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  1. Re: Ian Watson Hello, I've enjoy'd your stuff! The Z-rays you describe don't jive well with canon for me, tho. Telluric energy, etc. is decribed like the luminiferous aether; all around us, focused in 'ley lines', rising and falling in cycles. See, Quantum energy is just described as energy that can manipulate the basic quantum forces. It is not described at existing universally or even easily, but Inspiration is. So is the Noetic totality, so the two must interact or are related. "The quantum forces dictate how particles interact with each other, while subquantum forces deal with information." While this is true I don't think that this statement is a contradiction; the information of the subquantum medium would be inherently connected to the interactions of the quantum forces. I think it's confusion between quantum forces (Strong, Weak, EM, Gravity) and Quantum (bends reality). My take on that opposition is that psion particles are 'programmed' to 'hack' the noetic fields involved, Quantum and Taint distort reality such that the basic functions of the subquantum medium are garbled; psion particles can also partially 'restore' the subquantum medium like a 'patch'. Re: Jackson Creed Hello, very slick pdf work, I did enjoy it. My concern is the metaphorical description of Psi/Inspiration/Quantum. I just doesn't make sense from my point of view. Psi is ubiquitous as the subquantum medium; Inspiration is also universal, concentrates at some points/people, but waxes and wanes; Quantum is is the cracklin' cosmic power of the gods. So, Psi would be an ocean, Inspiration would be a swampy landmass, but Quantum would be a space-elevator. I like the 'universe as a computer network' metaphor: Subquantum medium is the software, quantum medium is the hardware. Psi is like hacking with your own computer. Quantum is like completely changing hardware and wiring. Inspiration is like getting access to a terminal that can be used for information (Intuitive), hacking (Reflexive), or hardware(Destructive).
  2. Love the discussion in this thread! I agree that the evidence suggests that Dr. Primoris erupts as a low-level Nova and Max Mercer transforms into a time-traveler due to the Hammersmith event. Primoris/Mal clearly uses Inspiration, so either Inspired that transform to the next 'form' keep their Inspiration & Knacks or Inspiration is equivalent Quantum and maybe Psi. Pseudo-science theory: Inspired people have a specific genetic mutation that, when activated by the presence of certain stimuli, codes for one of three protein strings. The genetic mutation is a double-redundant double-copy of a neuro-structural gene complex that also affects bone marrow. The normal gene gives humans Willpower. The mutation provides the structures to channel energy through the nervous system, although this doesn’t become possible until a Transformation happens. The protein string causes a cascading protein/prion reproduction cycle that converts and transforms the entire body. Afterwords the cascading protein string system is used to store and release energy. In other words, everyone has the Willpower gene complex; copy-errors cause a redundant brain boosting version to spread to most people; eventually copy-errors result in an intellect enhancing double-redundant version that spreads to a smaller percentage of people. It is only when two double-redundant gene carriers mate that Latent genetics can occur; it is a copy-error that is rare. The way I see it, the latency genes themselves are generally not altered by the Transformation except in a very slight way. The RNA-Protein complex does all the work and any DNA alteration is side-effect. Inspiration may not have any effect, Psi has a slight effect, Quantum has a moderate effect and Taint has a large effect. So, the Inspired are just Latents for breeding purposes. I don't think Stalwarts/Mesmerists would have problems breeding, but I bet a Psion/Psiad and Nova wouldn't work without IVF and then you'd just have a 50/50 chance of Psionic/Quantum genetics. Novas are best classified by their node-generation. 1st Generation Novas have M-R nodes that have erupted in their brains. Latents exposed to Quantum energies and their children can express this way. 2nd Generation Novas have M-R nodes distributed throughout the body, sometimes unnoticeable. These Novas include Novas who have undergone the Chrysalis, the children of 2 Novas, and ‘low-taint’ Novas. 3rd Generation Novas have M-R nodes erupt in their brains, but these nodes are larger and more strongly affected by Taint. These include the children of quantum-latents that were exposed to Taint energies and the children of Novas and humans who are not ‘taint resistant’. I think it's supposed to be a 'blank slate' of power that adapts to the surrounding energies, but you still have Psi-latency, Quantum-latency, and Taint-latency.
