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  1. Oh Liber..You have a wonderful power than you forgot yo say. You have a heart big enough to to do something really big.
  2. The year was coming to an end. The wounds were healing.The battles were over.The walls were set up in places they need to be.Torn down in other places. She could open up herself to who she wanted to, when she wanted to. She was in control of her body.She was the master of her mind. She learned how to simply be. She was standing on her beach. No one would come to this small island. She owned it.It was tiny dot in the midst of vast amounts of water. It was scarcely large enough to have tree, and well of water only slightly salty. She was alone in body. She was alone in mind. She stood in her silent vigil. She had made up her mind. Her love was not conditional of it being returned. Her emotional needs were her own, and Narcotic Thrust was what she needed. The fact that she was not what Narcotic Thrust needed. For now Yolanda was what Narcotic Thrust wanted. She looked down at her hands. Vengeance would have to wait on that front. She knew Epoch was stronger, and more skilled than she was. She knew that also he had more allies who would strike her down even if she beat him. She knew that he was not after her when they fought. She knew it was part of her life, the risks. She knew that Vengeance would not make anything better. She knew that her fight with Epoch was unlike most of his fights. She had lived to talk about it.Few could say that.
  3. I will link them. http://www.rpg-post.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/82636/page/1#Post82636 http://www.rpg-post.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/82757/page/1#Post82757 I have wrote 2 so far..Rather hte starters of 2.
  4. Angelboy, please grow up. It is not your place to tell her what to do.She has clearly made up her mind and if you do not agree with it, that is fine. Shouting at the top of your lung, and beating your chest will only make you look like a fool.
  5. Look at gravity control, no mastery at all.. Doom...I say the mooon is falling! The thing about suite powers and normal powers that techniques in suit powers are not as good as stand alone powers.Even those of lower level. Look at elemental Blast, vs q-bolt, or flight vs "propel". Level 3 suite techniques are not as good as level 2 powers...
  6. Utopia overthrew a sovereign nation state...I really don't think they are much of the asking type.
  7. I am working on 5 fictions in a large arc of what YT years is going to largely be like... Any questions, are welcomed.
  8. The days were running together. Life was pointlessly dull. She wanted to break the mold and do something novel.She wanted to break the mold and do something without reason. She wanted to something stupid. She walked the fine line of reason and humanity even if only on the surface to long. Walking to her lover she looked at the form her love was in, and saw past it. The body was not what she loved. The body was mutable. She spoke to her sleeping beauty "You have seen it all, nothing is going to change that. We went all the way. You wanted more. You always want more. I give you everything, and you want more.Nothing I can give you will ever be enough. So I am not going to try. You do not love me. You love yourself. You love what you can do to me.. I know what you call me when you do not think I listen. I am your pet. Your toy. You tamed me, when others couldn't." She knew her love could not hear her.Even if her love did hear her, the words would be meaningless in her love's deep bliss. She walked away.She went to Rio, a small skipping stone for her. She wanted to let her rage out. She wanted to let her betrayal out. She was going to find an effigy for this game. She found one. A young woman. Yes, typical. beauty takes the form of a young woman. Still soon, there would be no more beauty in that woman.
  9. A new year meant nothing to her. A new day meant even less. All the faces were the same. All the days were the same. She would wake up to the sun shin, and go threw the motions. Her light was gone.Her life was a rut. She was thinking of going back on her word she needed something to take her walls down.She couldn't get agnry at having them up. They sheilded her from harm far too well, but if she let them down she would surely wander lost in the chaos of her own emtions. She wanted her lover back. She wanted to have her wall ripped down.She wanted to feel alive.SHe hated feeling dead.She hated not feeling the hate. She fixed her body to a pleasant form. A tall, woman, blond hair, and icy blue eyes. This woman was a professional hacker. She went threw companies and told the bosses who to fire, and what jobs would be best served by being farmed out to fuckstanbul.She knew the markets. She knew nothing but numbers and bottom lines. She had no friends. She got into her car, and drove to the cafe. Some corporate place.It had art so bland and heartless that is almost suited Jane Doe.THat was the name YT used in this form. The paper work for it was detailed, and flawless. Jane Doe had the American fucking dream. She was young, rich and good looking. She could get happy pills anytime she wanted. She got out of the car, she was here for coffee enema. Large thick black. She could have smiled at that thought if her walls were down.They weren't she looked at the people, and did not see them as people.She saw them as numbers. No faces. There were line that formed the patterns of shapes and colors, but they were lost to Jane Doe's eyes. They were just object to her. The 18 year old brastia, would think herself sexy, many people would agree.Jane Doe just saw raw numbers. There was no one in those numbers.There was just a machine built of out wet matter.
  10. She also has Backing of 5, mega int of 6, the ability to have as many copies of herself as she wants. She can without the of a single computer can out number crunch MIT. Hugin.
  11. So, you want NPCs when you want them...How you want them. I set up a setting where there was antagonists to many sides. The US side being not only anti-Utopia but interested in gaining a tighter grip on power of novas. Utopia not only is interested in helping others but also in stretching it power over first world nations. Earthquakes are interesting things in that most damage done during them is damage that is either not repairable or not in need of super fast fixes. Most people who die in first world areas due to earthquakes die rather fast.Like mintues.Damage to buildings get repaired well on the time table of what they want to. In 1989 Santa Cruz was hit by an earthqauke, and there are still places where you can see the damage. So this whole thing about waiting to settle political issues is some what funny to me. The damage is done and is unlikely to get any worse. There is time to talk..Unless you think that repairing phone lines is something more important than having super power vigilantism.
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