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  1. I know I'm hardly the most active player, but I'm good to keep going.
  2. There are times when I wonder how I can function with so much hateful frustration.

  3. I apologize for being slow. Mondays and Thursdays are my primary days to post as I usually have a lot of stuff going on on other days of the week. I'll attempt to pick up the pace.
  4. Sorry, all. For some reason, I think notifications here were being caught by my spam filters.
  5. Placeholder for when I figure out how to log back in under Copper Palm Zed's display name...
  6. All good, no rush, just checking in.
  7. Yaaay. Rocks.

    1. darksol-aeternium


      I'm a landlord, but nobody loves Me :(

  9. Yo ho-ho, yo!
  10. Oh, I'm still in. Sorry, a few things caught up with me that character generation had to jump on the back burner. I'll get back on to it.
  11. For my own partz I was aboard regardless of what vision of the WoD you chose. This is perfectly legit. Questions: How does New Orleans fit into the mystical political landscape? And what are our characters doing there?
  12. Looking forward to writing up a 'zerker type battler.
  13. Still room? I could resurrect Zed as a metahuman hydrokinetic
  14. Indeed. On reflection, martial arts is simply one part of the physical practice and not the focus of my character's magickal style