  3. Hello, some Knacks from a universal crossover project. I use alternate terminology; Eximorph: Stalwart; Psychomorph: Mesmerist; Paramorph: Daredevil. Chrysalis: The Eximorphic metamorphosis that allows the establishment of an M-R Node. The first Chrysalis takes (Inspiration+Stamina)x10 - (Intelligence+Destructive facet) years and thereafter takes ~2 years for every Quantum being added and ~1 year for every Taint being subtracted. The Chrysalis first grants a 30 Nova point eruption and each thereafter removes Taint, grants Quantum and also 20 Nova points of changes; Flaws cannot be added during Chrysalis; Merits may be purchased and Flaws may be removed but they cost Nova points; Novas are truly vulnerable during Chrysalis, all dice pools are zero. Transcendence: The Psychomorphic enlightenment experience, this represents a perception and resultant connection to the Noetic totality. Transcendence allows the character to make Psionic Attunement rolls; the character may use Psionic powers and Gadgets; the character adds Psi to Soak against Quantum powers and Enhancements; the character adds Willpower to Soak against Psi powers; provides 20 Psion points of character changes, primary Aptitudes grant level 0 Powers, Psi 9+ allows +1 Mode maximums . Unstuck In Time: The Paramorphic non-linear consciousness expression, this represents a person who has slipped through the cracks of time and appears at any point in time through force of will. This Knack requires that a character first has 'Complete Privacy', 'Death Defiance', 'Forgettable', 'Indomitable Will', 'Perfect Poise' because these constantly exploit temporal flux. The character has their normal Psi template stretched over the entire time-stream, adding Psi to Inspiration but reducing Tolerance Limit to 0. The character has a 'resting state' that is neutral to the time-stream, entirely beside it, where only other 'Unstuck' can go. The character must devote a permanent Willpower to match velocity with the time-stream, which can be regained by returning to the resting state; Willpower no longer has a maximum. The character can spend a Willpower point to leave the time-stream; rejoining the time-stream requires a Willpower point and a permanent Willpower; without a destination time-travelers are drawn to the areas of greatest temporal flux; attempting to target a specific time requires a Willpower+Intuitive facet roll at +1 Difficulty, -1 Difficulty if the character has been there in person, +1 Difficulty for far past or far future, +1 automatic success if the target is the last point in linear memory, each additional success makes the specifics of the timing better, failure puts the character in the very strongest point of temporal flux, a Botch flings the character into an alternate timeline. The character may use time-related Quantum Powers subsituting Inspiration for Quantum and ignoring Quantum Minimums; 5 Nova points towards Temporal Manipulation. Eximorphic Equivalence: Level 3 Psychomorphic Knack that allows a Psychomorph to take Eximorphic Knacks. Psychomorphic Equivalence: Level 3 Eximorphic Knack that allows an Eximorph to take Psychomorphic Knacks. Paramorphic Channeling: Paramorphic Knack that allows a Paramorph to take Eximorphic and Psychomorphic Knacks; however the character may not spend Inspiration points for Knacks' effects. Requires: Inspiration 5 Inspiration Balance: Paramorphic Knack that grants benefits from all Inspiration facets as if they are the primary and makes all facets effectively equal to total Inspiration. Requires: Inspiration 5, Willpower 8 Temporal Shield: Paramorphic Knack that grants Soak equal to Intuitive facet against all damage from Inspired Knacks and attacks modified by Inspired Knacks. Requires: Intuitive primary facet Noetic Shield: Level 3 Psychomorphic Knack that grants Soak equal to Reflective facet against all damage from Psionic Powers and attacks modified by Psionic Powers. Quantum Shield: Level 3 Eximorphic Knack that grants Soak equal to Destructive facet against all damage from Quantum Powers and attacks modified by Quantum Powers.
