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  1. @Heritage: Yea, a handful of other personal items here and there, but the computer was the main thing. Also, I'm counting my lucky stars this isn't nearly as bad as the first time this happened.
  2. So... my condo got flooded for the third time this year last night. I discovered the water damage coming down from a unit above me. Among the many things that got ruined, one was my desktop computer. While the computer was in sleep mode, that won't save it when a crack in the ceiling sends water dripping straight through the fan vents on the top of the case onto the electronics inside. Hooray! Crazy random happenstance screwed me over. Next time I'll know not to put my computer there, I guess. ,, To make a long story short (too late!) this may negatively affect my availability. The only thing I can post from at home at this point is my tablet. ,, Granted I didn't do much posting from home anyway, the times during my day when I would have free to post on this site may end up being sacrificed to make calls to insurance, and other such parties involved. ,, I apologize if this screws up anyone's plans. I'll try to be as attentive as possible, but please bear with me through this tribulation. As always, the best way to get in contact with me if you need a speedy answer is to send me a PM at my quotemyname account. That'll send an email out to me and I'll know to check up on things, or at least send a reply. ,, Thanks for your support and understanding, ,, Happy dice rolling!
  3. "Roger that, sir!" Scout spoke into his earpiece. He stowed the flashlight in his belt, and made a mental note to return it to Fulcrum when she flew by next. With that, he effectively abandoned the search of the underground hole. He motioned to Paladin that this hole could be filled in as well. ,, "You heard the man, people! Clean up, and get out! I'm no good at the heavy lifting bits, so I'll run interference with any pesky reporters that try to work their way onto the scene." ,, He turned to the wolf once more, "We're not entirely sure yet who he is. His name's Gabriel, though names don't always fully explain people. Speaking of names, anything you'd like me to call you? I'd think that she-wolf isn't as respectful as you'd like." ,, OOC Scout's basically ready to be warped back. He'll handle any camera crews off screen. Otherwise he's going to play nice with Jael because he's ill equipped to help the rescue efforts
  4. Can we possibly get a dedicated out of character thread for the Some Assembly Required thread? I was not aware this discussion was even happening here.
  5. scout is up already. havent heard any concerns from the gm, so I think im good to go for my part. -from my phone
  6. You also have to consider that that's one particular scene where the main character gets super pissed off. The occupation of their country has reached a boiling point. He's forced to fight a room full of enemy soldiers against his will or the general they picture at one point is threatening to do terrible things to his loved ones. He understandably goes over the top there. ,, This is a better showcase of the Martial Art: ,,
  7. Wing Chun is probably one of the best soft martial arts I know, if you're still looking for suggestions. ,, ,, EDIT: Soft, in respect to the fact that most of the basic maneuvers, defenses, attacks, and not to mention 90% of what the Kata teaches you is largely counter-attack based. The style specializes in using your opponent's actions against them, repositioning yourself to take advantage of openings created while an enemy attacks, and most importantly: simultaneously striking and defending.
  8. @Doc ,, I'm looking to play the inspiring team leader type. I want to concentrate on being a champion of good and justice and all that neat stuff. It's been a while since I've even looked at stats for this game, so that will be a bit of a hurdle for me, but I'm working on that with heritage and Justin over pm as we speak.
  9. Hey guys, poking my head back out of my hole at a suggestion from Heritage. ,, I'll throw my lot in on this game if you guys still have room. I was thinking of doing a sort of Captain America type as I was told you're going for an Avengers feel. Just let me know what the score is and I'll see if I can't cook up a character sheet for you.
  10. Okay, so just as I thought, running something like this is probably a little out of my hands.
  11. I could be convinced to run it. Lord knows I know enough about the setting, though I'd need to brush up on the rules. Can you tell me what type of game he ran? I still haven't been able to wrap my head around what would work and what doesn't? Are you supposed to run a game that takes place in a city? Or traveling across the country side? Or are the characters supposed to be part of a mercenary group or gang of hedge knights or something? Should you have an over arching plot built in? Or should you let the players have their way with the world? There's a lot to be discussed...
  12. Hey, anyone ever thought of running one of these? I've had the pdf for the game forever, but no one has ever seen fit to run one of them. Would there be any interest on a site like this?
  13. I guess I could buy back in for Tarik. Would help me to get a better hold on the game and stuff. I'll give it a go. Hopefully this isn't biting off more than I can chew...
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