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  1. Jenna Moran discovered an issue with one of her artists, who has a bad habit of tracing other people's work. She took down the PDF and is holding up production until she can get new and (hopefully) better art. (I don't give a damn about art, but copyright violation is something else altogether.) So, a slight delay. Still, I got a copy before the kerfuffle, and I think the game itself is soooo much better than in past editions.
  2. "Darrik, I'm not saying we shouldn't try, but Alex asked for end results, not short-term solutions. And, in my opinion, I don't think fixing the world so that novas and baselines can coexist is going to work long-term. Hell our kids, in their lifetimes, could be sitting around watching the whole thing implode. Remember? We live longer than most humans, possibly many times longer if those studies are correct. That's a lot of food and water we'll consume while we're trying to sort stuff out." "No it won't happen tomorrow, or next month or next year or probably next decade. But it will happen sooner than we think, and we need to get off the planet before that happens. The sooner we start, the better."
  3. Jeffrey shook his head at the 'fix the world' side. "That ain't gonna happen. And it ain't gonna happen because no one has figured out a way to Erupt with the exact powers they want, and it isn't easy changing what you got after you do Erupt. And that means we can't depend on enough people with the right powers to replace the resources we all consume. And even if we could, that exacerbates the main problem we have now: Neither baselines nor novas can trust the other to not try a power-move." "Baselines need room to grow, and so do we. One planet isn't big enough."
  4. "One vote for finding a world or two for us, if not the humans as well. Everyone is under the gun as far as resources are concerned. And even if we do get spread out over the galaxy, we still haven't dealt with the problem of some novas trying to bully the baselines, and some baselines getting paranoid in that 'strike first and regret later' way we've seen play out over history. All the rest of it has to lead to that. Coexistence is...real fragile, and not something we can keep going while depending on the inherent goodness of humanity."
  5. Jeffery sighed. "Guys, the reason I suggested the Aberrants to begin with is that they've already probably done some of the initial heavy lifting we're talking about, and have probably already defused some land mines we would have stepped on. And they're so unfocused, it'd probably be easy for us to step in and re-purpose the whole organization, assuming they haven't already decided to fight against the motherhunters themselves. Think about it: There's no reason for them to be motherhunting themselves, and every reason for them to be all for saving the next generation. They trust Utopia as much as we do, probably less." "I just don't see the need for us to reinvent the wheel. Proteus is dangerous, Utopia is subverted, the Teragen are a cure potentially worse than the disease. And how are we supposed to start doing this stuff on our own without setting off alarm bells, given how isolated we've been? the easier our transition out into the wider world, the quicker we can get stuff done right." "I know I've been pushing hard for the aberrants, but...it's because I've got a pretty good feeling about the group. One of those good feelings. I'm a lot less enthused about our chances if we try to go this alone."
  6. "Uh, maybe more experience of what's happening out there in the wider world than we have? Safe havens established? Contacts and a network of sympathizers? More general life experience? These aren't bad things, Alex." Jeffrey hated arguing with Alex; for someone who was a mad thinker, she was where ideas went to die. Hopefully Darrik would kick in with some devil-may-care enthusiasm, because he knew he couldn't carry this argument all by himself, especially when all he had was a good feeling about this idea.
  7. At that point, Jeffrey came in. "Hey guys!" "I kinda thought I'd find you all here, and since all of you are kinda the brain trust, I figured I'd run something by you." He took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and launched into his idea. "I'm pretty sure we couldn't trust Utopia. I don't trust the Teragen either, because they have this whole 'Node uber alles' thing that'll probably end up getting them or everyone next to them killed. I don't think they know what they're doing to themselves. I couldn't see any of the private contractors out there being strong enough to help us. Soo...I'm thinking we need to get a channel open to the Aberrants." "They're not much, but they're reasonably scared of Utopia, and reasonably leery about the Teragen, and they have some experience with keeping their eyes open, making contacts, and getting things done while working around the big two. Plus, I'm sure a lot of them would be eager to see what their potential offspring look like, and maybe we can rally them as they gather around to help us. Shit, Protect The Future is a hell of a rallying cry for any organization." "So, whaddaya think?"
  8. "Getting them as part of the action...well, it does run the risk of liability, but what the hell? Those waivers have worked magic so far. And if worse comes to worse, we end up doing another charity thing." I chuckled at that, thinking back to my salad days as a wrestler, with all the "special guests" who ended up hurting themselves without any help from the wrestlers. I'd done as much damage as I could on my burger and was working away on the hot wings. I kinda looked at Carver as I said, "So okay, what have we got so far. Tell me what's going on. What's the plan?"
  9. Jeff grabbed the pasta, made a quick "Thanks," and consumed food so as to keep himself from getting visibly nervous. As much as he'd promised himself that he wouldn't get attached, wouldn't settle in, would be ready to bolt in a second's notice, he'd done all of the above except the last. Now, it was pretty obvious he was being prepped to get booted out of the nest. His "Uncle" Sal was still out there, probably still checking the dropbox semi-regularly. their infrequent notes to each other indicated that neither one were any closer to figuring out for certain who killed his mom and dad. Well, he might have something for the gang to do over "summer vacation." Maybe it was time to take it to the enemy. Then again, maybe not...
  10. "Hey, food. I smell food. Good food. Who's cooking, and did you make extra? Because you would be stone immortal awesome if you made extra." This coming from quite possibly the most average-looking member of their group. Who had been struggling mightily to get up, cursing yet again the fates which had not seen fit to bestow upon him the inhuman stamina that all the rest of his 'tribe' seemed to have. He shivered a bit, feeling the stray patches of chill seep in, knowing that his siblings had long since transcended noticing such things.
  11. Sorry for the delay, all. An infection in my leg got out of control, and I have to kinda stay off my leg. It hurts, and the pain meds make me sleepy. I will get Jeffery involved.
  12. "Yeah, Michael said, "that's one of the things that we need to make explicit to the fans from the get-go: we do not prostitute for charity. Of course, BB and the Sunshine Boy will slant it so as to imply that, but I have faith that they'll know how to take a deserving sucker's money. I think Bulletproof's got the right idea as far as that goes." Damn, now who was just playing footsie with me? I know not much, but I damn sure know about that, and I'm hoping like hell it isn't Katya. That hits a hard and fast rule of mine: no flirting with me while you've got someone to work on already. I know for damn sure it's not Jason; he doesn't take to doing that even if it's someone he's known all his life, and I only just got acquainted with him. Ryusei? Hell no, and neither is it Bulletproof. I mean, come on! So, that leaves Carver, and that means I have to think a bit on how to handle this. Because quite frankly it's either going to be Friends with benefits, or it's going to get serious, and she'd damn quick better make up her mind and keep it made. "And now if you'll excuse me, I'll be right back." Heading for the can is a wonderful conversational pause button. I don't know why more guys don't use it.
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