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  1. David looks around at Anna's exclamation, and suddenly in the blink of an eye her double has taken David's place. In an echo of Anna's voice, the doppelganger speaks. "Oh, Christ!"
  2. David's brow furrowed as the Korean broke in with another question. Chatter, chatter, chatter. His talk seemed to be taking the place of the headache that was only just beginning to subside. Whatever these people wanted to do, that was okay by him. Right now, thinking for himself seemed about as far away from what he wanted to do as ever...
  3. David listened only dimly, not taking his eyes from the piece of paper in front of him. He was dead, according to their new carer - he certainly felt it. All he knew was his name - did he have a family, friends? What had he done before this experiment? What had he been? Something else filtered through to him - power? Awakening? He stood, following the masked man through to the next room, curious as to what awaited him.
  4. David awoke as if from a dream, the lights of the room burning his eyes. And it was so cold in the room - so very cold. But in spite of the cold and the brightness, he opened his eyes. Minutes later, a brown envelope was placed in his hand - it contained a single sheet of typewritten paper. Name: David George Tuskin Age: 32 Medical Notes = Low CBCs and hepatomegaly consistent with end-stage Hepatitis. Elevated T-cells confirm that patient's HIV has reached a near-fatal stage.
  5. Sorry, was waiting on you to approve the character I sent you. I'll post in the main thread again later today.
  6. I'll repost my character to you as soon as I get back from work. EDIT: Remind me how much Nova points I got last time?
  7. Love those quirks, Heritage. I can see that interacting with Nabiki is going to be fun. ::biggrin For Hiuygo: Overdeveloped: Hiyugo has developed at a rapid rate since his eruption - so much so that he looks like a young man rather than the teen that he is. Combined with his sporty nature, it's turned him into a bit of a hunk - which might have the girls flocking to him, if he wasn't such a embarrasing dork all the time... Manga hair: Hiyugo's hair has gone from the traditional Japanese lustrous black to a brilliant white. Dyes just seem to wash out if he tries to put them on (and he has). Furthermore, his hair is spiked - in fact, it looks like it's being violently repelled from his head. People looking closely at it would swear that each hair is thrumming with tension, so great is the repulsion. No amount of styling can cause it to lay flat - even in a rainstorm it stays resolutely 'up'. Btw, I think the Nippontai High setting would make a fascinating source-book. ::cool
  8. I was going to go for a Weather Control kid. I'll roll him up this weekend.
  9. "Oh sure," says Mikhail, smiling. His Russian accent is thick and obvious. "There's no danger of me creeping around in there."
  10. Mikhail walks in only a few seconds after The Prophet, and compared to the latter, he is a much less impressive figure. Reasonably good looking for a baseline, he takes one look at The Prophet and his eyebrows raise in surprise. His eyes themselves change colour, from a deep brown to an almost sky blue. He catches himself after a moment, then turns to the council, his Russian ancestry clearly evident in his voice. "Mikhail Andreivich Rastov, as requested."