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  1. Krugar harumphed. He approached the village, but stayed closer to the shore. His boots squelched in the mud. "Hallo!" The cleric hollered. "Thar be anyone here to talk to? We mostly come in peace!" We come not to raid, but only to pillage. We come not to rape, but to merely conquer so that you may be justly ruled by a pea-brain that cannot dress herself. The half-dwarf sighed at his own internal thoughts and called out again, "Hallo!" Perception [Lobby]: Forge has entered at 5:04 pm /backtime 5 [Rorx] 5:00 pm: Late food bbiab Forge *rolls* 1d20: 5: 5 [Forge] 5:05 pm: ha With a +3 that makes an 8.
  2. "Ya could see as well as me when we be sailin' in." Krugar said, dead set on the fresh water. "It be a jungle out thar. The only high ground be branches at the tops of those trees. The ones here likely to give as good a view as any. No need to go hackin' in the foliage and hope we be goin' upwards. The cleric reached the water where it was pushing through the sand and gave a cursory glance for things hiding that might want to consider him food. Not seeing any immediate threat, he liberally splashed water over his head. "But now that I'm cooled a bit, I dunna care what we do."
  3. Probably a good idea since I've been gone and not much has happened since I left.
  4. Entry 2 - Day 615 We are being rowed to a cove that the royal wants 'claimed'. They say there is fresh water. A soak will be nice. Fancy Pants seems intent on being leader. Probably feels entitled to it. Silk brains sent one of the whores with us. Not sure who is dumber, the one that sent her, or the one that agreed to go. Maybe she's a slave and plans to make a run for it. I've certainly thought about it. Sure the temple hopes I do run, if only to put a price on my head to be done with me. Maybe if we find a nice city. We are starting to hit the breakers.
  5. "No." "No." Fancy Pants, some elves, a whore. and me walk into a jungle. The native standing at the edge of the jungle looks out at and says, 'Is this some kind of joke?' Krugar grumbles to himself as he gets out of the boat, already miserable from the heat and humidity. Sweat was running down his back and threatened to start rivulets down his legs as well. The cleric hoisted his hammer over a shoulder and walked past Fancy Pants, "The plants thar look thicker than the temple's soup left out for a day. Nothin' be happenin' in there, let alone defendin' or map-makin'. Prolly black as a goblin's tongue in thar." Krugar started trudging through the sand, "Our best bet be to follow the stream best we can. If thar be anyone here...or anythin' then it be likely to head to the water at some point. 'Less we split in two, then another could be checkin' the beach for a trail or signs o' fishin'."
  6. Entry One - Day 632 I hate the sea, and boats. Drunken nobles are worse than drunken bandits. I hope I see a city again one day. I'm going to end up in a giant's stewpot.
  7. I'm not sure about anyone else, but for me Prince Nicoli's picture is broken in the NPC thread. All the rest are good.
  8. Krugar nearly had to swallow back his breakfast after seeing and listening to Silk-Fer-Brain's reaction to the bay. He kept quiet. The cleric's desire for fresh water to be free of the salted crust build up and a moment's reprieve of the embalming humidity that had encapsulated them after the storm had won out his crass mouth's desire to comment. Solid land is where he belonged and he hoped this scouting took some time. He had gathered his things at the first mention of disembarking. After a few quick Mending applications Krugar donned his armor and tied his shield to his pack with a leather thong. He used a quick release loop like he had been taught at the temple. He surmised it would be just as effective if he went over the side of the rowboat or being prepared for an attack by some tropical parrot harpy. With the gear secure, he gave a small toot on his horn, trying to be quiet while still making sure it was clean and clear. Sir Fancy-Pants walked by but didn't seem interested in saying much and kept walking towards the other adventurers. The half-dwarf shrugged slightly then hefted 'Thok' as he made his way to the small boat that was suspended over the side for their departure. Wasting no time, he stepped over the small gap and made himself comfortable. The boat swayed slightly as Krugar cracked his knuckles, popped his neck and waited on his travel partners.
  9. You gave me credit for the recruitment story, but I haven't done it yet. That little bit I wrote was just a weird way to do my profile. I have all intentions of doing it, just haven't found time now that baseball started for the boys.
  10. Krugar gave an almost imperceptible nod as she dashed off. Great. The silk-fer-brains princess we're all bound to is three arrows shy of a quiver. He glanced after Alexander's servant as she ran into other's of the party. I be half a mind to say she dropped that on purpose. There be more to her than a simple maid or there's more to nobles and takin' care of 'em than I know. The cleric shrugged his shoulders and went back to gazing out at the water. Either guess was plausible. He hadn't really had much interaction with nobles before his introduction to this expedition. Usually just people hired on their behalf and only then before they were robbed and killed. There was already so much to venture guesses about what they would find beyond these waters than to worry about the people that he was suppose to be able to trust.
  11. "I don't mind Corand so much as I mind the Legion." Krugar replied. "But that thar's details that would make someone weep with boredom." The cleric ran her response through his head again, "So you've served the Princess then?" Krugar asked, heading off her questioning. Sounds like a noble, dancing with all the questions. Why she care about me?
