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  1. "There are no necromancers here. Toral and myself are the only ones with any training or skill in magic even." Arturs said as he cautiously kicked at one of the corpses with a toe. "And I certainly haven't garnered anybody's ire, especially not a necromancer. I'm just an apprentice wizard, and most of the time I am with Toral I am studying or doing menial work or something. I don't really have a time or a way to piss of anybody." he explained as he carefully wiped off his dagger and slipped it back into his belt. "And how could I be dangerous to anybody? I'm no evoker or war mage. All I know are cantrips and one spell. I make sparks, warm a cup of coffee, clean a shirt, fix a broken tool or tell if something is magical. Not exactly fear inducing power. " Artus added and looked down at himself. "And all I have is what you see, aside from a couple of changes of clothes in a chest back home. Clothes, a gambison, a dagger, spellbook with one spell in it and a few coins. That's it. So I cannot father why those things wanted me dead so badly."
  2. The giant warrior cursed to himself as one of the zombies slipped past his guard and took a swipe at Arturs. He'd told the boy to fight defensively and, of course, what did the apprentice do? The exact opposite. His an angry sigh and a heave he kicked the zombie in it's right flank. As it staggered off balance he took a swing at it with a wide arc, hid blade digging deep into it's side, shearing it's arm off in the process. It slammed against the wall with a squishy thud, and moaned, gurgling up fluids. When it pushed itself off the wall in a lazy gait Dread rolled his eyes. He'd already had enough of these things and they just wouldn't quit. He bellowed his annoyance with a shout as he threw his dagger into the shambling corpse. It pierced its skull all the way to the hilt and when the cross guard prevented it from burying further it carried the zombies head with it all the way back to the wall, lifting the zombie with it. The dagger lodged into the stone wall and the zombie hung from it like cloak in a homes foyer. He was now in a position to guard Arturs from further attacks. He swung his about his hand, looking to the others who had finally take one down. "Should I slow down, maybe give you guys some time to catch up? There's four of you over there... quit screwing around!" "Amateurs." He shook his head then looked to Arturs. "You. Stay put." Eon tisked in derision. "You know, Dread. I think I understand why you have to compensate so much. Maybe if you took some of the dick out of your personality, you'd have been able to satisfy some of those poor women." He casually steps to the side, the tip of his blade a flicker of glinting steel as it first tears the throat of one of the zombies and then pierces through the eyesocket and punches clean through the back of it's head. The zombie gives a briefly terminated groan as he withdraws the blade and it drops like a sack of potatos. "Besides. I thought your were supposed to be awesome? Am I supposed to be impressed yet? What stories I will be able to tell. Brave and mighty Dread. OF such skill that he was overcome by zombies and needed his party to bail him out. Tisk tisk." The derision in his voice was thick enough to be a physical thing. Could have been, if he had projected it a bit more. "Hurt is hurt, if it makes them easier to kill, stop bitching and fucking kill them." With the last two undead consumed clawing at the walls in a pathetic attempt to flee from the glow of Krusk's holy symbol, they were easily dispatched by the adventurers' superior numbers. A few seconds later they lay on the ground, finally fully dead as the attention of some shifted to Arturs, still backed in the corner by the interior door with several dead zombies littered all around him. OOC Note
  3. LOL! The zombie fails it's Undread Fortitude save. #6 is dead! Undead recap #1: ~ DEAD ~ #2: ~ DEAD ~ #3: ~ DEAD ~ #4: 15 HP remaining + TURNED until round 11 (or takes damage) #5: 15 HP remaining + TURNED until round 11 (or takes damage) #6: ~ DEAD ~ Okay. This is round #3 and the last two undead are at 115 HP and turned. I know full well you can just curb stomp them as a group,since you can all attack one before it acts, and then do the same with the other, so no need to play it all out. By the end of Round 4 at the latest, they are all dead, or double dead or whatever. Heh. This was to get a feel for combat and so people could see how it goes. Good job everybody.
  4. Nice hits! #1 gets to make a Will save for Undead Fortitude to see if it dies or not. 1D20-2 => (13 - 2) = 11 = FAIL! #1 is dead! Undead recap #1: ~ DEAD ~ #2: ~ DEAD ~ #3: ~ DEAD ~ #4: 15 HP remaining + TURNED until round 11 (or takes damage) #5: 15 HP remaining + TURNED until round 11 (or takes damage) #6: 7 HP remaining #1 and #6 will be able to act/attack this round, unless they are killed before their turn. Eon is up!
