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  1. Ichigo smiled at Jason and Dani and said, "I'll come back when I can. It was nice meeting you." Then, without a whisper, pop, or even the traditional BAMF, she vanished. Reappearing at home, she finally relaxed, letting her quantum energies flow as they wanted. The changes to her form were slight at this age. Her features grew a little more angular, her head slightly larger. Her shoulders widened a fraction, even as her hips shrunk. The circumference of her chest didn't really change, for as the small mounds on her chest shrank, her ribcage expanded to match her wider shoulders. Muscles became a little more defined, bones slightly thicker, leaving behind features that were still delicate, but definitely masculine. He was also no less cute than his female form; if not for his incredible toughness and ability to mask his appearance, he would have died years ago from having his cheeks pinched by grandmothers. He enjoyed the relaxation that came with giving in to the need to shift for a moment, though he still felt a bit ill from being shot and was far from replenished in his quantum energies, before a muscle cramp sent him to the floor. His siblings, who had begun to wake with his arrival, rushed over, worry in their voices as they asked what was wrong. "It's nothing," he said, "Just pushed things a bit too long, didn't change soon enough. I'll be alright." Already, the cramps were easing up. All of his life he had had to spend half of his day female, half male, something his Machismo obsessed father hated. The man had gone out to celebrate the birth of his son, and come home to a daughter, which he had taken as a personal affront. Potty training had been just as much about learning to control which form he was in as controlling his bodily functions. For a while, he had managed to trick his dad by spending more time as a girl when she could get away with it, and switching back only to use the potty, but there were subtle differences between the forms even then that had given him away, and started the beatings that were part and parcel of his life. It hurt at first, but when he noticed that it didn't hurt him as much or as long as it hurt his mother, he started deliberately drawing his father's wrath onto himself whenever he was in a bad mood. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't just stay one gender, though this was the first time he'd had cramps from holding one form too long. On the other hand, he also hadn't bothered to try extending how long he could hold one of them for a while. He knew he was a freak and couldn't change that, so why bother? He'd maintained a status quo for years, until she had been 10, and her father had noticed that she wasn't so much a child anymore... but that was something s/he didn't like to think about. She just stayed away from the house at night, her father wasn't tempted by her freakishness, and everything was ok. Cramps abated enough for him to stand, he prepared the breakfast Ms Bellifleur had been nice enough to send with him. He could tell that his siblings appreciated food cooked by hands other than the decidedly amateur chef who provided them enough calories to keep them from stealing food during the scant meals of the day, though most of them were too polite to say anything, and those who weren't were young enough to not realize they were saying anything wrong. While they were eating, he changed into his football uniform(soccer to you crazy Americans). He really wanted to skip out on the game today, as he really wasn't feeling well, but knew his dad would never tolerate it. So, like most things in his life, he prepared himself to shoulder the burden of trying to live up to his father's expectations without even a thought of complaint. He could never manage to walk the fine line between being not quite good enough and being too good. Anything that made people suspect that his dad had a nova for a kid was just as much a cause for a beating as not being good enough to give his dad something to brag about to his friends.
  2. Ichigo

    How to ask properly...

    Hehehehehehehehehehehe. (Prolonged chuckle out loud) Though I feel that not helping him once as a reward for finally getting his grammar straight was a little dickish. Then again, the constant bleats for 'help me cheat?' and 'help me game the system?' do get really, really old. Out of curiousity, which game was this from?* *Note that non-adjacent prepositions have finally been acknowledged as sometimes clearer and more appropriate than the awkward rewording needing to make the sentence fit convential laws, meaning that a terminal preposition is no longer considered bad grammar, at least not automatically. Also, you left out making him put a comma between dungeon and please.
  3. Ichigo listened raptly to Jason's tales of places she had yet to visit. Sure, she could go any where she wanted, but she hadn't quite worked up the confidence to wander the globe so freely. She repeatedly asked about the places Dani had been to, and about her impressions of the places; how they differed from her mother's, the perspective of a child who wasn't there for a job. She fidgeted a bit at not being allowed to help with the dishes, but the laws of hospitality were pretty consistent on that detail no matter where you went. That reminded her, she needed to bring a guest gift the next time she came; being brought here straight from the hospital excused the gaff once, but not twice. "Carrying them won't be a problem, Ms Belliflour. That's the easy part." Walking over to the stack she put her hands to the side and pushed in in such a way that the containers folded in on themselves in ways that hurt the eye to try to follow, until they just vanished. "Keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold, too. I'll get the containers back to you after I clean them properly." She should probably be getting home, but that could wait just a little bit longer, surely. It wouldn't be the first time she had gone a day without any sleep. She could go most of a month without it beginning to bother her, actually, but preferred to get at least a little sleep every night. Once they got to singing, it was clear that Dani had lots of enthusiasm and natural ability, but had not spent the effort to properly refine her voice. Ichigo adjusted her voice to account for this, and soon an eight part harmony was accompanying Jason's guitar, singing all sorts of songs from lullabies and children's songs to pop songs they both knew the words too. All too soon, though, Ichigo really had to leave. "I've had lots of fun, Dani, Dani's mom, but I really do need to get home." She didn't want to admit it, but she was still feeling sore and sick from being shot earlier, and the need to change was kind of like going without using the restroom all day while chugging glasses of water and sitting next to a waterfall in its intensity.
