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  1. On seeing the trailer, Cassandra stopped short and winced. "That looks like a meth lab. I mean, I've never seen a meth lab, but somehow I know that's what one looks like." She looked around, taking in the remote location, well away from any trail or footpath. "That might explain the guy freaking out with the gun. Definitely does not explain the rest." Cass then waved at the other kids hanging around and tried to sound light and nonchalant, "So...looks like the real party's out here?"
  2. You're going in? Cassandra wanted to shout. We just ran OUT! Haven't you been listening?! But no, they hadn't been. Because she sounded like a crazy person, and no one listened to a crazy person. She'd failed at her one job...communicating clearly. "Lilly, wait a second," she urged. Then nodded as their little group was joined by still others. Yes, naturally, a bigger audience. Thank you God. That was...just great. Then to Lilly, "Look. I know everything I said sounds crazy or stupid...and I was busy being terrified and it was dark, so...I don't know...maybe it wasn't what it looked like." She went over and took hold of the athlete's arm. "But there is something dangerous out there. There was a guy who had that gun. And now he's not there anymore. Okay? And whatever did that is still out there." Cass looked at the others again, the ones who hadn't heard the story. "If they're at some cabin or something in the middle of those woods, we shouldn't leave them alone, but...we have to be careful okay?" Something's going on. Something important. I missed the shot last time, but I'll be ready now. I'll prove this.
  3. Cass sighed. Fucking Devin. "Alright. So this guy...and he did kind of look like a zombie, but I think only because he sort of moved like one?" Devin shot her a look. "I know! Anyway, he was aiming the gun at us and this sort of...cloud came up behind him. I don't know what else to call it. A cloud. And then out of the cloud came this like..." She positioned her arm up with her hand making grabby motions, fingers widely splayed. "Only the 'fingers' would be more like an octopus, and it was big. Way big. And there was a mouth...thing at the center. A mouthgina." Cass gave Devin a scowl, but only for a second. "And it just...grabbed his head and pulled him into the cloud...and then the cloud flew away. All that was left was the gun. And us." She shivered violently. "It was just...so weird. Like, I was right in the middle of being afraid I was going to get shot, and then that happened, and now I don't even know what the world is made of anymore."
  4. "I was getting to that!" Cass hurled back. "I was trying to ease into it!" She covered her eyes. "This is so messed up."
  5. Cassandra barely even noticed the asshat giving Devin a thumbs up. She was too out of breath, too tired, and still too scared. She turned away and leaned against a tree with both hands, trying to calm down. "Jesus Christ, Lilly," she swore, panting, "You nearly gave me a heart attack...twice in one night's gotta be...pushing it or something." After gulping down a breath or three she turned around and leaned back against the tree so she could see everyone. "Yeah, so...gunshot. Me and Devin saw this...totally messed up guy in the forest and he was gross and naked and he had this gun. I, uh..." she got her phone out and called up the picture she'd taken, then held it out for the others to see. "This gun."
  6. That gave Cassandra a second of pause...she had been following Clara...but she immediately shook her head. "No, Clara wasn't there. Lona, I SAW it, okay? You CANNOT go that way!" She extended a hand. "You have to come with us NOW." There was something terribly persuasive about the terror printed plainly on both Cassie's and Devin's face. Not to mention it was Cassie and Devin running together. And if Clara really wasn't in danger... Lona nodded, and both she and Cassandra started running, passing Devin for a second before he caught back up. And then it was the three of them, plunging headlong through the forest away from a thing they couldn't name...
  7. Cassandra couldn't move, couldn't scream, couldn't think. It didn't even feel like she was still in her body. The world felt like it was spinning wildly around, and it was all she could to to stay on it. Her grip on Devin's arm was painfully tight, but she'd forgotten she was holding it. Somewhere in the back of her head, a voice of reason was trying to convince her that she hadn't seen all that. It was drugs from the party. She hadn't taken any, but maybe there'd been some in the punch that she hadn't drunk, or maybe she'd inhaled too much smoke or... She didn't listen. Cass was too much a creature of her senses, even when her senses abused her like this. There was no explanation for what she'd seen, but she'd seen it. She'd seen it, and she'd have to deal with it. The gun. It was still there. Still real. Sitting on the ground among the trees. By itself it proved nothing but it was all she had. With the hand that wasn't still latched onto Devin, she dug into her pocket and shakily held out her phone. A flash zapped into the forest, like a little bolt of lightning. The gun was preserved on the screen of her camera. A memento of the night that broke everything. It changed nothing, having that picture, but somehow she felt the raw panic starting to fade back. Like the photo was an anchor. The world didn't feel as out of control as it had a second ago, and she managed to loosen her deathgrip on Devin's arm. Red, raw panic pulled back, letting some actual thought through. That's when she realized she'd been hyperventilating and squeaking "Oh my god" over and over again under her breaths, so she covered her mouth to shut herself up. "Devin, we have to get out of here," Cass whispered when she trusted her voice. He wasn't her favorite person in the world, but right now she wasn't moving more than two steps alone. He could be Charles Manson and she'd stick with him because what the fuck???!!