  5. The blade of Dread's sword pierced under the zombie's jaw and penetrated the top of it's skull with a shower of gore. With feral tenacity he held the undead aloft and drew his dagger from his belt. He thrust downward several times, hollowing out it's chest until finally spearing it several times in the abdomen. With a bellow of victory (or anger, it was hard to tell with him) he lifted the zombie and flung it over his shoulder, casting it into the zombie behind him. They crashed to the floor, tumbling over the other leaking fluids and viscera. Only one of the zombie stood up... shambling towards him as he stood in a wide stance, welcoming all challengers. "Defend yourself, and do not strike back, you'll expose your weaknesses. Most of all boy, stay calm. Your wits are your greatest strength in a battle." "Don't strike back!? They're trying to kill me!" Arturs countered, clutching his dagger more tightly and stabbed at the belly of the zombie beside him, but the steel failed to find purchase int the undead flesh, glancing off of a leather belt. Turning to the Zombie doing his utmost to chew Artur's face off, Eon raises one eyebrow. "You know, Arturs, it's sort of alarming how they seem to be fixating on you a bit. Something we should know?" letting our a piercing whistle to catch the Zombies attention, he continues. "I see the gods really broke the mold when they were making you.... have you tried asking for your money back?" "How should I know!? I'm just an apprentice! I can barely cast a spell, much less anything that could hurt these things, or anybody really!" Arturs replied. As the majority of the group bunches in, Rhosh focuses his effort on the corpse in the corner next to him. He lifts his sword and swiftly brings it down, digging into the putrid flesh for the undead as it seemed to try and push itself through the wall in order to get away from Krusk. The steel slicing into its shoulder seemed to snap the creature out of it's overriding fear of Krusk, it's attention now focused on the rogue. With a gargling hiss, the thing raised its gnarled claws toward Rhosh as Shayuri clapped her hands together and snarled a single word, and lightning exploded from between her palms, crawling around her fingers and arms. She reached out to touch the nearby zombie, and a lick of lightning snapped out and grazed over its decayed flesh. With a scowl she reached her other hand out as well, resulting in another torrent of electricity that dazes and scorches the creature, pausing it for a moment before it continued on its coursed and grabbed at Rhosh, only to find the rouge's reflexes more than a match for its decayed agility. As his momentum from the swing of the fleeing zombie turns him slightly, Krusk sees Arturs cornered and Delgath starting to move to help him. The large Half-orc begins to run toward Zombie #3 and prepares for a great attack. Above all else, Arturs must not be harmed for he is both innocent and the charge of these adventurers. He brings down his heavy sword on the zombie, imbuing his holy gift from Bahamut onto the forsaken enemy. As the steel touched the undead flesh the blade glowed and then flashed, hacking into the zombie and cleaving it half from the right shoulder to its left hip. The bottom half fell to the ground while the thing's left hand reached out and grasped at Arturs, clutching his gambison, hanging from that grip for a moment before finally falling to the floor before him. Arturs shook visibly and pushed himself against the stone wall as the thing finally released, watching it fall to the floor and looking back up in time to realize that another zombie had been approaching. It's desiccated hands reached out for the apprentice wizard, but managed only to claw uselessly at the stone wall beside him. "Why do they keep coming after me?!" he exclaimed in fear and confusion.
  6. Thanks to the effect of Shayuri's Shocking Grasp spell, #6 cannot take reactions, so Krusk moves away from #6 without it getting an attack of opportunity on him. Krusk deals 13 Slashing + 12 Radiant damage to #3. #3 is DEAD #1 moves to 3B and attacks Arturs with a Slam (with Disadvantage). Attack roll #1: 1D20+2 => (18 + 3) = 21 = Hit Attack roll #2: 1D20+3 => 4 = Miss! With Disadvantage (thanks to Eon's Vicious Mockery spell), it must take the lower of the 2 rolls, so it misses Arturs! #6 attacks Rhosh with a Slam Attack vs AC 15: 1D20+3 => (6 + 3) = 9 = Miss! End of Round 2. Undead recap #1: 14 HP remaining #2: ~ DEAD ~ #3: ~ DEAD ~ #4: 15 HP remaining + TURNED until round 11 (or takes damage) #5: 15 HP remaining + TURNED until round 11 (or takes damage) #6: 7 HP remaining #1 and #6 will be able to act/attack this round, unless they are killed before their turn. Round 3 begins! Dread is up!
  7. Shayuri does 4 damage to #6 Arturs stabs #3 with his dagger. Attack vs AC 10: 1D20 => (9) = 9 = Miss! Undead recap #1: 14 HP remaining + Disadvantage on its attack this round #2: ~ DEAD ~ #3: 20 HP remaining + Disadvantage on very next attack through Round 3 #4:15 HP remaining + TURNED #5: 15 HP remaining + TURNED #6: 7 HP remaining + Cannot take Reactions (such as attack of opportunity) So far, #1, #3 and #6 will be able to act/attack after Krusk this round, unless they are killed. Krusk is up.