  4. Ooh, this was a hard one. She didn't want to lie to these people, but she'd never told anyone who knew her as Ichigo where she was from. She didn't want to admit what life was like there, didn't want people to come looking for her. On the other hand, these people had been so open and nice to her, and she was still rather naive and trusting compared to the other 2nd gens in the area. "Ano, I come from further South. A lot further South. South America, actually. I chose Japan as a place to spend my nights because of the time zone difference. It was really easy to learn the language, a bit harder to get used to the culture, but I like it there. Things are really different. Not all good, but mostly good." Her discomfort caused her to clam up at this point. Specific questions might be able to pry some answers out of her, but really what she needed was time to grow to trust them more. Jason picked up on Ichigo's discomfort talking about her home and neatly steered the conversation back to various places she had been.
  5. Initially intrigued by the 4 part harmony in Dani's voice, since that was a trick she could do too, it took her a moment of looking back and forth from the cover to go, "This is?! That's you! You're her! Wow, my friends are going to be sooo jealous I got to meet you! I don't pay much attention to magazines, but I've seen both of them sighing over pictures of you and wishing they were more like you. Any chance I could get your autograph for them?" Jason happily obliged, this being a task she had grown very used to over the years. Something that caught the edge of her attention was that Ichigo had only mentioned seeing her in magazines, not on television or the web. She filed that away for comment later, along with the many other things she wanted to ask but knew better than to push. The ease with which Ichigo turned her attention back to Dani was something Jason was accustomed to only seeing in children. Once hormones got involved, sexual orientation didn't matter all that much to anyone actually in her presence. "So you can sing in harmony with yourself, too? I've never met anyone else who could do that. Would you like to try singing together after supper?" Someone willingly giving Dani attention without her having to fight her mother for it was something she was not particularly used to. She found that she rather liked it. It hadn't taken any effort on her part, this other girl was just honestly interested in her.
  6. "If you really have enough food, I can pay you back. I'm not allowed to spend most of the money I make singing, but I get some of it to spend as I like." She paused, trying to think of how to answer the lovely woman who had invited an unknown into her home. "I, uh, don't need to sleep much, so I started spending evenings in Tokyo to kill time a few years ago. It beat lying in bed unable to sleep all night. I'd just go and play with the other kids there; sure I had to hold back a bit to make things a challenge, but if I hadn't it wouldn't have been fun for anyone else. The police caught me jumping in and out of the area every day. At first, they thought I was some creepy hentai-terat until they actually saw me." She shuddered dramatically and made a grossed out face, to Dani's amusement. "I don't know if you've heard of them, but there is a group called Hanaryuko that tries to give child novas in Japan a sense of stability and support. They took me in in the afternoons and didn't press me about where I was from or to be anything in particular. It was... nice." The wistful note to her voice was unmistakable. Jason might not know what she had come from, but could figure out a lot from what Ichigo was focusing on as being different, especially the lack of expectations. "I made friends there. My two closest friends, Rei and Minmay, like to sing almost as much as I do. We did a little performance for the Den, and some of them offered to set us up with an agent if we wanted to try singing publicly." The cute young nova blushed yet again. "It was really embarrassing at first. Just doing a studio recording and knowing that thousands of people were going to be judging what I was doing, songs I had written--it almost scared me out of even trying. Then there were the clothes they wanted us to wear for the album covers and our first performances. They were pretty, but they were just so...," she gestured helplessly at the air, unable to find a word to describe it, "much, I guess. But after a little while, I really started to enjoy the whole thing. I even started making outfits for Rei and myself. Minmay's tastes are a bit too out there for me, but she's happy, so I'm happy. Our Advocate makes certain we have no more than two concerts a month, and most of the money goes into a trust fund until we are legal adults. The older kids and the grown ups say it is really important to not get too caught up in one thing, and to have some kind of normal life. A little deal hunting in countries with good exchange rates provides enough food for all of us even on the little bit I get to use." Those words jumped Jason's appraisal of the blue haired girl from 'precocious' to 'mega-smart'. She also guessed that Ichigo had never even asked for more money to take care of her family. A child who comes out of poverty to money often either becomes greedy or so ashamed about their poverty that they take only what is freely given, and not a penny more. While Jason was occupied with the cooking, Ichigo leaned over to Dani and whispered, "Has anyone ever told you that your mom is really pretty? What? What's so funny?"
