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  1. "No party time." Darrik chimed in. "I don't serve underage drinkers." When asked for things he would need, Darrik shrugged. "I imagine all the things she would need when staying over at someone's house. Change of clothes, toothbrush, the usual. A backpack to keep it in..." At Karen's surprised look, Darrik looked back nonchalantly. "What? I have security covered. Trade secrets and all." He waved his hand and then nodded approvingly. "Melody's clean."
  2. "He has a point." Darrik added finally. "We may not know who is behind this, but if someone is trying to cause a conflict between the factions, the longer you keep her, the longer this risks playing into their hands, Lilith. I doubt the person or people are going to act twice with the same move."
  3. "Darrik." In truth, Cara could tell Darrik was not just pretty, damn fucking hot. Marco could make shots about it being not stereotypically manly, but there it was. "It has its' share of headaches, but it serves an important purposes - and most people are generally better behaved." With Marco, it went practically without saying. The whole flurry of the fight occurred before Darrik could prepare anything to say or response. When it was broken up, he had a few thoughts running through his head. One, it was very fortunate that the curse was restraining Marco because he was that dangerous and if he were the Regent he would not be making any deal. It sounded like Marco was not cognizant of what Mother Walters meant, so no loophole for him to wriggle out of. The second was the reminder to keep that pleasant arbitration face, because he was angry. It wasn't the initial entries, that was just an annoyance - but the general violence now was something else. Not even simply Marco, clearly an unpleasant outsider (whatever he might have been in Nawlins in the past), as the Regent observed, Lilith should have known better. Simon Magus was his place (and Dominique's) and whatever backing the powers that be gave to it for its diplomatic utility, the two had to put their reputation and name to help enforce it at first. Now he just took a quiet breath and let the werewolves present their case.
  4. Darrik simply stayed quiet and waited, letting Marguerite and Marko hash things out. A self-professed psychopath (fortunately restricted by this curse), his sister of unknown tendencies, and Lilith due to arrive. Some days he wondered what the hell he'd been thinking, explicitly setting up his bar as neutral grounds for the supernatural factions.
  5. Darrik bore it all impassively, but the internal alarm system was definitely above Code Green. Lilith's pushy representative, the Regent and company, and an arrogant, officially reviled, potentially very dangerous vampire, all in here way too early. Plus soon Lilith herself, according to Joe's original comments. It was probably as well Dominique was not here yet. "Fine. Joe, call Lilith, then give me your drink order. Same for Marko... Margritte and friends." And he observed the open door and the figure lurking beyond. "And to the gentleman or lady just outside, we're not open, unless you remarkably happen to have special business with someone already here."
  6. Darrik sighed and turned the key, opening up the door and holding it open with an exaggerated air of courtesy. "After you." Inwardly he did not associated these kinds of visits with good news. Joe passed in, and so did Darrik. Dominique was the bartender, but Darrik knew enough to passably fill in in an emergency. "So, what do you want?" Jones paused in thought, but before he could answer, Darrik cut him off. "You're getting water." Serves him right for pulling the menacing stealth move. Besides, it wasn't business hours.
  7. Name: Darrik Reynolds Age: 28 Place of Origin: Unknown Gender: Male Height: 6'0” Weight: 160 lbs Hair: Black and red striped Eyes: Red Occupation: Burlesque bar co-owner Background Darrik Reynolds' past is generally unknown to the supernaturals of New Orleans, before he came into town approximately 5 years ago. At first he ingratiated himself into the witch community with charm and sex appeal - not many witches have worked as strippers, after all. His closest friend is Dominque de la Croix. Together they (with a cache of money Darrik seemed to have been keeping away) opened up the Simon Magus Burlesque and Absinthe Bar, explicit neutral ground territory for the supernatural factions, a factor that has helped it's success for 3 years running. Dominque is lead bartender, Darrik is the manager and oversees the entertainment.
  8. "This is going to take a bit." Darrik summed up, letting a knot of hounds have face-fulls of his black shards.
