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  1. Fisher blushed, then had his eyes bug out when Rachel screamed. Circumstances or not, that was so the last thing one would think of her doing. Then the awkward moments subsided and he followed Evelyn's instructions. He spun on a dime, completely turned around and marched away, like Orpheus leading Eurydice out - and he knew far better than to look back at all. When they found Billy: "Hi, Billy. Evelyn wants us going straight to the Men's Section, Billy." Before Billy could make any comment: "She's in that 'Compliance is Mandatory' mood, Billy."
  2. "Well, at least Nadya has kept one part of her personality." Fisher observed, shaking his head. The issue now was less of Nadya and Niles, and the horribly bad drawing she was trying to intimidate him with. More like offend with its terribleness. Maybe he should draw a version of his own, a good one, so he could give it to her and say this was how you provide an artistic threat. Possibly with some explosions in the background. Then it hit him that he'd winked at letting Rachel wander off to the Boutique, where she was feeling extra suspicious and riled. Well, it's not like it would end with a wrecked shop and dramatically shattering windows? Dammit, kamis knew it definitely could happen. Fisher suddenly got up, much more serious. "Actually, I'm going to find Darcy and head for the Boutique. Don't want Rachel running around there unsupervised."
  3. "Darcy and I are going to the Boutique after school. Between then and the dance... I don't know." Fisher said before fixing a glance on Austin. "Why, are you suggesting a double date with Yukiko?" Fisher didn't object to Austin's going out with his fellow Japanese Scion, since she was probably the most reasonable of the other band, and not just by comparison with the likes of Eric Donner or Mercedes Rhodes. Heavens forbid one of his band go out with Eric Donner...
  4. Fisher shook his head. "It might be, or it might not. For now, wait and see." If this was the truly wrong thing his gut said it was, the genuine red flags would pop up sooner or later. Pressing like Rachel probably just did would do no good. Besides, there was Evelyn's Boutique to visit later and the dance tonight. "I mean, it's bizarre, but not yet Nadya suddenly hovering and shouting she's Gozer the Gozarian."
  5. Fisher dropped his face into his hands for a few moments as Rachel stormed out, very clearly not caring about school attendance any more. Whatever Nadya said, it had torqued Rachel into doing this - and he knew better than to ask either of them WTF? Being the thoughtful number two of this Band was more headache-provoking than tolerable, necessary as it was. And the Niles-Nadya question. Considering how Nadya had gently refused Niles days ago and then praised his courage, a turn-around on her part was not implausible. This lovey-dovey level though? Something just smelled wrong about this. Fisher needed to figure out what. Great, Nadya was rubbing off on Rachel, and Rachel was rubbing off on him.
  6. "That makes me the canary in the coal mine." Fisher answered, drawing looks from Rachel and company once their Nadya-slowed brains readjusted themselves. "What? I'm going out with Darcy, she was there when Marius gave them, holding out leads to questions we have a hard time providing a good answer for. Also, he knows we know to suspect everything he does. If he wanted to set a trap, it's not going to be an obvious one. Most likely this is the carrot, showing he's a 'human being' to pair with the stick of sending goons after our families."
  7. "Secret?" Fisher asked out loud before rethinking quickly. The boutique thing was by default suspicious, given Marius passed out the tickets, but he couldn't be lurking to cause mayhem in that spot 24/7, right? So if he went with Darcy to keep an eye on her, things would remain relatively safe. "No secret. We can go and cash that ticket this afternoon." Darcy gave him the skeptical eye at this about-face. "I thought you said the guy who gave it was bad news." "Yes," Fisher awkwardly admitted, "but I checked it out. It's all good." Ok, a lie, but he really didn't want to draw out this topic and treading on myth-security any further.
  8. Every kind of awkward indeed, as Fisher had been driven hard (as teenagers tended to) to imagine Darcy putting out with him, and the cherry filling serving as a useful prop in said coupling. With difficulty, Fisher tore his mind back to reality, thus he skipped over correcting her that no, he'd been in Salem three years, and thus it was 'like, before high school.' And then his face darkened hearing about her verbally abusive father. "Asshole. Still... it could be worse." He had no idea that it was, but Darcy was silent for a moment, recognizing the reference to his practically lifeless father. It was something Fisher chose not to talk about, so by convention Darcy too routed out that subject for the sake of her (possibly alien) (boy?) friend.
