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  1. I'll work with folks in the next couple of days on such things, I believe we'll gain a speedster as well. In any case, I've been busy being 'Herald of Andreste' (Inquistion is awesome, everything two should have been and wasn't), and with turkey and thanksgiving, will be working on posting in the next couple of days, also have Christmas decorations and such to do over the next few days.
  2. Date: January 3, 2049 Hour: 0930 Zulu Time (Also Eden Time), 0330 Chicago Time Location: Chicago It was early morning or late night in Chicago, depending which way you came at it, and relatively dark, though the street lights gave a good bit of light, and the rather numerous dinosaurs assaulting the city were easy to see from here, especially sense flocks of them were moving though the airport tarmac itself. Overhead, airplanes were attempting to dodge what appeared to be feathered pterodactyls, a few of them with riders. It was also cold, snow on the ground and icy conditions, the edge of lake Michigan on one side of the city and a feathered flock of about a half dozen T-Rexes were roaring on the tarmak, and just a little ways further, several were chasing down and attacking cars. In the distance, you could see a massive armored stegosaurus, with it's tail spikes going outward rather then up, with a rider on it's back directing it at ramming a large building.. Overall, it was a crazy scene, dinosaurs attacking Chicago.. in the middle of winter, some buildings were on fire, and the city itself was not in great shape. People were running on the streets and you could hear the screams and roars. In the midst of this there was a roar overhead, and Eidolon looked up, and the reptilian, winged and firebreathing creature in the air attacking one of the planes still in the sky could only be called one thing. "Dinosaurs I was prepared for, but dragons?" Then with a hint of curiosity in his voice. "How did she get the genetics to work?" He narrowed his eyes slightly, as though he was scanning the beast. "Hmm, well, looks like possible air sacks might hold hydrogen or helium, carbon nanotube for the armor might be possible, and the right chemicals within the beast could explain the firebreathing.. " He paused then looked at the rest of you. "Follow the plan where possible, and from there.. improvise, prioritize on saving lives. In the meantime, I have a few plane to save." He took off and his flight speed accelerated, heading toward the nearest plane as it was decending fast in what looked like it was going to be a crash landing.
  3. Ok, was waiting to allow others to chime in, but that's done, tomorrow, rain, snow or sunshine, moving things to chapter one
  4. Thankfully my niece is no longer sick, though I've still the problem of having to take the bus to work, which means I add at least 3 hours a day to my work schedule getting to work and back, which left me exhausted until I got a bit more used to it.
  5. Endeavor responds to the various questions. "According to the reports, I've several hundred dinosaurs rampaging though the streets of chicago, Echidna was seen, but then disappeared after making her statement, some of the dinosaurs are being ridden by her 'children', as humans they would be vulnerable to your powers, Cassidy, and I think, as living things, the dinosaurs can certainly be effected by your voice. As to your idea, Puck, that is an excellent one, it's not unlikely that some groups may attempt to get these dinosaurs declared endangered and a protected species. Not that I want anyone to hold back from what needs doing to save human lives. Reports indicate both the T-rex and the Utahraptor among the dinosaurs. As to a camera feed.. let me see what I can access." A moment later. "Holo feed accessed, the following picture was taken only a few minutes ago by reporter in Chicago. Assigning to holographic display. It looks like she based them off birds, Maia." As they were in the holo room it was easy to display the picture that he had accessed. OCC NOTE: Remove the trees and water from the picture, and put Chicago streets in winter instead, and the picture is accurate.