  7. Ichigo responded to the offer to stay by saying, "I'd love to join you for dinner, but I won't be able to stay the night." She looked at her watch, "Really, I should have left already, but I'm just too tired to make the jump right now. I'm really going to have to rush to get everyone enough food as it is." Slowly, oh so slowly, that void inside her was beginning to tingle like a couple of random balls bouncing around inside a vast space. She could probably squeeze enough out to jump once, maybe twice at this point. At Jason's questioning look, she explained, "I get food from a lot of places so nobody notices how much we go through... You look familiar. Do I know you?" This provoked a grin from quite possibly the best known nova on the planet. It was very rare for someone to see her and not know exactly who she was.
  8. Ichigo looked around at her new surroundings. It was nice of Shen to take her to somewhere she could rest. Right now, all she wanted to do was rest and eat, hopefully filling that aching void inside of her left by the bullet. From the quaint house came a beautiful woman and an adorable child. Like children before her since time immemoriam, she ignored the adult and gravitated to the child. "Hi, I'm Ichigo." She tried Japanese at first, but moved on to other languages until she found one that Dani seemed to recognize. English was a safe enough bet that she tried that one second. Soon, the two were giggling with each other, completely ignoring the interplay between Shen and Jason.
  9. Ichigo was hesitant to respond to the ultimatum the stranger in front of her had just issued. While she had considered moving her siblings before, she had never had a place where she was certain they would be safe. She had considered the Dragon's den, but they would be the youngest there, which could cause its own issues. Now he had offered her somewhere safe, but how could she trust him? How could she know if they would really be safe? Besides, so far she had managed to keep any harm to herself, and she could handle it. She loved both of her parents, flaws and all, and leaving would mean abandoning her mother and any future children they had. Shen, sensing the conflict in the young nova, decided that the best thing he could do was not push this particular matter any further.
  10. Ichigo was shocked by his words. Nobody outside of her family who knew her in this form knew about her father at all, much less her siblings--or rather, that had been true until this man came into things. "He's been much better lately. As long as I'm not home at night to tempt him, he doesn't try anything, and when he's in a bad mood, he can hit me until he passes out. It doesn't bother me, and it keeps everyone else safe and together. He's my papa, and I'm not going to give up on him because he has his bad moments." Kept to herself was the worry that one day one of her little sisters would attract his attention as they got older. "Besides, he only did that stuff to me because I'm a freak. If I could be more normal, we wouldn't have any problems."
  11. Blushing, she asked, "Ano, is there somewhere I could change first and get cleaned up? A bathroom or something?" Shen lead her to a bathroom, where she went in and changed, washing off the sticky blood with water from the faucet. She started to cut off the ruined material of her bodysuit, but just trying gave her a massive headache and reminded her of the gnawing emptiness deep inside of her. More, she was feeling a cramping sensation as her body kept wanting to shift but lacked the power to do so, leaving her afraid of a spontaneous change in public if she couldn't relieve the need soon. Slipping on the jeans and blouse, she came out of the bathroom to find Shen waiting patiently for her. "You, uh, wanted to talk?" Shen lead her to an empty room and turned to face her once she was in and had closed the door.
  12. Ichigo hesitated. "Um, ok, I guess." She looked down at her ruined dress a bit sadly. "It took me a week to make this, and seconds for somebody to destroy it. You just can't get blood out of silk, though. Any chance I could get a change of clothes that doesn't involve any cotton? I have a really bad allergy to cotton."
  13. Ichigo accepted his aid with a measure of relief. That cotton gown would have been uncomfortable to say the least, given her allergies, and whatever language the nurse had been speaking, it was not one she was familiar with. She responded to Shen's last words by asking, "What do you mean?"
  14. Ichigo stirred on the gurney. Her mind couldn't quite grasp where she was or what was going on. All she knew that she was in pain, though she had felt worse, and felt empty in a way she had never felt and couldn't quite describe. She was only half conscious when she cracked her eyes open to the light and mumbled, "Papa," expecting to see him there. Instead she saw a hospital, which really confused her. Her father would never have taken her to one, and the others knew she would heal from whatever had hurt her. Reaching back in her mind, she could remember going to Japan like usual. Needing so little sleep gave her an opportunity to pursue a second life free of the restraints on her home life, an opportunity she was intensely grateful for. She met her friends, they had some fun, they started the concert... and then everything was replaced by pain and fear for her friends. Adrenaline spiked enough to wake her up long enough to ask one of the people standing over her, in Japanese, "Minmay? Rei? Are they ok?" Adrenaline could only do so much, though, and her reserves were so exhausted that it had nothing to draw on, leaving her to collapse back on the bed. Healing so much damage in so little time had taken a lot out of her, even with the help of the other nova, and there was a lingering feeling she couldn't name in her chest, having never been sick before to recognize nausea and the general ague caused by her body dealing with the lingering traces of poison. Breathing heavily from the exertion of sitting up, she kept her eyes focused on the men beside her, anxious for a response to her question.
  15. I have pointed my gun at a target, stopped, and asked the GM if I had any chance of hurting it. When he said no, I turned and ran. Then again, that was an in character assessment of my chances, and I never rolled or even declared the attack, nor did I say that I hadn't pointed my gun at the Leviathan before realizing the futility of pistol vs. Leviathan.