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  1. Quote:Originally posted by Alex Craft: "Immune" doesn't mean you can't have bodyless clones riding around with you "possessing" you (that's ST's call). But it does mean that "host is immune to clone's Dominate" isn't a flaw. You get get that for free. Well, yeah (and a clone of myself would be unlikely to control me anyway - not much point). Idea was, if it possesses someone else, it still can't control that person. That is the weakness. The concept is that the seed personalities can spread to other people, giving them limited access to David's reasoning abilities. It just plugs the new host into David's multiple brain, without actually dominating the new host. I don't understand the effect you are trying to get with this, is it like a hive mind thing where you can connect a bunch of peoples brains and use them as like a think tank? Or is it that it makes the host smarter? Or both?
  2. My problem with what I saw on your character sheet was that I read it as you saying that you would give your character "Bodymorph (mastery)" and then apply the "mastery" effect too all of the underlying powers... there-by getting mastery for free on a bunch of stuff... All mastery on bodymorph does is double the amount of points you get to spend on your transformed powers and the special effects (like turning to rock would give you 4 extra dice of damage instead of 2) Sorry if I read it wrong, I do that sometimes
  3. Just so you are aware Dr. Troll I don't think Bodymorph (mastery) gives the granted abilities the mastery extra, it would only effect Bodymorph (thus giving you more points to spend on abilities)... Otherwise it would be the wrongest most broken power/extra combo on the planet....
  4. I've changed the powers of the Edmiester to fit in with the new rules... 30 point nova... he has a basic Force Field, Claws, Bodymorph (Stone), flight, super speed, minor mega stamina, and dex and a large mega strength score. 100 point super wonder ... Maxed out mega physicals (all mega 5 excluding dex which is 3) Uber Force Field (mastery if Totem allows it) minor flight medium bodymorph ability AP Claws Invisibility Flight Superspeed The theme I am going for is the classic soak monster, when in his rock form his max soak is 70+ and he dishes out 43 AP punches. I figure the team will need at least one meat grinder.
  5. I am thinking about redoing the whole Dominate, Disrupt thing and giving hima broader focus in other powers.... (though I'm not sure what, maybe some Mega strength or Force Field). If I don't like how that turns out I'm going to make somthing along the lines of Zulu-Tango in Worldwide phase 1. A supersonic flying missle... sounds like fun heh.
  6. Dr. Troll just because no one has come forward saying "I will destroy you bitch! You will eat the dirt at my feet!" doesn't mean that those people are out there. You were an elite and if you were any good at it you would remember that you don't advertise the fact that you are going to attack... that's just pretty damn stupid.
  7. The main thing that makes Aberrant work in my opinion is the large number of abilities. This allows people to find a niche and excell making thier character stand out from the others and allowing eveyone some great "spotlight" time... if you restrict everyone to having a wide range of powers then there will be a much less chance of having a niche that makes your character unique. Don't get me wrong I am still interested but I'm going to put off writting up a character sheet until all of the rules are set. The rules changes already make my character (a stealthy anti-nova dominator) useless to a large degree (without having very large focus, disrupt and dominate are very easy to resist). I don't mind the fact that I have to re-think my characters abilities as the main story and goals will remain the same (somthing I worked really hard on). I suggest before anyone comes up with powers and such we make backgrounds and send them to Totem... when we know who is playing we can all get together and discuss what abilities we will all focus in, that way everyone can still be unique but we all have a cool range of powers. but then... I could be talking out of my ass
  8. Hmmm.... I think we should wait on Totems clarification on this before we get too much into creating alter ego novas "levels". One think I was curious about is who exactly will be involved? Is Totem planning on having us all in his game or will some people be cut? It would be nice to see who has met the criteria and will be involved in the story... as it will effect what powers other people choose for thier novas.
  9. Char, I did not say that what you did was wrong, nor that I think that you should be held responsible by human law. I said that I would hunt you down if Totem needed assistance... merely because I belive it would be a challenge, and I am always up for a good challenge. Dr. Troll, Just because Teragen belive that they are beyond human law and are nations unto themselves, doesn't make them all blood thirsty killers... not every Teragen member is like Geryon. And no... I am not Teragen, I have no affiliation that I have currently decided on.
  10. Not all of the Teragen support needless violence, just because humans are beyond monkeys doesn't mean that they go out of thier way to kill them just to make a point. Now remember the Teragen refer to the humans as monkeys at times... only they are monkeys with guns. Don't trust everything you hear on N! Prime. Not all Novas have bullet proof skin. I doubt Mal and Co. would want too much conflict to start just because some unwise nova had a temper tantrum. Violence may not bring back the dead but it's fun.
  11. As Totem leaves Templar touches down onto the groundand backs up to one end of the tent. After waiting for about five minutes he suddenly becomes visible and grabs a plate looking as if nothing had happened. A generous helping later he walks over calmly to a table across from the other novas and begins to eat quietly.
  12. It seems that you must now evade the police, T2M will soon find and no doubt attempt to bring you to justice. Why did you feel the need to go to such extremes, surely you could have started a minor bar fight to illustrate your point. You spread the message that all Teragen are remorseless killers, do you think that Mal will be happy with this? You may not find it so easy to find a safe house to hold you under the circumstances. Totem if you feel you need back-up then I will offer my services to bring this individual to justice.
  13. Quote:Originally posted by Interceptor: There is an optional Throwing skill in the Player's Guide, listed under strength. For throwing anything really from rocks to throwing weapons. As far as Invisibility is concerned, Morning Star has Elemental Mastery of Light. While there is no specific power listed for it, one could reasonably assume that by rolling enough successes he could bend light and cause a weak invisibility field around himself and others (typical +2 difficulty probably and twice the cost as per normal). It would mainly bend light away from those inside it, and thus they would need some kind of super perception ability to compensate and actually see out of it (they're invisible but also they're effectively blind). I can see how that would work, the only problem with invisibility like that is it would look like that of a Predator, you would still be visible but distorted and hard to spot quickly... so the max effect you could get out of it would be like Invisibility 1 without the auto successes from quantum. I love the idea though, and it could prove really useful in emergencies.
  14. Ya got me on that one Preston, it would be too complicated otherwise.
  15. I still think Dex-Martial Arts would be better than melee, melee is more for close combat weapons IMHO. and besides the throwing weapons that her character would be using would no doubt be martail arts weapons rather than your average knives.
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