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  1. Wakinyan acknowledged his wife's intention without a word as he watched the young teenager finish her drink with gusto. Once again she brushed her red and black bangs from her eyes still flashing her brilliant grin. "Well I suppose we can meet now right. I mean she won't hate me..." She fished for an answer he knew. "Oh no. She has already made it clear to me she wants you to come out to the house." The father said taping the side of his head. Nodding again Raven seemed to flow onward the way young person does from one question to the next. "So how come you aren't in your big bad form?" "Big bad?" He snorted. "Well let me ask you this. Why aren't you in your true form. I can tell that's not it." She shuffled her feet amd Wakinyan continued so she knew he was not mad. "It's hard to fit into meeting rooms and..." He gestured. "Coffee bars when you are half as big as the room itself." "That makes sense." She agreed as he himself finished his drink and stood. "Well I tell you. Why don't we go outside and you can see your true father." The lightning in Raven's eyes sparked brightly as she hoped to her feet. "I would like that a lot!" Tossing her drink away the girl was at the door and outside before Wakinyan tossed his own cup away, following her with a bright smile of his own. *Far more chipper than I would have expected. I will invite her soon. Let's see how this plays out.* He said to his wife through their link. Wakinyan followed his girl onto the broad green grass of the National Mall about to cause a commotion.
  2. He watched her stir the straw. Her eyes watching him with a happy expression that touched on relief and apprehension. "So.. " She said trying to show a sudden interest in the iced coffee in front of her. "Why did you and mom get together in the first place." Wakinyan smiled, "I tried to do a lot of getting together in those days." He paused taking a drink of his own beverage. "That's not being honest to you though is it. No your mother was... is, very special to me." "How can she still be its been over a decade since you saw her?" He clicked his tongue. "Come on.. Feelings don't evaporate like that, true feelings anyway. Your mom and I have something special. Despite our appetites for others it always came back to us. And... She helped me at the beginning, only a few people did. Most told me to hide what was inside me. She was the first person to tell me to embrace it. Her and your great grandfather." Raven took this in with nod her brilliant eyes focusing on nothing. "Well while you chew on that. Why did you decide to come to me now?" "You were dead dad." "Sure but it's been over a year since.." "I had to be sure it was really you..." "Fair." He acknowledged. "And why did you never introduce yourself to Ptesan-Wi?" Giving a goofy expression the young girl crossed her eyes. "Hello wife of my dad. I am the love child he had with the psycho snake girl he kept on the side! I am sure it would have went over well." Wakinyan chuckled then broke into a laugh. "Well I think it would have gone over better than you thought, but I understand."
  3. It took a lot these days to catch him off guard. Maybe that was part of the experience of getting older or because of all that he had saw in the time he had been a nova. Still, the pretty young girl looking at him with an expectant hope in her two very different eyes had actually made him miss a beat. But he would not let her wait or wonder or fill with doubt. "Hmm, you like coffee?" He said pointing at a starbucks in the dining annex of the Air and Space Museum. "Something cold I am thinking today since it's so warm." *One step at a time.* He noted to his wife as he watched the girl nod happily. He turned and took the girls paler hand which seemed to shock her. "Wait, just like that?" She said brushing her hair from her eyes again. "Just like what?" He said as he started up the steps with her in tow. "I mean some strange girl comes up says daddy and you just accept it." Wakinyan laughed his bright eyes looking at her with amusement. "You think I cannot tell who you are just because we had not met until now. I can see you are mine just as I can see you are hers. Though honestly I am impressed I did not know you existed until this moment." He sighed as he opened the door for the slightly bewildered girl. "Of course everyone thinking you are dead might make it difficult for someone to tell you you have a daughter." The girl was much more cheerful than he imagined she would be. One would think the offspring of such beastial Novas would themselves be that way but she wasn't. "I do have a lot of questions though and I am sure you have a few for me since you sought me out. Oh wait..." He looked back over his shoulder. "Were you really in that school group? I had not even thought about it." The teenager smile and nodded. "Yep I wanted to go to school so I am. Don't worry though they think I am still there it's a trick I learned for days I don't really feel like being there." With a shake of his head Wakinyan turned to order. "I am guessing Mocha with chocolate drizzle." He said eyeing the board. "You haven't even asked me my name yet dad." The girl scolded and then sighed. "Yes you are right." Clicking his tongue he ordered and then turned back. "Well then. What is your name 'Beautiful daughter I didn't know I had until five minutes ago'. We won't use that as your tribal name though so don't worry." Those eyes came to her fathers once more and she smiled with more knowing than a child of her age should posses in her features. "Kwekwaxawe Bennu. People just call me..." "Raven..." The father finished his daughters sentence as she gave him a happy smile and a nod. Wakinyan suddenly realized he might not have ever been in this much trouble in his whole life.
