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  1. Fisher looked at Niles, but feeling tired, decided to let it go. "We cool. It's between Nadya and you now." Having left Niles with that reminder hanging, something else tweaked. "Oh, right. That book you Austin said you have. It's the Nekiya, isn't it? It belongs to Mr. Syracuse. Return it ASAP." It was an assumption, but the whole thing fit Marius' MO far too well. Giving that tome with dangerous power to people sufficiently motivated and incautious enough to use it.
  2. One hundred years gives you plenty of time to think. Or a handful of moments to a divinely-enhanced mind. Or both, given how the experience defied mundane definitions of time. In essence, Fisher had understood what had happened to him: one hundred years of mental banishment to Jigoku, the punishment portion of the Japanese Underworld, brought about with the introduction of Buddhism to Japan - one of the frozen hells. Ironically, his own demigodly status had given him a 'light' sentence, a mere mortal lifetime. And why? Oh, he knew exactly why. Fisher knew the culture and had read the myths. Amaterasu banishing Tsukoyomi. Parent-child strictures. Realistically, he should have simply made another invocation just like the others and everything would have been fine. But in that moment, the anger had bubbled out in a few damning words. Years of child's grief and abandonment, watching a father just slip away inside, and then the brief return, dangling a promise that never, ever would have been fulfilled, Fisher realized now. Now Fisher could still feel the phantom frostbite knew the Amatsukami had also added in the failure of the binding for another layer to the punishment. So he turned his eyes onto Niles - was his breath still frosty? - and rasped, "Get the notes." He'd failed here. He'd rather go back for another century of torment than fail to break free Nadya from her chains as well.
  3. For all the dangers and freakishness of the situation, Fisher was calm. Relatively so, with superhuman intellect and focus running down the situation. In front of them, a potential repeat of the Nekyia situation when the Band first got into the heroing business. The creatures on the other end had held off once they'd noticed Fisher and his heritage. They couldn't rely on that this time. Step One, stop Todd and get him away. Austin, Fisher thought approvingly, was already on that. That left the issue of containment. The wisps seemed to be confined by the pentagram, but that thing wouldn't likely stop whatever eldritch evil was coming through from stepping out. What would an anime/manga protagonist do in this situation? It was hardly a silly question. The many great series carried their rivers of Japanese tales and lore, homages in their way to the Amatsukami, of whom he was a Scion. Obviously, he couldn't pull a Naruto and just create some fuinjustu masterwork to seal it back up. But there were other ways, a more traditional option now that he thought about it. Fisher drew Comb Tooth and jabbed it forward, turning the pen into a naginata, and catching some of the flying paper. It came down into Fisher's outstretched hand, cut into strips. And Comb Tooth retracted back into a pen. Was the pen mightier than the sword? Thankfully, Fisher could have it both ways. In swift flickers, Fisher drew the kanji. "Izanagi, father of the gods. He who brought Chikaeshi-no-okami. Bind death away from life here!" The stone from which his own pendant was made, Fisher remembered. With a toss, defying the laws of physics, the strip of paper which Fisher had inscribed his step-father's name sailed as if a rigid solid object and met the doors to the lab, slamming them shut and sticking as if glued firmly. "Amaterasu, heavenly queen and sun! Restrain this twisted light with your own!" Another inscribed strip found its way to one point of the pentagram. "Susanoo, slayer of Orochi! Drive these monsters back!" "Tsukuyomi, moon lord! I plead for your support!" Two, third points covered. "The Seven Fortunes! Give this your blessing!" Four. And of course finally, "Izanami, mom. You owe me." The last one came into place. Ofuda. The various talismans, amulets and other charms issued by Shinto shrines. Often they had the names of the shrines too with the kami, but Fisher Capra was a Scion of the Amatsukami and the writing was done by a genuine Relic. He WAS his own spiritual holiness for this. And he would make their bindings real. Five to cover the pentagram, one on the doors to bar the room just to be safe. And their words glowed, a pure white compared to the sickly green cracks. White lines connecting the circle...
