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  1. I'd like to submit a blood mage Can be Cult of Ecstasy or Verbena. She'd be the fun type too! Using general hedonism as magic also. Blood and Other Fluids Brews, Potions, Powders, and Other Concoctions Drugs and Poisons Fashion (lack there of, as mentioned ) Offerings and Sacrifices Sex and Sensuality Weapons (particularly bladed ones)
  2. How are we getting stats? Point buy? Rolling?
  3. Tentatively interested. I like the story idea, but what are we supposed to be? King's errand runners? Group of adventurers? What level do you see this starting at?
  4. Blood makes the grass grow... or die. Zombie grass!

  5. I'm going to be putting this character in stasis. She started off a strong concept, but now i just have no direction for her. She seems largely just to react to things because things happen. While that's supposed to happen, I feel like I'm automatically filling out things, not roleplaying. So, Kelage can go into NPCdom and/or you can say she never made it out of the warp.When or even if I come back to her, hopefully it will be more in mindset.
  6. "Three down, many more to go," Kelage chuckled. She took a look at the man standing in front of her now. "Well, what a valiant soldier, you are" she said in a faux excited tone. "How much did they pay you to do this," she asked generally unimpressed as he felt her hand enter his stomach. "Where is that spine of yours," she said reaching in with the other hand, "do you even have one? Shooting unarmed civilians?" Her eyes brightened up as she found the spot she was looking for a malevolent smile crossed her face. You have exactly two words to say before you die. If the first one one is a spiteful goodbye, then you forfeit the second one. Tell me, what's on your mind? Besides excruciating pain." He could feel his spine slowly pulling away from where it should be and the chill specter of death setting in. Actions [Moira Morley] 3:17 pm: three unarmed attacksMoira Morley *rolls* 2d6: 6+4+15: 25 Moira Morley *rolls* 2d6: 2+1+15: 18 Moira Morley *rolls* 2d6: 1+6+15: 22 [Moira Morley] 3:18 pm: 65 damage a piece
  7. "The way to a man's heart is under his ribcage, not his stomach," she said closing the soldier's eyes before he fell. "You should take notes," she said massaging the slowly dying organ while looking at the rest of the army. "Now, who wants to tell me what happens when I do the same thing again and again?" She pointed to two others, "You two will serve as a demonstration." Flying towards another soldier she reached inside his skull and yanked at his eyes,threatening to pull them out. After that she flew over to another and reached into his ears,popping his ear drums. ,, Actions [Moira Morley] 12:40 pm: move, attack, move, attack [Moira Morley] 12:40 pm: first attack Moira Morley *rolls* 2d6: 3+3+15: 21 [Moira Morley] 12:41 pm: if that hits and he survives, he's blinded [Moira Morley] 12:41 pm: second attack Moira Morley *rolls* 2d6: 6+2+15: 23 [Moira Morley] 12:41 pm: if that hits and he survives, he's deaf [Moira Morley] 12:42 pm: 165 damage to both of them
  8. Initiative [Moira Morley] 7:22 pm: how do i roll initiative [Long6] 7:23 pm: 2d6 +basc ACV + ACM+ LRx3 [Long6] 7:24 pm: moira there's only 6 mechs and 120 soldiers [Long6] 7:24 pm: Kami that will be revealed [Kamiko] 7:24 pm: Long: Ooh, then it'll be like christmas for Tetsuk-chan! [Kamiko] 7:25 pm: Oh god and someone starts playing DBZ Abridged near me... [Kamiko] 7:25 pm: ACV = Attack Combat Value [Kamiko] 7:25 pm: ACM = Attack Combat Mastery [Kamiko] 7:25 pm: LR = Lightning Reflexes Moira Morley *rolls* 2d6: 3+6+15: 24 Kelage sighed with the back of her throat when the attack started. She was much more annoyed than anxious like the other fighters. Sure the whole blood bath idea was fun, but these guys didn't have the same reason she did. "Wasters of precious resou... life! You shall pay for your crimes! Who is the first one to get turned into an hors d'oeuvre?" With a quick flight step she was in front of one of the shooters. Reaching through his chest, she aimed for the heart. "Do not worry," she taunted him with a sinister laugh, "You will not miss it for long." ,, Attack and Damage [Moira Morley] 8:00 pm: what do i roll to hit and damage? [Kamiko] 8:02 pm: To roll your attack, it is your complete ACV plus 2d6. [Kamiko] 8:03 pm: Damage is your attack level's rating times your total damage multiplier. No roll. Moira Morley *rolls* 2d6: 3+5+15: 23 [Jeremy] 8:03 pm: Weapon Level x appropriate total damage multipler + the CV [Jeremy] 8:04 pm: Sorry to be more clear: (Weapon Level x appropriate total damage multipler) + the CV [Kamiko] 8:04 pm: Oh yes, there is the CV added at the end... [Moira Morley] 8:04 pm: 10+10+([7+7]*5) right? [Kamiko] 8:04 pm: umm... not sure what those numbers are. [Jeremy] 8:04 pm: EG - Darrik's Sexy Fire has at base (Weapon 5 * Ki Techniques total multipier 15) + 17 = 92 [Moira Morley] 8:05 pm: base damage is body + something * 5? [Moira Morley] 8:05 pm: and you add that on to your weapon attacks? [Long6] 8:06 pm: the damage formula is this [Jeremy] 8:06 pm: Let me take a moment to look at the sheet you PM'ed me [Kamiko] 8:06 pm: Updated my damages... [Moira Morley] 8:06 pm: i at least have 20 damage [Jeremy] 8:06 pm: Which attack are you using? [Moira Morley] 8:06 pm: Blood Theft [Long6] 8:07 pm: (Weapon rank xdamage modifier (base 5, massive damage adds to this number) + base ACV +ACM [Moira Morley] 8:07 pm: 10x15+15 [Moira Morley] 8:07 pm: 165? [Jeremy] 8:07 pm: (Weapon 10 * Magic Total Multipler 15) + 15 = 165 [Jeremy] 8:07 pm: Yeah.
