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  1. Kamiko shrugged. "I guess I can arrange a cot... or convert some of the spare rooms that are now open and empty for a guest accommodation. It's amazing what one can find at IKEA these days on short notice." She smiled, realizing that now two novas will be under her roof that her government has taken interest in. This will make her probably minding job much easier. "I guess I've never considered that not everyone likes my spartan life style." She leans back and the sound of her back cracking is heard a little. "Alright... tomorrow I set up those arrangements, so only one night on the air bed." She said with a smile and a happy tone, as if she looked forward to the company. "Just note from time to time Ryu may need my assistance at the manor, and I may be called away at a moment's notice. A... fair warning to you two."
  2. Kamiko blushed. ,, "I don't live at the Hideyoshi estate like my colleague Naoko does. In fact the Estate is the de-facto headquarters of Department Zero practically... there's so few of us." ,, She sighed. "I have a small residence... just got it when I rejoined Department Zero... well... more inherited it, but it's a large office building that my former mentor owned... after she died she left it to me. Mostly to ensure her old case files went to the proper places and such. The cats of the neighborhood were a different concern but they've been morally and humanely dealt with." She fidgeted with her bodysuit sitting next to the tub she was in. "There is an excess of empty space... well after I sold off all her teaching materials to other tutors in the area. But needless to say I can take a couple of people crashing there for a while, as long as air mattresses don't insult your backs. I have very little furniture and most of it is in my room and the kitchen. Just two rules. Stay out of the library I have and don't touch anything in my fridge. You can't miss it, it has a hello kitty magnet on it." "I'll also vouch for you when any officials wish to speak to either of you. Japan is... thorough when it comes to visitors and in the man's case, someone looking to avoid a criminal organization that has a few ties here in our country." ,, "What do you say?"
  3. Kamiko smiled, taking everything professional. "Well... might help Ryu or Naoko after a hard mission. Would save Department Zero the costs of hiring a chiropractor or what-not." She patted Sasha on the hand. "Don't be too tense, Sasha. It's alright. Perhaps your companion... can... share in your technique?" She said, her mouth now almost at the surface of the water from sliding into the water being so relaxed. Almost getting sleepy. "Oh golly... Uh... almost dosed off." ,, "Mental note, make sure I bring something to keep from drowning." She bashfully giggled.
  4. Kamiko smiled. Having Sasha remove the last of her aches as her own body did the rest in the warm water was definitely better than any session with a chiropractor or a doctor could ever achieve. ,, "Don't worry about it, sir... enjoy the quiet moments. They're the best. I'm... not here for nothing more than a new experience and... this really fit the bill." ,, The rain fell heavier outside, it was audible now to the three. ,, "Ironic... we come in here to get out of the rain and we end up wet anyways. Humanity is a strange meta-race." She said scratching her head. "At least by my assessment." ,, She smiled at Sasha. "You're really good with that massage. Who taught you?
  5. Kamiko's expression darkened. "Not around me. I've made it my career sending death on vacation. At least in terms of things that I can stop, and trust me I'd love another crack at the Vory... the guys I had must have been the scrubs, my ribs aren't even sore." ,, She shrugged. "I can say this... if there is trouble with the Vory... those pigs will be in a pen soon enough." ,, "I just hope it's not from the special friend Captain Hideyoshi made." She said. "The Russian... she's a cold bitch."
  6. Kamiko smiled, leaning back. ,, "You... sort of meant something b that last remark, but honestly, you're not of my interests nor the man here in the room. My interests... well... are unfulfilled so far." ,, She closed her eyes. "The man I loved... he's gone. Not even sure if he is alive. Having a nuke go off where he lived sort of places doubt on someone's survival." She steepled her fingers. "I'm... sorry I don't think I should have went there."
  7. Kamiko didn't have a hard time disrobing. To her, handling the situation was like when she bathed with her comrades in the bodyguard detail she was in prior to her mentor's death or even when she was trapped in Russia for 6 months. There was a hiss as Her black bodysuit seemed to take on a size three times larger than her petite frame and it opened, hitting the floor. She smiled and eased in. Not really used to bathing with people she didn't know... and Co-Ed! That was... against protocol! Then again this was in a private bath. ,, "This... isn't bad. Although I'm used to bathing with others of my gender." She said, still slightly stiff... she did take a slight beating from one guy that actually managed to connect with a punch outside the noodle establishment. "To be honest... I like the company though... My therapist has been telling me I internalize too much my... feelings." ,, She starts to loosen up, sliding more into the water. There was some light coming in from outside playing through the rain, and from glinting off the water and Kamiko's almost naturally reflective hair there was a sense of magic in the room suddenly with the steam. As if there was a aura that wasn't there. It was a play of light, but the suddenly calm Kamiko seemed to fit the atmosphere. ,, "It's been a stressful couple of months. But tonight... tonight makes it seem worth it."