  4. A peaceful year had occured since his return, not that he had expected bloodshed but things went along at a pace that pleased him. The fact the U.S. Government had given a large portion of the the Black Hills and the entirety of the Grasslands National Park to stewardship of the Native American Council caused his heart to swell. How many other worlds had he fought for his people it almost became a blur. But this was his birthplace and wars could be won playing the Wasicu at their own game. Ptesan-Wi did not like it but her pride tended to be larger than his own which was something he had to admit. But it was working the determination of a people driven to the brink was slowly turning it’s culture aclimated and strong for the twenty first century age. The meeting had gone longer than he had liked but it had finally broke at noon. Wakinyan wandered the central routunda of the Native American Museum in something close to what had once been his human form. A few modifications here and there to make him look older since he was sixteen when that form had became his other larger self. Still even changing skin could not hide all of what he truly was his irises still crackled with strands of lightning. Though his simple presence in a room went further to tell people what he was more than any visual display. Some steered clear of him others would pay him a deep respect but over all ‘unapproachable’ seemed the norm in his wandering around the museum. So when he finally took a step outside he breathed a slight sigh of relief. His nostril filled with the scents of Washington. From the thousands of people on the National Mall to the spring cherry blossoms. Even with all that he did not become overwhelmed long ago he had grown accustomed to his senses. With a walk down the steps he turned and walked along the crunching stone walkway toward the Smithsonian castle. People watching was a luxury he did not get much of anymore and he enjoyed it. Listening to conversations here and there his attention drifted toward a large group of highschool age kids as he neared the air and space museum. Their conversations were what you expected from a fifty fifteen or sixteen year olds but something held his attention in the crowd. A scent? Enough of something to look through the crowd until he saw it. A pretty girl sitting on the waist high wall amidst the chaos of teenagers. Complete in school uniform she was staring at him but that wasn’t unusual what was unusual was her smile a ‘I know something you don’t know’ smile. Her eyes caught his attention immediately. Heterochromia one iris was like his a sparking silver wreath of electricity surrounding her pupil. The other was a lusterous red hue with a slit pupil. Both could be NovaEyez but still it was an usual combination and they now were staring directly at him with an unusual intensity to them. He wasn’t one to back down from a stare down but the moment his expression hardened the girl looked away. Carefully brushing a lock of her deep red hair tipped in midnight black behind an ear. She was a Nova, he told himself before he even used his senses to double check it. She was supressing her node but he could still feel it. Her odd eyes flitted back to him and she smiled again hoping off the rock wall and coming toward him. He could sense an apprehension to her like she was on the verge of doing something. Attacking? No, something.... 'Hopefully not a Juri' he thought to himself as she stopped short of him by only a step and found the quartz gravel they stood on very interesting. “Hi...” She said cheerfully getting the courage to look up into his eyes. The cheer then mixed with an uncertainty as the next word followed.. “Dad.”
