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  1. How about explaining what you want to do? Things can be tweaked and such.
  2. Modern setting, likely New York or a fiction city. The setting is custom. I am sure you have the ability to play one, but for this game, the PC are heroes. That means, at the very least, basically good. Also, I am not saying that killing is 100% off limits, but setting out to kill every criminal you meet, or killing casually, is likely not going to work. In fights though, sometimes things happen, and on occasion, there may not be a choice in the matter. PC can range from people with training, to martial art chi masters, to minor super powered people (results of accidents, experiments, mutation), to the possessor of some mystic item, or just average people who take a stand and try to forge themselves into heroes or just make up for ability with lots of courage and heart, and so on. This is much more street level vigilante, so PC probably try to conceal their identity, at least to some degree, to protect those around them. Odds are, the PCs have day jobs and such too. In general, it is a bit more gritty and down to earth (like the Marvel shows on Netflix).
  3. So I am inspired to run a game of more street-level heroes, very heavily inspired by the various Marvel shows on Netflix (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders, Punisher). We would likely be using Adventure! With some slight tweaks to character generation but nothing incredibly severe. Do not worried about Z-waves or any of that stuff. We're just using Adventure! As a famework to represent the very special abilities or training or the like that the PCs may have. If you have intrest, let me know and I can elaborate further. You can also ask me questions in chat or PM me.
  4. Arturs nodded and cast his spell. He looked around the room, but shook his head. "I do not see a magic trigger or the like. Hmm. If there is some sort of concealed passage, then I think it may be by mundane means." Artus explained. As Arturs cast his spell and looked around, Krusk had already began to inspect the room and its contents, moving and carefully replacing things in a respectful manner, rather than some haphazard search. He eventually found his way to a large bookcase, where he paused for a moment, sniffing at the air. "I can spell incense, yet I see no braziers, or even ash." he commented as he focused his attention on the bookcase, checking the frame and each shelf methodically until finally he noticed a rather worn knot in the wood on the side of the case. Cautiously he pressed it and a small *click* could be heard as the bookcase shifted, as if it were on hinges. The others looked over as Krusk began to swing the bookcase open, revealing a passageway behind it, from down which sobbing could be heard. Cautiously they proceeded down the passage which widened into another small room after twenty feet or so. In each corner was a silver incense brazier and the floor was covered in a large rug, in the middle of which a woman law on her side, motionless, with two small children huddled over her, backs to the party, as they sobbed.
  5. Arturs nodded to Shayuri. "Indeed. He has a study, but I have not yet seen it. Toral was a bit protective it. Or maybe I thought I would get into sometime dangerous. I think the entrance to it is in this room though. There are times that I left something for him here and then remembered I forgot something a few moments later, and when I returned he was in this room." Artus said as he looked about the room from where he stood. I am not sure if the entrance in magical or mundane, but I do know a spell that reveals enchantments to me." he adds. While they speak, Krusk's senses reach out, but detects nothing new.
  6. "Of course, Kakita-sama." the innkeeper said with a bow and then shoot a look to his wife who disappeared for a few moments and returned with a small, slanted tabletop writing table. Withing a drawer at the base was several sheets of a paper, an inkpot, a stick of ink and a brush. She placed it on the table and bowed before backing away. "Please, be my guest. If you are in a hurry and so wish, I will hand deliver your messages myself." the innkeeper offered.
  7. Arturs nodded and allowed everybody to exit the inner chamber, saying a small prayer and giving his dead master one last glance before he closed the door, locking it place. They then gathered around the outer door and Arturs reached out, his hands drifting over the carvings and runes, bringing forth an occasional *click* until finally the door shifted just slightly. With a push, the door swung open to reveal... nothing. Just darkness, and the charred corpse that lay on the floor from before, undisturbed. "Who... who would have locked us in? And why?" Arturs asked himself softly as he glanced around, fully expecting some other creature to come storming out of the darkness at then. Instead, there was nothing. "It is this way. Across the market and through the hall." Artus explained, pointing ahead as he began to carefully walk across the massive chamber. Shayuri's glowing rock illuminated around them for several dozen feet in all directions as they moved toward the village hall. What was once a simple marketplace was now nothing more that scraps or wood, rags, tattered cloth and broken bits of wares that were once for sale. It had an eerie feeling, the gigantic room so silent and littered with the detritus of generations of life in the shelter. The light cast from Shayuri's stone caused even the smallest of objects to cast long, dark shadows, only further enhanced the haunting feeling the place had. "This was the market, where the residents would barter with one another for goods and services. It is a large part of why we have such little money. Within the shelter, coins lost much of their value. Over there," Artus said, pointing off