  6. All of this information has now been added to the Character Design thread
  7. Eidolon looked up as the team completed their goal and smiled slightly. "Well done, good use of teamwork, I'd go into it more, as I had hoped to have more time for training, but it seems that matters have decided to get you folks into the thick of things right away. Echidna has declared Chicago as a blight upon mother earth, a horde has been unleashed on the city, it appears that she's been breeding a horde of dinosaur like creatures that she has now unleashed upon the city. This is one of the many sorts of things I formed the paragons to fight, we need to get down to chicago and save as many people as possible." He looked at Cad for a moment. "Your now assigned the code name of 'Shard', I believe you've been to the Chicago O'Hare International Airport, you think you can recall it well enough to open a portal for us? The point will be to halt the advance as much as possible, while evacuating as many people as possible, the military, the national guard and local Guardians are scrambling to fight the advancing creatures, but they don't have enough forces close at hand to halt the advance, and there is some sign of Echidna's children mixed among the monsters." He looked at the assembled group. "Siren, Incubus, Puck, crowd control, the monsters are living beings, so they should be vulnerable to your influence, Masque and Seraph, the two of you are the most physically capable and most likely to be able to fight these creatures directly, Endeavor and Erebus, your our ranged options, Helix and Shard, the two of you have the best transport capabilities, you will be in reserve to assist wherever a extra hand will make the difference. No plan survives contact with the enemy, so be prepared to adapt and alter as you must, but that's the basic plan we're going in with, I'd wish for more time, but people are dying as we speak." He paused. "I realize this is short notice, but it's what you were gathered for, I'd ask if you were ready for this, but sooner or later, one must make use of one's training in more then just practice. I have faith in you, I know you will do all do your best."
  8. And here we go here as well, sorry to take so long folks, sometimes life can really get in the way of other things.
  9. At this point, pretty much everyone except Cassidy had dealt with their double, but everyone still conscious had stopped to watch Cassidy and Cassidy face off against one another, most of the team having already dealt with their doubles, some of them because of just how distracting Cassidy was, especially when she was exerting herself. As he stood watching from the sidelines, were it not for increadible self-control on his part, Eidolon would have been distracted himself, but it was important that he keep his eyes on everyone's actions, and he was pleased by what he was seeing, they quickly responded and used teamwork to take down their counterparts. At this point, all they needed to do was rescue Cassidy and end up on the finish line, moving onward though the course, at which point he would call a halt to the activities and.. suddenly he paused as he was sent some information sent to an implant that made his bearing shift and his attention turn away from the course a moment.
  10. Moving as a team was not at all what the other side was doing, each of them moved independently to intercept their opposite, and not at all focusing on the combined efforts of the various members of the group. So, as the team moved forward, they were matched, but not to the same degree as the other side. Opposite Darrik moved to intercept Darrik, only to be intercepted and distracted by Cassidy and Puck.
  11. Get to the other side, the clones will try to stop you, but how you deal with that is up to you.
  12. And Closed the Activation Thread, bonus xp to everyone at the end for participation, again, sorry to take so long, as I said had a bit of writers block last couple of days.
  13. As the party and gathering moved on, the vast space station moved around the beautiful planet below, and the clock ticked closer and closer to that final moment. Eidolon continued to allow his people to talk and roam about the gathering, even as he watched and listened to the conversations and considered a moment or two if he was going to have to step in anywhere, though it seemed that Miriam had that well in hand. Sooner then folks expected, the time came and the big screen appeared, a countdown of the last 10 seconds. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Sixth. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Zero. At the moment Zero appeared up the board, he stepped up into the air above so that everyone could see him, his words were magnified by a powerful voice, but he made it simple “And that Ladies and Gentlemen, is it. Let the Charter of the Paragons be invoked, let us insure that justice and mercy are upheld for all humanity. Thank you all for answering my call, the next two days are yours to do with as you please, you are now fully active and activated members of Paragon, do attempt to keep that in mind. I have sent some of you a location on your wrist comms to meet me on the 3rd, please be there. Thank You again.” And with that, he vanished, teleporting away.
  14. Fair enough, in answer to your questions, I had intended to reveal this as we went forward. Okay then, so this is an obstacle course? What sort? Is it a maze? Buildings and difficult terrain? The obstacle course isn't detailed, because it's a tesseract, it shifts and alters based on the powers used to try and navigate it, which you can do together or individually, but if you try to fly around it, it will shift locations, if you try and teleport, it will shift dimensions spatially so that your right where you started the teleport, it can be navigated, but it counters attempts to bypass it. This isn't very clear what we are going into. In fact are we facing our doppelganger alone? No, your together in the group, and actually, you've been given a hint by Eidolon, your opposites are more likely to act to oppose you, not anyone else in your group, so teamwork is the way to work things here.
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