  5. "And don't forget Waki-Kun the Quantum charge directly corresponds to the tension applied. So uh, be careful ok?!" Wakinyan watched the automated hologram of his ever cheerful and very pink clad friend wink off. He picked up the user manual pad and slid it back into the case with one paw as he hefted the large Recurved bow with the other. Large was an understatement, no one of human size could hold it correctly even if they had the strength to pull it. "You had her make you a bow?!" Tina said incredulously all the while shaking her head. "Why do you need a bow? You freaking shoot lightning!!!" The corners of the big Griffins mouth turned upward in amusement at Tina's ridicule. "Hey give me a break you know grandpa and I used to shoot them all the time. I kind of missed it and.. Well, I can't use any normal ones anymore." "Dan..." She paused placing a hand on her little brother's shoulder. "Wakinyan, I didn't realize." For his part the big griffin just nudged her. "Hey it's alright.. Besides.. It's a great symbol isn't it? I am all about the symbols these days.. Plus this way I can have a fun toy that Ptesan-Wi won't click her tongue at." That broke Tina from her downturn and she brightened with a smile. "Ok sure.. But what are you going to shoot at with that thing? Not hay bales that's for sure. And you can't hunt with that thing. The arrows she packed into the case are longer than I am tall!" Wakinyan withdrew one of the arrows and examined it's alloy shaft. Once again SakuraTech amazed him, it wasn't just that she implied that they were all but indestructible but each one down to its Eufiber feathering was almost art in it's craft. A testament to her craftmanship even though he doubted she had ever did any Bowyer or Fletcher in her life up to the moment she decided to make this. Wakinyan nocked the arrow and let it rest across the side of the bow. Slowly he focused and let the Wakan flow from him into the bow. He wondered how many little tricks she included in it and was actually looking forward to going through the manual in it's entirety that evening. "How about that hill over there? No one lives over there right?" He gestured over the rolling field in front of the barn. "Nah there isn't anyone that way for almost ten miles and that hill is over a mile away." Tina replied, not doubting that he could get the arrow that far. Wakinyan stood upright on his hind legs, he did not do it often, not because it was hard, more that usually all four paws on the ground seemed to fit him better. He drew the bow and took aim gingerly holding the arrow. The resistance was light so he let more power flow from his node until he felt the bow stiffen to a comfortable pull. He wasn't sure of the drop on a mile long shot but he was smart enough not to aim the arrow over the hill hoping it would drop onto it. Luckily that wisdom served him as he released. The arrow went from a standstill to supersonic in a instant. The air thumped and cracked causing him to flatten his sensitive ears as his sharp eyes followed the arrow as it went straight into the side of the distant hill striking it like a bunker busting bomb. "Oh shit.." He muttered as a cloud of dirt and debris rose into the sky. "OW!" Tina bellowed holding her aching ears as she went over and kicked her little brother in the side. "I am done playing with you today!" She said overly loud compensating for the ring in her ears. "I am going back inside to watch my shows. You go clean up your mess! Now get!" She said shooing the monster out of her barn. Wakinyan pulled the bow over his head letting it rest against his shoulder and under a wing then picked up the case. "I like it.." He declared with an all to happy glimmer in his eye.
  6. Well it's good to see you fought for what you believed in and what was rightfully yours. Also thank you for being a Terat that is leading the way. We can show them there is a way for us all to go into the future even if Utopia doesn't like it because it wasn't their idea. Also, feel free to stop by. The mountain is always open to friends.
  7. The warm scents of spring flooded his nose as he flew. Wakinyan inhaled and reveled in the variety it offered. Honeysuckle, wildflower dominated with the fine pollen of plant sex so thick in the world that it coated everything in a dusty like covering. He barrel rolled in the warm May sun enjoying his sun, his world and slowly coming to accept it was not just a dream. Tucking his wings he fell earthward before catching himself in a burst of rushing air and landing as gentle as taking a step. Tina was home he could smell her. Mike was at work and the kids... The kids weren't really kids anymore, one was in college and the other graduating later in the month. Wakinyan wondered if Tina needed more company now that her nest was emptying. He made a note in his mind to visit her more often. "Well well looks like I get a personal visit from the risen god." Tina said looking out her open window at the approaching Nova. Despite the smart comment the look of affection was easy to see in her round face. "Nice to see you as well." He rumbled as she came outside. The two embraced the heavy woman doing her best to wrap her arms around the big neck of the griffin while he put a paw on her back. "It's good to see you and I am still glad you are back." She sighed before taking him by his beak and staring him in his eyes. "And it better be you. I don't want to be scammed by some shapeshifting conman with a Node!" "I told you Tina it's really me!" He grouched. "How many times do I have to promise?" She smiles and let go of him with a deep belly laugh. "A few more times. You don't get off the hook for a decade of playing dead." He was defeated, he could never win against her anyway. "So did you come to watch soap operas all afternoon with me or just to have me bitch at you for not being around?" Wakinyan sat back on his haunches and idly scratched the back of one ear. "Actually I am here for the delivery." "You have got to be kidding me?" She glared at him with a shocked look. "That damn thing has been sitting out in the barn for ten years and you remembered it?" "Well yeah. My friend put a lot of effort into it. So, it's time to put it to some use." Tina threw up her hands as she stormed out of the yard in the direction of the barn. "Well you can have it. Mike never wanted to move it or even tell anyone about it. He thought they would make some holy relic out of it or some nonsense." They might have Wakinyan thought as he fell in step behind her. She wouldn't let him help her push the large barn door open and when he followed her inside he saw the delivery stuffed into one of the unused stalls. A dark case with a foil UPC and identity tag. His name and address to his old home near Pine Ridge with the Emblazoned logo of HinoCorp dominating the upper length of the case. "We only opened it once. I cannot believe she made that for you." Tina said as she watched the giant creature that she treated like a little brother pull the case out into the open. "Well she loves to make things." He answered with a grin. "The last Pow-WoW before I left she was drinking a lot of Sake one night and going on and on about how she could do it. So I challenged her by saying she couldn't" Wakinyan smirked as he found the releases on one side of the case. "And well.. You met her.. You know how she is. You challenge her like that and she puts her honor on the line." Wakinyan opened the case, dust and straw slid off one side of the lid that had long been gathering. "Wow." Was all he managed in his deep and thunderous voice.