  9. "Repulsive fiend." Darrik remarked as he joined the fray, lovely handsome face that of a composed, yet cold statue now. Shadows rippled about before black skeins formed about his hands. With the right hand, Darrik played his fingers the way he might use them to please (and would immensely so) a lover, but this time the flickering fingers made war, not love. The threads surged and formed into several ropey constructs of darkness, which Darrik tossed with a snap of the wrist at the demon. "Kage no Ken!" His left hand squeezed as if it could and was compacting stone, and darkness shaped like shards formed into place. As the demon faced the first stygian spell, Darrik brought both hands together and thrust them forward, launching waves of those dark shards at Iratos. "Kurayami o Osu!"
  10. Name: Darrik Reynolds Age: 24 Height: 6'0" Weight: 160 lbs Sex: Male Description: Probably the second most recognizable member of Blaze Heart after Luci Lacuna, Darrik Reynolds has been around for a number of years - but unlike the serious senior member of the guild, Darrik is notorious simply for his voracious bisexual appetite and immense number of conquests. His one rule is that guildmates are off-limits (to help preserve personal and professional relationships). Otherwise he is open and outgoing - but this should never be mistaken for him being just a pretty face. Magic: Darrik wields Darkness Magic, allowing him to project darkness, and create constructs of it with chilling solidity. Point Cost: 400 Size: Medium Body: 5 Mind: 6 Soul: 6 Stats Point Total: 170 Attack Combat Value: 5 (12 Darkness Magic) Defense Combat Value: 12 Damage Multiplier: 5 (x10 Darkness Magic) Health Points: 115 Energy Points: 120 Shock Value: 23 Attributes: Combat Technique 3 (Judge Opponent, Lightning Reflexes 2) Defense Combat Mastery 7 Divine Relationship 2 Energy Bonus 6 Extra Actions 1 Extra Defenses 1 Feature: Ambidexterity 1 Feature: Appearance – Sexy 3 Massive Damage (Darkness Magic) 5 Ranged Attack (Darkness Magic) 7 Tough 6 Attribute Total: 155 Darkness Magic Special Moves: "Burakkuchiru" (Black Chill) (Weapon 5, Range 2, Enervation 4, 8 EP per use) - One of Darrik's basic attacks, launching simple blasts of darkness, that chill a foe and affects their body, sapping their energy. "Kage no Ken" (Shadow Tendrils) (Weapon 5, Range 2, Flexible 2, Tangle 2, 8 EP per use) - This spell creates lashing tentacles of darkness that snare opponents and tie them in place. "Kurayami o Osu" (Hail the Darkness) (Weapon 4, Range 2, Autofire, Spreading 1; 8 EP per use) - Darrik shoves both hands forth and unleashes a storm of jagged spars of darkness, "Dakuboido" (Dark Void) (Sensory Block: Vision, Area 4, 3 EP per use) - A basic technique that creates a sphere of darkness, occluding sight. "Kakureta Chikara" (Cloaked Power) (Unknown Power +30 - 20 CP) - It is the nature of Darkness to hide itself, even from its wielder, and Darrik is husbanding more power than he realizes. Total on Special Moves: 58 Skills: Area Knowledge: Fiore 2 [Magnolia] Occult 2 [Guilds] Seduction 4 [Physical] Stealth 2 [Concealment] Skill Total: 20 Defects: Marked: Guild Mark, Tattoos, Distinctive Hair (-3)
  11. Darrik went through it all, remaining placid as Deezy unveiled ever more intricate, clunky and smoke and spark belching 'investigative devices.' It was difficult, being the ever smiling, friendly one to offset Luci's professional coldness. It was a relief when the flare went up, and he saw and hear it. "Looks like Mutt and Brennan had more success then we did. Time to make tracks over to them."
  12. Darrik let out a sigh as he saw what was going on, Kaori panicked as Brennan's sommulent repose trapped her in an embarrassing position. With a wicked thought, it occurred to him a way that might help boost the summoner's confidence. "There's only one thing that can be done, Kaori. Smack him. Keep smacking him until he wakes up, Kaori."
  13. "And you promise to do it without blowing up the van?" Darrik asked. In a friendly tone sure, but he was downright serious about that question. There was that time where Deezy had done this with a similar vehicle before, gotten over-excited and well... the overall damages had taken a lot out of the fee, and earned the Master a new yelling session with the Council. And it had really screwed up their escape.
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