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  1. Sorry guys. Still sick and other stuff hitting at the same too, so will be slow on posting to any of my games. I will try to keep an eye on AWS and SL so at least I am not holding up everybody else.
  2. This thread is for you you to post your PC profiles and character sheets. You all know each other, so some background and images of each other will help.
  3. CLUB verwöhnen (spoil) When Annalisa felt it was time to leave London at the turn of the century she knew that Berlin, the place of her Vampiric birth, was where she wanted to go. But this time she didn't want to just come for a few years this time she wanted to settle. She left London in early 2000 for Paris the plan was to lose herself there and emerge in a couple of years with a new identity in Berlin. She sent Beth and Sidney ahead of her and they began building the foundation for the future. They located a decent entertainment district with several clubs already active. They chose two of them and began investing in them, not to take over , but rather to strengthen them and make sure that they had the cash to survive any downturn in business. They also acquired an 4 story apartment building in the same location. The apartments over the next five years were bought out and the tenants relocated. Then the renovations began. By this time Annalisa had herself moved back into Berlin. This was around 2005 – 2006 They turned the first floor of the building into a club/restaurant. This club was not designed to be the final product in fact Annalisa supported the neighboring clubs more than she did her own. The club struggled for a few years underwent several name and style changes until it closed at the beginning of 2010. But by then people were used to there being a club at the location. Later that year Annalisa opened what would become her unlifes work, Club verwöhnen, or 'spoil' in English. The first floor was opened as a full nightclub featuring the best house music and Djs from across the continent it is divided into two separate dance rooms each which would feature different styles of music every night they were open. The dance/music rooms are separated by sound proofed lounge rooms where people could congregate and take a break from the nonstop music. The first floor also houses the kitchens which serve all of the clubs. Club food from the kitchen can be ordered and served in the lounges. The second floor was more intimate with one club and several private lounges as well as a full service dining room. The club here was smaller and was designed to showcase both high end Djs and Live acts, local and international. The club could be accessed from within the first floor clubs via stairs but entry was subject to an additional cover charge. It could also be entered by a dedicated entrance from outside and from the restaurant. The restaurant dining room could be accessed by a dedicated entrance outside as well, and did not require a cover charge unless the patrons wished to enter the club proper. The restaurant servers gourmet cuisine by an award winning chef. The third floor was even more intimate and was a private club and open to members only. Single time memberships could be purchased for 100Euro for attendance at special concerts featuring international stars. These shows were always intimate and usually acoustic or solo performances. The third floor also featured a variety of private rooms for the use of members and their guests. Kindred were welcome and catered to on this floor. Security and discretion were paramount on the third floor.the third floor was accessed via stairs and an elevator located on the second floor and via a private elevator from the first floor. The fourth floor held offices for the club, storage, and apartments for staff. Annalisa has an apartment on the fourth floor but it is not her real haven. There is a secret elevator which connects to a sub basement built during the war. This basement has a tunnel which goes under the street to the apartments across the way where she has an apartment under another name. This is her actual haven. She owns this building as well under a shell corporation that Beth has set up for secret holding. The Acts that Annalisa bring in are meant to compliment the other two working clubs in relation to hers. She maintains her investment in both clubs but it is as a silent partner only any business suggestions she does is done through mild suggestion. The other two clubs are Madame Claude and Kvartira 62. The three establishments are all located within easy walking distance and provide the full verity of musical entertainment which the public seeks. Aside from the restaurant at spoil the area features many other fine dinning opportunities. The first floor clubs are built to be decorated for the individual shows or Djs but in general are of the Techno Underground Style. Below are some pictures from the two dance clubs and a representative of the between lounges. The Second floor is more a traditional club setting with a modifiable stage. The restaurant shares the look and vibe of the club. The overall decor is changed twice a year around the end of spring and the beginning of winter to reflect the seasons. The third floor club is done up as a modern day cabaret with the tables being movable for custom arrangement and to provide more or less seating as desired. The private rooms are luxurious and all feature full self service bars. Food can be ordered from the kitchens at all hours.
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  13. Happened to me too. Once I closed my tabs with the site and chat and opened new ones, things seemed find though.
  14. "She's a merchant. One I see to sometimes since I still have contacts within the Crab Clan. She's very shrewd, even for a Yasuki. I.. I can show you to her shop." Safusa babbled quickly, hopping at any opportunity to escape severe punishment. "I know where it is. Being a magistrate, I have dealt with those who have been.. rumored.. to occasionally deal in stolen goods." Yuzo offered. "And the masks.. I don't know anything about them other than they were exquisitely crafted and painted. Some like to buy plain masks and paint them personally, but many buy painted masks, such as those. The costumes and party favors I bought with them were good, but not approaching the quality of those masks. That is all I know. I swear." Safusa explained, still on his knees, looking quite pathetic.
  15. Any other Downtime training, purchases or whatever people want/need to make?