  9. "Oh, now you're worried about someone getting hurt?" Fisher snapped as he got up and brushed himself off. Rachel had just enough time to glare before Fisher made a long-suffering and displeased sigh. "We are going to need to have another talk." Rachel glared harder. Fisher was patently unmoved.
  10. Fisher though, had been glowering to himself over Darcy's overreaction - it had to be - had even when she came back, they found themselves sitting in an awkward silence. Then Rachel and Bridgette got into fight. Couldn't Rachel bloody control herself? So yes, unlike Austin, Fisher got up and began moving in to intervene. Really, he'd already suffered and survived a broken neck, plus Donner. In that break where Bridgette stumbled back from Rachel's headbutt, Izanami's boy planted himself between the two brawler. "Ok, knock it-" He was cut off by Brigette's sudden haymaker. And then Rachel shoved him out of the way.
  11. "No." Fisher snapped, and he turned on Billy and Darcy with alacrity. "And all you two need to know is to stay away from him. If you see him, you run, you run the other way." "But-" Darcy began, totally confused, but cut off by a pale but set Fisher. "That's all you need to know. Your curiosity is one of the things I love about you," and in his concern Fisher didn't care what he was uttering, "but this is too dangerous for you to poke your neck into."
  12. "Things." Fisher said, aware how lame it sounded. How to give her some answer without lying - which she could probably sniff out, or something that would endanger her. "Look, during the summer, my mom came back." Which Darcy knew well was after a twelve year gap. "It's given me a lot to think about." Looking to switch the topic, he got the door open. "Ladies first." She narrowed her eyes and glared at him, pushing her glasses up on the bridge of her nose. "To be continued, Fisher. Don't think I didn't see what you did there..." She nodded at his politeness and the two joined the others within the Drip.
  13. "Ask her." Fisher couldn't help but stifle the grin. "Well, no, there's a new girl that's joined the group -- at the principal's request, mind you." A necessary addendum unless Darcy get the wrong idea about him. "Thinks Beth could benefit from our company as opposed to less salubrious types. Would you want to subject her to Horace, Eric or Bridgette? This is our welcome party."
  14. "Very, very much." Fisher admitted, though he blushed at her touch. He was going to have to come up with an explanation. Ironically, Darcy had hit on the thing that did not cause this but wasn't true. Well, that might just provide his answer. "And no, we didn't wrestle but..." Fisher winced. "He did not take well to my growing a spine and trying to cut off his homework supply. Right now I just want to forget about it and relax." Plus Spear-Finger, of course.
  15. Fisher made his way home, feeling at least moderately pleased. Frustration with Rachel's Aesir-ness aside, it was a great accomplishment, and he'd given Eric Donner a notice about what end was up. Not even the prospect of returning to an empty house bothered him. He could practically skip through this shortcut --- "All right, nerd." Eric Donner stepped out from a large oak tree, glaring harshly. "We're going to have a talk, Fisher." Fate, it was a great astonishment on my part that you did not bring Eric Donner into existence solely for the purpose of creating misery in my life. Fisher glared back, annoyed. "You can hold an intelligible conversation? Will wonders never cease?" "Someone's got a backbone." Eric snorted. "You think just because you're a hotshot Scion now that you can duck out on doing my homework." "Well, yes." Fisher casually observed, "I mean, what are you going to do? Try and beat me up?" The jock cracked his knuckles. "You've got a lot to learn newbie." Fisher smiled and rolled his shoulders. Really, he had speed, resilience, if not strength. Even in just a fist fight he definitely ...stared up from the remains of the right half of the oak tree? He was pretty sure he had bruises all over his body and everything just hurt to move. Smirking infuriatingly, triumphantly, Eric stared down at his erstwhile target of torment. "So, you'll have my literature homework ready by the end of the week?" "Yes." Fisher spat out. Eric turned and didn't even bother with a goodbye, satisfied that the status of his self-centered world had been restored to quo. Except it hadn't. Fisher wasn't afraid of him any longer. This just represented the unpleasant but pragmatic necessity of keeping Eric from delivering more beatdowns until Fisher was indeed ready to redress the balance. Kamis left and right, above and below, in Heaven and Yomi that time would come. So he returned home to shower, change clothing and text Darcy about going out to hang and grab a bite.
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