  8. Dread kills #2 and move to 3C #3 rolls Will Save against Eon's Vicious Mockery spell Will Save vs DC 15 1D20-2 => (15 - 2) = 13 = Fail Rhosh's damage on #6 means it is no longer Turned. Undead recap #1: 14 HP remaining + Disadvantage on its attack this round #2: ~ DEAD ~ #3: 20 HP remaining + Disadvantage on very next attack through Round 3 #4:15 HP remaining + TURNED #5: 15 HP remaining + TURNED #6: 11 HP remaining So far, #1, #3 and #6 will be able to act/attack after Krusk this round, unless they are killed. Shayuri is up.
  9. #2 has 16 hp remaining and takes 17 damage from Dread's attacks. Normally, that would be dead except these have "Undead Fortitude" which allows it to make a Con Save when reduce to 0 hp. If successful, it is instead reduced to only 1 hp. Roll 1D20+3 => (8 + 3) = 11= FAIL #2 is DEAD. Eon, you're up.
  10. Undead #1: 14 HP remaining + Disadvantage on next attack through Round 2 #2: 16 HP remaining + TURNED #3: 22 HP remaining #4:15 HP remaining + TURNED #5: 15 HP remaining + TURNED #6: 23 HP remaining + TURNED PCs Nobody suffered damage. Shayuri has a Bardic Inspiration dice. Initiative order, from first to last Dread & Eon Rhosh Shayuri Arturs Krusk Zombie #3 & Zombie #6 Zombie #1 & Zombie #4 Zombie #5 Zombie #2 Round Two... FIGHT!
  11. Eon felt a shudder of revulsion claw it's way up his spine as he landed in the corpses lap with a sound that he did not want to think to hard on the provenance of. He was no stranger to dead things, but sitting on top of them was not something he could claim any degree of comfort with. Feeling the corpse jolt underneath him, he closes his eyes in resignation "Of course, you wouldn't be as dead as you appeared. Of. Fucking. Course." Pushing off from the wall, he nimbly takes his feet, drawing his rapier at the same time. Looking down on his opponent he feels a sneer of disgust creeping across his face. "Ugh. I can't tell whether being left to rot for a week made you better or worse looking. Either way." he shudders dramatically, the corpse reeling under the force of his magically bolstered disdain. "Come on! They're only corpses. They've already died once. Just gotta make it stick this time! Come on Shayuri, talk about frying fish in the barrel!" the surprise at the sudden animations gives way under the force of his exhortation, his sheer belief in the parties capabilities bolstering resolve, and spurring them on. The room, being lit only by Shayuri's glowing rock, gave the undead an aura of menace. The strong light cast harsh shadows on them, further exaggerating their decaying forms. Nearly within reach of Eon, Delgath stood, sword in his hands, wringing the grip like it were some poor fool's neck. "Where were fancy senses Holy Man!?" Dread said, enraged. He grunted and took a step towards where one of the zombies was already lurching towards Arturs who was quickly running out of room to back into the wall, and barely sidestepped the grasping hands of another as he stepped away. Normally he wouldn't have struck an enemy from behind, but these were mindless and in his mind were not, to a Delgath's standards, worth a true warrior's time. He plunged his sword into the shambler's back to get its attention. It felt no pain and simply continued trying to move forward. It was obvious to him that that tactic wasn't going to work so he went with something less tactful. He withdrew his sword swiftly and chopped down hard upon the undead. The cut deep into its shoulder spraying blood and viscera in Artus direction, though most of it splattered the wall behind him as he lay on the floor. On the other side of the room from Deltha, Rhosh glances around the room quickly noting where his closest allies are beginning to face the rising corpses. As the body between him and the door struggles to its feet, the dragonborn jabs a dagger into the withered shoulder and takes a step back to avoid any recoil. As his feet find their starting position, he hears another corpse behind him, hoping that it would be kept occupied rather than attacking his flank... As Delgath moved away, Shayuri realized that there was one place she definitely didn't want to be, and that was isolated. While the zombie between her and the south wall was busy trying to club him, she took advantage of the opening to move over to where Eon and Rhosh and Krusk were bunched up, hoping for some safety in numbers. She then incanted words in Draconic and a flame appeared in her hand. She held that strange bright fire up in front of her face, inhaled deeply, and blew outward with all of her lungs. Magic snapped and snarled, and as her exhalation hit the flame in her hand it exploded outward into a roiling mass of flame that bathed over the zombies south of her! The gout of flame washed over the undead, searing their flesh toff the bone in places and catching clothes aflame, which added the smell of burning flesh to the room, causing everybody's stomachs to churn as the smell reached each of them. The undead were not fazed though, no longer feeling pain left them