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  1. Constance's lips moved as she subvocalized the important details that she was hearing, over and over, committing them to memory. Major Larissa Tepist. General Cainan. Mordrys Black. RL-20 in Noss Fens. Catherine, daughter of General Cainan. Terrorist bombing 6 months ago where a band was performing. She looked at Toby. He was going to hate this. You couldn't find the truth without taking a chance though. "I'm going in," Constance whispered. "Watch my back." With a furtive glance around, and keeping hunkered low as she moved, Constance hurried to the scattered evidence to get some photos.
  2. Chance broke out into a wide, radiant grin and offered Toby a fist-bump. "Yes...all right, you scout the way and I'll foll...I'll wait for you to get back and show me. Quietly, of course!" Staying put for the moment, she watched Toby start to leave, marveling despite herself at how easy it was to lose track of him in the gloom.
  3. "One time," Chance replied hotly...or as hotly as one could while whispering. "One time I tripped. A foot scuff is not a trip. It's only a trip if you actually start to fall." She sighed and checked her phone to make sure it was on silent. "Besides, you wouldn't know what pictures to take. I need to see what's going on...who's there, what they're doing. These black ops things are set up to mess with you...they have disinformation in layers. The important looking stuff will be decoys." Chance finally shook her head. "I need to be there. I'm better than I used to be. Whatever happened..." she wasn't quite as ready to buy into the 'exalted' stuff as Toby, "...I'm faster now. I have a lot of control. I can do this." I'll just leave out the part where I'm practically a living weapon now. Not the reassuring vibe I'm going for.
  4. "Good," Chance said, glancing back around the edge of the stack of boxes she'd taken cover behind. "You still have your edge. Look over there." She waved a hand at the sinister crew and their vehicles. "I got word a few days ago that all the squatters got tossed out of the buildings around here for like, a block around. Same time, there's been chatter about..." Chance paused, noticing Toby's expression. Maybe he didn't need the whole backstory. "Okay, right. I need to get eyes on whatever's in that warehouse they're unloading those vans into. Which means I need you to..." she made little 'walky' fingers, "...find a way in, find a way for me to GET to the way in from here, without being seen, and then I'll get pictures and we can get out." When Toby's expression didn't change, she got a crestfallen look. "What?"
  5. NAME: Constance Ann Abels Concept: Cooky Investigative Journalist Player: Max Motivation: Discover and Expose the Hidden Truth Caste: Zenith Anima: Golden pyramid with glowing eye at the tip, radiating light XP Total: 0 Remaining: 0 BACKSTORY Constance knows what's up. She knows what's over, and what's going down. She can tell you all about the River Street Sewer-Thing, and how the locals over there think it's behind the latest rash of 'runaway' kids disappearing. She can tell you which cops are on the take to leave certain government-owned blacksite buildings off their patrol routes. She's pretty sure that new diet pill is made from processed panda cubs, if her informant would just get back to her. Proof? Well, she's working on it, okay? Constance can TELL, but collecting all the bits and pieces for other people to figure it out too is hard work. That's work that she's up to though...because she's a reporter. Yep. And okay, maybe the only job she's gotten so far is with an old military buddy of her dad's who's got a local-interest newspaper and webpage, but he lets her do a podcast too! She calls it, "Constance and Variables." Pretty sweet. It's just...there HAS to be weird stuff going on in the fringes, you know? How else do you explain the 'accident' that killed her dad, and her mom just HAPPENING to go catatonic a few weeks later? There's no COINCIDENCES like that unless they're MADE, and then they're not COINCIDENCES. All these things happen, and ordinary folks suffer in silence because no one believes them. Constance is here to change all that. She's gonna blow this story wide open. As many times as it takes.
  6. "Lacrima," Deezy said, frowning at the way Iratos shrugged off their attacks. "The lacrima...oh no." She clicked her heels together, and the network of tubes around her boots started shaking ominously, and belching clouds of black, sooty smoke. "Guys! Don't let him get to the springs! He'll be practically immortal there!" There's an explosion under her feet, and with a shrill whining roar she's suddenly lifted into the air on a pair of flaming plumes! She stows her protective field and rifle, and yanks a pair of steel tubes from a satchel at her side. They're unpolished, and show deep dark burn marks. The inventor slaps the two tubes together and twists them so they interlock. Then she yells: "A grade megabuster golem ONE...get in here!" The satchel moved then, and a small, squat, metal humanoid thing about the size of Deezy's head eagerly scrambled out and scaled her harness to grab onto the edge of the tube, all the while wearing a huge grin and muttering, "Ohboyohboyohboygonnaflygonnafly..." It heaved itself into the tube, and from inside seemed to close a hatch behind it. Deezy then leveled the tube at the retreating demon, aiming ahead of it. Her grin was unsettlingly similar to the manic expression on the crudely fashioned face of the golem. "Slow down a little, Laci! Fire in the hole!" There was a hollow 'THOOM' accompanied by a flash of white smoke from the tube, and the golem came hurtling out, trailing fire in its wake and howling with enthusiastic glee. It bore down on Iratos unerringly! (OOC - Switching to Theta A-Grade Megabuster Golemgun and firing on Iratos! Weapon +10, Homing 2, Area 3 (10m), Range 3 (1km), Backblast 1, Stoppable 1) (Stoppable means that an enemy who still has an action this turn can try to target the incoming golem; it hits at Initiative 0 this turn. At this range it's -6 to hit, and requires 50 damage to destroy.) Attack: 2D6+11 = [6, 6]+11 = 23 (Damage is 67 base, possibly doubled depending on his roll. Spending 15ep for rocket boost, and 12 for golemgun shot!)
