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  1. Arturs reached into his satchel and pulled out a rolled up piece of paper. He unrolled it and set it on the table, using utensils to hold down the edges. "This is a map I drew this morning of the shelter. It's not perfect, by any means, as I am no map maker, but it should give an idea of the layout." Arturs said as he showed the map to the others. OOC: His map does not have numbered areas. The numbers are for our use to explain what room is being talked about. Click map for larger view.
  2. D&D 5e: A New Age

  3. Shelter_Map.jpg

    From the album D&D 5e: A New Age

  4. "Any enchantment can be broken." Arturs said simply. "These sigils have told us more though. We thought some beast or creature had moved into the shelter. But these marks mean that it is something, or someone, capable of casting magic. That is valuable information." Arturs continued as he cut a slice of sausage and then caught Dread's look and added, "Um.. or.. uh.. so I would think."
  5. Krusk examined the mark, but for all of his religious studies and training at the temple, the mark did not belong to any god, pantheon or religion that he knew of. Granted, over the generations in the shelters some god fell out of favor, and some nearly lost to the sand of time, while others were discovered or grew in popularity. If the symbol belonged to some lost god, he would likely never know. As Krsuk examined the marks, so did Arturs, who performed a ritual to conserve his limited arcane power. When completed he examined the marks too, and the homes. "I do not believe there is a trigger. The homes are enchanted... cursed, from what the others said. At this point, I do not believe altering or even removing the marks would do anything. The enchantment is set. I looks like that is what was already done, like the curse was set and then the scratches added to disguise it, I would think. I certainly did not notice the symbol among the scratches until it was pointed out. That would imply a level of.. I don't know.. planning? Insidiousness?" the young apprentice explained as he held the torch close to the door, further examining the markings. "I do not like this. We though some beast or such had moved into the shelter, but this... this is all together different." he said, shaking his head and resting his hand on his belt, near his dagger. The half-elves turned in, leaving Krusk and Arturs to stand their watch. The rest of the night was quiet and calm, even peaceful were it not for the lingering feeling of anticipation and the unknown. In time the sky begins to lighten and one by one homes begin to open. Some of the villagers set about their chores, though with a bit of caution in these pre-dawn time, while others end up sleeping in, having drank or feasted too much the night prior. Eventually dawn arrives and the sounds of a few roosters and other livestock begins to intermingle with the metallic strikes from the blacksmithy and the sounds of sawing and woodcutting. The villagers do not disturb those still sleeping within the village hall, and instead set up a table outside of it, and bring food for Krusk and Arturs and the rest when they awaken.
  6. Arturs listened to Eon and then nodded to the half-elves, considering what he had just said. Krusk's question was a slight surprise to the young wizard, rousing him from his train of thought about the scratches, but he nodded and answered at the half-orc looked about, scanning the village for threats or anything unusual. "The tomb is two chambers. The outer chamber has Ardis Softnote's story inscribed on the walls, in stone. It is where we all learned his story growing up. The inner chamber is where his body was laid to rest, inside a stone coffin. One of my duties as Toral's apprentice was to open the tomb on holidays, so that people could go in, recount his story, and even pay their respects at his coffin." he explained and thought a little. "I cannot say I have ever heard of strange goings on there or any sorting of haunting or presence. For us, the tomb was a place to celebrate his life and recall his story. According to the stories, he was a rather jolly fellow around the shelter, his songs and stories are many which we still tell today. I think they helped the first generation in the shelter a great deal, to be honest."
  7. Do They?

