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  1. Kia hesitated, torn between doing as she was told and following her gut. In the end, her gut won. Jeane might need help, and she didn't know where Lilly was, but she knew Lilly wasn't down there...so she had to be around up here somewhere. She emerged behind Jeane a few steps behind and gave a shy little wave. "Hi. I'm Kia, and we just woke up and we're super confused about...um...everything?"
  2. Kia follows Jeane in once the other girl calls it's clear, and looks around the revealed room. She has no idea what anything in the room is...though she can tell it's still lower tech than the world she remembers. Well, one of them. The real one...? But it's the elevator door that gets her attention. Kia beelines for it and pushes the button alongside it. Then knocks on it and puts her ear to it, trying to tell if Lilly's car stopped here, or if it's still moving.
  3. "Unless it's the only way there, we should take the stairs, " Kia says, eying the elevator warily. "If something bad happens on the stairs, we can run away or take cover or whatever. In an elevator, we're pretty much just stuck."
  4. "Do you think there's any survivors?" Kia asks, unconsciously echoing Jeane's thoughts, if with very different motivation. "Someone we could ask about what happened?" She went over to take gentle hold of Abel's arm. "This reminds me a little of something that happened to me back when we beat the aliens."
  5. Kia stepped into the new room and looked around, then went over to help Jeane with the next door. "I hope it's nice outside," she confesses. "We haven't seen anything down here to tell us where we really are. I hope it's not a desert or Antarctica or something."
  6. "If we were in those things that long," said Kia as she pulled her boots on, having grabbed what she wanted from the survival kids, "Why aren't we all old and stuff? I mean...that's not normal, right? These things hooked us into a computer, but that wouldn't make us immortal." She moved to back Lilly up. She didn't take one of the guns, but she had a knife and eternal optimism, and wasn't that better than a gun anyway?
  7. Kia gave Abel a shaky smile and a nod, then squeezed his hand. She pulled away then to go give Jeane a hug. "It's going to be ok," she assured the taller girl. "We'll help each other through this." She had a lot of questions too, about her mom and dad, about all her other friends...who was real in there, who wasn't? Questions for another time though. For now she'd focus on the friends she knew she had.
  8. Kia covered her mouth with a hand, as an association jumped straight to the forefront of her thoughts from what Sean had said. "Abel had his powers first. Jeane last." She looked away. "Was this all we ever were?"
  9. Kia frowned in confusion at that. "But...that kind of makes sense for you and Abel maybe, but why would anyone want MY brain in a computer?" She kept opening packages and distributing goods to everyone as Sean worked. "Besides, what kind of computer would that even be? I don't really understand how that would work. Are all these weird memories like, things we were trying to compute?"
  10. Kia watched Sean work, reflecting to herself that even without powers, Sean was pretty smart. And still a girl, which seemed kind of weird to her. Like, they'd all gone back to how they were before, except Sean. Even if she didn't look like a pinup anymore. What did that mean? Her thoughts kept going back to that guy who'd shot himself and then just...lay there, rotting away for who knew how long. No one had come to clean him up. It was like...the last thing anyone had done down here. And all those dead people in the pods...were they why he'd killed himself? Guilt? Or maybe the place had locked up behind him and he'd been stuck here with no way out, and it had just been easier than dying of starvation? Which reminded her...they hadn't found anything to eat yet. "I'm not going to be much help for this," she said to Sean. "I think I'm going to look around and see if there's anything like food or water stored. Or a flashlight. The place looks military, they always have supplies stocked."
  11. Kia found herself drawn to the other pods. The remains inside offered no clues as to who had been in them, but maybe...? She used her fingers to brush thick layers of dust and grime away, looking for name tags or something...surely they had to label these things, didn't they? She did find little metal strips with numbers etched into them, but nothing that seemed immediately useful. "Ugh, this is so gross," she muttered. "Who do you think these people are? There weren't this many Keys in the project..." When she saw Abel struggling to open a long-stuck door, she went to help him...and yep, there were more of those old style computers in there. "Is that stuff still going to work?" Kia asked dubiously. "It's all dirty and wet in here."
  12. Kia had no idea what was going on. She felt...sick and small. An instant of effort demonstrated why. The rest of her, the larger her, was just missing. She was just Kia now, and nothing more. It should have been scary, but the whole experience had a certain dreamlike surreality to it. Was it a dream? Even if not, did she really mind being normal again? It was a weird thought. "This place is really old," she observed in a hushed voice on seeing the calendar. She pointed at the tape-deck-computer things. "Look at those. They look like stuff on old TV shows." The former cheerleader looked at Jeanne as she started towards the door. "Guards?" Kia glanced around, then reached up to touch her own head, wincing a little in anticipation of being bald maybe. She liked having long hair. "I dunno, it doesn't seem like there's any alarms going off. Sean, Abel...what's going on here?"
  13. Kia Mizuki


    Kia frowns, then says, "I remember you saying that stuff about alien DNA, because that is something I'd never have thought to just make up. So what gives? Why are me and Lilly remembering all this differently?"
  14. Kia Mizuki


    Kia giggles and almost says 'bugs bunny,' but manages to contain it, because she'd like to hear what's going on with Kyle too.
  15. Kia Mizuki


    "I dunno, I've been surprised once or twice," Kia began, but she broke off when Kyle was mentioned. She hadn't heard much about him since he'd been taken in for medical observation, and wanted to hear this.