomatic Liaison of the Confederation of Rivers to the Star Marshalls,at your service" He kissed her hand and paused for a moment, glancing over at Copper Palm Zed for a second before looking back to the woman in front of him. "If you're serious about sharing what you can, perhaps, we could take some time while the captain's vessel is being refitted. if it would be better suited, as I am sure we both have questions that would be best suited for a less... professional setting." His smile was one of mirth and mischief. "Strictly business, of course. I just don't want to take up all these wonderful peoples' time with all the questions I have. Time constraints and all." He nodded sagely, an oh so serious, yet not serious at all look on his face.
  2. Going to assume a holding pattern for this pending the Ex3 release or folks' schedules to lighten up
  3. "What, is that it? That's all it takes? A low cut top and a bit of magic knowledge and this lady gets to tell you what you're going to do with your ship? Well I'll be damned, Dan..." Methis stood and moved around the room, his eyes flitting back and forth between Dan, the new Maiden, and the commander types. He moved around to where the new Navigator had just finished making her proclamation about being Seeker of Storms and proclaiming in the most matter of fact way imaginable what a captain was going to do with his ship. "It just means that *you*..." He moved through as graceful as ever and collected Artaith, hooking her arm in his and moving right along to the side of the chamber. "Are someone I'm going to have to get to know very well." He smiled his most charming, devilish smile, the same one that had caused entire nations to throw down their weapons rather than do harm to such a flawless being. "Tell me your secrets, enchantress. Let's you and me talk about important things while they figure out the specifics of this little venture, and I will make it very much worth your while"
  4. Cygnis Methis watched the little mini-revolt in progress and couldn't help but be a little amused. He hadn't been part of a 'secret Marshal meeting' before so it was a relatively new experience. Still, the trouble he was having was figuring out which was more comedic. The abject mockery and revulsion that the 'Good Marshals' openly showed to their command structure, or the fact that said command structure hadn't considered adding a 'bug out' option until just now, and even then it was 'to put minds at ease'. This is why he could never be a cop. Even a space cop. He raised his hand, more an acknowledgment of the custom than anything else, as he was the type that when he spoke, people listened. It was just a thing that happened. "Excuse me everybody, as amusing as this little show is, I've got a quick question. Keeping in mind that I'm about as far from a tactical genius as you're going to find, what's the plan?" He began ticking off points on his fingers. "You've got step 1, which is go into the Terminus disguised as a Soulsteel Ship. You've got step 10, which is take out two people that I have to assume are Abyssals. What are steps 2-9? And please don't say 'Wing It'"
  5. 1) Is it possible to take a trip to the celestial mountain and use their training facility? 2) Dark Messiah Style, I can haz?
  6. My Char-Gen Thoughts: Character Creation - By the book, with 2.5 Errata in effect Limitations: 1 5 Point Manse Maximum at Creation 1 5 Point Artifact Maximum at all (except for Dragon-Blooded, which are permitted 2) Command / Abyssal Command - Character must also have infrastructure to support (Resources / Backing for Command, Backing / Liege / Necromancy for Abyssal Command, etc.) PC's with Liege / Patron / Infamy are required to detail the specifics of how they achieved such a position and what their patron / master / reputation requires of them in order to maintain the ratings. Other thoughts?
  7. Oh, damn, I'm sorry. I sent that out when I was actively switching between focuses so yeah, there was a lot left unsaid. My bad!!! So, to answer the questions as asked: What's the timeline? Are we playing with the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress being a Thing? If so, has it happened yet? (Or has she already returned?) This is entirely open to discussion but as mentioned, I'm generally not a fan of the Empress being around. My main reason aside from the SoC and the Grid is that she and Chejop Kejack working in tandem had the Realm firing on all cylinders and things like the Wyld Hunt working at full efficiency. Not terribly conducive to a game that's not Dynast focused. Now if folks want to say that she's still around providing the "big bad" of the world and that the PC's aren't being endlessly hounded for other reasons, that's cool too As for her Return, I'm of the mind that if she returns at all, it should be a BIG DEAL and at least my $0.02 say that it should WILDLY deviate from the "Return of the Scarlet Empress" line since the Reclamation needs to either not be a thing or it needs to otherwise be doomed to failure. (See worldbreaking) I ask mostly because, in the massive Aberrant "game" we had going, major canon events could be affected by PC actions; one of the hottest topics, for example, was the possibility that the Night of Long Knives might never happen. Definitely. I'm of the mindset that with the exception of events that the ST wants to have happen as a matter of plot direction, what is canonical ends as soon as the game starts. If we get folks together who want to put together a solar circle of righteous strength and wage holy war on the Realm, it seems like it would be a hell of a story. (Note that it would require some heavy oversight from whoever the "Oversight Board" ends up being since this is the definition of world-shifting, but if that's what folks want...)