  4. In Aberrant everything has a 'Quantum signature', so Aberration Transfer removes a bit of Quantum signature from an aberrant and imprints it onto a baseline. Whether permanent or not, while the baseline has the aberration they possess the original Taint that caused the aberration; this Taint 'powers' the aberration. In cases of Quantum Supremecy the baseline gets an infusion of Quantum energies that alter the quantum signature to be like a Nova; they can channel this energy but not very well. This means that Quantum rating is something distinct from Node although obviously they go hand and hand. Taint infusion works in a similar fashion; the Taint alters the quantum signature of a sub-aberrant to be more like an Aberrant; the neutral mutates dramatically to channel this energy. This means that Taint is not only distinct from Quantum but capable of powering similar effects. Also, Q Synchronization gives a baseline a small Q pool and presumably a normal recharge rate, Q Enhancement is vague but seems to imply that baselines either get a normal Q pool or they have to do without. I think the fanon stuff has Q Enhancement and similar giving neutrals a small Q pool and Q expenditure, but allowing Latents to have normal ratings. In Trinity everything has a 'Noetic template'; Quantum energies 'override' the noetic template and Taint energies disrupt and destroy it. Dormancy allows the native noetic template to temporarily override the changes to the quantum signature by restoring Psi and suppressing Quantum. Taint disease is the erosion and destruction of the noetic template; Abberations are the erosion and destruction of the native noetic template by Taint. Sub-aberrants have their native noetic templates destroyed but the Taint is guided to permanently alter (enhance?) the quantum signature; the Taint that is able to be used as 'power' is specifically created by the creator Aberrant. Edit: I think that 3rd Gen Novas (Trinity high-taint Aberrants) or True Aberrants could have the ability to use Taint as Quantum like sub-aberrants; this creates a Taint point dynamo with Power-Maxing. This would explain the behavior and nature of aberrants in Trinity like the Colony's children; constantly maxing powers and creating devastation.
  5. 1) Time-travel should be possible by Psions in addition to Novas and Max Mercer-type superhumans. Teleportation shouldn't be too far away from time-travel. Time-travel should be discouraged but about as possible as extreme long-range movement. 2) Latents develop according to their exposure to energies, so being exposed to Inspiration, Psi, Quantum, or Taint can create the mutation that defines the Transformation. The canon agrees that Novas are Eximorphs and Psiads are Psychomorphs. However, there is evidence that Daredevils are all Paramorphs and that Max Mercer is the only Paramorph. Otherwise I've seen Paramorph used to describe all A! era Inspired; I've seen Stalwarts classified as Eximorphs and Mesmerists classified as Psychomorphs. Look at how they channel energy: Eximorph: Stalwart, Nova, Aberrant: 'body' Psychomorph: Mesmerist, Psiad, Psion: 'mind' Paramorph: Daredevil, Max Mercer, Superior: 'temporal' 3) The 8 Doyen of Earth influence their hosts and can take complete control, but they tend to allow the humans to handle their own kind. Obviously things don't always work that way; the Doyen should be afraid of the powerful Aberrants and that is why the Proxies don't risk themselves very much. As far as adding Inspiration as a third energy, unfortunately it is already that way and I see no need to eliminate anything. Inspiration is presented as cyclical ambient background energy before Hammersmith, as such it would have an integral part of the Noetic totality and quantum interactions in general. Paramorphs simply don't use Psi or anything detectable; most likely they manipulate Inspiration by utilizing the Intuition facet, effectively channeling temporal flux. I'd suggest giving everyone Inspiration. Another idea is to give Stalwarts Quantum/Taint, Mesmerists Psi, but let Daredevils keep Inspiration. Re: With just psi and quantum flowing about, What about Taint, tho? Obviously Aberrants have taint, but sub-aberrants only have Taint, no Node so no Quantum. So Taint is an energy source too or sub-aberrants utilize Quantum...
  6. Well, I think that given: 1970 "A dramatic increase in super-normal events. Normal human society is amazed by the achievements and aghast at the actions of unusual individuals" Trinity Rulebook, p. 82 And Whitley Styles talks about the restructuring of Aeon and Divis Mal in 1977. Aberrant Players Guide, p. 57 We can assume that 1)someone created a Hammersmith/Divis Mal style effect and 2) the restructuring of Aeon was due to this event, because of the increase of supernormal events and the influx of superhumans. Because of the vague description of 1943 on Adventure! Rulebook, p. 261 I feel that we can only assume that Dr. Primoris 1)exhibited a level of power seemingly mysterious to his peers and 2)he is a Nova at this point. Maybe he Erupted during the battle, maybe he had undergone Chrysalis already, maybe he had a 'Quantum generator' Gadget. For an Aberrant/Trinity game it makes the most sense for Divis Mal to have been experimenting with exposing people to Quantum energies, and the reorganization of Aeon quelled the effects temporarily. For Adventure! it makes more sense for a Hammersmith event, perhaps by Divis Mal, perhaps Aeon and/or another superhuman organization.
