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  1. Looking back momentarily, Lusungu quirked her lips. "It might be better if I were to stay out. Can you keep that image of me active?" She returned her gaze to the images over the dune.
  2. Lusungu shrugged to herself at the green woman's comments, and listened attentatively to what she had to say about their next steps. "You are right. This is too difficult even for me to sneak into." "I could teleport us closer, expect a trap under the collectors. Or we could go over the collectors, but I expect the heat might be a problem for you." She shrugged again, this time at the options presented. "We could wait until nightfall?"
  3. Grimacing as she glanced at her comrades, Lusungu returned to scanning the terrain before responding. "It is complicated. In short, I have a suit that is in some way part of me. It tries to keep me safe, especially when I get stressed. Think of it as a space suit made out of a plant. They tell me it has the intelligence of a horse. It will not hurt you, though." She looked back at the other two again, then sighed in exasperation. "It will not hurt you, no matter what happens to me." "At least, I do not think it will."
  4. The petals of Lusungu's flower-hood furled themselves into a different position, as she dropped off of Aurelius' arm, and seemed to flow her body against the dune in front of them. She carefully scanned the area ahead of them from her new position first without her weapon's scope, and then with it, performing with the smooth careless confidence of years of constant practice.
  5. Indeed! Well played, sir! I took a few liberties with the two of you in my last post, just to get us there... Wherever there is. Heri, Lusungu's looking to drop us behind some suitable non-obviously booby-trapped cover. Let me know where, and I'll finish the post, or you can continue it in the next post. :-)
  6. Lusungu smiled for another moment, then grew serious as she focused on Sigil casting her spell. She is a witch? I had always thought those were a myth. I will have to be more careful the next time I visit home. When Sigil's spell took effect, Lusungu chuckled in delight--whether at the effect, or the expression on Aurelius' face, none could say. "Very good! Now, I can only travel a few klicks at a time with preciseness." Turning to Aurelius, a twinkle once again in her eye, she commanded him "Hold Sigil in your left arm, and me in your right. Fly up so that we can see the compound. Hold us there for about fifteen seconds. I will get us much closer, but will aim to have us in some cover." She began removing the sniping rifle from it's case, but she did it without looking at what she was doing, while she was looking at Sigil. With graveness, she added "You will need to hold my left arm while we do this. Do not let go. I do not know what will happen if you do." Her weapon liberated, she pocketed extra ammunition, and placed the case beside the airlock door. "Ditra Fifty-five ghost, try to scare away any animals from the case. I would like it back if possible." With that, she strolled back to Aurelius' left side. "Go now." "Here we go," Aurelius said as he easily picked up the two women, Lusungu in his right, and Sigil in his left. As they were raised up, the two women each clasped the other's inner arm, while Lusungu held her rifle one-handed. She almost made it look easy, but she didn't have the golden man's incredible strength, and her right forearm gave the lie to the apparent ease. When they were settled on his shoulders, smoothly flew up. "Stop!" Lusungu yelped when they could make out the compound. "Hold here." She lifted her scope, and looked through it at quickly scoping the ground for a scant four seconds, then they felt a small tremor, almost like reality had just shivered. "Hold," Lusungu repeated, and Sigil noticed Lusungu's shirt ripple as though something were flowing underneath it. Large, leathery purple plant petals seemed to thrust up around Lusungu's shirt, and wrap her head, like a helmet, while the world seemed to flush and pulse, as though it were going out of focus, and then for an infinite moment, Sigil and Aurelius both felt a million miles long, yet in every sense they could feel, they also felt smaller than the eye of a needle. ....
  7. Alright. I've finished off Lusungu's last post. Aurelius, if you want me to retcon my post for your actions, let me know. We're well within Lusungu's weight limits. Yes, I fully expect some sort of similar opportunistic pranking at some point in the future.
  8. Lusungu hid a grin at Sigil's pause in wording her response. It's good to know someone else also finds English odd. "In this situation, if I spend a few seconds focusing, I think I can get us out to about eight or nine klicks, accurately. It... depends... on how I feel, but I feel that is good, today." She grinned and bowed her head a little, strangely shy about it. "As for golden man..." She walked over to Aurelius, looking up into his eyes, then calmly and deliberately leaned forward and pulled him towards her, in an effort to get him in a fireman's carry, but without committing completely to the maneuver. If he's as dense as gold, he'll crush me. On the other he'll make great cover! Feeling how easily he fell forward, Lusungu hefted Aurelius over her shoulder, then with some strain, turned to Sigil. "I can... take us... allll." She gave a Sigil a quick wink, then slapped Aurelius on the ass, and smiled wickedly at his reaction before simultaneously leaning forward and hefting him a little bit, to guide him back down to an upright position. "I can take us all, easy" she repeated to Sigil after a moment, then to Aurelius "I expected you to be heavier! Give me a good line, and I will get us there." Then she smiled wickedly again, looking forward to a response.
  9. Alright. I've got a post up, but it's resolution will depend on how heavy Aurelius is when Sigil Lusungu tries to quite literally pick him up in a fireman's carry.... [Fixed character name fail on my part]
  10. Blushing and furious at the same time, Lusungu had the good sense to keep her mouth shut. Snipers shouldn't play point when there is someone else to do it! She thought to herself. You're getting sloppy. Stop it! After a few seconds, she regained control of her emotions, nodded--only barely sullen, and snapped out an almost level "Yes, ma'am." She eyed Sigil, evaluating how she dealt with the acknowledgement, and then half nodded to herself when the other women merely kept right on going. Then Lusungu watched the gold skinned man fly up into the sunlight: Oh yes, he'll be visible from dozens of kilometers away. Oh well. When he returned to give his report, she tried not to let her eyes boggle. Underground? Too dense to see through She gave her head a small shake, and tried to consider what he had said. Oh crap, tunnels! She blanched visibly, and sighed quietly. So much for sniping. I guess I'll just have to be extra sneaky.
  11. Not seeing any threats outside, Lusungu used her talent, and with a dull "thwup" teleported to the ship's side of a rise she had seen that was in the direction of their location of their target location. She turned quickly to look back, and make sure the group was disembarking the craft, then grinned, more to herself than to anyone else, and proceeded towards the rise, getting down as she approached. She wanted to get a good look without at the terrain without sticking out like a sore thumb. After a good minute of scanning, and not seeing any obvious immediate threats, she shimmied back to the group. "I do not see any obvious threats, but I was only looking momentarily." She paused a moment, with a bit of a smile, then added: "This place reminds me in some ways of where I grew up, in the East African Highlands. A difficult place to sneak around in." She grinned, clearly enjoying the idea. "It would have been better if we had approached at night, we would have more cover, but I believe time is of the essence. I should be able to teleport all of us to some part of the target area, if I can get a good look at it. Maybe Aurelius, you could lift us all vertically, until we have a good line of sight?"
  12. Oh crap, sorry! I don't have anything meaningful to add. I'll make a point of PMing you next time to let you know.
  13. "Oh," Lusungu said, and her face got a little darker. She seemed to be embarassed. "Well..." She scracthed her head, still somewhat uncomfortable. Then she became more formal. "I am Lusungu. Combat specialist." Apologetically, she waved her left arm up and down towards him, indicating his body, apparently. "Sorry, I was not sure if you were somehow similar to Ditra Fifty-five's... 'normal' form." She shrugged. "I was curious about any combat capability you might have in any way. Right now, though, I agree with mission commander Sigil, we do need to act quickly. How many of us can you lift with your flight capability? If you can lift us all, I might be able to get a better line of sight, to get us there more quickly." She quirked an eyebrow, waiting for his response.