  9. Kelage looked over to Gen as he handed her the candy bar, putting her hands on her hips, "Yes, I am not him though." She shrugged and took the candy anyway, "I swear he's like a squawking parrot some times." She smirked at the piece of confection. She'd never eat this, even if she could. No, she could totally subsist on the ambient life energy floating around everywhere, slowly killing it at the speed of life. She smiled at Gen. "I will have to see that he is properly adjusted for this little incident." "I heard that," Bob yelled as he continued to take bets on the brawl. Kelage perked up when Darrik came back and whispered in her ear. There was so much wanting in that voice, her life scanner would have exploded. An sinister smile crossed her lips as she thought about having Darrik and Gen subjugated to her. "Darrik, meet Gen," she said coolly, nodding to each of them as she named them, "Gen, Darrik." She let the two stare each other down for a moment. "Gen, Darrik and I were going to be leaving this place soon enough to get some sparring in. I would love to have you come with us." She leaned over and whispered to Darrik, "You aren't intimidated that you might lose, are you?" She leaned over and whispered to Gen, "Come on, it will be quite... fun from what I have seen in his fights."
  10. Great, soda now drenched her. DIET soda. What did Bob need with diet soda anyway? It was too late to reprimand the skeleton as Darrik flew over and knocked him a good one. Bob fell over in a pile of bones and was motionless for a bit. Kelage rolled her eyes and silently counted down from five with her fingers. As soon as she was done, the skeleton stood back up. "Mean right cross you got their kid," Bob said adjusting his jaw, "you could have been a contender!" He looked over to Kelage and then the rest of the goup about to brawl. When it was suggested they go somewhere else to brawl, he wryly chuckled, "Place your bets here!" Kelage was less than amused as her hand covered her face and she shook her head, "This will end well."
  11. "Well sure, just ignore the walking dead," Bob fumed off after he bumped into Kelage, "If anyone needs me, I'll be over at the bar. Chewing pretzels." ,, "Excuse my friend," Kelage said with a smile as Darrik pulled her towards him, "He is a bit overreactive about the death thing. No, Mr. Reynolds you are one of the few people who i want living." Her eyes crackled a dark red as she checked his health. It was 100%, lucky for her, his fighting spirit wasn't detained for very long. Then again, maybe that wasn't his fighting spirit. Darrik was quite prolific in other regards. "In fact, we should get together some time to spar," her inflection was something between a question and an order, "it would be great to test out those moves."
  12. "I am sure you are," Kelage chuckled as Darrik identified himself as 'fun'. She reached out her hand as he complimented(?) her abilities, "Oh I am not just any kind of spellcaster," she said with a sly grin. ,, "She made me melt the first time we met," Bob said, popping up between two, "I'm not sure you want to take that hand, guy."
  13. Kelage grunted an answer. That's all she COULD do. The fight took a lot out of her. And the thing she fought was a freakin beast. No seriously, where do they get some of these competitors? At least the fight lasted for a bit. She wasn't totally curbstomped. Bob, on the other hand thought it was hilarious. He described every excruciating blow with an almost loving tone. If she were in any state to hush him, Kelage would have. A few of the losers bracket were bickering amongst themselves. Robot. Saiyan. Jolly green giantess. Holy hotness. Others. It brought her a little bit of joy to know she wasn't the only one that got beaten. She took stock of their vital signs a injuries as she took a seat. A smirk crossed her face. "Nice," she managed to eke out a compliment to Darrik. When the two groupies looked over to her, she narrowed her eyes as the crackled with energy, "Leave." The women ran off as if they had seen the terror of their nightmares. "You were pretty good out there, Darrik," she said with a loaded tone, "those techniques were certainly fun to watch at least."
  14. Real Name: Kelage ​Allegiance: Planet of Birth: Earth Gender: Female Height: 5'5" Weight: 125 pounds Apparent Age: early twenties Eye Color: Purple Hair Color: Red Blood Type: AB+ Handedness: Ambidextrous Appearance: Kelage is impossibly curvy, like an hourglass on shapely legs. She always moves with grace and poise. Her thick hair is long enough to reach her butt. Her voice carries a slight French accent. Her almond shaped eyes are a bit of an unusual color, one of the identifies of being a witch. Though what really marks her is a large magical brand on her back. Arcane symbols cover it, each mark telling the anyone with occult knowledge her path up to now. Personality: She's a bit grim in her determination, but not so much that she doesn't stop to smell the roses. Her humor is a bit morbid though. Interests: Magic. Death. Bloody carnage. Pop music. History: Not much of Kelage's past is known on the fighting tourney circuit. She appeared recently and has a brutal and deadly fighting style. She also travels around with a sassy talking skeleton named Bob. That's pretty weird.
  15. Throwing my hat in. Witch specializing in darkness and death spells. Seeing as this is a lighthearted comedic game, she'll have to be toned down a bit!
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