  4. "Wait here." Fisher told Austin before weaving into and through the crowd. Under the circumstances, he didn't want to bring Nadya into this. Dane was keeping an eye on her anyway at his request, so he could step in if the spell or breaking of it had an effect on her. Laurie would be around too, and he didn't want any delays clashing with Eric Donner. Billy had been dragged by Rachel toward the stage when she suddenly stopped as Nadya started singing. He didn't even know the little freak could sing but she sounded really good. The things you never knew. Rachel had been intense...well she was always intense but after everything earlier and then her dad, her real dad she had seemed, the best way to describe it would be subdued and distracted then when Dane got up she lit up like a pissed off fire cracker and now... Rachel was lost in the song, so many windows in her mind opened, she leaned in to Billy and slipped her hand out of his and snaked it around his waist pulling him in until they were hip to hip shoulder to shoulder. The were almost the same height so they fit together very well. They swayed together for the rest of the song Billy, not for the first time, asking himself what he had gotten involved and Rachel coming to accept the things she had doubted. After Nadya's song was over and everyone gave the dark hair girl everyone usually made fun of a standing O, Rachel turned back into Billy's embrace. As the music started back up they danced in silence for a few moments then Rachel spoke. “Are you really okay with all of this Billy? Me being who, what I am?” “Sure I care for you I've always...” "Sorry to interrupt." Fisher's voice apologetically broke in. "But I need to borrow Rachel for a little bit." "Is this important?" Rachel glared at Fisher, but Billy stepped back and squeezed Rachel's arm, "It's okay babe, I'll go get some drinks then we can find a quiet corner to talk." He let go and Rachel watched him walk away then turned back to Fisher, she saw Austin a few feet away looking pensive, she frowned. "What is it Fisher?" "I know you're going to be mad Rachel, so please keep it at a setting below 'berserker frenzy'." Fisher said, and Rachel realized from the edge in his voice, Fisher was holding back his share of it. The summary quickly followed. Rachel surprised Fisher, she didn't explode. She did put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it comfortingly. "We'll fix it Fisher, she's our sister." Then she looked at Austin who sidestepped revealing Niles standing in his shadow. Rachel started that way. Yeah, no. Fisher was certain she was just going to be waiting for when there would be no possible witnesses.
  5. Fisher was briefly agape. What a remarkable and beautiful song. "I guess Dane knew what he was doing." "Yeah." Darcy agreed, amazed by Nadya's singing. "Just, wow. Never thought Nadya could do that." Fisher looked at her. "So as a boyfriend..." Darcy picked up on it. "I gave you one and now you want another?" "You're so great at it." Somehow it worked, and they kissed again, a bit longer. Fisher was on Cloud Nine.
  6. Fisher stared before shaking his head. Laurie was making a big mistake. Eric the Menace? He would have to have a talk with her later. Obviously she didn't really know what he was really like, and once she did she'd toss the JerkJockHoletm away like that bully deserved. Then he was presented with Nadya acting like all the rumors and slurs had suddenly been holy truth, with their Bandmate and his ...friend. The awakening of divine blood brought strangeness, sure, but when did the Twilight Zone become legend? Fisher, barely after making it through the double doors, leaned against the adjacent wall, fingers resting idly against the window. "Kami, what is going on with Nadya?" Can't you see the truth, heavenly child? The voice seemed like a woman's, a child's, or a spirit from any JRPG. Fisher started, before turning his head slowly. The answer is right there in our panes. The window? Confused, Fisher turned and looked. Memories of what he'd studied in the library kicked in. The kami, great as Amaterasu or smallest in stature, each was a spirit for something. Even the window. Was it offering something? Fisher peered, but saw nothing. He felt silly and discarded the thought, going to rescue Darci.
  7. "She what?!" Fisher and Darci were in Fisher's basement again, as they often did when hanging out. This time, Fisher was telling her stories of the Band's past exploits. "Spear-Finger broke my neck." Fisher patiently repeated, only to be surprised (or was it his plan all along) by Darci frantically massaging his neck the same way she did at Evelyn's shop. "I'm fine. It just hurt a lot. And those bruises you saw that evening were all that was left over." Darci withdrew her hands, making a small noise in acknowledgement. It was beginning to sink into her head now about what Fisher had said earlier about the reality of what he did and how dangerous it was. Totally non-Disney nastiness. There was a brief silence. Fisher knew both of them had their beads with prom accoutrements within. His revelation wasn't going to stop them from going, but... as what? Maybe they could figure it out later. "We need to leave soon." Darci observed, speaking for them both. "All right." Fisher got up and offered her his hand. "Shall we?" She took it. Maybe there was some hope.
  8. Fisher watched Darci go, and then turned back to find the Sylphs and get their take on formal wear. It was out in the open now, and he had no idea how she was going to ultimately respond. Maybe finding good prom wear could distract him from the feeling in his gut gnawing at him from the inside out. Yeah, right.
