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    Latin dancing, karaoke, justice, target shooting, pugs, bowling, cooking, hanging out at my momma's house drinking sweet tea. And I've recently started reading again for the first time in years!
  1. Darlene Lampwick

    [Like a Bad Penny] OOC

    While sad to see Rebecca go, I am looking forward to more freakiness.
  2. "Uh...okay." Logically if you wake up in a strange place after an accident (Accident? That was no accident!), the first instinct should be to panic, but oddly enough Darlene was completely at peace. She was not aware of wearing any clothing, but did not feel naked or in any way exposed; in fact, she'd never felt more safe in her life. Suddenly a frightening thought hit her; it wasn't terrifying or even really scary, more just...unnerving. "Excuse me, sir...or ma'am? Sir-ma'am? Am I...am I dead? I mean, is this Heaven?" She tried to make out a face to go with the voice, but failed to do so; however, it seemed the more she concentrated, the more 'real' her surroundings became. She could make out rock walls, and hear the gentle roar of a waterfall, even feel a slight spray on her face. She was reclining on a bed of moss, barefoot and wearing a simple sort of gown, which looked vaguely Greek or Roman. She reached up to touch her face and felt no cuts, no stitches or scarring. She was completely intact. Looking around at the tranquil grotto, she slowly shook her head."I mean, I must be dead..."
  3. There was a brief period when Darlene was awake and aware; she realized she was upside down and still strapped in her seat. Her head felt like it was wrapped in cotton, but there were also multiple points of warm throbbing. There was broken glass everywhere (including inside her face) and warm sticky blood matted into her hair; her shoulder was probably dislocated as well. Why hadn't the airbag gone off? Every breath stung sharply in her chest. Then she heard a gurgling sound; lifting her eyes towards the roof of her car, she noticed the water starting to trickle in. She was in the river... At this point, she thankfully blacked out.
  4. I'm sick and tired of folks telling me how great 'Avatar' was in 3D; when I tell them I was in a coma when it came out, they think I'm joking >:(

  5. Darlene Lampwick

    [Like a Bad Penny] OOC

    Judging from responses, it looks like Darlene would in the minority, not Remus. And I was mostly joking in the original post anyways. It's all good.
  6. Darlene Lampwick

    [Like a Bad Penny] OOC

    Don't worry, Darlene's not a nympho; she's very professional, but she did lose three years of her life, so she does like to let off steam every now and then. That being said, she's a lot more focused than she was pre-coma. I have no idea how the two of them will interact; we'll just have to wait and see I think a better question to ask is, why does THIS emote exist?
  7. Darlene Lampwick

    [Like a Bad Penny] OOC

    More and more guys for Rebecca and Darlene to choose from!
  8. Darlene Lampwick

    [Like a Bad Penny] OOC

    Oh dear, are you playing a guy who likes like that, Quote? Because that's gonna be hilarious. He reminds me of Crispen Glover's character from River's Edge. http://www.youtube.com/embed/TF9NQ-VlS9c "It's warm, even!"
  9. Up until the moment when her Mini jumped the railing, the night had been a complete and total blast. - - - Darlene's big sister Louise was having the time of her life, happy to spend a night out with all her girlfriends and her 'baby sister'; the fact that Darlene was only two years younger did not stop this title from being used all the time. Not having to worry about little two-year old Tony, safe at home at her parent's house, allowed the elder Lampwick girl plenty of opportunity to let her hair down and just let loose. She'd been wrong about Ray in so many ways; the father of her son he might have been, but he was not the sort of man she wanted in her life anymore. Darlene had warned her; she'd seen his kind before (and had frequently slept with them, truth be told), but Louise was sure Ray was 'the one'. Maybe all the men in New York were heels; now she was a single mother living a strange city, a Southern girl in the Big Apple with a decent job at a law firm and no one to helped with little Tony. But then she met Enrique, and everything started working out. - - - The crowd was finally starting to thin out at the Clermont Lounge; Darlene drained the last of her diet Coke as she watched Louise swap hugs and kisses on the cheek with her old crew, Caroline, Gwen and Felicia. There were little pink rubber bands everywhere, and disposable cameras forgotten on the small circular tables. Darlene began clearing off the tables, years of hostess instincts kicking in as she swept the rubber bands and confetti into an ashtray with the edge of her hand. One of the bartenders, a big beefy man in a black t-shirt, chuckled and shook his head. "Hey, that's our job, darlin'!" Darlene waved her hand as continued making her rounds, her three-inch heels clicking on the beer-slick floor. "Oh, it's alright, hon; I won't touch any of your tips!" Finally 'Lou' was done with her goodbyes, and turned to gaze lovingly upon her sister; adjusting the pink plastic tiara on her head, she stumbled over to her blonde sibling. "Oh, Darla, Darla, Darla!" She drapped her arms over Darlene's shoulders and nearly knocked her over. "Ah am the happiest girl in the whole worl'!" Up north, she tried to downplay her accent, but down here, three sheets to the wind and week before her wedding, her drawl was very pronounced. Darlene laughed and blew her sister's dark brown hair out of her mouth. "Pfft! Well at the very least, you may be the drunkest; you already call a cab?" Lou nodded, her eyes closed as she gently rocked them both from side to side. "Mmm-hmm, alllll taken care of! Ah'll be back in our hotel room and asleep in Ricky's arms in no time!" Then she took a step back and beheld her little sis at arm's length. "How 'bout you, Darla? You sure you're good to drive?" The younger Lampwick nodded firmly. "Yes ma'am, I am good to go; sober as a churchmouse!" She held her arms out and touched her nose with both index fingers, first one, then the next. "See that? That is unimpaired hand/eye coordination! Now c'mon, let's get you outside; your carriage awaits!" Once out on the street, the warm and sweet air of a clear Georgia night invigorated them, and the two sisters, one prim and practical, the other wild and impulsive, danced a little tango in the parking lot as they waited for the Lou's cab to show up, like the two little girls they would always be to each other. When at last the cab arrived, Darlene tucked her big sister inside and planted a warm kiss on her forehead. "Sleep tight, the future Mrs Enrique Sanchez!" They waved goodbye, and then Darlene, her mind clear but her heart still aglow, climbed into her red-and-white Mini Cooper and turned on to Ponce De Leon Avenue and began the drive home. - - - Thirty seconds later, the lights of another car in the parking lot suddenly switched on.
  10. Darlene Lampwick

    Adventure!: Like A Bad Penny

    Gonna have to get the hang of switching profiles, I see.
  11. Darlene Lampwick

    [Like a Bad Penny] OOC

    "Oh, this lil' button is so pretty! What's it do when I push it like this?"
  12. Darlene Lampwick

    Adventure!: Like A Bad Penny

    I think we're looking at three girls and one guy if Tarik passes muster.
  13. Darlene Lampwick

    [Like a Bad Penny] OOC

    Ready to drive...and cloud men's minds!
  14. Darlene Lampwick

    Adventure!: Like A Bad Penny

    Well, Darlene's a good driver; she just had that one bad 'accindent'