in the distance a bit, "was were Lorn would offer the tiny clay figurines he would sculpt. I traded many hours of chores in return for some of them, so that as a child, I could recreate the stories I had heard." he remembered fondly. "And over there, Morina would offer the small bits of sweet root that she would candy with its own juices. She has begun a small bakery in town. When this is all done, you should try some." Arturs said, looking back over his should with a smile that faded as he caught a glimpse of Dread's rather unimpressed expression. "I am sure it will be delicious." Krusk said, giving the apprentice wizard a reassuring pat on the shoulder. The room was a couple of hundred feet across or so, and by the crude map Arturs had drawn, that was the short way across. The wall came into view and was followed for a few dozen paces until the opening to the village hall was found. The former hall was a large chamber, but not nearly as big as the market, and had rows of simple benches made from long, crudely formed stone blocks. At one end was a raised area and to either wide were hallways. Arturs chose the hallway on the right and led the others down it and through what had once been simple living quarters; a large room that has been separated mostly but screens and curtains into individual living quarters of various sizes. "The elders and their families lived in these quarters, off of the village hall, and the quarters for the wizards' connects them both. At one time there was more than one wizard, but over time it became difficult to find apprentices to train, so eventually there was only one wizard." Arturs explained as he pointed to another hallway at the other side of the living quarters as they neared it. "Through there is the Toral's' quarters." Arturs said, pointing at the hallway. "Finally. We are getting somewhere." Dread groaned, which prompted an eye roll from Eon. Arturs drew his dagger and led the others down the hall to a closed, door. He tried it, but the door did not budge. "The wizard's quarters are one of the few places in the entire shelter with an actual door, and a locking one at that." the young apprentice said as he reached into a pouch on his belt, "But I have the key have the key." he said as he produced a key and slipped it into the lock. "Toral gave it to me when I achieved a new level in my training." he added. "Be ready. We do not know what may lay beyond." he warned and unlocked the door, pushing it open. Light flooded out of from the room an into to the hall. it was not overly bright, but it was easily the most well lit room they had encountered thus far. The room itself was large for a living quarters and well maintained with a desk and chair, some smaller tables, a bookcase, an armmoir, and two beds with a footlocker at the end of each. On the ground, near one of the beds, sat a cloth-lined basket with a crusty loaf of bread, a couple of pieces of well overripe fruit, a ceramic bottle and a few other items wrapped in cloth. It stood out somewhat because it was the only thing in the room that seemed to have a lady's touch. On the table was several dishes with bits of half eaten food, but aside from that, the room was very neat and tidy. The light was cast by several glowing crystals set into the walls, making it easy to read withing the room. On the opposite wall was another door and several tapestries of various sizes covered the stone walls, which, along with the furniture and several overlapping rugs covered the floor, softened the room great deal, making it much more inviting. "Trough there is a hall leading to more living quarters and back to the Village Hall. Toral always kept it locked. Hopefully there is some clue here has to what is going on here." Arturs said as he looked around with a faint sadness on his face.
  8. "I think that may be the best course of action. It seems these moon cultists were rather sure of the success of their plan, and rightly so. Had it not been for the Shosuro... acquiring... the masks, and our fortuitous presences in Royoko Owari for the festival, and at the same inn as the Cran merchants, it world have almost certainly succeeded, so they had every reason to celebrate with the sake they most enjoyed, so the sake is the best lead we have at the moment, if somewhat vague. Akari-san, Okimoto-san and myself will bring the large mask we collected to Tsuma for safe storage and study, and likely eventual destruction. I believe I can arrange for swift travel with a Yasuki vessel. There are many here in Ryoko Owari, and they can be.. discrete. Given what has happened, I think I shall then return home and seek to learn the ways of the witch-hunter to better assist us, as well as inquired with my Clan to see if they have seen anything like the large mask. I must say, it troubles me.." Kuni Taka said as he rose from the table and bowed, excusing himself. The twins sent for their things with the other packed, cutting short their several day in Ryoko Owari that was meant to be reward for all of their hard work. The irony was not lost on them. As they gathered downstairs, the innkeeper stepped forward, holding two sets of bokken daisho. "Kakita-sama. Mirumoto-sama. I did not wish to interrupt your private conversation earlier, but these arrived while you were out." the man said, bowing his head and offering up the sets of wooden daisho. "They are gifts from Kitsuki Jotomon. She wished to present them herself, but I informed her that you were out on business, so she left them with me to deliver." he explained as they each took a set. The sets were finely made and balanced, and each had an inscription carved into the blade. On the katana 'blade' was written, Do not practice until you get it right and on the wakizashi was written, Practice until you cannot get it wrong "It would seem that you made an impression on Kitsuki-sama." Kageko mused with a faint smile.