  8. “Oh my god, what the hell are you doing here, for fucks sake, this is a party you don't do parties.” Cassandra looked around and stared...then burst out laughing. She couldn't help it. There was something peculiarly right about Leila being here. "You know what? You're not wrong. This is my first big party, and I'm not going to waste it..." she wiggled her fingers, "...doing this thing we do. It's a big party, there's a shit-ton of people here, how about we just sort of...agree to a glasnost thing and take a day off to just enjoy ourselves?" Leila just rolled her eyes at that. "Jesus, everything's so dramatic with you." She smirked then and added, "Besides, you never take a day off. This is about some story isn't it? Even though school hasn't even started yet. You know if you squeal on this, Bannon's gonna be piiiiiiiissed..." "Okay, first of all, no...I'm actually here to have fun. I was invited," Cassie retorted. "Second, why should I even care what Jason Bannon thinks?" The dark-haired girl, a fellow worker on the paper, shrugged nonchalantly. "He's supposed to be pretty fucking scary, I'd watch out if I was you. I heard he almost murdered Chet or something." Cassandra opened her mouth to fire back, then paused. There had been that commotion at the fair. "Really? Was it at the stable by any chance?" Leila probably answered, but Cass completely missed it, because at that moment, by sheer chance, she spotted Clara across the party grounds. And a dude! An older dude! Walking off together! She looked back at Cross and held up a finger. "Actually, I have to go. It's been, uh, fun. Hope you have more fun. At the party. Excuse me." And with that wonderfully crafted outro, Cassandra whirled and started pushing through the crowd towards the spot she'd glimpsed her friend and her scandalous...possibly dangerous!!...new beau. Leila frowned to herself, wondering what the reporter was really up to, lurking around here. Invited, her ass. Fucking Cass. .. By the time Cassandra reached the spot she was pretty sure she'd seen Clara, obviously the two were long gone. Well, minutes gone. Still, they hadn't gone back into the party, and the path led that way, so...come along, Watson. Extreme deductive insights at work! She followed the path for a little while before starting to to feel that she was: A) Getting a bit far from the party for her well-being, and B ) Still not seeing Clara and her friend. And really, what the hell was she even doing? If they'd wandered this far off, it was a sure bet that they didn't need someone poking their nosy nose in on their business. Sure, that was newsworthy, but Clara was...nice. She didn't deserve to have her personal affair spattered all over. Besides, Mr Klent wouldn't run anything salacious. But mostly it would be unethical. Tabloid tactics. She wasn't that kind. Was she? Crap. After that speech about not wasting her time at the party sniping at Leila, she'd decided to...waste her time at the party chasing after stupid kid-stuff stories. Cassandra sighed and turned around, taking a second to just pause and close her eyes and still the rush of thoughts constantly surging in her brain and just relax. For a second. And she heard them. Dimly, kind of like an echo almost, but clearer. Clara's voice. And then someone she didn't recognize immediately, and then...was that Bannon? What the hell? Curiosity spiked anew, Cassandra turned towards the faint sound, eyes still closed, orienting on it until she felt like she had a direction...and then set off, heedlessly leaving the path to see what was going on.
  9. Cassandra blinked then shrugged. "Yeah, sure," she said, "thanks actually. I almost forgot that was tonight. Kind of a lot going on."
  10. "Okay!" Cassie said brightly, "Not okay then. Got it." "Just for the record though, Devin, you're wrong about the music. It was fantastic. Don't be jealous though, you have your gifts too. No one, literally no one, can be as big a douche as you. Maybe they have another year or two of high school to look forward to...but you have your whole damn life as an insufferable prick left to enjoy."