  9. "This isn't even Marvel," Fisher snapped with a flushed face, "at most, we have a divine version of the Joker running around!" He gave his own gray-eyed glare preemptively at Evelyn. "And I don't care what you say about good and bad, I heard the details of that meeting while Rachel and I were fighting the myrmidons. All that he said and did was straight-up Heath Ledger." "And it is not a risk I wanted to take." He added back to Darci, voice raised with a building wave of emotion. "My father is an emotional zombie. You know who my mom - no, my patron is. Because honestly? My mother left when I was 4 and I'm beginning to wonder if she's never coming back. I don't want a Fate of always losing the ones I love!" There. It had slipped out into the open and Fisher didn't need to say oops. His face did it for him.
  10. When Evelyn brought up the discussion of Godly morality or lack thereof, Fisher at first wanted to tell her not to talk about this where Darcy or Billy could hear. Then he had to pause that thought in favor of correcting Austin in his naive assumption that his father was good, or that Poseidon must have a good reason. Fisher had actually read the various mythological stories, and to the precise extent that they were true (which was admittedly up in the air)... ...Well, the consistent threads for the Greek pantheon said it all. Put up against Evelyn, Austin definitely seemed like someone whose knowledge of the tales started and ended with Disney's Hercules. And Fisher knew well his mother was Izanami, the Goddess of Death whom killed a thousand people per day because of Izanagi's impatient intrusion into Yomi and reaction to her decay. The Gods were not good people by any regular definition. Then Evelyn went on the whole spiel of amorality for Gods, which was one thing, but claiming Marius was not evil? Did she not know about the whole sadistic 'send assassins to your families and inform you just too late' scheme? And then that was when Darci and Billy showed up. Not only had they heard, but they'd seen the battle of the truck stop, negating Fisher's attempts to protect her from the start. The net impact: Fisher adopted the expression of an impassive fish until Austin made his lame comment, which triggered a flash of annoyance. Seeing Rachel take Billy away made Fisher give up and nod to Darcy before finding their own corner to sit. "I guess I should start from the beginning." And so he did. From his mother's return to now.
  11. Fisher blushed, then had his eyes bug out when Rachel screamed. Circumstances or not, that was so the last thing one would think of her doing. Then the awkward moments subsided and he followed Evelyn's instructions. He spun on a dime, completely turned around and marched away, like Orpheus leading Eurydice out - and he knew far better than to look back at all. When they found Billy: "Hi, Billy. Evelyn wants us going straight to the Men's Section, Billy." Before Billy could make any comment: "She's in that 'Compliance is Mandatory' mood, Billy."
  12. "Well, at least Nadya has kept one part of her personality." Fisher observed, shaking his head. The issue now was less of Nadya and Niles, and the horribly bad drawing she was trying to intimidate him with. More like offend with its terribleness. Maybe he should draw a version of his own, a good one, so he could give it to her and say this was how you provide an artistic threat. Possibly with some explosions in the background. Then it hit him that he'd winked at letting Rachel wander off to the Boutique, where she was feeling extra suspicious and riled. Well, it's not like it would end with a wrecked shop and dramatically shattering windows? Dammit, kamis knew it definitely could happen. Fisher suddenly got up, much more serious. "Actually, I'm going to find Darcy and head for the Boutique. Don't want Rachel running around there unsupervised."
  13. "Darcy and I are going to the Boutique after school. Between then and the dance... I don't know." Fisher said before fixing a glance on Austin. "Why, are you suggesting a double date with Yukiko?" Fisher didn't object to Austin's going out with his fellow Japanese Scion, since she was probably the most reasonable of the other band, and not just by comparison with the likes of Eric Donner or Mercedes Rhodes. Heavens forbid one of his band go out with Eric Donner...
  14. Fisher shook his head. "It might be, or it might not. For now, wait and see." If this was the truly wrong thing his gut said it was, the genuine red flags would pop up sooner or later. Pressing like Rachel probably just did would do no good. Besides, there was Evelyn's Boutique to visit later and the dance tonight. "I mean, it's bizarre, but not yet Nadya suddenly hovering and shouting she's Gozer the Gozarian."
  15. Fisher dropped his face into his hands for a few moments as Rachel stormed out, very clearly not caring about school attendance any more. Whatever Nadya said, it had torqued Rachel into doing this - and he knew better than to ask either of them WTF? Being the thoughtful number two of this Band was more headache-provoking than tolerable, necessary as it was. And the Niles-Nadya question. Considering how Nadya had gently refused Niles days ago and then praised his courage, a turn-around on her part was not implausible. This lovey-dovey level though? Something just smelled wrong about this. Fisher needed to figure out what. Great, Nadya was rubbing off on Rachel, and Rachel was rubbing off on him.
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