  7. Originally Posted By: Mr FoxI like it. That's pretty decent pseudo science. Doesn't do anything to mechanically balance the three groups, but it does give good explanation on why things are the way they are. Thanks! Okay, a bit of balance... Some homebrew I left out: Paradox loops are semi-stable temporal eddies where a time-travel event creates itself and pseudo-stable tangential tachyons are tachyons whose path through time has been bent into a paradox loop. By their nature paradox loops attract tachyons, eventually destabilizing the loop and collapsing the paradox. Pseudo-stable tangential tachyons create the Quantum rating for Novas, the M-R Node structures allow channeling of tachyons and by channeling a number of tangential tachyons into the pseudo-stable form the M-R Node creates a self-sustaining Quantum battery. Consequently, pseudo-stable tangential tachyons are the way Inspiration and Quantum batteries work. So, this subtly gives Novas an inherent weakness: collapsing paradoxes. Overloading a Nova with tachyons could cause them to lose their juice, for a while. Similarly, temporal disruption could mess with Novas to various degrees. I understand that this has little canon basis, but I've always thought that Max Mercer had some kind of upper hand that Divis Mal never cared to explain, beyond respect or whatever. Maybe just proximity to someone who is unstuck in time disrupts Quantum ratings.
  8. Hello! I love the discussion in this thread and I agree with most points, except the split Max... I think the 'negative' Mercer is his son Michael as a time-traveler. I'd like to present my personal explanation of the Aeon continuum. It revolves around the nature and interaction of Inspiration/Psi/Quantum/Taint and the consequences of their manipulation. Allow me to be pseudo-scientific. The basic structure of the universe is energy. Sub-atomic particles, particles on the quantum level, are essentially energy with specific information. This information controls the properties and subsequent behaviour of the particles. The quantum world is a foam of energy and information constantly fading in and out from the background. The background energy of the universe, or the zero-point energy, also contains information but in an abstract way. This creates an information field that spans the universe; this is known as the Noetic Totality. Under probable conditions the information of the zero-point energy can become realized, creating a virtual particle that can vanish to nothingness. Tachyons, for our purposes, are any particles moving faster than the speed of light in vacuum; they are created when matter is converted to pure energy. Ambient tachyons are created at the end of the universe, flowing in cyclical pulses to the beginning. Ambient tachyons move in the opposite temporal ‘direction’ than the physical universe, allowing tachyons to bring information and energy from the future into the past, warping the normal conceptions of physics and thermodynamics. Time seems to be linear for the physical universe, in that everyone is going the same direction. However, for our purposes time is more like a great river with our physical universe being the very bottom. Everything else is alternate timelines, not an infinite amount but quite a lot. Hypothetical particles native to alternate universes move in a linear fashion, such that it would normally be impossible to actually observe any other universe. Tangential tachyons are particles that are moving so much faster than the speed of light that they can no longer be bound within linear time; these tachyons are forced to move tangentially through space-time itself. Ultimately this can lead to paradoxes, which collapse all information involved, destroying the fabric of space-time and releasing additional tangential tachyons. There are three main effects of tachyons: Intuitive, Reflective, and Destructive Intuitive or temporal effects alter the time-stream by manipulating temporal flux; by sensing changes in the flux it is possible to change the time-stream. Reflective or noetic effects alter the basic information in the fabric of space-time; by manipulating the information loop created by tachyons the Noetic totality can be accessed. Destructive or quantum effects alter the normal forces that determine virtual particles; by energizing tachyons any particles with virtually any energies can be created. Superhuman research produces a better picture of the subquantum world and the nature of the Noetic totality is revealed along with the existence of highly charged Quantum tachyon energies and over-energized tangential tachyon Taint energies. Superhumans who channel Destructive energies succeed in transforming themselves into beings capable of attracting and energizing tachyons into powerful Quantum energies, sometimes calling themselves Novas. Superhumans who can channel Reflective energies achieve transcendence and see the entire universe within the Noetic totality, transforming themselves to manipulate Noetic information fields directly by producing