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  1. Hi I think you can get it as a pdf download from the White Wolf site, for a price! Regards Kanseg
  2. phoenix Before I continue I will note that I am no expert in this area - I've just read some cosmology. It is my understanding that when any matter falls into a Black Hole, energy is released. I suspect this has something to do with potential energy being released. In fact some Physicists have speculated that advanced cultures could gain all there energy from living on the edge of a black hole and harnessing this energy. The other thought is that I believe it was Professor Stephen Hawkings who put forward equations showing blackholes would decay over time and in doing so would release energy. Please someone correct me if I am wrong! Regards Kanseg
  3. Way cool idea. I guess that would encourage your players even more to find some way of stopping the Coalition/Aberrant alliance. The Coalition always kind of reminded me of the Tyranids in WH40K and also Species 8472 in Star Trek Voyager. I wonder if it would be possible to develop some kind of biological weapon, which has to be released in the core of the Coalition ship... Alternatively perhaps the players would have to try to disrupt the synthetic black hole. Actually it will be some time before my gaming group gets to the stage where they have to deal with the Coalition. I will hopefully be running my first Trinity game in June. However I am interested in finding out if anyone ran a game where they dealt with the Coalition successfully? Apologies if I am going off-topic. Regards kanseg
  4. madcat82 I have absolutely no problem with that comment, given my own comments that the Eon games opened up the world of pulp, superheroes and sci-fi gaming to me. My comment on the combat realism related to Medieval and Fantasy weapons combat, which because of my own experience in Weapons based martial arts and research I felt I was able to comment on. The combat system of TROS (as The Riddle of Steel is known) is based on actually applying various strategies and concepts such as feinting, block and strike, etc based on the researches of its creator, who is a Martial Artist in the field of Western Unarmed and Weapons based Martial Arts. I therefore put forward the point that I felt it was a very realistic combat system but with hindsight I can see that I should perhaps have qualified this as relating to Medieval and Fantasy weapons combat. Actually it is an American based Website in 'English' because the game designer is an American (of Austrian background). I'm sure there must be a Swedish site so I can understand the confusion. Regards Kanseg
  5. This is definitely one of the better RPG forums. My own thoughts are that because the AEON games have a certain depth and quality, they then attract players with similar qualities (BTW I'm not sure if this is true of me!). I have found the posters on this board to be very mature and decent individuals. Give yourselves a pat on the back ladies and gentlemen - you deserve it! Regards Kanseg ::thumbsup ::thumbsup ::thumbsup
  6. Hi harlequin To be honest I probably heard of it because of the same reason - I don't go out much preferring to spend my time on the internet searching the RPG forums. No I was only joking! Its's designed and published independently so its reputation is spreading by word of mouth and online. To be honest I love the EON games because they allow me to play a games in pulp and sci-fi settings in the way I wish. Before that I had never touched settings outside of Fantasy because I did not feel I could run the game properly so that it was believeable. The game mechanics tended to feel restrictive. Possibly that reflects on my GM'ing skills. EON with the storytelling concept absolutely blew me away after years of Warhammer Fantasy. To me 'The Riddle of Steel' is the game allowing me to play in the manner I want to in Fantasy settings. There is a level of realism but not based on restrictive rules like the rule heavy Rolemaster. This is to me the 'edge the game claims to have. To be honest I would recommend that if you are really interested to check out the website for the game. It is at the following site: The Riddle of Steel Regards Kanseg
  7. I recently got a copy of 'The Riddle of Steel', which was being marketed as the system with the most realistic combat system ever. A bold statement I thought and one I wished to check having spent a number of years training in weapons based martial arts. Imagine my surprise when I found it lived up to the hype. For any medieval fantaasy type game it is now my system of choice. I am currently considering using the mechanics in the Warhammer world as well as possibly the Lord of the Rings. This is because it is the first system designed for a fantasy world, where a knife is actually lethal! I also found the magic system to be refreshingly useful with an element of realism that surprised me. There are some future expansion supplements planned and if they are as good as the core rulebook I will be buying these as well. Anybody else experienced this Jewel of a System? Regards Kanseg
  8. Dormammu Please could you elaborate on this intriguing comment? ::confused
  9. I'm beginning to think I must be quite boring after reading the thought others have put into their usernames! ::blush Anyway I just had a problem finding a username I wanted, which wasn't already taken. So in the end I took the first three letters of my surname (Kanth to Kan) and a random three letters from the name of a teenage idol of mine, Steven Seagal (don't even ask - I was going through a really funny phase, but it got me involved in the Martial Arts and changed my life ::laugh ). Now I use it pretty much anywhere I'm online.
  10. Alistaire said: That's exactly what I thought recently. I only discovered the Aeon Continuum games in late January. I was so hooked that I spent a month phoning a number of roleplaying shops around the UK, searching e-bay and generally doing my best to collect all the books. I can say with honesty that I have managed to get every published book and even the White Wolf E-books. ::bigsmile Now the only thing I want is the Trinity Battleground box and the Trinity Pin and that Cyberdungeon place has said it can send me the pin. Just a week and I'll find out if I can get Trinity Battleground. Regards Kanseg PS: If your wondering about how I financed it - my answer is I've been frugal and managed to save some money up for a rainy day (or for games purchases ::biggrin ) PPS: I also want the Trinity Dice! ::smiley1 ::smiley1
  11. Heh Chill So you're an Aries too! ::smiley5 Happy Birthday!!! ::cake ::chillbeer ::partyhat1 ::partyhat1
  12. Thank you, Chill. I agree about Waylands Forge. The staff are really cool and Roj has always impressed me. Definitely one of my favorite places to pop into.
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