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  1. "I hate to say it," Gorunta finally said, "but Clevus was right." Of course, he then turned and loomed over the feline. "Now start explaining."
  2. "It's our ship now." Gorunta insisted, from the gunner's station. "Want me to grab him and shake him upside down?"
  3. GUNNERY PHASE Action: Firing Result: Using +2 computer bonus to add on is 13+2 = 15, hit! (Basic Gunnery Check: 1D20+7 = [6]+7 = 13) Particle Beam Damage: 8D6 = [4, 5, 3, 6, 2, 2, 5, 5] = 32 "Right, I can't make any promises about that cruiser." Gorunta told Evana, targeting another fighter for destruction. "I can obliterate the fighters."
  4. GUNNERY PHASE Action: Firing Gorunta had not served directly in the navy when he'd been a proud soldier of the Veskarium. A soldier, a fighter. So it was true that he did not have particular ship experience. But a gun was a gun, whether it was a pistol, or a ship-mounted particle beam. Aim and shoot. Admittedly, adjusting for fighters was different than people - but Jexa had conveniently provided targeting information to make up for it. "Thanks, and boom."
  5. "Is this hired from the Veskarium directly?" Gorunta asked. Clevus shrugged. "Don't know, doesn't matter." "It would, but." Gorunta started laughing heavily. Once he was finished, he answered the looks he was getting. "Herschwin's an idiot. He thinks just because I'm a vesk I can be a diplomat to other vesks? Does he think I'll punch them into agreement? Racist idiot."
  6. Gorunta had heard worse insults, but he looked mildly surprised by the idea he was an item of interest. Sunshine and her indenture thing, that he understood, but Gorunta figured that to the Abadarans and the galaxy at large, he seemed just another vesk mercenary. "Why me?"
  7. Gorunta sprang from his chair and closed the distance. Fuck shooting, he was going to knock out the interns, starting with the spellcaster, and shove one head up another's ass. Leaving them alive (since dead Abadarans in a public place would be bad, self-defense or not) but appropriately traumatized and punished for a stunt like this.
  8. "Let's see. Right now, we only have your word that it's what he's going to do and that you're the only way out." Gorunta ticked off on his claws. "And you were with the cat cultists who tried to kill us all. That you would consider a job with the likes of those means you're not like us. We have our honor - well, I do. We certainly have better sense than you. Unless you have proof, leave now."
  9. Gorunta let out a slight huff, but little more. He supposed the AbadarCorp priest felt the need for a bit more vetting, but at least the ship issue was off the table. "Fine. So be honest now. What is it you want us to do?" Unspoken was the hint of how lying might very well lead to head-up-ass action.
  10. "Translation, you'll drop any claims to our ship if we do a bodyguarding job for you." Gorunta said. "AND payment, I trust?" They did need money, and if Mr. Herschwin was stupid enough to try and press this without credits... well, he'd never actually shoved a head up an ass before - the vesk thought he could pull it off.
  11. From Gorunta's perspective, did the wailing rip into his ears and keep him in place for the... fluid to gush into his face, or did the fluid freeze him in his tracks and keep him from covering his ears? In this case, it was a blur and so he wasn't sure. "Jordayn... if you tell me what you did, I'll probably kill you." He punctuated this with another deep cut into the space testicle's flesh.
  12. "That's right! Die you lump of filth!" Gorunta tore into the thing, sword and talons and oh this was going to be a gruesome bloodbath that would get all over Evana's clothing.
  13. "Run?!" Gorunta bellowed, shaking the blood and gore off him. "You-" He paused. All right, that sounded like a lot of space-balls. "All right, where is this shelter, bot?"
  14. Gorunta's feral grin became wider as he caught one of the flailing tentacles and brutally yanked it to the side. The monster ball's wail was premature. It really had to scream when the vesk thrust his sword into its body up to the hilt, and began to yank the blade downward, ripping it open.
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