undeterred. Across the room though, Arturs scrambled to his feet and backed against the gore-splattered wall as his hands fumbled in his belt, finally withdrawing his dagger which he swiftly plunged into the undead creature before him, stabbing deep into the thing's chest, near the gash Delgath had sliced into it, though no pain registered in it's dead, blank eyes. Taken aback by the corpses rising, the same ones he prayed and cared for only moments ago, Krusk is scared by the sudden danger of which he is not used to, but more importantly sees this as an affront to both life and his gestures and intentions only moments earlier. He begins channeling his power and raises his holy symbol, a medallion emblazoned with Bahamut's profile, high above his head. It lights up and glows in a bright yellow-white aura as he begins chanting the prayer again, that only moments earlier was meant to help shepherd these poor souls into the afterlife, channeling the divinity of The Platinum Dragon. The light from the medallion of Bahamut fills the room for a moment, causing the first emotion to be seen on any of the faces of the undead... Fear. The animated corpses back away from the paladin, their backs pressed into the unyielding stone walls as gnarled hands rise up to shield their eyes from the light as they turn away. The shambling thing to Krusk's right even turns and runs, its undead legs finding a new swiftness as it flees from the holy light of Bahamut, but not before Krusk brings his greatsword down on the thing's shoulder, chopping deep into it's ribs, sending it staggering. The unusual gait imparted by Krusk's blow causes the zombie to stumble past Eon's blade, though Arturs' dagger strikes true, stabbing into partially desiccated flesh, allowing more putrid gore to spill forth from the wound. All of the undead fled or backed away from the holy light, except for the one in the corner farther's from the paladin, shielded partially by the number of upright bodies between them. The zombie actually ran closer to Krusk, but instead of making its way to him, it strangely moved toward Arturs instead! Dread wasn't about to give the Paladin any more credit than was due. Seeing his opportunity, Dread grabs his zombie by the arm, flailing it around and away from Arturs. Smashing it with the pommel of his sword is staggered slightly. The two right hooks the followed that staggered it greatly. With a might kick to the chest he slammed it against the wall. Still it let out a guttural moan and shambled forward, straight into Dread's downward stroke. He glared at Arturs. "Stay out of the way, boy!" He nudged his head in the direction Arturs should run, now that he was trying to hold them off. The zombie continued toward Arturs though, utterly ignoring Dread and the wounds he inflicted and instead lunged for the apprentice wizard. Arturs' eyes went wide and he twisted to the side, narrowly causing the creature to miss. "Anywhere I go there's more of them!" Arturs cursed, holding his dagger out in front of him as he kept his back to the wall with the inner door to his right.
  12. Arturs takes his attack of opportunity on #1, stabbing with his dagger. Attack: 1D20 => (13) = 13 = Hit! Damage: 1D4 => (4) = 4 damage! Remember: Any undead that failed their save is turned for 1 minute or until it takes damage. The attacks of opportunity on #1 did damage, so it is no longer turned. #3 made its save, so Dread attacking it will not change another (but it's hit points!). So for 1 minute, or unless you attack them, #2, 4, 5, 6 are just trying to get away from Krusk, allowing you to focus attacks on active ones.
  13. Nice one Krusk. All are in range and all can (more or less) see Krusk. The Undeads' Wisdom Save results vs DC 14... #1 1D20-2 => (9 - 2) = 7 = FAIL #2 1D20-2 => (14 - 2) = 12 = FAIL #3 1D20-2 => (16 - 2) = 14 = PASS! #4 1D20-2 => (10 - 2) = 8 = FAIL #5 1D20-2 => (11 - 2) = 9 = FAIL #6 1D20-2 => (9 - 2) = 7 = FAIL Undeads' remaining Hit Points #1: 26 HP + Disadvantage on next attack through Round 2 #2: 16 HP #3: 30 HP #4 :15 HP #5: 15 HP #6: 23 HP Undeads' actions #3 Moves to C2 and attacks Arturs with a Slam Attack: 1D20+2 => (3 + 2) = 5 = Miss! #6 No Action (Pinned in) #1 Moves to C5 (getting as far as it can get away from Krusk as it can) #4 No Action (Already as far as it can get away from Krusk) #5 No Action (Already as far as it can get away from Krusk) #2 No Action (Already as far as it can get away from Krusk) Attacks of Opportunity Dread can use his reaction to make an Attack of Opportunity on #3 as it moves to C2. Krusk, Eon, & Arturs can each use their reaction to make an Attack of Opportunity on #1 as it moves to C5. Any of these attacks of opportunity take place during Round 1 using reactions if they have not yet been used. Once resolved, I will compose a post covering the round then Round 2 will begin.
  14. Arturs scrambles back to his feet, fumbles for his dagger and stabs the undead. Attack: 1D20 => (12) = 12 vs 10 AC - Hit! Damage 1D4 => (2) = 2 piercing damage You're up Krusk!