  8. At the very least, massive superweapons aside, the Empress getting back would kick the Realm back into gear, which is ultimately bad for those of us not playing Dynasts. I'm personally in support of Dave's suggested timeline. It leaves the world just unstable enough for PC's to come in and establish themselves as the power players of the world. As far as *what* can be played, I'm honestly of the mind that most things should be available. Alchemicals (being robot people) are a bit iffy in my mind just because they are so far removed conceptually from the "epic high magic and fantasy" design of the rest of the game, but if folks can find a way to make them work, I'm not opposed. Abyssals, Infernals, Fae - So long as these people understand that most people aren't going to be terribly accepting of their "Kill the world", "Corrupt the world", "Unravel the world" missions and are able to act accordingly, these are fine by me. (Court Intrigues of the Dead through the lens of an Abyssal Exalt or the Decadent Revelry of the Princes of Hell can be interesting, just don't expect everyone to be onboard and participating)
  9. I'm generally against the Scarlet Empress coming back in any way shape or form since it means one of two things, both of which are worldbreaking. 1) Reclamation 2) Sword of Creation / Realm Defense Grid is back online
  10. Scavenger lands as a general rule is a great idea. I am sure there are those who would want to have scenes and fictions set in other, more exotic places, but legitimately it would not be hard to have SL be the "unless otherwise stated" base location for most things. I am personally in favor of starting with a base Exalt and going from there. Gain xp over time and see where the game takes you. So long as there is something resembling an "xp floor" for the people who would be bringing in new characters after the start of the game this could be good. (Expecially in Exalted, falling behind on XP means you can and likely will be outclassed very quickly unless your cheese fu is STRONG.
  11. (Hyo Here) I'm still all sorts of down with getting this thing going. I imagine that once some general ground rules are established (chargen, primarily, restrictions on things like Backgrounds - not to be confused with backstory - etc) then it's just a matter of getting a forum going and, well, going For my part, as I personally like writing antihero stories but also definitely understand that there are certain aspects of the "Dark Solar" books that make it so that they don't play well with others and/or smash the basic setting conceits into little pieces and need to be adjusted accordingly. (Shards of the Exalted Dream's take on Abyssal Resonance, 3E's approach to Infernals, Reclamation is a delusional pipe dream but the Yozi's don't know that, etc) Similarly, I'm of the mind that if someone wants to play an Abyssal Emissary to the Courts of the Dead, that's fine and well within "canon" for the character type. They just shouldn't expect to get much RP from people who don't fall under the same purviews.
  12. It had been at least an hour since the negotiations had been finalized. The passage of time ultimately meaning little in the context of the salon, mostly an indication that Cygnis Methis was free to access his Essence pools without concerning himself with his anima waxing totemic again. It was a phenomenal effect and most impressive, but it was one of those things that had a nasty tendency of blowing apart resembling subtlety in ones' craft like chaff before the wind. The negotiations themselves largely went the only way they could have gone. His way. After all, it's no secret that everyone has a talent, especially among the Chosen of the Sun. Captain Hawkins was a master of arms, Duchess Volkov was an ace pilot, he could talk. And when he talked, everyone listened. When they listened, so long as their interests aligned with his, they got what they wanted out of the discussion. They were of course most grateful and felt obligated to repay him however they could. This was the business. Work the systems, trade favor for Favor. It was his business and he was good at it. The Imperial Admiral Cathak had wanted to have her trading corporation come out ahead in the negotiations, even above the other Dragonblooded Industries. This was not hard. Gaining a few exclusive trading agreements was child's play. She knew that he had done this, and she loved him for it. The Queen herself was relatively simple to please, she had simply wanted to be sure that the agreements being negotiated were solid. Reliable enough that she could be assured that the earlier conflict would not happen again. This was simply a matter of enacting the power of his Caste to sanctify any agreement in the eyes of the Unconquered Sun. She knew that he had done this when he did it and she loved him for it. The list went on and on. Men and women, aristocrats and commanders, everyone who had been present for the invocation of awe and wonder that had been the performance and everyone who had all but staked their souls on the outcome of the negotiation itself. The trickiest part of all of it had been to do all of this and still dodge the public spotlight. He had made out like a bandit in this deal, his network of contacts and backers expanding dramatically. In order to do it again, however, he needed to shift the credit elsewhere. Fortunately for all involved, there was one last person who had a vested interest in seeing her treaty work smoothly. The most dangerous game of them all thus far, the Sidereal Althea. For her part, she had simply wanted people to be proud of her. She had wanted her name to be affixed to the arrangement itself. Unlike him, she had an interest in being known. She wanted to be the Diplomat. Methis was fine with this. So she wanted it, so it would be. He had his allies, his supporters, and his lovers. She had her victory. This was her price. This was her heart's desire. And he had delivered it, and she was most welcome.
