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  1. Scene 2 - End of the Road [IC]

    Actions/Rolls [Moira Morley] 1:58 pm: alright, going to smack me a genlock Moira Morley *rolls* 3d6: 4+1+5+3: 13 [jameson] 1:58 pm: hit [Moira Morley] 1:58 pm: and back stab it [Jordan] 1:59 pm: Grimm post Moira Morley *rolls* 3d6: 3+2+2+3: 10 [jameson] 1:59 pm: Perception 2(Smelling) jameson *rolls* 3d6: 6+5+3+4: 18 [Moira Morley] 1:59 pm: so 10 vs perception [jameson] 1:59 pm: no backstab for you [Moira Morley] 2:00 pm: [Moira Morley] 2:00 pm: so damage [Moira Morley] 2:00 pm: wait! [Moira Morley] 2:00 pm: i get 3 stunt points [jameson] 2:00 pm: no [Moira Morley] 2:00 pm: that's a lightning attack [jameson] 2:00 pm: no [Moira Morley] 2:00 pm: doh [jameson] 2:01 pm: your attack roll was not a stnt [jameson] 2:01 pm: and your stealth roll is not an attack [Moira Morley] 2:01 pm: ok [Moira Morley] 2:01 pm: so just damage Moira Morley *rolls* 1d6: 2+4: 6 [Moira Morley] 2:02 pm: that's it right? Minor action: creep up on a genlock Major action: try to stab it Kolani eyed the fallen leader genlock as the rest fled. Though it seems all of them did not flee! Hopping back into action she deftly snuck up on one of the remaining genlocks and plunged her short sword into it's back.
  2. Scene 2 - End of the Road [IC]

    Actions/Rolls [Moira Morley] 9:52 pm: Anyone from DA want to witness my rolls? [Moira Morley] 9:52 pm: anyone from DA here? [Carver Soze] 9:52 pm: I is. [Moira Morley] 9:53 pm: so Kolani is going to sneak up and backstab the head dude in the FACE [Moira Morley] 9:53 pm: do i roll backstab before or after damage? [Moira Morley] 9:54 pm: first i'm going to roll to see if i even hit [Carver Soze] 9:54 pm: No idea. Moira Morley *rolls* 3d6: 5+5+3+3: 16 [Moira Morley] 9:56 pm: awyeah that's a stunt i beleive [Moira Morley] 9:56 pm: two stunts if the +3 counts [Malachite] 9:58 pm: Sorry, afk. [Moira Morley] 9:58 pm: does anyone know DA rules for stunts? [Malachite] 9:58 pm: No, just the 5's count, but you have 5 stunt points. [Malachite] 9:58 pm: They're listed in the game threads. [Moira Morley] 9:58 pm: 5 points? [Moira Morley] 9:58 pm: Weee! [Moira Morley] 10:00 pm: lightning attack and knockk prone [Moira Morley] 10:00 pm: so here goes my backstab roll Moira Morley *rolls* 3d6: 4+2+3+3: 12 [Moira Morley] 10:01 pm: so that vs his perception Moira Morley *rolls* 1d6: 3+4: 7 [Moira Morley] 10:02 pm: for the first attack Moira Morley *rolls* 1d6: 4: 4 [Moira Morley] 10:02 pm: if the backstab hits Moira Morley *rolls* 3d6: 4+5+4+3: 16 [Moira Morley] 10:03 pm: for the lightning attack Moira Morley *rolls* 1d6: 6+4: 10 [Moira Morley] 10:03 pm: BOOYAKA [Moira Morley] 10:03 pm: damage for the lightning attack if that need me said [Moira Morley] 10:04 pm: i dont know if backstab is applied to lightning attack Everything spelled out Move to Alpha (minor) Hit/Backstab (major) Use Stunt points (5) to attack Alpha again (3) and knock him prone again (2) Kolani's heart raced as she began to get into the rhythm of battle, ducking and weaving through the fray. Sneaking up on the leader Genlock and stabbing at it's thick head from behind, she saw an equal opportunity to pull her knife around to it's throat. Doing so, with a nice thick gash, she pulled the Alpha to the ground.
  3. Scene 2 - End of the Road [IC]

    Actions Double move! Kolani judge the distance of the downed leader Genlock. She wouldn't be able to get to it in time to enjoy stabbing it like lucky lady with the giant sword was, but she'd have time to follow up if that thing was still breathing. quickly she sprinted over to the action and bounced off the genlock's torso as Heln was in mid stab and move a way from the fray just enough for a big surprise attack when she had the opening.
  4. Scene 2 - End of the Road [IC]

    Rolls [Moira Morley] 9:58 am: i'll start working on it now with rolls Moira Morley *rolls* 3d6: 1+3+1+3: 8 [Moira Morley] 9:59 am: that aint gonna hit anything is it? [Jeremy] 10:00 am: heh [sugarrush] 10:00 am: he left, and we saw nothing? [Moira Morley] 10:00 am: >.> [Moira Morley] 10:00 am: <.< [Malachite] 10:01 am: I don't think so, Moira. [Moira Morley] 10:02 am: I'll get a post up now then [Moira Morley] 10:03 am: wait doesnt being prone make you easier to hit in this game? [Malachite] 10:04 am: Yes, it does. [Joani] 10:04 am: yes, you get +1 in Melee - I don't have the PDF with me at work but you can read it under stunts - [Moira Morley] 10:04 am: i'll roll damage just in case Moira Morley *rolls* 2d6: 6+4+3: 13 Major action: shoot Minor action: draw short sword Kolani seemed to be muddled by all the actions going on at once. She had just woken up, after all. She takes aim at the leader Genlock again and shoots.. Her reflexes weren't so quick this time and she couldn't reload fast enough, so she put her crossbow on her back and drew her short sword.