  8. Kamiko sighed in relief, pulling out her "Omoikane" tablet, looking up bath houses and proper etiquette. ,, "Oh... OH that's how things work." She said, multitasking between her traveling companions and the tablet. "Luckily I got this, and it's in it's waterproof sleeve." She said, showing it to the others. "Lucky me, right.?"
  9. Kamiko smiled. "No worries, this place caters to tourists, so westerner errors are forgiven readily. Everyone has a first time, right?" She said giggling nervously. In fact, she had never been to a bath house before... her parents never took her as a kid, and she never looked into them... she was clueless and this was a tradition! ,, She sweated slightly. ,, "Umm..." Blushing she scratched her head. "Well... uh..."
  10. "Not sure who you refer to... if it is Hideyoshi-sensei... she is going to be sot of hard to reach unless you visit the family shrine... she's... passed on. As for Ryu... he's got bigger fish to fry honestly, namely Hideyoshi-sensei's children." ,, She looked down. "That's... well... beside the point. All of us are just curious as to what is going on considering your company and the incident a few minutes ago." ,, She looked up. In her way she seemed pretty... but seemingly lost. "I'm sorry if I'm throwing you two off. If this was just some chance meeting that had went wrong... then it is what it is... we should only be concerned with dealing with the criminal element."
  11. "I got it, friend... least I can do." Kamiko said. Money wasn't a object for her as she rummaged through her bag pulling out a couple of clear plastic ponchos. "I keep these on hand for emergencies. They're good for a couple uses." Her coat shifts into the form of a poncho itself. She leaned on the wall. "To be honest, my curiosity's been piqued. Having a known DSA agent and a unknown Russian nova on Japanese soil, that and I've had a long experience with the Russians, both good and bad, well... again... makes me curious." ,, The rain gets harder as she pulls the hood up on her now poncho. "Yeah... paper clothing. Never have to worry about wardrobe." "So... a bath house... seems after all this excitement we all could use it. Everything's on me." She said with a smile. "If there is one thing I want Novas visiting my country to know, is I'm generous. Hideyoshi-sensei taught me that."
  12. "Not an issue, Miss. After all being accosted like that is a bit of a stressful experience." She said, innocently holding a silver cross around her neck. "Then again I do know about over-reacting with stress." She went slightly pale. "I'm... well... not exactly known for being calm at times." ,, "To be honest, it's not a big deal."
  13. "Married to the job, really... all I've had for a year and a half... it's been... a rough stretch to say the least. That and I've spent a few months in your wonderful country." She sighed. "I mean it it was actually nice there, although... things didn't end well." ,, "Once I came back to Japan I had to put my brain back together. Losing Noami not too long ago didn't help. She was... a bit of a mentor for the little time I knew her. Occasionally I babysit her children when Ryu has to go somewhere, otherwise it's up to Naoko or whoever Department Zero has on the nanny staff." ,, She smiled. "Then again, Ryu can be in multiple places at once it seems. With little effort." I really hope that wasn't classified... she started to worry. "Umm... so... I'm hoping that the little confrontation didn't cause any... issues... in terms of your view of our country. It's rare that the Vory are causing grief on our streets... in fact I think Naomi was tracking a few before she went on aternity leave..." ,, She massages her chin. "In a few days I'll be going through her office and getting her files. Her... building might be going up for sale soon and I want to make sure nothing of security matters gets left behind. That... and I am sure Ryu would like some of her last cases, and perhaps her personal effects." ,, She shakes her head. "Enough about that... should have put that behind me... us really... " ,, Quirking an eyebrow, it had to come out. "What was their deal back there?"
  14. Kamiko giggled. "Not a problem, I just try to help whenever I can, sir." She brushes back some of her white locks from her face. Also what she said was in perfect russian, as if she had lived in Moscow since she was a child. She then turned to Muse and spoke in Spanish. "Then again, not exactly sure what to do in the mean time, so I might stick around and enjoy things." She kept smiling switching back to English. "So... I don't think we're that far off, although I've never lived in Tokyo at any point in my life. I'm from Yokohama, actually. Nice place to visit and not too far from Tokyo. I guess you can call it a "suburb" of the main city." ,, She adjusted her coat. Everything about her made her seem she was a lot older than she looked. Her expression on her youthful face suggested a long, hard past behind her red eyes. The smile was a cover. One could see that, and that didn't need any looking into. Once she was off duty, she couldn't distract herself anymore.
  15. Ryu nodded. "You should... they might be in trouble." He said, finding the directions Muse left behind. ,, "Oh my..." ,, Kamiko grabbed them and after bowing to her superior, she runs off to find her tail... ,, Okay, earn their trust, then figure them out... ,, Didn't take long, after she asked one shopkeeper where a Latino looking American and her rough looking compatriot wandered, it wasn't long before she was right behind the two. She turned on a small transponder on her, hidden on her bracelet. Just for Ryu to know where she was, just in case. ,, "Hey! You forgot this!!!" She shouted. "Umm... and I'm off duty now.. mind if I come along? I actually wanted to try this place out!" She said, her british accent english sounding like she cam from the streets of London, not Tokyo.
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