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  1. In response to the question about being a virgin, Akemi smiled slightly, inclined her head in Aja's direction, then shifted her gaze to Cade with a hint of mischief in it.. "While there are certain aspects of Magik I know that can make use of sexual aspects, I'm must answer yes to that question as well, but like our friend here, I'll be fine." She hadn't brought a weapon, but she didn't view herself as needing one, her body was a weapon if she needed it be be. "I'd say we shouldn't let ourselves get separated, this is likely to be dangerous."
  2. Once more, she remained quiet listening to the others ask their questions, allowing herself to gain a sense of the dynamics involved before saying anything herself. She was content not to speak as she thought over what they had been told, and what questions the others asked. She considered what had not been asked, what would be most useful to know, and what thoughts of her own it would be useful to share. "It seems unlikely that Mia would be directly involved and then would go ahead and gather us anyway, unless she is playing a deeper game. Still, something that we should consider, I'm more concerned about this task and what it might involve, since you hold his memories, did Anson have any suspects with regards to who might be involved in his death?"
  3. The symbol on the door for her was simple and direct, and too the point, she recognized it and it's purpose instantly, there would be little question that this was for her, it was even done in the same gold as her avatar appeared to her, it was also a very well known symbol, so the others would know it was her's fairly easily. Like the others who took a look at the symbols on their doors, she thought to herself that Anson must have known her rather well to have made this particular choice. Returning Cade's glance with a smile and a nod, she used her key and opened the door, passing into the room beyond she paused, it was perfect.. almost too much so, the quiet essence of a series of rooms designed to be in perfect harmony, to aid in serenity and meditation, as well as continuing to practice her skills.. it was not just one room, it was several counting the entrance, which was just a place to take off one's shoes before entering what was the most welcoming place Akemi had ever imagined. It felt like a homecoming, to a home she had never seen. Once past the entry room, the first room was clearly designed upon that of most Dojo's, the soft floor and the walls built for practice of the martial arts, it had plenty of room, and contained a weapons rack on one of it's walls, with a number of traditional martial art's weapons already waiting for practice. There were two more doors leading from this room, one of which lead to another room that she found just as much of a draw as the first one. The centerpiece of this room was a small octagonal pool, made with black and white marble, the ying-yang symbol set into the floor of the pool, and at each of the eight sides of the pool were a set of wind chimes, where as at each corner of the pool was a red lantern, hanging as the wind chines.. four beautiful bonsai trees were in each corner of this room.. she would have to tend them some, she thought to herself.. All four elements in harmony, she could feel the quintessence flowing in this room, this was a node, one attuned to her in particular. The other doorway lead to a bedroom and bathroom, as the pool room was for reflection and meditation, not for bathing or any other such purposes, she was pleased, but not really surprised that had been considered and taken care of. The rooms were fairly simple functional in nature, there was a bookshelf on one wall with some of her preferred choices in reading, and there was a closet to hang her clothing. Nothing here was overly luxurious it was designed for comfort over luxury, but luxury would have have made her uncomfortable, so she was quite happy with what she found.
  4. Akemi didn't say or ask any questions, instead she silently listened to the questions and answers everyone else was getting, this entire set up was somewhat strange, but mages were the sort to forge their own paths generally. She wasn't entirely sure what to make of the dismissive attitude toward the staff, but she didn't quite like the attitude, she wasn't sure if it was because of the present circumstances or something more, she would have to watch and wait. It was interesting to know that there were other supernaturals in the city, and she knew that Cade had issues with vampires in the past, she would have to watch his back if he decided to follow that particular thread.
  5. Cade was correct, she was going to follow him shortly, in fact, she might have proceeded him if her mind wasn't caught in the past, to what her teachers had told her many years ago. "We have looked into the tapestry of your destiny, since you took your first step along the road to enlightenment, your avatar is exceptionally powerful, and your destiny is a strong one.. but the future is never quite fully written, be aware, but do not look for it too strongly, it will come to you.: She couldn't help but think that this was part of that road, no doubt there was more too it, and she was sure Cade was part of it, or she was part of his.. destiny was a funny thing. She blinked a moment when Cade stood, pulled back to the moment at hand, she let her awareness slow down slightly and took a moment to assure herself of calmness, there were many forms of meditation, and she moved her mind into a meditative state even as she stood up, stepping forward just after Cade, extending her mystic senses even as she followed him, her movements showed the unconscious grace of a martial artist, but her manner and bearing were of a deep calm, and she felt her Avatar rise within even as she moved forward. She wondered what the golden dragon would have to say to her, but she heard nothing this time, only felt it's regard and approval. "Akemi Ryoko Kimera, and I accept the terms of this contract." She reached out to take one of the keys and bowed Mia Vail. "Thank you, Ma'am."