  11. Main Theme: What else but Fletch? One: Basket Case by Green Day. She likes the energy of it, and the lyric about giving yourself the creeps, and having one's mind play tricks on itself caught her ear. Two: Waiting for Superman, a song Cassandra heard enough to actually start to figure the lyrics out and found she actually really likes them as well. Three: Believer by Imagine Dragons. The intensity of it, and the refrain of being a 'believer' appeals to her. Four: I Can See Clearly Now this was a song that she and her dad both enjoyed. He liked to sing it 'I can see clearly now the brain is gone,' which she thought was pretty funny when she was a kid. Five: Party In The CIA Beth had this playing once and Cass thought it was hilarious. It still pops up on her playlist sometimes, and never fails to bring a smile to her face. CassDad Playlist Theme- Don't Fear the Reaper 1- All Along the Watchtower 2- Fortunate Son (STEPHEN KING MEMES) 3- People are Strange
  12. Cassandra left Lona's concert feeling like she'd wasted half the day...which sucked a little but not much because the REST of the day was very not wasted. The Fair had been...the Fair up until then. Normal. Pedestrian. The enemy of the article she wanted to lead the first issue of the school paper with. The archvillain. She'd wandered the grounds for hours, from the very opening. She'd even taken shots and jotted notes about the lines to get in. But it had paid off, because she'd been there at the concert. Way in the goddamn back of course, but there. Unlike a lot of kids her age, Cassie wasn't really 'into' music, as a rule. It was nice to have on in the background, but she didn't follow it much, or pay attention to what song was made by who and when. It served to accentuate moods, and that was about as much thought as she'd ever put into it. There'd been something raw though, about Avalon's performance. Something infectious. The loss and pain in her music had hit a kind of chord in her, a resonance. Cass had lost someone too, and...it really did feel like that. She'd almost forgotten to take pictures, she'd been so absorbed. When the music ended, Cassandra felt like she was waking up. The people around her seemed much the same. And then she realized that THIS was the thing she'd been waiting for! THIS was what set this Fair apart, what people would remember later, what they'd want to see and read about. So Cass got her audio recorder out and started moving through the crowd, asking for their impressions, doing little on-the-spot interviews. It was amazing. Everyone wanted to talk, to share...everyone. The article practically wrote itself. And so, with memory full and head brimming with ideas, Cassandra headed away from the Fairgrounds proper towards the livestock. She hadn't seen much of the animal events over the day, and wanted to get a look at the horses before she went home. Just a little nod to the adolescent girl that still haunted the deeper corners of her head and heart. They didn't have WINGS, but they were still huge and strong and majestic...and there might be ponies, and they were adorable. What she found wasn't really adorable though. A bunch of other kids were scattered around, and the air was thick with gradually dissipating tension...except one corner where Avalon was bawling out...was that Devin? Jesus, it wasn't just a bunch of kids. It was THAT bunch of kids. For once, Cassie wasn't thinking much of the story as she kept on towards the stables. She had that already this time. She just wanted to see what was going on. "Hey, uh..." her eyes moved from Lona to Devin, then to the others, in quick flits. "...so, really cool concert," she said to Avalon. Then quickly, "Sorry to interrupt your thing there, just wanted to..." Nope, this was lame. "Is everything okay?" she finally gave in and asked.
  13. "What I want to know is," Cassandra said, leaning forward a little, "who's invited to this as-yet hypothetical party?" "Blanket invitations over social media? Or a carefully curated who's who of school VIPs? I mean, you guys are a pretty diverse bunch. 'Jocks' and 'nerds' all sitting around one table. Is that how you're going to handle the party too?" She gives Bannon a grin. "Or is this for fellow devil-worshippers only?"
  14. "Okay, whoa whoa whoa," Cassandra said, waving her hands. "Slow down. This is a lot to process." She nodded at Sean. "Okay, so...playing the Devil's game, sounds good. I'm down with it. So that's a thing where you guys run around pretending magic and monsters are real, and play parts kinda thing, yeah? Except..." Then Cass looked at Bannon, "...now you want to have a party, in direct competition with Chet's, and..." Sara got the next look. "...it's going to be on reservation grounds?" Cassandra put her fingers to her temples, then splayed them as she moved her hands away; the 'mind-blown' gesture. "You guys are killing me here," she said with a laugh. "I don't even know where to start."
  15. Cassandra headed over to the table the others were at. It felt a little awkward, but it would be way worse to follow them all the way over here, then sit at another table like they didn't know each other. This was what she wanted, right? Hell, reporters had to deal with social tension all the time. This should be child's play. "Soooo," she said as she found her place. returning Lona's polite nod. "Game night? What are we talking about here? Something...portable. Something a lot of people can play. Something pretty time-consuming." She wasn't ordering anything, because she'd had food at Bunnee's, but she did get a glass of water which she now stirred with the straw as she looked around at everyone.
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