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  1. Might as well brush off this account... I'll have to tweak the pic for her a bit...
  2. A thought that crossed my mind... what if no matter wherever she went she would run into common tropes in that country too... US: She has to dodge a bald older gentleman trying to recruit her to his school for "gifted youngsters", a angry looking African American with an eye patch trying to recruit her for the "Avengers Initiative", and a rather bookish librarian trying to recruit her to fight things coming out of a "Hellmouth"... ,, UK: Constantly hounded by either a crazy man who seems to live out of a old police call box wanting her to come with him, or some rather dashing american chap in a blue military coat who has taken an uncomfortably close interest in her. ,, You can run with this sooooo hard. The one girl that everyone won't leave alone...
  3. The three fan splats are in the downloads section of the site. There's some good and some bad.
  4. Starting to realize the name Naomi is cursed...

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