    Nope. It is RP that makes the game fun. Some feel that stuff like powers make it more interesting, and that is true, but really powers and such just make it more interesting more easily. And granted, gaming is an escape for people generally, so they usually want to play something different from themselves or their everyday lives. A good/fun game is about characters, story, RP, challenge and so on. A good example of that is AWS. Some of the most fun I have had in that game was just all of us RP as teenagers and NOT using our powers. I like the super powered teens combating the invading alien army too, but the biggest laughs and such were from just RPing teens.
  8. The rest of the watch for the half-elves was quiet outside. The night was cool though, and rather pleasant were it not for the uncertainty and anticipation. In time, Arturs awoke to find Krusk already done with his daily meditations and prayers, and donning his armor once more. Arturs looked around and gestured at his boots, hitting them with a prestidigitation cantrip to warm them before he slipped them on with a relaxed sigh. He slipped on his tunic and belt, tucking his dagger into it and lipped past the curtain to the tables, where he found an apple and took a bite. Krusk and Arturs stepped outside and found the pair of half-elves talking a little. "Looks like it is our turn." he said to the pair as he glanced around, resting a hand on his belt, near his dagger, trying to push down his fear.
  9. The pair of half-elves, splitting the difference between their duty as the watch and their curiosity, decided to circle the village hall, inspecting the homes with Shayuri's magically enhanced perception. Each home was not enchanted, but many were, easily over half by Shayuri's estimation, all bearing the same crude symbol. Why somebody or something would wish to curse the homes of this small village with nightmares, or worse, was still unknown.
  10. Ten minutes pass as Shayuri performs her ritual, drawing on her wizardly training in youth to aid her. When she finally finished the incantation, she looks upon the door with her yellow-gold eyes and she could see the faint aura of magic radiating from the markings, not just in the middle of the door, but on the shutters as well, enchanting the entire home. Still curious, she glanced at the homes on either side of the Alrid's, and she could see a faint aura around those dwellings as well...
  11. The half-elves stood before the door, examining the scratches and the crude symbol they formed. They both thought back to the books, stories and song they had heard, as well as the various languages they could read and write. The scratches formed a single, crudely drawn symbol, but it was no letter or word that either knew, nor a marking of a god or any nation they hard heard of. The pair could see things in the symbol, certain marks and accents that hinted at an arcane nature, an enchantment, suggesting the symbol was a ward of some sort. No. Not a ward, but a sigil, one that would be used in placing some sort of hex. The exact nature of the hex, Shayuri was uncertain of, but the symbol tugged at a memory for Eon. The bard thought back to his training on the streets of The Crossing, both as a bard and a thief, learning the concealed messages that thieves would leave for one another, often appearing to be random scratches or meaningless markings to the uninitiated. This mark was not a symbol of the Thieves' Cant, but it was one that he had been shown, and told was a curse, so it best to avoid a structure marked with it. That warning had made the young half-elf curious, and when he asked his mentor about it, the older bard knew why. It was a curse, one that imbued nightmares, wearing on and weakening the mind of those affected, and possibly even bringing insanity in time. The symbol was crudely drawn though, leaving both of the half-elves uncertain if it even could focus magic enough in order to place and hold an enchantment.
  12. Dread did his best to stifle his irritation while Rhosh watched the shelter closely. In time the pair went inside and awoke the half-elves before finding their own beds to sleep for the rest of the night. Just as before, the night was cool, calm and quiet, almost unnaturally so, and Eon, with some effort, scrambled onto the roof of the village hall for a better view, while Shayuri alternated between standing and meandering around the hall. With the light of the moon, the village was well-lit for the half-elves, especially the structures nearest them, such as Alrid's home, across the way. Eon watched the shelter, but not exclusively so, taking a look all the around the village from his vantage point from time to time. The villagers assumed that something was coming from the shelter at night, but the bard was not so eager to blindly follow their assumption. Still though, little moved or made noise through the village and around it. The near total silence was unnerving, as if anything else knew to be quiet and lay low. Noting the scratches on Alrid's door, Shayuri could not help but walk across the dirt street to it for a better look. The scratches did appear to more scratches than claw marks, shallow and somewhat broad. The marks were around the door latch and the edges of shutters, as if something was making some attempt to enter the home, while the rest of the marks were higher on the door, roughly eye level for most beings. The scratches were not just parallel likes though, like a hand clawing at the door. They seemed more random to the sorceress. Wait. Not random. There was something.. else. Taking a step back, Shayuri took in the entirety of the door and the scratches on it. Then she could see it. The scratches formed some sort of symbol, but were done so crudely, akin to a child trying to write for the first time, as to escape virtually all notice...
  13. Alrid excused himself, leaving you to discuss your watch and get your rest. The older man exited the hall, escorted by two men of the village, one armed with a woodcutter's ax and the other with a sickle. Once the door closes behind him the others prepared for sleep, leaving Dread and Rhosh to stand the first watch outside the hall. The night was cool, but not yet cold, though the air was still and it was strangely quiet. Even the bugs and distant frogs by the stream made an inordinately small amount of noise. The moon was still very bright in the sky, having been full a few days ago, so the village was illuminated quite well. Dread took to standing by the door, making a loop around the hall every so often, while Rhosh slipped into the shadows, his attention more focused in the direction of the shelter as he kept his bow at the ready. Having had the scratches shown to him, Dread could make them out much more easily now in the moon light as he leaned near the doors of the halls. The scratches at the edges of the shutters and door latches made sense, but it was the scratches in the middle of the doors that bugged him. The more he looked at them from across the road, the more they seemed to eat at him, irritating the young fighter. For his part, Rhosh watched the shelter, looking for movement, any sign of life, but saw nothing. The shelter itself was a a large hill, several hundred feet from the village and covered in grass and brush. The stream ran on the far side of the hill and then turned to run along the village, causing some reeds and other similar vegetation to grow along the banks, lending shelter to small frogs. The double doors of the entrance that was currently open and Rhosh could see a very, very faint light from deep within the shelter, but it was steady and un-moving, likely a faintly glowing crystal like he had seen within the village hall.
  14. D&D 5e: A New Age - OOC

    You have no clocks, but the sun has been down for a few hours, so it is currently 9-10pm or so. And yeah, most villages and towns, especially farming communities, are awake at dawn or so. So 5-6am the village will probably be waking (maybe a little later for those who drank a bit too much).
  15. Alrid nodded and motioned to the main front doors of the hall and toward the door in back, concealed by the curtain, but that you had seen before. "All of the doors bar, and we have already shuttered the windows. If you have need for anything, my home is right across the way." he explained, motioning toward the front doors. OOC: If you are going to do a watch, then work it out so we can keep things moving and not spend 3 days figuring it out. Thanks.