  8. Arched wings silhouetted the dawn, peaceful and majestic against the rocky top of the mountainous home. Wakinyan's brooding eased in the spring sun. His ears twitched as he sensed the movement of his wife and whatever was left of his foul mood eased like the morning fog. Every moment was a treasure to him now it was almost impossible for him to fall back into such a poor mood. "Good morning my love." He said as he finished stretching out his wings. "I am sorry if I awoke you to early." He padded toward her his light careful steps barely stirred the rock beneath his feet. Lowering his head he butted against his wife's chest then turned his cheek against her bring one of his eyes even with hers. "Sorry about that dream."
  9. Sorry to hear about that Princess. You might know my daughters, one is about your age the other a few years younger. You were raised in the same circles.
  10. The green glow appeared on the horizon followed by the concussion that bent the trees. Wakinyan's eyes turned toward it as did his many other senses. It was raw corrupt Wakan, tainted and filthy and driven by madness. It wished to consume everything. The great Thunderbird rose to meet the wave of sickly green taint as it washed over the land. His wings beat and lightning cracked and thunderheads flew from his wings from one horizon to the other. A storm to meet a storm, with a roar he charged the miasma of corruption and the clash torn asunder the land. Any structure of mankind simply ceased to be. The ground was rent asunder as the two forces sought to overcome the other. Wakinyan could feel the mind behind it, he did not require telepathy to feel the insane anger. The unfocused unleashing of suffering and the death. The death of the one who had loosed this force upon the world. It was a dying gesture of fury and vengeance that would scar and taint the world as far as it could reach. The messenger of Wakan would not allow this. Power flowed from his meeting the Balefire headlong unleashing his own rage. Rage of one who would stand against the onslaught. Screeching the Thunderbird fought for the soul of the earth. ------ Wakinyan woke from his nest with a gasp of breath. His irises flashing with blue white lightning in the dark of his cavern home. His home, he was home he looked down his side to the female nestled against him. He knew Ptesan-Wi saw his dreams the link she had reforged between meant she had to make an effort to dream her own dreams not to share his. But he knew these dreams were not dreams, at least not totally. Glimpses and flashes of events that happened on walk along the spiral of worlds. Worse still his unconscious mind began to weave his visions of prophesy in as well. So much jumbled information he could barely sort anythign out. Had it happened to him? Was it going to happen to him. His mood growing brooding the great griffin like Nova slid himself out of his bed careful to try and not wake his wife but knowing she would know he left her side but still politely and silently moving out of the chamber. The crisp spring morning air refreshed him. He inhaled deeply and slowly let it out calming his mind and centering his spirit. It had been so long since he questioned his thoughts or abilities. Something about his last trip across the veil of worlds did something he felt scrambled, muffled. It was like having knowledge on the tip of your tongue but no matter how much you focused you could not speak it. It was frustrating but still a small price to pay for being home. Wakinyan walked among the carved pillars that led to the caves entrance in the early morning light lost in thought, trying to sort out the puzzle that his mind had become.
  11. Testing, is this thing on? Any of you folks who knew me from back in the day still around? Or even still use this place? If so drop me a line. Contrary to popular belief I am not dead. I was on vacation.
  12. Hi all, Just an invitation. If you would have reason to know Wakinyan is now in Chicago. Feel free to enter the story. Any old character he used to butt heads with or new characters feel free to visit the former bane of Chicago atop his current roost. Keep in mind he is invisible so it would require other means to realize he is there like a node ping or something to that effect. Either way you are welcome to get involved but I would like to add. He isn't looking for trouble and neither am I. No need to wreck the windy city again. So if you feel like writing come on up and say hello! If no one stops by I will wrap this story up in a week or so.
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