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  1. Smiling demurely behind her translucent veil, Kamiko produced the empty bottle and presented it for Abun's inspection. "It truly was a most excellent taste, and so difficult to find," she explains softly. "Though I do not wish to trouble you, do you happen to have any?"
  2. "Oh, I agree," responds Kamiko, "I do hope you can hold your drink. The least conspicuous way to learn would be to partake, no?" The shadow of a smile could be made out through her veil. She then pointed out the nearest sake house, not far from the docks...to serve the thirsty sailors, no doubt.
  3. Kamiko let her veiled gaze linger on the bottle, which she then tucked away into the sash of her kimono without further comment. With a parting bow to the crew of the ship, the Scorpion shugenja followed the other samurai at an unhurried pace towards the town.
  4. "Ah, I've put you on the spot, Captain. Please accept my apologies. Thank you for your suggestion as well." She gave Kageko a nod. "Our friends may wish to keep a low profile, but I'm sure if we keep our eyes open we'll find them soon enough. Lets find a place to stay and decide where to go first."
  5. "Dry," agrees Kamiko. "Dry and has a generous capacity...enough to fill a large order within a short period of time. Is there a particularly famous brewer here perhaps? A renowned local recipe?"
  6. "I would trust a sailor to know." Kamiko glanced at the captain and asked lightly, "Where's the best place around here to find sake?"
  7. "Ah, there you are." Shosuro Kamiko's voice was as delicate-sounding and soft-spoken as ever. She offered the ship's captain a courteous bow, then paused on noticing who he'd stopped to speak to. "Mirumoto-san..." she bowed again, more deeply. "Please accept my apology. I did not mean to interrupt. I will ask Michiyo-san where I may set up my things later." In her hands the Scorpion shugenja still had the demon mask, wrapped in a bit of black velvet. She hadn't let it out of her sight once during the trip to the docks.
  8. Kamiko paused just long enough to survey the others at the table to see how they were reacting to Rin's impetuousness. On seeing general assent, she nodded. "We took the precaution of bringing what we will need with us," she said. "Lead on."
  9. With quick movements Kamiko produced a brush and inkjar and with quick precise motions she traced a copy of the mark she'd found onto a blank spot on one of the scrolls; apparently a collection of notes or a journal of sorts. "I have seen a device like this before, but I didn't have an opportunity to examine it for long. They are potent, but expendable. The kansen within possesses one corpse only, and departs if the mask is broken. For them to have so many...very troubling." She holds up the scroll page with the mark on it. "This was very carefully worked into the porcelain though. A maker's mark, perhaps. If the one creating these vile things is as skilled as they seem, that skill seems to come with commensurate arrogance. We must be on the lookout for other things bearing this mark as we investigate."
  10. Kamiko inclines her head gratefully, and very carefully reaches out to turn the mask around so its chin faces her and her brother. For a moment she simply scrutinizes its substance...the fineness of the porcelain and polish. She then turns it over to see the inside surface. "A moment, please." With a few movements she takes a small vial of crystal filled with clear fluid, and taps just a droplet onto the mask. It flashes immediately to steam, and the steam forms into a peculiar and ominous-feeling sigil in the air before dissipating. Kamiko then dips one of her fingers into a tiny sack, and pulls it out with a blue powder stuck to the end of the digit. She touches it to the mask, but none of the blue stuff sticks to it. The shugenja is quiet for a moment, then says, "Interesting." Then she fishes a tightly wound sheaf of scrolls from her pouch and fishes through them.
  11. "Perhaps, if you have any intact left for me to examine, I can try to learn more about the magic that went into them," Kamiko offers. "I can do that as we investigate other avenues though."
  12. It was a good question, and one that had slipped past Kamiko. She'd been so focused on the magic that she'd missed the human element. There was one simple possibility of course. They imported not just any sake, but their favorite sake. And since it wasn't local... She nodded at Miren. His insight had not failed them.
  13. "If there is a new alliance between the Shadowlands and the Cult, the masks are the most likely path to lead us to that. If you insist that we ignore that, then..." She looks at Miren questioningly, seeking his input. "Le forgeron?"
  14. "Ah, please accept my apologies," Kamiko said humbly. "Have you decided then not to accept the aid of my brother and myself?"
  15. Kamiko sat forward a little, her eyes intent on Zoyu. "In Tsuma. I would be very interested to hear more of that encounter, if you wouldn't mind. I think it's very unlikely the Cult of the Moon made these masks themselves, you see. Not in such quantity."
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