  6. Akemi read the letter and frowned, she didn't know... wait, now she remembered him, it was odd that she had forgotten, and she wondered if she hadn't been encouraged to forget. The offer of money for not showing up was interesting, but of no major concern for her, she cared about a number of other things as a lot more important then material wealth. Cade had received a similar letter and had memories of his own of this Anson, which was another interesting piece of information. Still, she wanted time to consider the matter further, and so she chose to take a hour to meditate, to consider what she had remembered, and why it had been forgotten... Her conclusions, Anson had to be a mage, or at least a supernatural being of some sort.. he had been known to her teachers, and welcome to watch in part of her testing.. before she had been sent out into the world, to learn and grow. He had been involved in Cade's past as well, and the offer of money for simply choosing not to show up suggested his estate was something important. How important, and what he was really up too, however, was what mattered most to her... her curiousity was aroused.. and she thought this suggested a quest of sorts, something that her avatar would be pleased for her to involve herself in.. Also, she knew Cade, there was no way a mystery like this one wouldn't get his interest, and there was no way she wouldn't support him, he would go, therefor so would she.. and so, she accompanied Cade to hotel in New Orleans.
  7. Description: This dark haired asian woman moves with a grace and precision that is so ingrained it's not even part of her conscious mind, her every movement is smooth and sure. (further appearance, see picture) Background High in the mountains of of the Himalaya’s, hidden by magik is the Akashic sanctuary, a place where the various practices and paradigms of the Akashic brotherhood are taught and followed. It is here that Akemi’s mother found her way too shortly before her daughter was born, and it was here that Akemi spent her formative years. Without some of the expectations one might find within regular modern society, Akemi began practicing the martial arts by the time she was five. Being trained by more then one Do master had a strong influence on the child, she learned deep meditative techniques, as well as moving meditation, she developed as a dancer and learned the basics of philosphy, she was taught the esoteric arts of body control, and the basics of yoga, though she’s still working on mastery of them. She achieved mastery of the martial arts by the time she was 15, and she awoken to the higher realities at the same time. Her isolated upbringing does give her some trouble, so on occasion she’s found herself reading a situation wrong or not completely understanding a social situation, but she’s working on it. Her powerful avatar and strong meditative abilities give her a deep and strong connection to the collective consciousness, she can achieve amazing things even without resorting to magik. What is more, destiny has a hand on her, though she’s not entirely sure how, when or why, she is important to destiny in some way. When she was 17, sense she had reached physical maturity, and she was far wiser and more skilled then most her age, the masters took her aside and explained to her while they could teach her more, it would be at the expense of a wider view of the world, and they felt she should begin to travel the world. They arranged for her to join Cade Alistar and his mentor, as the masters of time said it was the best place for her to come to grips with her destiny, and learn more of the world. She’s since been with them about 4 years now, she’s 21 years of age, and embraces the concept of the Tao, the essence of Yin and Yang, the concepts of chi, ching and shen as energy flow. She’s also gained a few enemies while working with them, some of whom do not wish her to reach whatever destiny she is meant to find. Personality Akemi tends to believe the best of people, until they prove otherwise, and while she's young, she's fairly deep and wise for her age, but she's also idealist and at times seems naive, as though she hasn't entirely grown in the the full depth of the wisdom that she possess. She's loyal, true and quick to defend friends and loved ones, and given a worthy cause will put the full force of her capabilities into it. She believes in a better world then the one she lives in, see Magik below. Avatar Akemi's Avatar is a powerful one, when it manifests itself to her, it has a actual presence, she sees it as a wise and powerful Chinese dragon.. a questing avatar, it pushes her ever onward, to learn and grow, to take on worthy causes, to change the world for the better. Magik Paradigm: Bring Back the Golden Age Practice: Martial Arts, Using a Mix of Martial Arts and Yoga, embracing Chakra’s, Meditation and Energy flow Tools: Bodywork Dances & Movement Energy Meditation, Ordeals & Exertions Weapons Voice Akemi uses the above tools for her magic, in a number of different ways, there are a number of nuances and variations to the above tools and she can and will make use of whichever one's are most appropriate to the moment. Her degree of enlightenment (Arete) has reached the point where she's begun to need fewer tools, but she still sometimes uses them anyway.. The essence of her belief is that once, eons ago, the world existed in harmony with all, and all things were possible, but the world was twisted out of balance. Humanity is at the heart of this balance, within each and every human is the potential to reach perfect balance, but few every achieve it, and there is more then one path, but the path is clearest within the essence of the Tao. All things must balance, in her view, evil is when things are out of balance, good is when things are in balance, Yin unbalanced becomes entrophic and destructive, Yang unbalanced becomes chaos and madness. The Nephanti and the Maraunders exemplify both of those patterns, but the Technocracy also tends toward Yin imbalance of a different sort, pushing toward a static and unchanging world..
  8. Akemi Ryoko Kimera