  9. Arturs positioned himself between Eon and Dread, raising his hands in a gesture asking for calm. "Toral and myself were the caretakers of this tomb, and since my master is dead, that leaves me, I guess. I would rather not have Adris' remains further damaged or defaced if we can avoid it, especially the severing of the head. I think there is wisdom in Shayuri's words. It may be wise to retain the dagger for now. When we depart the tomb, I will close the doors behind us to protect the remains of the dead, and possibly us from them. After all said and done, and we have slain, banished or destroyed whatever evil we find here, I will return the dagger to the tomb, with the supervision of Alrid, and Krusk if he may be so kind, as we lack a cleric in the village. For now, let us leave this tomb and find whatever has been doing this to the village, and then there will be time for reverence of the dead and proper burials" Arturs said with a surprising amount of newfound confidence. Arturs pulled out the dagger that Dread gave him and looked it for a moment before sticking it back in his belt. "If it is agreed that Toral's quarters would be best sought out next, then I know the way." he said, her expression more serious as he blinked away the tears, his focus on on finding whatever did this to his mater and making sure it met and appropriately gruesome end.
  10. Krusk focused and asked Bahamut's aid and his eyes were drawn to the dwarven dagger in Eon's hand, sensing the touch of the divine on it, but aside from that, nothing else was brought to his senses. The dagger... Arturs shook his head as Dread spoke and waited for him to finish. "And how did they get past both locked doors? Only Toral, Alrid and I know how to open the tomb doors. And if this person did manage to open the doors, then how would Toral know to come and stop him? Why write the note? Tried? Trapped? Failed? It does not fit." Artus said, his mind shifting to more analytical for a moment, so as to not dwell on the sight of his dead master. "And why the zombies? Who or what made them? Why was the other chamber full of them? Who or what sealed us inside with them, like a staged trap? This charred body may have been one. And there was a charred body outside the tomb too, remember?" And why did they want me dead so badly? I own nothing of value, have offended nobody and the only things of note I know are a smattering of magic and Toral, but Alrid knows him better I think." Arturs asked, still confused. "And how to open the Tomb too, I guess." the young apprentice added with a shrug.
  11. D&D 5e: A New Age

  12. Arturs listened to Eon, but looked confused for a moment. "Toral knew how to open it from the inside, just as I do." he corrected.. Arturs looked at the carvings and thought for a moment, recalling the stories of Adris Softnote and nodded. "Well, the dagger was Adris' weapon of choice, a gift from his father when he left Silver Hill. He carried it on his journeys and adventures, and it served him well. While his companions favored other weapons, Jhulae and her dual swords, Nolim and his magic, and Bowlloff and his Hammerblade, Ardis always trusted in his dagger. Together, the four of them had many adventures, and when the Horrors began to appear, they opposed them. For years they battled against them, and in time, only Ardis remained. Even alone he fought against the Horrors, with the aid of his magic and stealth, his dagger would often find its way into their vulnerable spots, wounding and slaying many and even wounding and driving off Neth'ka when it attacked as our shelter was being sealed. it served him well in his time before the shelter, and even during his time with us in the shelter, it is said that dagger never left his side." he stated, reciting parts of the story of Ardis that he learned so well in his studies.
  13. Arturs managed a small smile and nodded. "Thank you. Thank you all." Arturs said with another nodd to the party. Arturs then turned to the door and moved his hands hands over the carvings, pressing here and there, causing an occasional audible *click* or some other sounds of a mechanism being triggered inside the door. He paused for a moment and looked over his shoulder at the others. "Uhhh... it is almost unlocked. I am not sure what might be waiting on the other side, so I will press the last trigger and then push the door open. Be ready." he said. The others readied weapons and prepared spells in anticipation and Arturs turned back to the door, said a small prayer, pressed a carved rune and pushed. Just like the entrance door, this interior door was heavy and made of stone, but remarkably well balanced, allowing Arturs to push it open without too much effort. The light from Shayuri's glowing stone spilled into the much smaller room as the smell of decay wafted out of it. Hands tightened on weapons at the smell and Arturs spun to the side as they waited for any sound or movement, half expecting zombies to come pouring out of the small, inner chamber. Dread rolled his eyes and strode through the doorway, ready for all on comers, but he was met with just still silence. The others entered behind him, allowing Shayuri's stone to illuminate the small room. The walls were covered it more relief carvings and dwarvish writing and in the middle of the room sat a stone sarcophagus, with the lid slid half off. Inside was the skeleton of a being of short stature, held together by remains of desiccated sinew, Ardis Softnote apparently, along with some bits of jewelry and a remarkably well preserved cloak, set of boots and leather armor. Even at a glance it was apparent the remains had been disturbed, the hands crossed over his chest having seemingly held something at one point were now empty.. In the far corner on the inner chamber was two bodies. The first lay on its back, severely charred,, male as best as anybody could guess. The other was slumped against the wall , a much older human male with a dagger tucked into his belt and his robes ripped open to bare his chest, where a dagger was plunged through his heart. One palm was cut, and on the stone wall next to the body, written over part of the story of Ardis that was carved into the wall, in blood where the words, I TRIED TRAPPED HERE NOW I'VE FAILED YOU ALL PLEASE FORGIVE ME "Master!" Arturs exclaimed as he pushed his way through the others and knelt at the side of his dead master, trembling hands reaching out for the body, but unsure of what to do. "This.. It is.. was... Toral." Arturs said as he fought to hold back tears at the sight of dead master.