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  1. In the midst of the madness, Kia exploded. At least, that's how it looked for a moment. Fragments flew off of her gigantic draconic body in all directions...seemingly small, but really that was just compared to how big she was. Each one was bigger than a person...and as they cascaded out, each unfurled little wings and clawed legs of their own. In the center of that expanding sphere of vicious little living things was the mother of the brood, Kia herself. No smaller or less fierce for her swiftly-birthed armada. She launched herself up, wings sending a scattering of gales every which way. As she rose her spawn gathered into formation ahead and spread around her. They surged ahead towards Pandora, leaving a path open for Kia to come barreling in just behind. A storm of talons and fangs, large and small, that filled even the endless sky of this place outside of places.
  2. Kia had time to roar before the energy of Pandora's attack struck her dead on. The blades clanged uselessly against Kia's armored hide. The laser beams annihilated her on contact, burning through scale and flesh and bone, slicing the dragon unevenly wherever it tracked across the serpentine body. Kia peeled away, sliced in a long wavy line until it finally cleaved through the other side of her, letting the two 'halves' fall apart. ...and then ropes of flesh flung out from the two 'stumps,' of her, grasping each other in midair as they fell. More and more, thicker and thicker, they quickly sealed the two halves together again. Still regenerating, the Dragon Kia roared as she pulled out of the uncontrolled dive and arrowed straight at Pandora! Though her claws missed, the tendrils extending from the end of her tail, almost like the bristles of a lion's tail but fleshier, managed to drag over Pandora as she flew past. The casual touch was enough. Kia was ready for it, and immediately concentrated on her senses...attempting to 'feel' the quantum echo of Pandora's powers in her own body. (Used Cellular Persistence to 'dodge' all but 1 HL of the attack, using Quantum Imprint on a touch attack to attempt to duplicate powers!)
  3. Kia yelped in sudden panic as the attack sends her sailing through the void! In midair her shape suddenly twists and bloats, expanding out into a vaguely draconic thing; a long serpentine body with a fanged maw at the front, with a pair of membrane wings at the neck and tail that beat in steady rhythm and a centipede's array of legs capped with hooked claws. The whole of the creature covered with thick plated shell-like armor. With a thrash of her long body and frantic flapping, she managed to gain control of her hurtling motion and spare herself a trip down the hole to whatever lay beneath! (OOC note - Unless 5 successes on Dodge is not sufficient, in which case I will revise this . Action for the turn is shapeshift.)
  4. The chimp, the one named Cornelius Kia thought, cocked his head to the side giving Kia a pondering look "Is that their name, Jeane? The one you said was in the room over here what did you call it an elevator," he asked? Vello had turned back and was examining the elevator car. "There is no one in here and if my nose if correct, and it usually is, this room has been empty and closed up for a long time. Did you and your friends open it? "Lilly, another friend, went into it," Kia answered automatically, then looked at the apes. "Jeane was the one who just...disappeared, a second ago." They don't remember her. "You know, taller than me, blonde?" It was more than them just not remembering Jeane, Kia realized. It was like they hadn't even noticed her asking them if they'd lost anyone too. Her mind flashed back to when she'd pestered Abel into showing her one of his 'RPG' computer games, and she'd immediately wanted to do things like pick up pots or hide in boxes that the game just wasn't programmed to even consider happening. It seemed quite realistic...as long as you didn't try to stray from the preprogrammed path. If you did...you'd find an invisible wall, blocking you off. It's true. This really isn't real, is it?
  5. "Jeane!" yelped Kia. She darted forward, hands outstretched, hoping she'd just turned invisible. Her hands swished through empty space though. She looked around and called, "JEANE!" That must be what happened to Lilly! Kia whirled back to look at the apes, wide-eyed. "Have you lost anyone like this?! Do you know what's going on?!"
  6. "Also, did you happen to see anyone else? I mean, any other humans? Around here?" Kia asks quickly. "We're missing someone. She was in the elevator there."
  7. "I don't really have a weapon?" Kia said to the talking monkeys, keeping her hands up splayed, as if still waving them. "But I wouldn't shoot you even if I did. You're the first people we've seen since we got out." "This is definitely not the world we remember."
  8. Kia hesitated, torn between doing as she was told and following her gut. In the end, her gut won. Jeane might need help, and she didn't know where Lilly was, but she knew Lilly wasn't down there...so she had to be around up here somewhere. She emerged behind Jeane a few steps behind and gave a shy little wave. "Hi. I'm Kia, and we just woke up and we're super confused about...um...everything?"
  9. Kia follows Jeane in once the other girl calls it's clear, and looks around the revealed room. She has no idea what anything in the room is...though she can tell it's still lower tech than the world she remembers. Well, one of them. The real one...? But it's the elevator door that gets her attention. Kia beelines for it and pushes the button alongside it. Then knocks on it and puts her ear to it, trying to tell if Lilly's car stopped here, or if it's still moving.
  10. "Unless it's the only way there, we should take the stairs, " Kia says, eying the elevator warily. "If something bad happens on the stairs, we can run away or take cover or whatever. In an elevator, we're pretty much just stuck."
  11. "Do you think there's any survivors?" Kia asks, unconsciously echoing Jeane's thoughts, if with very different motivation. "Someone we could ask about what happened?" She went over to take gentle hold of Abel's arm. "This reminds me a little of something that happened to me back when we beat the aliens."
  12. Kia stepped into the new room and looked around, then went over to help Jeane with the next door. "I hope it's nice outside," she confesses. "We haven't seen anything down here to tell us where we really are. I hope it's not a desert or Antarctica or something."
  13. "If we were in those things that long," said Kia as she pulled her boots on, having grabbed what she wanted from the survival kids, "Why aren't we all old and stuff? I mean...that's not normal, right? These things hooked us into a computer, but that wouldn't make us immortal." She moved to back Lilly up. She didn't take one of the guns, but she had a knife and eternal optimism, and wasn't that better than a gun anyway?
  14. Kia gave Abel a shaky smile and a nod, then squeezed his hand. She pulled away then to go give Jeane a hug. "It's going to be ok," she assured the taller girl. "We'll help each other through this." She had a lot of questions too, about her mom and dad, about all her other friends...who was real in there, who wasn't? Questions for another time though. For now she'd focus on the friends she knew she had.
  15. Kia covered her mouth with a hand, as an association jumped straight to the forefront of her thoughts from what Sean had said. "Abel had his powers first. Jeane last." She looked away. "Was this all we ever were?"
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