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  1. Just here. Watching... waiting...

  2. Sailor OOC

    Do They?

    I'd say it would have to be within the context of that universe. Having access to high-test real-world weapons like fighter jets or tanks is about as powerful as having super-powers or magic in the proper worlds. Anything that makes you stand out technically is a "power" Even in mundane settings having a bicycle or car gives you an edge (and if it's a car the rest of the group will want rides...) It's all about context. Does that make things more fun? Also depends. Some universes those advantages are high-maintenance or come with requirements. Even in mundane settings. Sometimes the cost is way more than the value of the advantage.
  3. Sailor OOC

    High Level Novas and How to Kill Them

    On the social-mental thing, it is rather crap for selections of defenses of the mind or protection vs. social attack, but there are some that are practically (as long as willpower holds out) 100% effective. But then if everyone gets them, then really you're at square one. That and you have points being sucked out from where people want to place them into an issue I call the "1000 contingencies" build concept where every possible crisis that could come up is covered but you end up with a rather useless character.
  4. Sailor OOC

    High Level Novas and How to Kill Them

    Usually characters like this have exploitable weaknesses created by their point management techniques. In a mid-point level most tanks have several glaring holes in their defenses, psychology, or tolerances where the character can be easily brought low. At high-levels though, and I wager that is the power level we're dealing with, what Justin and Jeremy have noted is the best options. The best way to deal with a power-gamed character isn't to allow it, unless it has enough of a concept where it works. And in high-power Aberrant (or other superpowered games for that matter) that sort of thing is to be expected to be honest. The question is how the GM/ST will handle things. As for equalizing a group, I wager your blasters are great at range, dead-eye shots. Ever thought of setting up scenarios where your zappers can support your up-close and personal characters? Sometimes the best way to make things a challenge is to toss tactics into the works. Throw in a crisis where indescriminate fire is a very bad idea. If the group is mostly murderhobos though, that might not work out as they'll just destroy that orphanage anyways and walk away from that explosion saying "tactical necessity."
  5. Sailor OOC

    Science of Space

    It does help to, at least in a Soft Sci-Fi setting to consider the fiddly details to be taken care of by some form of technology that's behind the scenes. Something that becomes important when the plot demands (as it broke down).
  6. Sailor OOC

    Science of Space

    Yeah, 2g in space wouldn't need a full g-suit for protection. Although I'd see for more efficient ship-to-ship combat, using magnetic coil/rail weaponry which would be far more efficient in space. Things like particle beam weapons would require a good amount of power, but have lesser recoil. Lasers are nifty but you need them "painting" the target for more than a moment just to start doing damage. Nukes while effective close-up are pretty expensive in terms of upkeep and in manufacturing, if the amount of uranium and plutonium is as rare and scattered as it is on earth, it would be far more efficient to switch to mass driver weapons.
  7. Sailor OOC

    Science of Space

    That's what I'm getting at. The maneuvering thruster causing you to turn.
  8. Sailor OOC

    Science of Space

    On the 180 degree turn, that isn't exactly instantaneous. Or more you don't want to turn too fast. If your design doesn't have your control seat dead center on the center of mass, you're gonna feel the centrifugal force of the turn. And even WITH that sort of setup you'll still have issues with such G-forces acting on your body when you turn. Or maybe not. Not exactly sure on it. I do know if the design has your control seat/cockpit outside the center of mass you will feel the acceleration, limiting how fast you can do turns. Dead-center you might have forces acting on your arms/legs depending on how you're seated.
  9. Sailor OOC

    Aberrant-Inspired Open World Superheroes

    So any post "eruption" aberrations and tainted powers could be explained by the monster-type mutations?
  10. Sailor OOC

    Aberrant-Inspired Open World Superheroes

    1: This concept is cracking. I'm with Jeremy here when I say this is good stuff. 2: I wager Monsters are NPCs... and not exactly ones we could hold a conversation with? I actually sort of hope we start with the default power settings for Aberrant (1Q, 30NP, etc...) Unless you had something else in mind.
  11. Sailor OOC

    Aberrant-Inspired Open World Superheroes

    Another good one with the Quad-Helix mutation. After all, that means double the genetic data. Would make sense if someone is being re-coded to like... throw energy blasts or fly without wings...
  12. Sailor OOC

    Aberrant-Inspired Open World Superheroes

    Or for that matter, what if a smaller collider (and there are a few) had some sort of unintended sync with the LHC for a moment which triggers "it". Everything is functioning just fine, but an "unintended consequence" occurred? Or Dave's malfunction angle can also be something.
  13. Sailor OOC

    Aberrant-Inspired Open World Superheroes

    Large Hadron Collider. Pretty much it slams atoms together to see what they're made out of. Some great science has come out of it, but has some kooky conspiracy theories that could be grist for a "eruption moment".
  14. Sailor OOC

    Aberrant-Inspired Open World Superheroes

    Might be interesting then to see where people group up once their nodes pop. I was thinking about the LHC, how long in real time has it been running up to that point? If at all? My memory is betraying me.
  15. Sailor OOC

    Aberrant-Inspired Open World Superheroes

    This might actually be interesting. Will there be pre-existing organizations for the characters to join up in, in order to attempt to knit together certain groups and to provide hooks for further development?