  7. "THERE he is!" Deezy shouted, and grabbed a crystal ball from her pouch, hooking it up with dizzyingly fast hand movements to a set of gold rings and wires to crystalline coils that buzzed and hummed. She set it on a little socket on the shoulder of her harness, and the thing lit up from within with a shifting, rotating light that constantly cycled through all the colors of the rainbow. The light seemed to coalesce around Deezy, creating a sort of dome several yards across centered on where she was standing. "Klattatech Radiant Bubble defense field, GO! Everyone, stand close to me! If he tries to turn us to lacrima this should stop it!" Then she drew a gunmetal-grey weapon from a holster at her hip...laced with copper and zinc, with a bright, polished ball of metal at the 'business' end. As Deezy powered it up little arcs of lightning raced along the weapon's surface and collected on the ball, zipping and crackling! "Series D Lightning Cannon! Take this, demon!" She took aim and the air lit up with blinding blue-white lightning, the CRACK of thunder, and the smell of ozone!
  8. Name: Deezy Klatta Age: 18 Height: 4' 11" Weight: 106lbs Sex: Female Description:Deezy's a late bloomer; skinny and gangly, with a bit of knob to the knees still. Her hair's a russet red dandelion poof, held out of her eyes only by her customized aviator goggles. She's fond of overalls and vests with lots of pockets and shorts that also have a lot of pockets. Most often she has so many straps and gizmos and pockets that it's hard to actually see HER. Even so, she has a cute face, with round cheeks and wide green eyes, and a grin that occasionally borders on manic...especially when explosions are afoot. Background and Stats
  9. "Ow! Hey! I thought she was a demon! It's no good just asking a demon if she's a demon. You have to check!" She went to get some food as well, watching Brennan warily out of the corner of her eyes as she went.
  10. "Huh!" Deezy slides the goggles back up out of her eyes and blinks as she gets used to seeing normally again. "Welp, she's not a demon...but she's a wizard all right. Maybe even stronger than we are. And she's got a lot of different powers, which is weird. I definitely saw a Demonslayer aura...not sure about the others." The tech-wizard shook her head. "Why would a demonslayer just sit around while a town's getting eaten by a demon though?"
  11. "Hang on a second." Deezy peered more closely at Lynne and adjusted her goggles. The lenses rotated, clicked, then rotated back the other way, whirring all along. She reached slowly out with a single fingertip and just sort of...pushed very gently against Lynne's arm, as if verifying that she was solid.
  12. Deezy flicked the lenses on her TIAMAT goggles up so her eyes would be visible as she goggled at Luci. "Demon?! Wait...back up there! This was done by a demon?! Oh..." She looked back at the lacrima, moving the lenses back into place. "...I really want to take a piece of this back. You NEVER get a chance to see demon artifice this side of Hell. Just a little piece probably wouldn't hurt, right?"
  13. "Yeah, no, sorry," Deezy blurted, looking around at Brennan through her goggles. "Just going over these readings. Lacrima's basically crystallized magical energy...it can have lots of different specific properties based on the kind of magic it was made from and the techniques used to make it and so forth. So...no...don't punch them. At least not yet. We need to analyze this stuff and try to work out how it was made if we're going to undo it properly." She sighed and shook her head, sending her pigtails wibbling and wobbling. "If it can be undone. Look, lets find the others and see if they found anything out."
  14. "Lacrima," Deezy said to Brennen. "This is all lacrima. Whatever did this must've already been really strong, and now with all this it'll be even stronger. Plus...I dunno how exactly people got turned into lacrima, but if there's ANY chance of turning them back then it would depend on the lacrima not being broken. So we'd have to be really careful throwing combat magic around." That last bit came out as a lament. Deez had some truly powerful spells, but they tended to devastate large areas too. Protecting the lacrima would limit her options a lot!
  15. On seeing that macabre display, Deezy gaped for a second, then fitted her goggles down over her eyes. With a thin whine the lenses powered up, and little green runes could be seen cascading down them. She reached up to twist the rims of the glass, clicking little wheels and adjusting sliders. Deezy zoomed in a little on the faces in the walls and began scanning for signs of magic that might still be lingering here. TIAMAT Perception: 2D6+11 = [4, 1]+11 = 16
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