  12. Krugar nodded in agreement to her assessment to their similarities. He was playing his role despite what he might really want to do, much like she was. He had to admit his situation would probably allow much more freedom than her own, at least now that he was outside of the temple complex. That didn't stop him yearning for a time when he truly had full say over where he went or what he had to do. Losing his powers as he defied the wishes of his God would be less than optimal, but it had always rubbed him the wrong way that he was being punished for something he didn't do. Sure he was there, but the band committed the crime. He had done nothing but complete the delivery. Krugar's brow sunk to nearly meeting the bridge of his nose and his voice dropped an octave, "No. No I don't. I do what I gotta do to survive. Do you like being a milkmaid to a grown man?"
  13. "No." Krugar said. "The only thing ya earn when ya become a priest is a chore list and an uncanny sense of time." Krugar held the horn up and out as though he might blow it, "No, this was bestowed upon me when I was drafted into the Legion. It is ma responsibility to bear until such time that my service is considered satisfactorily complete or I die." He let it drop, "I sincerely hope it's not the latter."
  14. Krugar clung to one of the ship deck's balusters. He had grown quite familiar with it over the term of the voyage so far. At launch, he had been sure his insides had undertaken a quest to travel the world. Now, thankfully, they seemed content to stir only when the ship was rocked by a gust of wind or a particularly rampant wave. Still he clung to the baluster. He thought it a valid method of avoiding all the velvet-clad pansies that seem to have infected the ship with either untamed inebriation or their moral code. Krugar still hadn't decided which was more annoying. So he clung to the baluster, feigning a plague of sea sick every so often to keep all but the truly determined away.
  15. "What is this now?" Krugar scowled, leaning on Thok, his trusty warhammer. "His Holiness is requiring documentation of all initiates." the young priest replied. "Goblin's ass he is, yer floggin' lying." "It is to be submitted as applications to the expeditions of the young royals. They will select a candidate, or candidates, for representation from the Legion of Corand as they seek the riches and lands owed them by right and rule." "Whatever, ask fast or I'll be late for communin'." The priest pulled a small folding travel desk from his robes with a flourish and kneeled on the pavers. He pulled a small piece of charcoal and a scrap of parchment from his sleeve before clearing his throat, "Shall we begin?" Krugar sighed inwardly, relieved that the small parchment likely meant few questions. "No, let's us take a moment and braid some daisies into our hair, maybe get some nice wine." The priest muttered under his breath before beginning, "Name." "Krugar." "Your full name. It is a requirement for the spell of Veracity." "Spell of who? You're making my head hurt...Krugar Rockbiter." "Profession." "Indentured Cleric in the service of the Most Holy, Legion of Corand." "Do you adhere to the tenets of Law and pledge yourself to the greater good?" "Yeah, sure. Most of the time. I'm good. Now, anyway. I mean, I try to be good...mostly." "Race." "To where? Why? Oh...human." "Age." "I dunna know. Not old enough to know better, eh?" "Gender." "Would you like to see?" "Height." The priest quirked a smile. Krugar clenched his jaw, "Tall enough." "Weight." "About 14 stone." "Hair & eye color." "Brown like fresh tilled soil. So I'm told by yer sister." "I don't have one. Appearance." "Ya asked me all these questions and yer standin' right there and you're still too floggin' stupid to see what I look like?" "Unlike some, I do as I am instructed...without question. I shall note your response." The priest said coolly before continuing, "Background." "I was a floggin' murderous bandit before ya locked me up, then bought my billet! Five years ago!" Krugar yelled. "Ya feel better about yerself? I could show ya my unholy nature!" The priest wiped spittle from a cheek, grinning, "My opinion holds no sway in regards to your station. Though you will undoubtedly be lucky to even be called on as fodder." "Ya take that back!" "Or what? You'll hurt me? You'll swing that hammer? You are so easy to manipulate it is pathetic. You'll never leave here." The priest stood and with the same deft movement replaced the small desk into the depths of his robes. He scoffed and then turned to walk across the large courtyard of the temple. Krugar picked up Thok and clenched the haft, willing it to heat. As he had been taught, he attempted to channel his anger into the metal. To vent it into his instrument of battle so that with clear vision he could survey the conflict. Then he saw the priest toss the small scrap of parchment into the fountain. With a roar of anger, he tossed the warhammer aside and charged. The priest turned at the last moment to see the half-dwarf flying through the air. They were both carried into the fountain's well but not before they crunched into a stone representation of a shield. The priest emerged from the water gasping in shock, "How dar...!" Krugar smashed his head into the stone of the central statue. Blood gushed and teeth pierced his lips. "Great Corand, bless this most worthy victim and heal his wounds." The bleeding stopped and the flesh knit itself around a mouth that began screaming only to be smashed into the statue again. "Great Corand, bless this most worthy victim and heal his wounds...again." Like before, the injuries melted away though red stained most of the front of the priest's drenched robes. Krugar pulled his arm back to begin again when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and the world faded to black.
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