unique virtual particles called ‘psions’, sometimes calling themselves Psiads. Highly energized tachyons, or Quantum, have been energized to the point where the temporal velocity vector is hyperbolic or curved in relation to the time-stream. These tachyons quickly degrade into virtual particles. Tangential tachyons, or Taint, have been energized to the point where the temporal velocity vector is perpendicular to the time-stream. The tangential tachyon will move back and forth randomly in time roughly around the physical location where it was created; this causes random destruction and mutation; eventually this causes paradoxes that rip holes the fabric of space-time, releasing the zero-point energy as tangential tachyons. Psions are special virtual particles created by organisms; the basic version is a meta-particle created as a side effect from the subtle entropic manipulations of cellular respiration. Appropriate biochemistry allows the manipulation of these particles into complex forms that manipulate noetic fields. Meta-particles are persistent particles that have a net zero energy with the background; they can be thought of merely as active components of the zero-point energy. Psions move faster than the speed of light and any linear direction through time. Inspired people have a specific genetic mutation that, when activated by the presence of tachyon stimuli, codes for one of three protein strings. The genetic mutation is a double-redundant double-copy of a neuro-structural gene complex that also affects bone marrow. The normal gene gives humans Willpower. The mutation provides the structures to channel energy through the nervous system, although this doesn’t become possible until a Transformation happens. The protein string causes a cascading protein/prion reproduction cycle that converts and transforms the entire body. Afterwords the cascading protein string system is used to store and release energy. Neutrals are initially in disbelief about the existence of super-humans; when Novas show up no one can ignore them, but they are met with open arms; the Nova age comes to an end with the greatest turmoil in the time-stream, the Aberrant War. Aliens take a serious interest in Earthlings, and the way they can rip holes in the very fabric of space-time. These are the Doyen; a fully transcendental alien species, they are composed entirely of psion particles; after the Aberrant war 8 come to Earth and create the Proxies by inhabiting human hosts and infusing them with great power. The 8 Doyen of Earth influence their hosts and can take complete control, but they pledge to allow the humans to handle their own kind. The Doyen found the Psionic Orders by engineering some BioTech for the Proxies. Eventually they create genetic modification tanks that can artificially transcend Latent humans into Psions. These tanks also infuse humans with Doyen genetics, focusing potential in one area but eliminating potential in other areas. Humans are humans, though, and the Orders have infighting. The Quantakinetics are ordered destroyed, many killed, some rescued, fewer escaped. The Teleporters find a group of low-Taint Novas who live in symbiosis with a large human population but abandon the Orders after a paranoid backlash. Eventually events work to unify the Psionic Orders, including Quantakinetics, and the low-Taint Novas. The Doyen ensure that the humans make contact with the Qin, a former servant race with advanced biotechnology. The Qin are happy allies with the humans. However, there are rogue Doyen who insist that the humans are too dangerous to keep alive; these Doyen have forcefully evolved a race of newly sentient hunters with high Psi potential called the Chromatics. These superhumans become divided by racial tensions and power levels. Eventually there are many conflicts and wars and many attempts at preventing such tragedies. As these loops go round and round different people try at different times to change or channel the temporal flux, effectively undoing something someone else has changed and usually affecting the entire time-stream in the process. So many time-lines have crossed and collapsed at certain points that they have become temporal singularities, all time-lines cross through these points. They are the dividing lines between eras: ~1920 The first experiments harnessing tachyons could be conducted; ~1945 Nuclear Tests and Weapons create waves of tachyons; ~1975 Super-science attempts to enhance humans; ~2015 Novas learn that they can erupt Novas; ~2060 The Aberrant war nearly destroys humanity; ~2100 The Doyen create waves of psions; ~2140 A self-sustaining phenomenon is created that topples the power structure and unifies Earth in strong alliance with the Qin and the Edenites and other extrasolar colonies. Edit: To recap, Inspiration is indirect ambient tachyon manipulation, Psi is direct noetic field manipulation, Quantum is direct manipulation of energized tachyons, and Taint is the consequence of over-energized tachyons.
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