  13. So I can make that last post, what were the people involved in the negotiation (that I care about) wanting? Queen, Admiral, Althea, Dan, Nexus? Since at this point Methis could probably write the treaty on a napkin and have it be viewed as high politics, I'm interested in seeing what comes out of it
  14. After the queen had removed the privacy field, Methis set to work. Between that time and the time of the Lady Althea's dance, he had been moving among the people, making small talk. Slowly but surely, he was completing the work that he had begun even before meeting any of these people. The diplomatic agenda was many things. Ambitious. Pragmatic. Secret was not, and never had been one of them. How fortunate that this was the case. Since his arrival he had moved among the various camps, discussing different pieces. Naturally he had always been in support of the Marshalls and their effort. He hadn't always found sympathetic ears, but he at the very least planted the ideas of conformity and trust in the back of their minds. At the time, naturally such things mean little. However, their opinions at the time was not were not what Cygnis Methis was concerned with. As the Sidereal girl began to dance, he paused and watched for a moment, joining his current conversational partner in a quiet admiration of the dance itself. He smiled warmly in her direction. This was perfect. He looked at the mortal beside him, some dignitary from a neighboring system or some such. He watched the mortal stare, slack-jawed at the performance. It was time. As her dance drew to a close, the music played on still and he approached the dancer. He offered a polite, professional, bow of introduction, his own Essence flaring up to match her own, the brilliant combination of colors, representing Sol Invictus and the Maiden of Serenity, amazing to behold. Taking her hands and moving with the time of the music, he began to dance with her. A close, passionate dance that was equaled in its inspiration only by the perfect magnificence of the dancers. As they danced, he held her close and whispered into her ear. "Ask and ye shall receive, Althea." They moved in perfect time, their animas mixing together to form patterns of incredible splendor. "It is clear to these people now that the successful conclusion of these talks is in their best interest". A dip, a spin, a god and a goddess performing for all the world to witness and adore. "None would dare interrupt such an important event" As the piece drew to a close, it was all but impossible for those assembled to do much of anything but stand in awe, amazed at the wonder they had just witnessed, Althea and her invocation of the Maiden, along with Methis and his own anima in full radiance (not quite totemic, but getting there). The discussions were all but over and they hadn't even begun yet.. =========================================== Charm Shenanigans OOC: Two things happening here. First, spending peripheral essence, 10 motes, and 1 willpower to activate Husband-Seducing Demon Dance. Spending 10 personal essence to augment as much as possible (Manip 5 + Performance 5 + Essence 10 = 20 dice, adding Appearance (9) as bonus dice for a total of 29. [23:57] <Hyoseph> !roll 29d10 [23:57] <GameServ> Hyoseph rolled 29d10: 5 3 4 1 4 1 10 1 10 1 5 4 8 7 9 9 4 10 7 1 6 3 5 9 7 7 3 1 6 <Total: 151> 14 Successes to set the MDV, and a reminder (just in case) that individuals resisting are at a penalty of the difference between Methis's appearance (9) and their own to a max penalty of -6 Important note: Most of the party isn't here and honestly if it's possible, Methis would be excluding Dan from the effects of the Demon Dance. The vast majority of the people in here, he only wishes them to fall for what he (honestly if it's possible, Althea since she's dancing with him, and he as a secondary) represent, which is the source from which all amazing ideas come from. Certain individuals, being the women in power that are either Exalted or simply very attractive and influential, he would be using the traditional mode of the Demon Dance. And that's just part one. --------------------------------------------------- Part two is spending 10 additional personal essence, two more willpower, and enough from his Peripheral pool to finish paying for the charms, (He's going full anima, might as well) to use Wise-Eyed Courtier Method on the social group itself, excluding the Queen, and noting specifically that he, Dan, and Althea are not technically part of this group. Followed up by Taboo-Inflicting Diatribe. Wise-Eyed Courtier Method: Inspiring the Belief that the diplomatic negotiations going off without a hitch is good for everyone's best interest. Manipulation 5 + Socialize 5 + 5(excellency) = 15 dice, [00:19] <Hyoseph> !roll 15d10 [00:19] <GameServ> Hyoseph rolled 15d10: 3 8 4 4 8 6 4 9 7 7 9 2 10 1 6 <Total: 88> 8 successes - Magnitude/2 (assuming result is 1, given the size of the room) = 7, vs MDV of group's leader (with adjustments as above based on appearance) Taboo-Inflicting Diatribe: Instilling the Taboo/Fad against contradicting either Althea or Cygnis Methis in the negotiations. They are the final authority. Manipulation 5 + Socialize 5 + 5(excellency) = 15 dice, [00:25] <Hyoseph> !roll 15d10 [00:25] <GameServ> Hyoseph rolled 15d10: 8 8 6 2 5 10 3 8 8 1 5 7 2 1 10 <Total: 84> 9 successes, adjusted as Wise-Eyed Courtier Method. Go forth!
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