    She does seem like a Verbena to me also.. though that might be a more unusual dreamspeaker. As an Akashic, Akemi's focus could include sex, but more as a potential aspect of certain tools, such as bodywork, dances & movement, ordeals, and some kinds of meditation, rather then specifically, and I generally see it as not her first choice... this is what I'm looking at for her at the moment. Paradigm: Bring Back the Golden Age Practice: Martial Arts, Using a Mix of Martial Arts and Yoga, embracing Chakra’s, Meditation and Energy flow Tools: Bodywork, Dances & Movement, Energy, Meditation, Ordeals & Exertions, Weapons, Voice
  9. Akemi Ryoko Kimera


    Rofl, ok, I'll admit, that is is very amusing, though your going mind, and I'm going to stick to life, I'm still going to use this character, and I think I'm going to stick to Akashic Brotherhood.. I'll think about the focus a day or so, I may stick with Martial Arts, or I might go for something more unusual.
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    Fair enough, I suppose that came across as a bit more of a complaint then I intended it to be, but I prefer not to overlap traditions at this point, so Rubio can have the Ecstatic, though I may keep the life focused affinity, as I'm switching my concept to Akashic Brotherhood, .. In fact, I'm going to to use Akemi here, with Martial Arts as her focus.
  11. Akemi Ryoko Kimera

    Scion: The Cycle of Six Rivers

    Still interested, of course, I'm not in any of the active plot threads.. but that's ok, I came late to the party.. but I believe we can create side threads.. though I'm not sure about the rules of that.
  12. Akemi Ryoko Kimera

    Scion: The Cycle of Six Rivers

    Krul here, after several tries, gave up on the daughter of Osiris idea, played with a few other ideas, and settled on this one. Here's the martial artist daughter of Ryujin instead, which is an concept that I rather liked, but never got the chance to really try as a player until now.. ,, ,, Name: Akemi Ryoko Kimera Calling: Martial Artist Nature: Compeditor Known Relatives: Amatsukami Divine Parent: Ryujin ,, Age: 16 Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Japanese Nationality: USA (Hawaii) Height: 5'7" Weight: 146 lbs Eyes: Grey-Blue Hair: Black Handedness: Ambidextrous Distinguishing Marks: None Appearance (See Picture for details) Personality Akemi is a girl who can't resist a challenge, she constantly wants to prove herself against herself even if there is no one else to compare to. She has a distinct love of athletic endeavors because it's easy to see how she's improved there. She is tough, enduring, and has a fairly good degree of courage that stops short of being outright suicidal. She is a good friend to have, as she's very loyal and willing to back a friend up even in a crisis, but she tends to prefer a direct solution to problems, even when that will cause more problems. History Akemi's mother, Karin was the daughter of Japanese immigrants to the US, which proved unfortunate during the period of world war two, sense they found themselves in camps for the duration of the war. This particular injustice, sense at the time her family had done nothing to prove disloyal to the US at the time had the young woman convinced that injustice was the way of the world and that one had to be strong and self-reliant to make it in life. Karin went on to become a marine biologist, in particular studying the habits of sea turtles, but generally studying all kinds of marine life, and in the course of her studies came upon a rather interesting Japanese man, who went by the name Ryu whose field of study overlapped hers. Somewhat smitten, it didn't take long before she found herself seduced her in the course of her studies, and soon enough found herself pregnant. When she confronted him about it, he confessed that he had other duties that made him unable to be a regular part of the child's life, but that he would see to it that neither she nor the child lacked anything that they needed. Feeling somewhat betrayed, but suspected that Ryu belonged to an old and powerful family with considerable traditional customs that made it impossible for him to marry her, something he confirmed, she went on to raise the child herself, Ryu visiting a few times a year to see how his daughter was growing up, and providing all of the financial aid that they could want. Moving to Hawaii in order to better study the many marine creatures that she so enjoyed studying, and because Ryu encouraged her to move closer to Japan, she raised Akemi on the Hawaii isles. Akemi grew up fast, and by the time she was three, she was into everything, but she loved to watch dolphins, whales and orca whenever she could, demanding that her room be decorated with pictures of sea creatures, but of those in particular. When she was about 6, she began to show interest in martial arts as well, and after some persuading, her mother was convinced to enroll her in a local Dojo, initially learning Karate and proving quite capable. By the time she was 13, she was an able martial artist and she was in the 7th grade, she had little tolerance for bullies, and like her father had a somewhat short temper, though her mother was trying to work with her on that. Protecting her fellow classmates from some of the bullies from the upper grades, she was quite strong, agile and tough for someone her age. Her short way with bullies got her somewhat entangled with defending some of the other children in her school from drug dealers, who were backed by titanspawn, Oni in fact, but it was here fortunatly her father dropped in for a visit and decided it was time to reveal everything. Soon enough, Akemi found herself enrolled in Six Rivers as a boarding school, her mother persuaded it was for the best, and just as the girl was getting use to the shock of knowing her dad was a god.. the Dragon God of the Sea at that.. she's spent the last 3 years coming to terms with that, and still striving to excel, the teachers at Six Rivers refining her natural talent. Akemi is struggling in some ways however, in school she was naturally superior to her fellows, it was a shock to discover that a good part of that was due to her father's divine blood, not her own drive to succeed, and now she's surrounded by her peers, though she's still pressed with the drive to excel, she's finding it a good deal harder now. She's started to learn to drive a bike at 6 rivers, and very much prefers that to the closed doors of a car. Her father has given her a belt that allows her to access the purviews of animal, frost and water, and assigned one of the Tetsu under his command as a guide to his daughter.