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  1. Thanks to Dawn for your support, however this proposal has a clear lack of interest and thus is dead. Maybe sometime again. Cheers!
  2. Are we close to having four players? My understanding was that Dawn was fairly seriously interested, but everybody else was just asking questions. Who's in? Who's out? What's the dealio yo? Sorry to hear that you can't bring yourself to do it Max, you will be missed.
  3. I believe the method in the PHB is 'roll 4, drop 1; arrange to suit'.
  4. Other than the racial restrictions I mentioned, just standard PHB creation. Just to clarify, Dawn, you are looking at being Danarian rather than a local? Fine either way, btw.
  5. Nope, sorry. Like I said, I'm open to be somewhat flexible with the rules, but D&D 3.0 is what I know, and the books I have. That has to be the framework from which we operate, or I have to relearn a whole new system and spend money.
  6. [Edited to avoid confusion] Aha! Good question! We start at level 1, naturally. Whoever you wish, from wherever you wish (even mythical lands beyond the map, get with me on that). The first story arc will begin with the characters thrown together against their will to be errand runners for... a guy. How you get out from under his thumb will be the over-arc of the first several adventures. Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "which books"? If you mean classes and things from the supplements that were printed for 3.5, I'm open to that sort of request. I myself have the core 3+ the splat books for the different classes plus a couple of sword and sorcery hardbacks like creature collection.
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